2022, Russia Fights Nazis, Germany Defends Nazis

Germany to the rescue, must protect the narrative:

So, Russia is not fighting Naziism, Russia does it only for its own gain, muh women, muh children (trying to get everyone on the same moral panic that grips the globohomo now). Remember that slave, and so that you don’t forget, we turned off RT and Sputnik… By the way, they are experts on Naziism, and the Ukrainians are doing it wrong.

Who are the Russians Facing in Kharkov

Here is NEXTA:

NEXTA is funded by the Polish and Lithuanian governments. It shows Azov Neonazis training with a hand held British rocket launcher.

So, basically, the West promotes and arms Neonazis in Ukraine. Some in the West are dreaming of creating out of Ukraine an Afghanistan with Neonazis. I am surprised the Polish or the Czechs go along with this by arming Ukraine. This will inevitably lead to fireworks in our countries.

NATO Posted a Photo of a Nazi on Their Twitter

The same NATO used to issue press directives calling stories about Nazis in Ukraine, “Russian disinformation.” They cannot maintain the narrative…

So, NATO posted a photo of a Ukrainian combatant girl with a black sun symbol on her outfit. They later deleted the tweet above after commenters began pointing out that they are posting photos of Nazis. Read more in Newsweek.

Close up…

Can Western media post photos of brave Ukrainian defenders, without posting photos of Nazis?

Ukrnazis From HK Protest are Now Fighting Russia

Sternenko bottom left

Engagement of Ukrainian Nazis in the Hong Kong protests was covered on this blog. (here and here)

It is my belief that these Nazis are directed by some Western secret service or several as a muscle for protests. This is how they ended up in Hong Kong. On a similar note, Belarusian Nazis who participated in the Maidan and the Donbas War were employed in the protests in Belarus.

A Chinese poster says by buying Russian sweets you support the defeat of fascism.

My profile of Sternenko, the top photo in military gear was posted on his YouTube about a week ago. He appears to be in Odessa.

Neonazi Ukraine Under Zelensky the Jew

We live in truly postmodern times of intersecting ideologies and identities. On this blog I have often published about Ukraine’s neonazi problem. Also read Eduard Dolinsky’s Twitter for more information. I think I can safely say that Ukraine is a state where radical nationalism and neonazism are promoted by the state.

However, fellow citizens of globohomo, also known as the collective West, cannot fathom how neonazism can thrive in a country with a president that is Jewish. Unfortunately, that is the reality, neonazism thrives under Zelensky the Jew. Here is an Azov battalion fighter with an Israeli rifle:

May your head explode!