I Declare Operation: “Fuck the EU!”

Attention, fellow citizens of the Union!


I have never voted in the European Parliament elections but seeing that certain characters that I do not like are very worried about its outcome, I decided to cast a ballot this May. What prompted my decision was an insidious article in The Wired magazine, which claims the EU elections may be hacked. The homosexual pornstar hero of this blog, Jakub Janda is quoted saying:

“If you have lower turnout, it’s much easier to focus on specific electoral groups favouring the far-right and mobilise them to a greater effect,” says Jakub Janda, the Prague-based executive director of the European Values think tank, which maintains a Russian-interference monitoring arm.

He basically gave a blueprint here, we should not ignore the election and vote the “far-right”, or whatever Eurosceptic there is on the ballot. They are all “far-right” to the globalists. The EU supports literal fascists in Ukraine, so they might be cool with few in the European Parliament. There might be several individuals vying for office with varying chances of success. But I have figured out a way to make the right choice.

Vote for the one party which worries your local globalist elite the most.  The Czech Socialist Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tomáš Petříček worries about SPD for instance. He says the party is a danger to Europe’s liberal democracy. I don’t know what’s more undemocratic than the EU but I guess people who are a danger to liberal democracy would fit right in.

SPD is anti-immigration and supports direct democracy, Swiss style. I would never vote for them in Czech parliamentary elections because I do not trust their leader, who is a hapa businessman, Tomio Okamura. But if Petříček says I shouldn’t vote for them, well I will vote for them. Unless of course, a better candidate comes along.

Pro-Western Orientation Makes Ukrainians Unhealthy

As you probably may have heard, Russian trolls spread measles…

And it looks like the Ukrainians are champions in the current epidemic of measles. Anatoly Karlin featured an interesting infographic that I repost:

Screenshot 2019-02-14 at 22.55.17.pngYou can see the immunisation dropping around 2008, which marks the mortgage crisis. It looks like the Maidan monkeys invested all their beads into the US economy and crashed with it. Obviously, the plebs was made to pay for it.

Yanukovych managed to bring it back a little only for another present from our friends across the Atlantic, the Revolution of Indignity, making it drop again.

Bandera was a Fascist, Sorry!

There is a serious problem with Ukraine’s fascist hero, Stepan Bandera. 

Bandera was a son of a Uniate Priest from Halychyna, who collaborated with the Nazis in their invasion of Ukraine. Let me expand on this statement, Halychyna was a part of Rus’ occupied and perverted by the Poles from the fourteenth century, and their identity developed in a peculiar way, towards the alienation of local identity from the rest of Rus’, and Bandera was a product of this culture, and he collaborated with the Nazis in the invasion of Soviet Ukraine, and my great grandfather fought against scum like this.

Bandera was given a new life by the Anglosaxons, who saved his followers from justice. His cult was transplanted to independent Ukraine like a virus. In order for Ukraine to become a normal country, it will need to be denazified. I don’t know who will do it, will it be East Ukrainians, will it be Russia, will it one of the oligarchs, and I don’t know when or how it will happen. But I am sure it will happen.

Retarded Sovok Boomers Against The Ukrainian Passports of Crimeans

The head of the Crimean parliament is a Sovok Boomer…

Vladimir Andreyevich Konstantinov is old as fuck my father’s age, and he is stuck up. Here is a translation of his words:

“You need to make a choice -we have made a choice in 2014, there isn’t any point to go there [to Ukraine] to seek these passports. Who needs them? Decide who you are in life, are you smart or handsome (why not both?). But running here and there -getting all the privileges of Russia, and have something over there just in case -we need to stop this craftiness.”

What is the deal here? The Crimeans have been getting Ukrainian biometric passports to take advantage of Ukraine’s visa-free regime with the EU. According to Ukrainian sources, it is thousands of Crimeans every year.

I do understand the certain security concerns of the Russian state but they need to understand that the privileges of Russia do not contain visa-free travel to the West, or even the possibility to obtain a visa because the territory is blockaded by the West. And I am of the opinion that if a state gives, you should take. And the Crimeans can fleece both the RF and Ukraine at the same time.

Sovok Boomers like Konstantinov would do better not to comment on this because they give the whole issue publicity. But they definitely should monitor this activity.

An interesting commentary from a lawyer from Crimea, Zhan Zapruta:

The Crimeans have a peculiar status, they have both Russian and Ukrainian citizenship. If the Crimeans do not want to drop their Ukrainian passport, they cannot be forced.

How Kuzio Denies the Plight of Russian Speakers

This post will dissect Kuzio’s recent drivel on Facebook…

It has become a sort of a tradition of the Ukrainian pundits to attempt to deny the plight, and rightful grievances of the Russian speakers, who rebelled against Ukraine in 2014. And another tradition, particularly in Western academia, is to frame discourse about Ukraine using the language of decolonisation studies, and Western leftist narratives of power.

…these Russianists provide an Orientalist analysis of Ukrainian developments by looking at the Crimea and Donbas through the eyes of the former imperial power and the state undertaking military aggression against Ukraine.

I have even seen academics refer metaphorically to Ukrainians as black, and Russians as white colonists. This is a grave overstretch of reality but it sells in the West.

Jesse Driscoll’s article in Ponars is an example of this academic orientalism. His article is based on the wrong assumption that Ukraine has a language problem – it does not. Driscoll, similar to other Western Russianists, do not bother with opinion polls which show only 1-2% of Ukrainians who believe Russian speakers have problems in Ukraine.

The issue of the Russian language is a complex one. And so is the understanding of what a Russian speaker is. As I mentioned on this blog, Russian is likely the most used language in Ukraine. However, the identity of its users is a complex one. You have people, who identify as Ukrainians, consider their native language to be Ukrainian, but use Russian almost exclusively in daily life. There are also Ukrainian people, who consider their native language to be Russian, and they have always been a minority. Furthermore, there are also people, who consider their ethnicity to be Russian, and they are an even lesser minority. My recent post, shows the results of the 2001 census represented geographically.

What does Driscoll therefore mean when he talks of the “valid concerns of the Russian-speaking population” when the evidence from the war and opinion polls shows they have no concerns on the language question and why is he repeating Moscow’s framework for understanding the war?

Kuzio does not reference any of the polls he mentions but the problem of Russian speakers, or what I like to call, the “Russian element” is somewhat more complex than just the issue of the Russian language, which is clearly being discriminated against in Ukraine. The issues also include economic ties to Russia, and historical memory which is under threat by the ubiquitous rehabilitation of the radical interbellum nationalism, that is Fascism and Naziism.

If the Russian speakers didn’t have any concerns, where then did the anti-Maidan, the Russian spring, and the rebellion in the Donbass come from? Ukrainian pundits would want to say it is all Russia’s fault but that’s rather lame.

Driscoll writes that he is “doubtful that those forces could survive autonomously” without Russian support. He is correct which is why they are best labelled Russian proxies and the war cannot be classified as a “civil war.”
In Spring 2014, Russia transformed anti-Euromaidan protestors into an armed insurgency through provision of intelligence assets (throughout the Euromaidan Revolution), Russian mercenaries who took up leadership positions in the DNR and LNR (most of whom were Russian neo-Nazis in February-March 2014), Russian special forces in Aril 2014, Chechen Kadyrov mercenaries in April-May 2014, Russian artillery firing into Ukraine in July 2014, and outright Russian invasion in August 2014. Between Minsk 1 and Minsk 2, Russia transformed its proxies into a 35, 000 army consisting of two corps within the southern Russian military district.

The Ukrainian state in Donetsk and in the Crimea collapsed without the help of the Russian military because of local protest against the Maidan putsch.

The debate whether the rebels would have survived without Russia is meaningless. Why is it wrong for a foreign power to support an independence movement of friendly people? Didn’t the French support the British colonies in the Americas in their fight for independence? Wasn’t the United States essentially like LNR and DNR in its time?

Kuzio also makes other meaningless and misleading arguments:

Driscoll’s assumptions and framework ignores the large number of Russian speakers fighting and dying for Ukraine. It ignores the fact that the eastern Ukrainian Dnipro oblast has the highest casualties of security forces. Putin’s military aggression against Ukraine is killing and displacing Russian speakers.

Driscoll writes about Spring 2014 without showing a grasp of what transpired. Ukrainian Security forces partially defected in the Donbas and fully defected in the Crimea, but nowhere else. Ukrainian security forces in the two crown jewels of eastern and southern Ukraine – Kharkiv and Odesa – and elsewhere remained loyal to Kyiv.

Do I detect a case of contradiction? On one hand the Kuzio confirms Ukrainian military has defected in the mutinous regions but Ukraine does not have a civil war because Russia helped these rebels? How does that work?

Another case of dishonesty is when Kuzio mentions Dnipro (former Dnepropetrovsk) volunteers. If you refer back to the link about the 2001 census above, you will see that in the Dnepropetrovsk region, people who identify as Ukrainians predominate. People, who consider their native language to be Russian predominate only in Dnipro. And that’s 2001 we are talking about, the situation has likely changed since then thanks to the work of local rulers, Boris Filatov and Genadiy Korban.

Donetsk on the other hand is much more Russian, linguistically and ethnically, and the Russian identification is not just limited to the regional capital. It should also be added that the Donbass attracted many fleeing the repression of pro-Russians in other regions.

Nearly 2 million Ukrainians have fled from the Donbas and 1.7 of these Russian speakers fled to Ukraine. Jews, who are also Russian speakers, have also fled from the Donbas to Ukraine.

Perhaps a part of the population likely identified more with Ukraine, and quite frankly, life in an internationally unrecognised territory managed by Vladislav Surkov certainly isn’t for everyone.

Render Onto Caesar

When nationalism is more important than the Bible…

Turns out there actually is a Kiev Patriarchate Church in Crimea. And it is in trouble because Muh Ukraine! Basically, it would need to register with the Russian authorities to function, or else it will be closed.

This was reported by Krym.Realii, a website of the RFE/RL, US funded propaganda. Just for your information, the RFE/RL also has Sibir.Realii, and Kavkaz.Realii. And perhaps other such properties aimed at Russia’s “ukraines”, that is outskirts. Imagine if Russia Today had websites named: “Texas.Reality, Cali.Reality, Hawaii. Reality…” in English and Spanish? Muricans would flip out of their skin…

But I digress, the Kiev Patriarchate, now the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, in Crimea does not recognise the authority of the Russians because they are a bunch of stuck up Ukrainian nationalists, who will soon be sent packing over to the Kherson region.

They should follow Jesus and render onto Ceasar what is Caesar’s. Be more like Jesus, not like Bandera, and everything will be good…

It is hard to Blame Russia for Everything

Jakub Kalenský is some Czech guy, who works for the Atlantic Council, and he says it is harder to blame Russia for troubles in the West…

I quote:

Whenever there is a polarizing incident in the Western world, the Kremlin-controlled media, and their proxies and trolls, will immediately try to utilize its strategic potential – sowing discord and confusion, amplifying divisions and quarrels, and creating mistrust of reputable sources of information.

The information operation surrounding the Yellow Vests movement was no different. Russian accounts sought to amplify the street protests and the sudden rise of activity even led French secret services to start an investigation of these operations. Apart from spreading confusion and exacerbating divisions, pro-Kremlin outlets also spread multiple disinformation stories about the origin and goals of the movement and the reaction of French authorities.

Such operations regularly appear following every event that creates strong emotions on both sides of the barricade. As was the case when Russia’s media reported about the referendum in Catalonia, the Kremlin-controlled troll factory attempted to polarize the debate, notably the issue of racial and minority rights in the United States, and when Moscow amplifies stories or invents outright false narratives about the divisive issue of the migration crisis in Europe.

However, calling out this subtle kind of aggression and warning audiences about its effect becomes increasingly difficult thanks to a response consistently repeated after such incidents: that the Russians did not create the weaknesses in our system and they cannot be blamed for our own problems. Unsurprisingly, the Kremlin and its channels are always quick to exploit such remarks.

Allegations of Russian involvement are made in order to tarnish and silence the opposition to the neo-liberal order. We have seen it in the case of the Brexit vote, in the case of Trump’s election, and in the case of the Yellow West protest among others.

It is rather cute to see the Westerners moaning about the Russian controlled media, when they have one huge propaganda machine aimed at Russia. Russia’s RT, Sputnik, and the alleged pro-Russian local websites in Europe are laughable in comparison to the cohort of media, and payed journalists and activists that work to influence Russia.

The Russians have not invited hordes of third-worlders into Europe and North America. The Russians haven’t caused the discontent which brought about Brexit and Trump. The fact that RT or Sputnik became the go to media of the disaffected only shows that the Western media have utterly failed the people.