The Ethnonym “Ukrainian” is Allegedly Sounding Like a Slur to Polish People

I have a working knowledge of Polish, and can understand it, especially in written form. But any intricacies of the language are foreign to me.

I don’t know how genuine problem this is but the ethnonym “Ukrainian” has entered circulation rather recently, and it comes from Polish. The first to speak of Ukrainian nation (украинская народность) was the historian Nikolai Kostomarov in an essay titled “Two Russian nationalities.” Where he said there are two branches of Russians, Greater Russians and Ukrainians. This however cannot be considered the first use of the ethnonym Украинец.

The latter was adopted by some circles by the end of the nineteenth century but remained widespread among political activists and intellectuals only. By the outbreak of the First World War and especially towards its end, this identification got more currency. (See my posts here and here and here). I recall Oles’ Buzyna saying that the ethnonym “Ukrainian” was first officially used in the Austro-Hungarian military in 1916, on the orders of Emperor Karl I.

Otherwise it took root in 1920s during Soviet Korenizatsiya…

I Will Never Buy Douglas Murray’s Books

Gonzalo Lira, reads an article written by Douglas Murray for the New York Post, he outs him as a Zelensky regime propagandist…

Murray has several books where he ushers critique at the current state of the West. Here is the problem though, the market seems over saturated with these pop-philosophy titles, and many bring nothing groundbreaking to the table. I really feel like a young girl on Tinder getting the attention from all the simps, and having to choose who am I going to read can really be motivated by many factors. I have recently tapped into Jason Reza Jorjani, the dude seems to have a vast knowledge of ancient mythology, which is what I need. I don’t need Murray’s moaning about Islamic immigration, and western cuckolds, I live among them.

There is also, Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens, which offers an interesting outline of human history. I have also delved in my project into transhumanism, and try to link the latter to ancient mythological ideas. There is better shit out there than Douglas Murray. Who gives a fuck if the West dies, the latter needs to die because we can build something better in its stead.

Hopium Very Strong After Russia Abandoned Kherson

Ukraine put all it chips on the Kherson offensive and got the Russian defenders into a trap. The Russians have withdrawn to safer positions on the left bank of the Dniepr. People cheering this do not understand that this will end very badly for Ukraine…

These are YouTube screenshots from the Ukrainian TV channel Priyamy (Direct). I am not sure whom this belongs but YouTube aggressively offers me these videos.

Here we have some scrawny little mother fuckers trying to make fun of Russian officials, and media personalities…
The disgraced lawyer Mark Feigin says Putin is in hysteria…
According to Stanislav Belkovsky, there is a panic in the Kremlin, and Putin received peace ☮️ conditions. 🤣
G20 will apparently resolve the Russian question.
Taras Berezovets says the Ukrainian armed forces are ready to take Crimea. So far, the only places taken over by Ukrainian forces were those abandoned by the Russians.

I don’t understand what all these military virgins are celebrating. Russia abandoned Kherson for better positions beyond the river. Ukraine will suffer the more this continues.

The Polish to Make Ukrainian Refugees to Pay for Their Accommodation

Refugees from Ukraine in Poland will be made to pay for their accommodation.

According to government plans, in the first three months the payments will be 50%, later it will be 100% for accommodation provided by the state.


No freebies for Ukrainians, please! The Ukrainians ought to learn Polish and find themselves a job. If they cannot do the latter, they can move westwards.