Russia Ought to Finish the Nord Stream 2 and cut Ukraine off From any Gas Transit

Yes, Russia has these two jobs now!

And they ought to be complete by the mid 2020s.

And if Russia fails to build the pipeline, it will be a shameful display. Russia will show herself as technologically incompetent, vulnerable to US sanctions, and open to abuse by provincial parasites like Ukraine.

That’s all from me, watch Kobolev of Naftogaz boasting at the Atlantic Council. Russia needs to prove these people wrong…

Ukraine’s President Contemplates Banning Telegram

The Telegram is an increasingly popular messaging service created by the Durov brothers, it is widely used by many public figures in Ukraine. From

The member of parliament from the “Servant of the People” [party], Oleksandr Dubinsky said that the office of the president, Volodymyr Zelensky is looking at closing the access to Telegram. Dubinsky wrote this on his Telegram on 3 February.

Just 30 minutes ago, I have read about the plans of the office of the president to discredit Telegram and (what a novelty) to accuse all Telegram users of working for the Kremlin… Fairytale fools. Now they must ban Telegram, only to make its audience grown ever larger.