Financial Times Names Zelensky: Man of the Year

I wish anyone who expresses fawning over Zelensky on the grounds of liberal democracy to live in a liberal democracy of the kind they have in Ukraine. But perhaps these people want us to live in Ukrainian democracy, they just can’t do it yet.

I am not sure the Ukrainians show any particular resilience, what Zelensky has done is use Russia’s initial weak charge in Ukraine to present the latter as a sign of weakness, and to sell the Ukrainian public a vision of peremoha. This is quite frankly criminal and will cost Ukraine dearly.

Zelensky and Totenkopf

A wonderful photo I have found…

Somebody tried to blur the Totenkopf above Zelensky’s head but we can still clearly see what that is. Now, the Totenkopf is not exactly a bad symbol, it was used by Prussian Hussars but later it was adopted by the SS. The same symbol was warn by concentration camp guards that have gassed the Jews. And it begs the question why this symbol is suddenly popular among Ukrainian soldiers, I thought there are no Nazis in Ukraine.

UPD: RT has further information.