Facebook Hires a Neonazi As Its Public Policy Manager in Ukraine

While the American far right (and not so far right) individuals may be persecuted by Facebook in the US, in Ukraine the company takes a completely different approach…


Kateryna Kruk has already been feature twice on this blog. Here she complains about flights to Ukraine being announced in Russian. Here she announced the newly created Orthodox Church in Ukraine was recognised by the LGBT community. (LOL)

She also cheered the Odessa massacre of Antimaidan activists that occurred on 2 May 2014.


Hat tip, RT and Ruposters (in Russian).

Santa’s Cool Tattoos

I discovered the hero of this Vice documentary half naked…

That’s “Santa” aka. Volodymyr Regesha

Remember kids, we have been told there aren’t any nazis in Ukraine…

This creep came to the spotlight recently over an attack on a journalist, Volodymyr Runets of Current Times, a Russian language media project of RFE/RL, a US government propaganda arm. Santa literally shot at everyone in a club from an automatic rifle.

This happened on 5 May, and Santa has since been let off. Strana.ua reports:

The court proceedings in the best traditions of the post Maidan reality. The court room was filled with colleagues of the journalist, Runets on one hand. From the side were nationalists and Members of Parliament, who support such ideas. Andriy Antonishchak (Bloc of Petro Poroshenko), Oksana Korchinskaya (Radical Party), Serhiy Vysotckiy, Andriy Levus (both from National Front), Egor Sobolev (Samopomich), Andriy Ilenko (Svoboda).

Remember this list next time somebody tells you that the Right Sector received meager electoral results. All the parties, with the exception of “Svoboda” are mainstream and not immediately considered nationalist by superficial observers.

Why Poroshenko is Great for Russian Irredentism

First off…

I realise that what I’m about to write may apply to other leading presidential candidates, and they may in the end do an even better job than Petro Poroshenko. However, Poroshenko is the devil we know, and the others have yet to prove themselves. For the purposes of this post I will treat current Russian irredentist interest as: keeping Crimea within Russia, and the survival of the DNR and LNR. Although, in the long run, Poroshenko may also be good for the reintegration of the rest of Ukraine into the Russian sphere of influence. Let me explain how:

  1. Banderisation and Nazification: The post-Maidan regime made a pact with the Neonazis when it consolidated power. Today, Naziism is very popular in the Ukrainian armed forces, and Bandera has become a hero after whom streets are named, and slogans created in the 1930’s become the official greeting in the military. Such a Ukraine is hardly an attractive place for the people of Donbass and Crimea to return to. The Kremlins ought to realise that any federalisation is impossible with such a government in Kiev, any Kremlin resident that gives up the Donbass would be known as the one who gave Russian people to fascists.
  2. Language and Church: Poroshenko has been on a roll with Ukrainisation. This means the creation of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine out of local schismatics, and a planned draconian language law. These two things could have the potential to eventually stoke the fires of regional separatism. I have already heard some anti-Russian Russian speakers moan about the planned language regulations. These people deserve everything.
    But the more immediate effect is reinforcing the image of Russophobia in the minds of the people in Donbass, Crimea, and RF.
    Should the Hungarians be effected by the new language law, it would discredit Ukraine west of her borders, and thus prevent any integration into EU and NATO.
  3. Looting of the Military: It has been revealed to that Poroshenko’s friends have made some good money on Poroshenko’s fake war. According to the Global Firepower Index, Ukraine has fallen from 20th place in 2014 to 29th place in 2019. So Ukraine under Poroshenko is becoming weaker, and thus unable to return the lost territories by military means. It should be added that continuing the conflict would only postpone any EU integration.
  4. Corruption and Russophobic Economic Foolery: Ukraine literally buys Russian gas from the EU countries with an added price. Meanwhile, the price of gas for the Ukrainian population increases to pay debts to IMF. This kind of economic cretinism will keep Ukraine poor and totally ineligible for EU membership.

So basically, the Neonazis and Poroshenko rather knowingly aid the dismemberment of Ukraine, and the cause of Russian irredentism. Neither Poroshenko, nor the Nazis truly want the disloyal territories back, and this means their future integration with the Russian Federation.

A Reminder that Ukrainian Nationalists Haven’t Won a Single War, Ever

Yes, you read that right, can you name a single war the Ukrainian nationalists, from their emergence as a military force during WWI, that the Ukrainian nationalists have won?

Ukrainian nationalists have always been granted territory by benevolent Muscovites. The Provisional Government of 1917 gave them gubernias of the Russian Empire, the Soviets gave them Donbass, Comrade Stalin gave them the territories of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire together with Russian territories occupied by Poland and Romania.

So where are the peremohas (victories) gentlemen? The Siege of Slavyansk? The Murder of the policemen of Mariupol? For every such peremoha, there is Debaltsevo and Ilovaysk.

I was reminded of this fact when I saw this.


The context:

Screenshot 2019-03-21 at 09.59.32.png
RED FIELD: THE ALTAR OF THE HOLY STRUGGLE In 1939, hundreds of young hearts have burned as one torch in the name of the national idea. The feeling of the unity of spirit with the nation, have unfurled as a live organism by the willing act of total nonconformity. All of Transcarpathina has thundered: We are Ukraine. The fighters of the Carpathian Sich have charged against the enemy, being aware of a certain defeat against the several thousands of men of the occupation army. However, they have achieved a victory of the spirit. The successors of the heroes of the Carpathian Sich traditionally commemorate the guardians of the Carpathian mountains on the spot of their last battle. Heroes who have fallen for Free Carpathians – are present!

More context:

In 1939, Ukrainian nationalists have declared an independent state in the Czechoslovak province of Podkarpatská Rus. It was liquidated within a day by Hungarian forces. The area became the part of Ukraine called Transcarpathia in 1945 through the efforts of Comrade Stalin and the Red Army.

Everybody is Sieg Heiling

Dear readers, I can’t believe my ears…

I was watching a video of Anatoly Shariy, (posted below this article, it has German subtitles, suggesting Shariy wants the German speakers to watch it) which features a phone monologue of a female journalist from ATR (a Ukrainian government funded Crimean Tarar television), Viktoria Ablyazova complaining about a video being leaked to Shariy. That video in question shows Ablyazova being offered a birthday cake with candles arranged into a swastika, the gentleman offering her this cake throws a Roman salute. I translate her takes from the phone monologue:

It’s OK (that is throwing sieg heils) for all Kievites of my generation. Not for your generation but for my generation, it is OK to all. Because it does not have the meaning that you put into it. (really, I have heard something like this before). You look at the volunteers of the ATO (military operation in the East) from the “Right Sector”, they are all sieg heiling.

For my generation, who have served in the “Azov”, it’s the norm. It’s OK, I have plenty of friends, even from Lugansk and Donetsk, ultras, and for them it is OK, they will watch it and laugh, they will say: “What a cool video!”

Yes, if you send it to Russian media they could blow it out of proportion. You think that’s a serious video? A boy … giving his girl a cake, he talks complete bollocks, you can see that he is drunk…

You are not a journalist, you are working for vata (pro-Russian forces), you pervert everything, if those are your friends. such as Shariy, who links to Russian media, which tell about nazis here, I can only hold bad opinions about you…

I will call my superiors and will talk about this situation because it’s fucked up…

You will likely cause me to stop working in the media, with your Anatoly Shariy, don’t send him the original video, please be humane.

Listen, you are engaging in a Hybrid War, I don’t know what else to call it, and you it turns out work for Russian secret services. I will call my friend, who works in the Police, and will ask him what to do now, when you are doing this…

Don’t doubt this! Because you want to bring shame on our TV station, or our country. The TV station is not threatened.

You are a small man, with bad acquaintances, that stir shit everywhere, like Shariy. Why doesn’t he show the country that attacked us…

You say you don’t see money but you are ready to send a video to some idiot.

Screenshot 2019-03-17 at 16.25.14.png

Have you never seen a VK page of an “Azovite”, they consider this normal, they consider it a greeting, they consider it as a joke. They did it before all the events, Maidan etc…

Anyway here is the original video:

Why Donetsk Antimaidan Could, and Kharkov Couldn’t

While the Right Sector was openly killing Antimaidan protesters in Kharkov and several months later in Odessa, Donetsk looked something like this:

Note that the Right Sector thugs seem organised, as if they had training and experience in street violence, they are equipped with facial masks and pepper spray. Meanwhile, the mob of Donetsk protesters seems unequipped and unorganised. Nevertheless, the angry mob is overwhelming. I have found this map of the intensity of Antimaidan protest in spring of 2014 at the Euromaidan Press, it appears to be legit.


And here you have it folks, the Kharkov or the Odessa protests were much less intense compared to what we have seen in the Donbass. Only the city of Sevastopol compares. The Kharkov protest featured Russian flags next to Ukrainian flags, and Odessa was basically supporters of federalisation. The disparity has to do with ethnolinguistic differences between the regions.