Rumours of Maidan and War

So, you might have heard about Russian forces amassing on the Ukrainian border but events in Ukraine proper are even more tumultuous. Zelensky’s situation is very weak. He is hated by oligarchs and the plebs alike. The oligarchs, it is said, are preparing a new Maidan against Zelensky. It would seem they have received a green light from the West. Certainly forces in the West are interested in rocking Zelensky’s throne. The Guardian even dedicated an entire article to the Ukrainian leader in summer, in the connection with the Panama Papers, and this was carried over in Ukraine by a variety of Western funded talking heads.

Alongside all this, the Western governments are screeching about Russian forces amassing on Ukrainian border, preparing for an attack. I do not think Russia needs a war at present but equally, Russia will not stay idly by if Ukraine steps up her effort in the Donbas. Now, would Ukraine do the latter? Again, I am skeptical. The commander in chief, Zelensky, is so ubiquitously hate now that I do not think he commands any authority to muster a force that could take on Donbas. Nevertheless, he may try to save his rating by going full retard.

Mad times we live in, I bet the next year will be explosive, to say the least…

Boris Johnson Says We Need to Stop Buying Russian Gas to Help Ukraine

Does anyone have a good translation of what Boris Johnson means?

Because it is clear that some countries are simply not going to evolve towards free market democracies and we should be clear eyed about that. We have to deal with it, we have to manage it, we must have relations that are as friendly and pragmatic as possible.

But the consequence is that we work ever more closely with those who do share our values and instincts.

So when we say that we support the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine, that is not because we want to be adversarial to Russia, or that we want in some way strategically to encircle or undermine that great country.

And never let it be forgotten, in this season of remembrance, that it was Russian blood that enabled us to defeat Nazism.

It is because we have a commitment to democracy and freedom that is shared now across the vast mass of the European continent. And when our Polish friends asked for our help to deal with a contrived crisis on their border with Belarus, we were quick to respond.

And we hope, I hope, that others may recognise, other European countries may recognise, that a choice is shortly coming, between mainlining ever more Russian hydrocarbons in giant new pipelines, and sticking up for Ukraine and championing the cause of peace and stability – let me put it that way.


If Britain is really interested in peace and stability, Britain would condemn Ukraine’s radical nationalism, and the country’s destructive attitude towards Russia. Eventually, Russia will establish peace and stability in Eastern Europe.

Polish Foreign Ministry Complains About the Treatment of Polish People in Ukraine

The season is over, and I have free time to dedicate to this blog again. And I would like to introduce a new thesis to this blog. “UKRAINE DOES NOT HAVE ANY FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURS”. However, Ukraine has a perfect geographical location that it absolutely does not exploit. I think we have a case of Peremoha & Zrada, they are the two sides of the karbovanets coin. While Ukraine was gifted this perfect location by fate, or Bolsheviks, the regime there chose radical nationalism and cannot make any use of the advantages Ukraine has in any way. Similarly, the system favours a narrow orientation towards the West, which makes things even more complicated. It is like having a perfect graphics card but running old drivers for it. Outdated, caveman nationalism is hampering Ukrainian relations on all fronts.

The other day, the Polish foreign ministry complained about the treatment of Poles in Ukraine. The Polish deputy of the Polish foreign minister, Szymon Szynkowski said that the Poles in Ukraine are discriminated on the basis of religion, access to education, and freedom of speech. He also mentioned that in Ukraine, people responsible for genocide of the West Ukrainian Polish population are being glorified in Ukraine. The latter has long been a major complaint of Poles towards Ukraine. However, complaints about the treatment of coethnics in Ukraine has so far been the preserve of Hungary.

You see, Ukraine lacks friendly relations with any of its neighbours, despite having a perfect geographical location that it could exploit to the fullest.

The West Barely Cares About Ukraine

That’s a fact, and as someone who blogs about Ukrainian issues in English, I know this very well. Today I have been reminded about this fact by reading an essay collection by some Anglo Evangelicals, who say “crisis in Ukraine is grossly underpotted.

This needs to be understood, at the end of the day, the Anglos have a very little interest in our region, and barely know anything about it. I try to focus on more international issues related to Ukraine, and I think that publications like Buzzfeed, New York Times, VICE do an adequate job of reporting the crisis there, albeit often tinged with pro-Western propaganda about the conflict (or rather conflicts) there. I quote from them regularly. Also, if anyone is interested in Ukraine, there is a wealth of material in English out there. Not that the Western public cares enough…

The US Department of Justice is Suddenly Interested in War Crimes Committed by Nazis in Donbas

From Buzzfeed. There aren’t any Nazis in Ukraine remember that?

The probe involves seven men but is centered on former Army soldier Craig Lang, who is separately wanted in connection with a double killing in Florida and is fighting extradition from Kyiv.

He (Craig Lang) first came in 2015 to fight with a far-right paramilitary unit, defending the country from Russia-backed forces. And he believed that if he were extradited back to the US, he could face war crimes charges.

“Any separatist or Russian soldier that I have killed would be a murder charge” in the US, Lang, 31, said in his gruff North Carolina drawl. “Understand that some of my fellow combatants are under investigation by the FBI for war crimes.”

It would be extremely rare for the US government to investigate its own citizens for alleged war crimes committed on foreign soil — no one, experts say, has ever been prosecuted, let alone convicted, under the US War Crimes Act. 

But now, BuzzFeed News can reveal that the Department of Justice and the FBI have in fact taken the extraordinary step of investigating a group of seven American fighters, including Lang, under the federal war crimes statute. Authorities suspect that while in eastern Ukraine, Lang and other members of the group allegedly took noncombatants as prisoners, beat them with their fists, kicked them, clobbered them with a sock filled with stones, and held them underwater.

You know, there are people, who have been talking about this for years hoping somebody in the West will listen.

The war crimes investigation was detailed in a DOJ appeal for assistance sent to the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine in 2018 along with two Ukrainian documents responding to the appeal the following year. The documents were leaked to an obscure pro-Russian website. BuzzFeed News reviewed and authenticated the documents and interviewed six people, in Kyiv and stateside, with direct knowledge of the US investigation. They include a top Ukrainian law enforcement official; a former Ukrainian National Police official who was involved in gathering information to fulfill the US appeal; and two other people who have assisted the FBI and spoke on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter.

That obscure pro-Russian website is UkrLeaks. The owner, Vasily Prozorov, according to my knowledge, was an agent of one of the Ukrainian secret services, who defected to Russia. He has taken many secret documents with him, The man also has a YouTube presence.

BuzzFeed News also interviewed Dalton Kennedy of North Carolina and David Kleman of Georgia, both 24, who had interviews with federal agents and provided proof of those encounters. They, along with Quinn Rickert, 27, of Illinois; Santi Pirtle, 30, of California; Brian Boyenger, 33, of North Carolina; and David Plaster, 37, of Missouri were investigated by the DOJ and FBI in the probe. When they arrived in Ukraine, Lang, Rickert, and Pirtle allegedly joined Right Sector, a volunteer far-right nationalist group that formed in November 2013 and later created a paramilitary force to respond to Russia’s invasion of eastern Ukraine in spring 2014. Human rights groups have accused Right Sector fighters of abusing and torturing civilians and combatants.

The DOJ — based on video and photo evidence, as well as interviews with some of Lang’s fellow American fighters — says in the documents that Lang was the main instigator of the alleged torture of detainees in eastern Ukraine. In April, BuzzFeed News detailed how Lang became increasingly radicalized while fighting in Ukraine and had ties to white supremacists. He now resides with his Ukrainian partner and their child in Kyiv. He was detained by Ukrainian border guards in August 2019, wears an ankle monitor, and is banned from leaving the country while he fights extradition to Fort Myers to face trial in the 2018 killings of Deana and Serafin “Danny” Lorenzo in Florida. Authorities allege that Lang and another former Army soldier who fought with Right Sector in Ukraine lured the couple to a meeting to buy guns — but instead ambushed them and robbed them of $3,000, used to fund Lang’s foreign fighting adventures.

The DOJ appeal doesn’t make clear whether US authorities had interviewed any alleged victims in Ukraine or confirmed that anyone was killed. But based on the evidence gathered, the DOJ appeal says, the Americans “allegedly committed or participated in torture, cruel or inhuman treatment or murder of persons who did not take (or stopped taking) an active part in hostilities and (or) intentionally inflicted grievous bodily harm on them.”

Roughly 40 other Americans have fought on the Ukrainian side, according to BuzzFeed News’ reporting and expert research. Many are veterans or men who had hoped to join the US military but couldn’t, and wanted to help a democratic ally in its fight against Russia’s aggressive authoritarianism. Others are opportunists who see a shot at a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and a fresh start. And several are combat enthusiasts who hop from war to war

…some are far-right extremists who have set their gaze on Ukraine, a place that has become a destination and training ground for such types in the West. As far-right extremism has risen in the US, so has the interest among American white supremacists in militarized right-wing Ukrainian groups that have had success in growing and mainstreaming their organizations and movements. They include violent neo-Nazis like those from the Rise Above Movement who have gone to Ukraine to meet and train with some of the groups — and then export what they learned to the US.

Unlike Buzzfeed, I personally think that most Westerners, who went to fight for Ukraine were motivated by radical nationalism, or were simply soldiers for hire. I do not think that many are democracy fetishists, who came to help Ukraine from Putler. I mean, the vast majority of Ukrainian volunteer battalions were nazi outfits.

That they were involved in banditry is a common knowledge in interested circles.

Andriy Gerus: Lithuania Buys Belorussian Electricity While Ukraine…

The Ukrainian parliamentarian, Andriy Gerus said that Lithuania buys electricity from Belorussian nuclear power plants, while the Lithuanian president suggested to Ukraine to refuse such energy deliveries from Belarus several months earlier.

Officially it was declared as imports from Latvia, however it was in fact electricity from Belarus that Lithuania is supposedly fighting against. Belarus has a new nuclear power plant and is pumping electricity on all directions.

The moral of the story is. Do not believe the squeals of provincial nonentities like Lithuania and instead build nuclear reactors.

Miss Universe Ukraine Speaks Russian

The newly baked Miss Universe Ukraine, Anna Neplyakh became a target of linguistic activists in Ukraine for speaking Russian at the event. This is what she had to say to them:

As a person that grew up in a Russian speaking family, in a city, (she is from Dnieper) where 90% of the people speak Russian, deserve to have my right to speak in a language that is convient to me respected.

Ukraine’s problem is psychological. An aggressive minority, known in circles as Svidomites, do not recognize the rights of the passive majority. Already few territories have split from Ukraine, and I believe that with the newly resurgent Russia, others will likely soon follow.

Ukrainian Town Dniepr Named Capital of Telephone Scammers

One of the benefits of living in the Czech Republic is almost never getting spam phone calls…

We are a small nation that never had any colonies and therefore we do not have post-colonial shitholes with call centers aimed at scamming money out of gullible residents of a former metropole.

While I was living in London, I was getting spam calls from India every day. I would ask the callers some control questions and then I would tell him my opinions about their mothers. Their reactions gave me much joy.

It seems Russia too has a post-colonial shithole that hosts call centres that scam people out of their money. You guessed it, it’s Ukraine! The city of Dniepr (Dnipro in Ukrainian),formerly known as Dniepropetrovsk, and established by the Russian empress Catherine the Great as Ekaterinoslav (the city literally changed its name 3 times in the last 100 years), is according to Sberbank a capital of spam phone based fraud.

Dniepr is home to around 150 call centers that prey on gullible Russians, their callers present themselves as workers of Russian banks to weasel out money from their victims.