Kent McLellan Confirms My Opinions on Nazis in Ukraine

I began a translation of this several months ago, and then forgot about it only to find a draft in folder while bored at work. And then I kept returning to it over and over again…

This fine specimen is Kent McLellan, aka “Boneface”, an American neonazi that went over to Ukraine to fight. I have found an interesting interview with him, the text only confirmed my previous suspicions, that is the Western secret services directed radical nationalists from Western countries to fight for Ukraine. In Ukraine proper, Western interests have long supported the cultivation of Ukrainian radical nationalism as a bulwark against pro-Russian sentiment.

Kent McLellan gave an interview to Juan Sinmiedo and the Russian publication Baza.

The Vice President of the International Organisation of the Veterans of the Anti-terror unit “Alpha”, the chief editor of the magazine “Spetsnaz of Russia”, Aleksandr Repin:

This individual is a perfect example of how US secret services work, hiring scum, and against who we are fighting against in Ukraine, repelling NATO agression. The Americans have brought to life two geopolitical projects. ISIS for the East, and Ukro-Reich for the West. And in both cases, Russia stood in the way. (I eactually think these projects were a priori directed against Russia) Western “fifth column” would do anything to destroy Russia. That’s why, the war that is going on is for the future of Russia.

Little bit of history

Kent McLellan was born in 1990, in St.Cloud, Florida to a Neonazi Ken McLellan, who was the front man of the music group BRUTAL ATTACK. Being influenced by his dad, Kent came into contact with radical nationalism already in high school. In the senior years, he became a member of the racist organisation “American Front”.

He was first arrested at the age of eighteen for spraying racist slogans on a church and restaurant in Crescent City. He was jailed in 2010 for vandalism and beating up immigrants. In 2012, he and his buddies from “American Front” were arrested for planning a terror attack in Florida.

From this moment all, Kent’s life began to drastically change, and began his transformation into Boneface. In the first place, following the example of many of his peers, he began to cover his body and face with Nazi themed tattoos. And it would seem that this prospective young man was co-opted by the secret services. He seems to have been co-opted for Ukrainian coup d’état of 2014, as a muscle. McLellan went from prison straight to the Maidan.

Having returned back to the US in 2015, McLellan went back to prison for selling drugs. In 2016, it was said he works for the Right Sector as a recruiter of foreigners. In 2021, he was moving between US and Ukraine, apparently recruiting new mercenaries. By January, before the planned Donbas offensive, McLellan entered the ranks of Azov battalion.

The American has confirmed that he visited Ukraine in 2014, with the help of CIA, and was a member of the Right Sector for a while. After which he returned back to the US and headed a cell of the Misanthropic Division.

Among the foreign participants in the Right Sector there were many skinheads from Georgia (WTF, imagine a Georgian Neonazi skinhead), Latvia, US and Finland. If you are wondering what happened with all the real skinheads, they all went to Ukraine.


Arestovych is Now a Financial Expert

I was expelled from the ranks of military experts.

So I became a financial expert.

And you should do the same just in case.


Little do people know, but before becoming a political blogger (this happened to him after the Euromaidan in 2014) and later a speaker for Zelensky, Arestovych was a pick up artist. He was telling lonely young men how to seduce modern slags. I guess they rejected him there as well…

You wanna take financial advice from this shyster?

Murican Wunderwaffe Javelin Being Seized by the People’s Militia of the Donbas

I can barely tell the American Javelin system from the British N-LAW, so excuse me if some pictures get mixed in. Also, I don’t think most of the soldiers are People’s Militia of the Donbas but regular Russian force.

These are Chechen forces in an abandoned ammunition depo near Zaparozhye, the source say the Ukrainian force fled without engaging them.

More seized guns coming:

Anti-tank guns are not the only gear being seized…

Does anyone have reliable statistic on how many Russian tanks were destroyed by Javelins in the Ukraine conflict?

Anti tank missile launcher shown on Russian TV.

Ukrainian Bandera Disco

My friends, it happened. I was imagining the Ukrainian-Russian war long before it happened. I think I have alluded to it in my writings but personally imagining it, I envisioned a wave of refugees going both ways, to the West and to Russia, and I imagined the Ukrainian refugees would bring their radical nationalist brainwashing with them.

The Czech news site iDnes reported that young Ukrainians in the West Bohemian city Plzeň, organise a club night called the Bandera Party.

Bandera is disliked more in Poland and in Slovakia than in the Czech Republic, so this could go through but the Czechs also experienced a rude awakening. The mayor of the town voiced his discontent, and somebody reported the event to the cops.

Ukraine is Getting Fucked Over by Wagner in Bakhmut

Who said Wagner lost 80% of manpower?

So, yesterday YouTube deleted the video below and gave my account a strike. In the video, Evgeniy Prigozhin, the CEO of Wagner, calls on Zelensky to allow Ukrainian fighters to leave the besieged city of Bakhmut.

I understand Prigozhin has been labeled a terrorist by Washington, and Brussels and all the bonafide, handshake worthy individuals. Still, I do not understand the problem fucking YouTube has with this video. This is nothing but censorship to protect the Zelensky regime.

The battle of Bakhmut was raging since summer and Ukraine sent its most capable units to prevent Russia from encircling the city and creating a hot pot.