I Declare Operation: “Fuck the EU!”

Attention, fellow citizens of the Union!


I have never voted in the European Parliament elections but seeing that certain characters that I do not like are very worried about its outcome, I decided to cast a ballot this May. What prompted my decision was an insidious article in The Wired magazine, which claims the EU elections may be hacked. The homosexual pornstar hero of this blog, Jakub Janda is quoted saying:

“If you have lower turnout, it’s much easier to focus on specific electoral groups favouring the far-right and mobilise them to a greater effect,” says Jakub Janda, the Prague-based executive director of the European Values think tank, which maintains a Russian-interference monitoring arm.

He basically gave a blueprint here, we should not ignore the election and vote the “far-right”, or whatever Eurosceptic there is on the ballot. They are all “far-right” to the globalists. The EU supports literal fascists in Ukraine, so they might be cool with few in the European Parliament. There might be several individuals vying for office with varying chances of success. But I have figured out a way to make the right choice.

Vote for the one party which worries your local globalist elite the most.  The Czech Socialist Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tomáš Petříček worries about SPD for instance. He says the party is a danger to Europe’s liberal democracy. I don’t know what’s more undemocratic than the EU but I guess people who are a danger to liberal democracy would fit right in.

SPD is anti-immigration and supports direct democracy, Swiss style. I would never vote for them in Czech parliamentary elections because I do not trust their leader, who is a hapa businessman, Tomio Okamura. But if Petříček says I shouldn’t vote for them, well I will vote for them. Unless of course, a better candidate comes along.

The 25 Percenters

Svidomites can’t meme…

Ever since Porokh lost the election. His followers have organised a cult called the 25%. The number is based upon the number of votes Porokh got in the presidential election. I think this fad will fade away once Zelensky’s presidency takes off. It should be noted that 25% of 62% turnout is only 15% eligible voters that voted for Porokh. They were mostly concentrated in the West of the country, the Lvov region, that is. The rest were representatives of some of the business class, who are afraid of Kolomoysky. There are scattered svidomites throughout the country and abroad.

25% minority, after defeat, found in itself the strength to show thank you to the loser. We have yet to see the victorious majority and the victor too. The people are afraid to look each other in the eye and see how little they have in common.

This philosopher is Volodymyr Viatrovych, read more about him (here and here).

Here are some of the cult’s followers from Twitter…


Dopeless 25%.jpg


They are spravzhni banderivtsi (“true banderovites”)


Santa’s Cool Tattoos

I discovered the hero of this Vice documentary half naked…

That’s “Santa” aka. Volodymyr Regesha

Remember kids, we have been told there aren’t any nazis in Ukraine…

This creep came to the spotlight recently over an attack on a journalist, Volodymyr Runets of Current Times, a Russian language media project of RFE/RL, a US government propaganda arm. Santa literally shot at everyone in a club from an automatic rifle.

This happened on 5 May, and Santa has since been let off. Strana.ua reports:

The court proceedings in the best traditions of the post Maidan reality. The court room was filled with colleagues of the journalist, Runets on one hand. From the side were nationalists and Members of Parliament, who support such ideas. Andriy Antonishchak (Bloc of Petro Poroshenko), Oksana Korchinskaya (Radical Party), Serhiy Vysotckiy, Andriy Levus (both from National Front), Egor Sobolev (Samopomich), Andriy Ilenko (Svoboda).

Remember this list next time somebody tells you that the Right Sector received meager electoral results. All the parties, with the exception of “Svoboda” are mainstream and not immediately considered nationalist by superficial observers.

In the Carpathians, they are Building the Largest Tryzub in Ukraine and Perhaps in the World

The Tryzub is the national symbol of Ukraine featured in the coat of arms. Espresso reports:

On the Pertsy Plain in Yablunitsa, Ivano-Frankivsk region, they are building out of wood a unique, patriotic attraction. They want it to enter the Book of Records of Ukraine

It was reported on the Facebook page of the Pertsy Plain.

“Please friends, tell us how to enter the Book of Records of Ukraine. We are creating the largest Tryzub in Ukraine and perhaps in the World.” -it says in the post.

The construction works have already begun. The people are actively giving advice in the comments on how to register your entry in the Book of Records.

“We have records of larges tryzubs, therefore I can answer your question, if I knew what size the authors have in mind. In any case, I wish you successful completion of your idea,” -a representative of the Book of Records of Ukraine answered on Facebook.

The height should be 15 meters…im-Polonyna_Perci_2.jpg

Zelensky says the only Commonality left Between Ukraine and Russia is the Border

He said this in a post on Facebook.



After any “goodbye” inevitably comes a “good day.”

I have long thought about “lot of in common”  between Russian and Ukraine. The reality is such that today, after the annexation of Crimea and the aggression in the Donbass, what is left of “in common” is the state border,

2295 kilometers and 400 metres in common. And from the Ukrainian side, Russia ought to return control over this border. Only then can continue searching for commonalities.

The ban on export of oil products, and the distribution of passports to the citizens of occupied territories, the holding of Ukrainians as captives, doesn’t bring closer the settlement of relations between our countries, even by iota, and we cannot call such relations “brotherly.”

Now, from the “common” to “personal.”

Regarding show, which was announced on the Russian federal channel.  I want to remind [everyone] that it was acting in TV shows that made me popular in Ukraine, and in the end made me a President of Ukraine. The airing of this show, which was filmed a long time ago, looks weird. I don’t have ambitions to do a political career in Russia.

(If you know the name of the show please write in the comments)