How the EU makes Apologetics for Naziism

The EU decided to use my taxes to save me and my fellow Europeans from nefarious disinformation, and fails…

I have come across an online project called “EU vs. Disinfo” of the European External Action Service East Stratcom Task Force. I was very much interested in what they have to say. I found there a collection of fabrications that put Russian media to shame but I also found a curious urge to protect the post-Maidan regime from accusations that are essentially true.

The project wants to claim the accusation that the slogan: “Slava Ukrayini! Heroyim Slava!”, that is “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!” has Nazi origins is wrong…

Screenshot 2019-01-08 at 19.30.39.png

They say the origin of the “disinformation” is the Russian evening news programme “Vesti”, on the First Channel…

Screenshot 2019-01-08 at 19.32.46.png

They continue to give some lame arguments as to why Vesti is wrong. I discuss everything below…

Screenshot 2019-01-08 at 19.32.22.png

The slogan appeared in the 1930’s and was modelled on the German slogan: “Heil Hitler! Sieg Heil!” that is: “Hail Hitler! Hail Victory!”. In 1939, OUN made it official at a conference in Rome. It should be noted that the Italians, and the Croatians had similar slogans. The OUN were seeing themselves as a part of the fascist international. They were literally fascist and proud of it.

The “historian” from the Catholic University in Lvov makes an absolutely lame attempt to divorce the slogan from its origins. Imagine the Germans would stage a protest against the Christian and Social Democrat regime, and in the process would resurrect the “Heil Hitler! Sieg Heil!”, and then they would seize power and make it an official slogan of the military. This is essentially what happened in Ukraine. The slogan was introduced on the Maidan by the nationalists. Andreas Umland mentions the slogan began actively being used in Ukraine by Oleh Tyahnybok of the Svoboda Party.

So, the Slogan was created by Nazis, and introduced to Ukraine by Nazis, introduced to the Maidan by the Nazis. The EU hacks want to tell me everyone needs to be goose stepping, or what?

I have discussed the “poor ratings” on this blog before. The argument is easily dismissed by the following argument. Ukraine is a large country, and you need a lot of money to achieve electoral success. This causes the political landscape to be dominated by oligarch run political projects. If you want to win in elections, you need to join one of these groups. Boryslav Bereza is a good example of a person from “Right Sector” who is now a parliamentarian. The current Rada is swarming with people, who have more or less adopted the nationalist ideology.

Russia has a right to be concerned about a radical nationalist regime on her border, so I don’t get what these EU hacks are moaning about?

Poroshenko et al. rub Shoulders with a Nazi Leader in Istanbul

Poroshenko seems to not mind posing with Nazis, and so he doesn’t have a problem rubbing shoulders with them in a church. That’s because the post-Maidan regime actively encourages Naziism… 

The post-Maidan regime, with a silent support of its Western backers, promotes historical revisionism, and Nazi collaborators, and uses contemporary fans of Hitler as a force to harass the genuine opposition. A white version of the tonton macoutes of Papa Doc Duvalier in Haiti.

The C14 is Ukrainian neo-nazi gang likely named after the British C18, an abbreviation meaning: “Combat”, and the number 18 stands for the first and the eighth letter of the alphabet, the initials of Adolf Hitler. Number 14 is a no less significant cypher in the neo-nazi scene, and it stands for the 14 words of the late American neo-nazi terrorist David Lane: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

Evhen “Zheka” Karas’ is the leader of C14, probably by virtue of being the tallest and strongest of his gang of troglodytes. Below you can see a video of his gang attacking the defence lawyer of Vasyl’ Muravitsky, a journalist from Zhytomyr, who is being tried for treason. Apparently he did not love the Maidan enough in his publications. But he also wrote about local mafia which illegally mines amber and this may have irked some authorities even more.

In any normal country, Zheka and his gang would be sitting in jail now awaiting a trial for disrupting the court, and perhaps other offences. But this is post-Maidan Ukraine, and Zheka likely has powerful friends. On the photo below is he in Istanbul at the ceremony of Ukraine becoming a metropolia of the Ecumenical Patriarchate right next to Lutsenko and Poroshenko.


Ukrainian Fans of the SS Totenkopf Defend Their Honour

A Facebook page called “Ukrainian Military Honor” published her own analysis of the apology delivered by Ukrainian paratroopers, who were caught flashing patches featuring the emblem of SS division Totenkopf, see my post here…

Here come the screenshots:

Screenshot 2018-12-15 at 16.30.42.pngScreenshot 2018-12-15 at 16.31.03.pngAnd here comes my translation of the above:

Fighter of the Ukrainian Military was forced to humiliate himself for his patch

The other day, there appeared on the internet a photo of a soldier with a patch similar to the symbol of the 3rd tank division of the SS “the Death’s Head.” The scandal originated because the president was present at this photo session.

The first reaction of the Ukrainian Army command was adequate; they have called for the military personnel to be more to be more responsible with their appearance, in order not to give enemy propaganda a chance to create new myths.

However, a week has passed and there appeared a humiliating video on the social network. (I have re-uploaded part of the video to my Youtube channel and have given it subtitles, see below) The soldier apologises before his brothers in arms and [fellow] citizens for giving ammunition to enemy propaganda.

Here the command has clearly overdone it.

Wanting to please the liberal loudmouths, they have forced their own soldier to apologise. A fighter, who according to their own words, has defended Ukraine for three years in the hottest spots on the frontline.

We think this was a grave mistake because:

  1. Orientation towards enemy propaganda is a bad strategy. And to sacrifice your own fighters to her is a crime.
  2. The soldiers is not guilty of attending the photo session. If somebody needs to be punished, it is president’s press service, which has openly overlooked this. It is them, who should “not give ammunition to enemy propaganda.” The role of a soldier is to obey commands, and not to show off in front of cameras.
  3. The majority of fighters in the Anti-Terrorist Operation (earlier this year renamed to Operation of United Forces) have similar patches and have positive feelings about them, even though some may not like it. Of course, this is a mischief but they are warming soldiers’ souls. And before you are going to ban them, ban Sovok (Soviet legacy) in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which crawls out of all the holes.
  4. Skull and bones, “Adam’s skull”, or “Death’s head” have been the symbol of all assault units since the old days. So its use among the paratrooper-assault troops is logical.

We hope that such a mockery will not become a norm.


Fashy Camp for Children

Number of western outlets (see Daily Mail, and this major Czech newspaper) reprinted an Associated Press story about a camp organised by Svoboda party that teaches kids to kill Russians, and about the toxicity of West European leftism…

It begs a question, why suddenly does the American press see fashiks in Ukraine? I thought they were rather cool with that in Washington.

I quote from the AP story:

“We never aim guns at people,” instructor Yuri “Chornota” Cherkashin tells them. “But we don’t count separatists, little green men, occupiers from Moscow, as people. So we can and should aim at them.”

It is important, he says, to inculcate the nation’s youth with nationalist thought, so they can battle Vladimir Putin’s Russia as well as “challenges that could completely destroy” European civilization.

Among those challenges: LGBT rights, which lecturers denounce as a sign of Western decadence.

“You need to be aware of all that,” said instructor Ruslan Andreiko. “All those gender things, all those perversions of modern Bolsheviks who have come to power in Europe and now try to make all those LGBT things like gay pride parades part of the education system.”

During a break in training, a teenager played a nationalist march on his guitar. It was decorated with a sticker showing white bombs hitting a mosque, under the motto, “White Europe is Our Goal.”

Yuri “Chornota” Cherkashin

“Azov” Nazis Erected an Idol of Veles

In one of the villages of the Chernigov region Ukrainian Nazis, militants from the punitive “Azov” battalion, established a pagan “place of power” and also installed a wooden idol for the purpose of carrying out ceremonies there. This was reported by the head of the Kiev branch of the radical National Corpus organisation, which was founded on the basis of the neo-Nazi “Azov” regiment, Sergey Filimonov on his Facebook page.

Screenshot 2018-11-12 at 15.46.06.png
“An idol of Veles which we have, together with friends set up in the village of Kachanovka. [It is] a place of power with incredible nature and very hospitable people. The perfect place for agro-tourism.”
Reprinted from Stalker