Kent McLellan Confirms My Opinions on Nazis in Ukraine

I began a translation of this several months ago, and then forgot about it only to find a draft in folder while bored at work. And then I kept returning to it over and over again…

This fine specimen is Kent McLellan, aka “Boneface”, an American neonazi that went over to Ukraine to fight. I have found an interesting interview with him, the text only confirmed my previous suspicions, that is the Western secret services directed radical nationalists from Western countries to fight for Ukraine. In Ukraine proper, Western interests have long supported the cultivation of Ukrainian radical nationalism as a bulwark against pro-Russian sentiment.

Kent McLellan gave an interview to Juan Sinmiedo and the Russian publication Baza.

The Vice President of the International Organisation of the Veterans of the Anti-terror unit “Alpha”, the chief editor of the magazine “Spetsnaz of Russia”, Aleksandr Repin:

This individual is a perfect example of how US secret services work, hiring scum, and against who we are fighting against in Ukraine, repelling NATO agression. The Americans have brought to life two geopolitical projects. ISIS for the East, and Ukro-Reich for the West. And in both cases, Russia stood in the way. (I eactually think these projects were a priori directed against Russia) Western “fifth column” would do anything to destroy Russia. That’s why, the war that is going on is for the future of Russia.

Little bit of history

Kent McLellan was born in 1990, in St.Cloud, Florida to a Neonazi Ken McLellan, who was the front man of the music group BRUTAL ATTACK. Being influenced by his dad, Kent came into contact with radical nationalism already in high school. In the senior years, he became a member of the racist organisation “American Front”.

He was first arrested at the age of eighteen for spraying racist slogans on a church and restaurant in Crescent City. He was jailed in 2010 for vandalism and beating up immigrants. In 2012, he and his buddies from “American Front” were arrested for planning a terror attack in Florida.

From this moment all, Kent’s life began to drastically change, and began his transformation into Boneface. In the first place, following the example of many of his peers, he began to cover his body and face with Nazi themed tattoos. And it would seem that this prospective young man was co-opted by the secret services. He seems to have been co-opted for Ukrainian coup d’état of 2014, as a muscle. McLellan went from prison straight to the Maidan.

Having returned back to the US in 2015, McLellan went back to prison for selling drugs. In 2016, it was said he works for the Right Sector as a recruiter of foreigners. In 2021, he was moving between US and Ukraine, apparently recruiting new mercenaries. By January, before the planned Donbas offensive, McLellan entered the ranks of Azov battalion.

The American has confirmed that he visited Ukraine in 2014, with the help of CIA, and was a member of the Right Sector for a while. After which he returned back to the US and headed a cell of the Misanthropic Division.

Among the foreign participants in the Right Sector there were many skinheads from Georgia (WTF, imagine a Georgian Neonazi skinhead), Latvia, US and Finland. If you are wondering what happened with all the real skinheads, they all went to Ukraine.


Ukraine’s International Volunteers Obliterated

Yuri Podolyaka says around 30 “soldiers” of the International Brigade of Ukraine volunteers have been killed, and about 100 have been wounded in a missile strike of a base in Yavoriv in Lvov region. Seven Kalibr rockets have turned the base into this:

I don’t know if these reports are related to these missile strikes:

The above is in Chernigov:

Solovyev: Yesterday, a rocket attack was targeting not only Yavoriv military ground in the Lvov Region, having destroyed Washington’s plans to turn this site into a multifunctional transport hub with the purposes to send foreign mercenaries to take part in fighting in Ukraine. Also, according to citizens of Chernigov one of the city hotels was destroyed. In the ruins the headquarters of International Nazi Legion was discovered. Fighters of this group became infamous through posts on social media where they displayed humiliation of civilians and POWs.

I have been greeted by an army of soyboys yesterday while trolling on YouTube, who were telling me how the Russians are losing badly, how they lost 2 or 4 generals already, how Russia is paper tiger. All of these couch potatoes, who know jack shit about warfare like me, were regurgitating silly Ukrainian fakes, and I know this comes from Western media, who have completely failed when it comes to reporting this war. And I am wondering, whether some of these volunteers weren’t convinced by this abysmal reporting in “reputable” papers to go to Ukraine to meet their doom?

I understand people’s desire to help the Kiev regime given the hysteria in the mainstream media but you understand, the hysteria over Ukraine is because Putin is uncovering one stinky can of worms over there. I don’t think the funky Kiev regime can be saved, nor do I think it should be saved. STAY HOME!!!

The Mirror is reporting:


For French speakers, I get what it is about but will not translate it:

I received this commercial on YouTube today:

Paul Joseph Watson on the topic:

This space is rapidly becoming some clown world comedy:

Reports have it that two Czech nationals serving in the Karpathian Sich were arrested in Irpin, near Kiev, for stealing from their brothers in arms. Report in Czech:

I have featured the Karpathian Sich here. They are total Nazis.

Aiden Aslin

How it started:

Source The above is the situation as of July 2022…

Zelensky and Totenkopf

A wonderful photo I have found…

Somebody tried to blur the Totenkopf above Zelensky’s head but we can still clearly see what that is. Now, the Totenkopf is not exactly a bad symbol, it was used by Prussian Hussars but later it was adopted by the SS. The same symbol was warn by concentration camp guards that have gassed the Jews. And it begs the question why this symbol is suddenly popular among Ukrainian soldiers, I thought there are no Nazis in Ukraine.

UPD: RT has further information.

Ukrnazis, a Gallery

Because, there aren’t any Nazis in Ukraine, and the president is Jewish…

We are continuing the cause of our grandfathers and great grandfathers of annihilating the Russian disease… (note: I bet most of these louts have grandfathers that fought in the red army)

The postmodern reality of Ukraine is a Jewish president posting pictures of soldiers that bear the symbol of a Waffen SS division. The same people have killed Jews in WWII. Ukraine is a weird place where Jews in the government and in business support radical nationalist militias. And while this shit may just blow up your brain, this is a perfectly normal thing in our world of intersectional identities. And I hear many of these neonazis are gay, despite the original Nazis being against homosexuality. Nazis ain’t what used to be, they have been redefined.

Now, do you like a regime of Jewish oligarchs that is pimping neonazi militias? Your choice!

The Murder of Darya Dugina

Sorry for not writing about it earlier but I have a demanding job, and can’t sleep at night, this combo just wrecks me…

Mark Sleboda had a good comment:

Mark Sleboda @MarkSleboda1 – 9:11 UTC · Aug 21, 2022

The attempted assassination of Dugin which instead resulted in the killing of his daughter, was part of the increasingly demented propaganda and infowar of a desperate and crumbling U.S. proxy Putsch regime in Kiev in lieu of success on the battlefield of which it is incapable.

The killing of “Putin’s brain” who “inspired” the Russian intervention in the Ukrainian civil conflict would be celebrated by Kiev regime propagandists as a “victory”. It does not matter in the slightest that none of it is true.

It doesn’t matter that in reality Dugin has never met or spoken to Putin. It doesn’t matter that his unique ideas had zero influence in the Kremlin and little to none in the rest of Russian society. It doesn’t matter that to the contrary the Kremlin got Dugin fired from Moscow State University and banned him from government media because of his strident views on the Putsch in Ukraine at a time when the Kremlin was pushing the Minsk accords to resolve the civil conflict there.

The truth doesn’t matter because Dugin has been blown up as a caricature bogeyman in the minds of the West and Putsch-controlled Ukraine. And his assassination would thus still serve as a propaganda victory, in spite of it’s complete divorce from reality.

In this, the Western media which caricatured and inflated Dugin and the Western governments which nonsensically sanctioned him are fully complicit in the murder of Darya Dugina, his daughter.


The FSB has uncovered the culprit:

Meet Natalya Vovk

Natalya came to Russia with her daughter, pretending to be a refugee…

She rented a place in the house where Dugin lives:

Around Moscow she drove around in a Mini Cooper using three different license plate. That of Kazakhstan, Donetsk People’s Republic, and Ukraine…

The Mini is now for sale the vendor has the same surname as Vovk’s daughter:

Afterwards she fled to Estonia:

Here is a military ID issued in 2020 by the National Guard, I heard Vovk is close to the Azov Battalion. She appears on the ID with the name of the vendor of the Mini Cooper.


Quite frankly, I don’t know what the point of this operation was. Dugin, by all accounts had a minor influence. However, Ukrnazis cannot be expected to be deep thinkers, nor can people that experienced joy from what happened.

Alexander Dugin and Darya Dugina

Cope, Hope, and Dope

I really did not know what to call this collection but here it is…

Vlad is an acquaintance of my friend in Moscow, he wrote: Remember, the defenders of Mariupol have not surrendered and become POWs. They have executed the order of the commander in chief in context of a humanitarian mission, which is as agreed upon by the parties to the conflict under international mediation. And the Russian idiots can continue deluding themselves that they were taken captive.

The level of delusion is incredible here…

So what is it that Twitter does not want you to see?

Well, let me break the news to you, we live in a globalized world and your women are emancipated. So don’t be surprised that while you are defending the interests of your local and global oligarchs, your women will run off to safety of other men. There ain’t no peasant girl waiting for your return, your girls are like the second or third generation after the contraceptive pill, and the Sexual Revolution. The ease of travel is unprecedented and will only increase with the introduction of new tech.

Isn’t this the best argument against war? Well, you can actually be gay, and rejoice with the boys.

I actually believe that standing armies fighting to defend a nation will soon be a thing of the past, as there will not be many nations worth fighting for and we will go back to pros and soldiers for hire. Drones and robots will play a larger role too.

Zelensky is George Floyd
My understanding of Polish is limited but I assume it says: Do not feed Putin, use public transport…

Many people out there hope to defeat Putin but don’t want to do much for it. Any fight Ukraine has with Russia is a losing game for Ukraine. Not even weapons deliveries will help.