Facebook Blocked A Russian News Story About Arrested Ukrainian Nazi Partisans

Three neonazis in the Russian city of Voronezh were arrested by the police for spreading hateful propaganda…

However, a report about them in the Russian media was censored by Facebook because it said the radicals had links to Ukraine. They were basing this claim on information provided by an insider in the security forces. Facebook has blocked the Russian media report after an analysis done by their Ukrainian fact checkers, the Stop Fake group. I have already featured them on this blog once. Their integrity is impeccable.

The Stop Fake argues that in the official press release of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, there isn’t anything said about Ukrainian affiliation of the arrested, and that they were all Russian citizens. This however does not mean anything. It has to be noted that following the Maidan and the outbreak of military conflict in the Donbass, many Russian Neonazis, literal Hitler worshipers, went to exile to Ukraine because over there they can practice their love for Hitler without repercussions.

I have recently found, for instance, this Neonazi Black Metal group which migrated from Tver, Russia to Ukraine. They recently held a concert in Kiev.

Many of these types have served in Ukraine’s armed forces and they have veteran organizations. My knowledge about them only scratches the surfaces, the topic of Russian neonazis in Ukraine’s forces is a topic for a separate discussion.

But bottom line is that there aren’t just links between Ukrainian and Russian neonazis and an existence of a neonazi group in Russia with contacts in Ukraine is not something implausible.

Links of Stop Fake to Neonazis

Recently, the Ukrainian Soros funded publication Zaborana mentioned some cozy relationships between representatives of Stop Fake and radical nationalists:

One month earlier on June 2nd, Zaborona’s official Facebook page shared a publication about Denis Nikitin, a key figure among European ultra-right radicals, which the social network then blocked 18 hours later. Soon after, Facebook explained that the post was removed by mistake (assumingly, due to a photograph illustrating the material, in which a Ukrainian man wrapped in a swastika flag throws his hand in the Nazi salute) and reinstated it the next day. Zaborona decided to follow up on the incident and later released the material discussing alleged links of the fact-checking project StopFake to Ukrainian far-right and neo-Nazi organisations. Zaborona journalists explained their interest by the fact that after the removal of the Facebook post, some readers recommended to search for possible motives of the new fact-checking partner of Facebook in Ukraine– StopFake.org. On March 27th, Facebook indeed confirmed its partnership with StopFake and VoxUkraine to increase its fact-checking capacities on social network pages in Ukraine.

Zaborona eventually released material that first focused on Yevhen Fedchenko – the co-founder and chief editor for StopFake and director of the Mohyla School of Journalism at National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. It pointed out Fedchenko’s habit of taking political stances, speaking against freedom of the press and on one occasion even whitewashing the reputation of a Ukrainian far-right group C14 (Sich), Ukraine’s controversial group of far-right radicals, by singling out one of its members as his respected colleague. Fedchenko has also been accused of taking the side of Myrotvorets, or Peacemaker, a Ukrainian nationalist website that in 2016 doxed the personal data of more than 5,000 Ukrainian and foreign reporters with press passes issued by the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, labeling them “terrorist collaborators”. A closer look, however, reveals that Zaborona’s allegations seem to be taken out of context and might conceal more complex motives in explaining such statements.

Later the Zaborona report moves on to Marko Suprun, “the main face of StopFake” and the person in charge of the English-language StopFakeNews project on YouTube. According to Zaborona’s findings, Suprun has often been spotted in the company of Ukraine’s infamous far-right figures, notably Arseniy Bilodub, the founder of the far-right clothing brand SvasStone and the leader of the hatecore band Sokyra Peruna, and Andriy Sereda, the frontman of another controversial rock band Komu Vnyz. The material refers to photographs of Suprun spotted together with both Bilodub and Sereda, as well as other Ukraine’s far-right radicals, and cites the opinions of experts, who point out that StopFake has become “too politicised,” and that Marko Suprun’s friendship with the extreme right may affect the organisation’s image.


Yevhen Fedchenko blocked me on Twitter after I shared information on Jakub Janda to him. Marko Suprun is the husband of the Ukrainian-American, former Minister of Health of Ukraine, Ulyana Suprun. I am not surprised a Ukrainian-American would hang out with neonazis since many of them are descended from fugitive Nazi collaborators, who were given shelter by the CIA as useful assets in the fight against the Soviet Union. It is without question that having not undergone any denazification, these people still adhere to radical nationalist ideals.

Earlier on this blog, Facebook hires a member of a radical nationalist party to police its website.

Meanwhile, EU vs. Disinfo is trying to say the information that information regarding Neonazis moderating Facebook is disinformation of the Kremlin and says there isn’t any evidence to make this claim. Nothing new, this blog already reported on instances of apologetics for Neonaziism in Ukraine made by that website.

Report him!!!

I tend to make searches of my website from time to time, and today I found these tweets from 2019. They urge users of Twitter to report my page, my blog and my YouTube channel, The Insomniac Resurrected Twitter page has long been suspended.

They are fucking with us, another professional Kremlin troll active in debates on Twitter. He speaks English, French, Ukrainian and Czech. Has a website and a YouTube channel. Report him!!!

My website was reported to the Kremlin Watch, a project of the NGO, European Values, led by Jakub Janda.

Jakub Janda Calls to Arms Czech Patriots

Read about our pornstar hero with a Chinese tattoo, so that you get better equipped to understand this post…

Screenshot 2019-03-19 at 21.17.26.png
WE ARE LOOKING FOR PATRIOTS: As you probably know, the past four years we have been engaged in mapping and uncovering of Russian influence in the Czech Republic, and in wider Central European Region. Our programme, the Kremlin Watch, is one of the main mobilisation drivers against this peril in our country.  Many good people work for us, from Kiev to Berlin. We are working as far as Georgia, Montenegro and North Macedonia. Now we are expanding our team for work in wider Central Europe. We are opening several vacancies, part time and full time. We are not looking for people, who like what we are doing. We are looking for everyday, silent heroes, who want to dedicate all their heart to the construction of defence against the Russian peril. It is not a job for everyone. It is a job for those that don’t want to just cry over over how bad things are over here. It is a fight for those patriots who know what we are defending, and are ready to dedicate themselves to it full steam. If you know anyone like that please let me know.

Meanwhile, I discovered a document which is a decision to expel Janda from university for plagiarism. I shall only translate the given reason:

He transgressed against the ruling of the (rector of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Charles University). That is, citations and quoting of sources, rulings against plagiarism. Because he handed in his work on the topic of “Social Network Facebooks as a platform of mass communications and the extent of its use by selected Czech political parties”, contains exact translations from the undergraduate work of Jan Perla, “Czech political parties on Facebook.”

Jakub Janda has a Chinese Characters Tattoo

The other day, a troll posted a photo of Jakub Janda, the chief of the European Values think tank, from the latter’s porn video…

I realised he has a Chinese Character tattoo on his chest like a tramp he is. Let me ask my Chinese friends what it means, I’ll be right back.


Update: Translation has arrived: “individuality” or “character” or “personality”

What a character this Janda is…

European Values Chief Did Gay Porn

“European Values” is a Czech think tank, financed among others by George Soros, which aims to promote “European values”, which they allege are under attack by Russian propaganda. I wrote about it on this blog before…

Jakub Janda is the CEO of the “European Values” think tank, and he did gay porn. His Czech language Wikipedia entry literally says nothing else about him. The other information is, Jakub Janda comes from České Budějovice, which coincidently is where I live, and that he studied in Prague’s Charles University. He was forced to quit university due to accusations of plagiarism.

A compatriot classmate of mine in London told me a story about his cousin from South Bohemia, who did gay porn to pay rent in Prague. It specifically involved masturbating in front of a camera, which is what Janda has done. My classmate also allegedly has homosexual proclivities, and he owes my brother money. But that’s off topic…

Screenshot 2018-11-29 at 15.48.38.png

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against provincial boys doing gay porn to make it in the city. But he is a public face of Russophobia now, at a think tank called “European Values”, and I cannot help but find this funny.

Screenshot 2018-11-29 at 11.29.18.png