How the Ukrainians Liberated Madrid

Idiocracy has finally arrived in Ukraine…

I know I am a bit bit belated with this post but I would like my readers to take note of the speech Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, delivered at the occasion of the Victory Day…

I translate the last sentence:

“We will never allow anyone to diminish the contribution to victory of Ukrainians, who not only defended their own country but also as part of the Soviet army and the armies of the anti-Hitlerian coalition, together with other nationalities did not allow the Nazis to rule over Vienna, Paris, Prague, Warsaw, Madrid, Budapest, Amsterdam, Brussels, Rome, Berlin and many other cities around the planet.”

Maybe Zelensky is from another planet or parallel dimension but the basic WWII fact is that Spain stayed neutral during the war…

Czech Russophobes in Hysteria After the Czech Ambassador Attends 9 May Parade

Russophobic scum (even Russian Empire fanboys are committing Russophobia here) in Russia, and elsewhere hates the 9 May, I love it. I really consider the 9 May to be the best day of the year…

The Russophobe hates the Russian military because he understands that the existence of Russia depends on it, and they want a World without Russia.

The Czech ambassador Vitězslav Pivoňka attended the parade, and then a whole hell broke loose. Cretins have become livid:

Jan Lipavský – Member of the Czech Parliament, Pirate Party

I consider it scandalous that the Czech ambassador in Moscow, Vitězslav Pivoňka is planning to attend the Russian Military Forces parade on 9. May. He will honour the army that blew up to ammunition storages and killed two Czech citizens.


Comrade Lipavský does not care about things such as due process. The Czech police is unable to press charges based on the evidence but this young parliamentarian has already made his mind up. The Russians are always guilty until proven innocent.

Comrade Lipavský is actually more of a danger to our beautiful country than the Russian Federation will ever be. You see, the Russians will not come but the Pirate Party may as well win the elections, and will institute high taxes, socialism, woke ideology of social justice, and digital surveillance.

Miloš Gregor – Czech academic

Is it true Pivoňka will attend the propagandistic clownery? Don’t you think this is absolutely inappropriate Jakub Kulhánek (the Czech foreign minister)? Is it a substitute for Mr. Hamáček (the Minister of Interior) not coming to Moscow with a friendly greeting from Miloš Zeman?


Bla bla bla blather not worthy of an academic.

Rikard Jozwiak is an RFE/RL journalist

Note the list of concerns:

Muh Navalny

Muh Vrbětice

Muh Ukraine

Muh Věra Jourová

The European Commissioner, Věra Jourová is another person that is more of a danger to us than the Russians will ever be. Recently she called for greater censorship of the internet and Russia recently banned entry to her. I cheered this move by RF but I was wondering how our country can get rid of the likes of Jourová?

Presenting Semantic Visions, They Claim to set the Record Straight

The Czech Republic is awash with projects claiming to fight Russian disinformation…

The Semantic Visions is a company owned by my high school classmate, Jan Barta. I know Mr. Barta very well and have been at his chateau recently. Back in school we drank together and did mischief. I know his character well, and I must say he is a total Russophobe. His family was forced to leave Czechoslovakia and he himself was born in the United States. Enough reasons to hate the Russians. But on this blog I do not condone individuals that are driven by emotions, especially if they try to influence the public. You do not have to love the Russians but in the interests of our country, you should keep the head cool, which is something Barta is incapable of, and we have all heard stories about his cocaine problem (not like yours truly is innocent in this but Barta’s case was way out of hand).

The mission of the Semantic Visions is to fight disinformation, particularly that coming from Russia but also domestic, say for instance in connection with the Covid pandemic. The Semantic Visions considers as disinformation, anything that conflicts with the official line, according to Wikipedia. This means that, for instance, should you criticise the wearing of face masks, saying that the unfortunate populace that wears them breaths all the dust that settles on the cloth, and there isn’t any proof they help to mitigate the spread of the illness, you are guilty of disinformation. Such an orientation is totalitarian but such is any such project dealing with disinformation in the Czech Republic. And there are quite a few, I wonder how does the Semantic Visions fare in such a saturated market? We already have European Values, and to name a few. But then again, I do not mind Russophobic scum spending money on fighting wind mills, it is their business, I just reserve the right to call them out.

Let’s have a look at Semantic Visions report about Russian disinformation in connection with the Vrbětice scandal. It will help us understand what they are all about. I quote from their summary:

Czech disinformation sources are pushing staunchly pro-Kremlin coverage of the GRU scandal, in line with their established history of Kremlin-aligned and anti-Western agitation. These sources frequently amplify Russian disinformation narratives and official Kremlin talking points, and support domestic political actors that advocate populist, pro-Kremlin positions, like the far-right SPD party, the Communist Party (KSČM), and the notoriously Putin-friendly Czech president, Miloš Zeman.

It is a testament to the illness of the Czech politics that the president, who does not have much power in our parliamentary democracy, and two opposition parties that each do not score over 10% in the national elections, are the only people, who are asking for concrete evidence the Russian superagents, Petrov and Boshirov were behind the explosions. The public hasn’t seen any such evidence, only fakes and gibberish of the official media.

However, despite their proKremlin orientation, the majority of these sites have no evident links to the Russian state, and do not produce content in coordination with Russian media. Their primary drivers are profit (i.e., ad revenues) and social influence.

Actually, most of these so called pro-Russian people are more staunchly pro-Czech than they are in any way pro-Kremlin. Unlike the people that have set up the Semantic Visions, there are people, and they are many, who think that it is in the interest of our country to have healthy relations with Russia. And unsubstantiated accusations and Russophobic hysteria is not conducive to building an environment of trust between the two nations.

And yes I love the clicks. I would go even further here, and say most Czech outlets that display pro-Russian orientation do so because they are disgusted with what is happening in Czech politics and media. The way the Czech Television, publicly funded through TV license, lied to us during the Ukraine crisis made many turn to blogging for better or worse.

Specifically, Czech disinformation media have sought to ridicule and discredit the official government account of what happened in Vrbětice, in particular the evidence of Russia’s involvement. To this end, they have offered several alternative explanations as well as conspiracy theories about the government’s motivations for pointing the finger at the GRU, suggesting that it is a ploy to escalate the conflict between Russia and the West, instigated by the United States.

For many months, the US State Department voiced its displeasure with Czech plans to buy Russian vaccine, Sputnik V, and the possibility of Russian nuclear power company, Rosatom winning the competition to build additional blocks of the Dukovany power plant. Then suddenly, Vrbětice hoax was planted. The Czech secret service, the BIS, which is long suspected to be linked with Western intelligence services put a wrench into these plans with a cool story about Petrov and Boshirov.

The Russian disinformation response to the disclosure of the GRU’s role in Vrbětice was immediate and has followed the same blueprint as in other cases where Russia’s criminal activity has been exposed, like the annexation of Crimea and the Skripal poisoning. Russian officials and pro-government media deny any Russian involvement in the explosion and dismiss the Czech government’s response as an attempt to score points in Washington’s “war of sanctions”. Indeed, the dominant narratives in Russian media alternatively attribute the scandal to US puppeteering in the Czech Republic and the alleged “Russophobia” of Czech authorities. In this context, there is a noteworthy difference in the negative coverage of Prime Minister Babiš’s government, which has mandated the diplomatic expulsions and considers the GRU attack an act of state terrorism, and positive coverage of President Zeman, who has falsely claimed that there is no evidence of Russian intelligence involvement in the explosion.

If the Czechs ridiculed the Petrov and Boshirov affair, the Russians were laughing out load and remembering the Good Soldier Švejk. Motherfuckers from Semantic Visions are welcome to visit Crimea and tell the locals the Russian actions were criminal and they should all return back to fascist Ukraine into the warm embrace of Stepan Bandera. And then continue to Donbas and tell everybody how nice Ukraine is, and Russia is criminal.

The Czechs have literally admitted they are facilitating the sale of weapons to Ukrainian Nazis and Sunni fanatics in Syria. This is something incredibly shameful.

Pro-Kremlin disinformation efforts in both Russia and the Czech Republic received a significant boost from a speech by President Zeman, made on April 25, in which he contradicted the official Czech government position about the GRU’s involvement and suggested instead that the explosion may have been caused by the mishandling of ammunition. The speech was heavily promoted by Russian-language media, which praised Zeman for not “caving in” to pressure from the United States. Czech disinformation websites likewise endorsed it as a “voice of reason” amid all the “Russophobic hysteria”.

Russophobic hysteria is exactly what the Semantic Visions is trying to peddle here. Zeman is a man of honour here, and because I am certain none of the fuckers in Semantic Visions voted for him, even I did not, at least here you see why the public chose this guy twice.

The Kremlin’s disinformation campaign is unlikely to subside quickly, considering the strategic interests are at stake. Beyond dealing a major blow to Russia’s intelligence infrastructure in Europe and unifying Western allies in stronger opposition to Russian subversive activity, this latest scandal jeopardizes two of the Kremlin’s key strategic objectives: 1) to win soft power points through the provision of the Sputnik V vaccine to more European countries, and 2) to secure the contract for the Czech Dukovany nuclear plant, worth more than 10 billion USD, on behalf of Rosatom. Such control of critical energy infrastructure is a key vector of Russian political and economic influence in Europe.

Guys, this is exactly why the Vrbětice hoax was planted. But here we see another common element, which the fighters with Russian disinformation display. They are trying to tell the public that the Czech space is somehow important to Russia. If they told the truth, and that is that the Czechs are basically viewed by the Russians as a bunch of hillbillies worthy of 20 minutes of air time whenever they do something stupid against Russia, they would likely have to close shop.

Russia is scoring points with the Sputnik V vaccine elsewhere, and an ethnic bantustan of 10 million people does not really interest it, and they do not care what the Czechs think. It is in the interest of the Czechs to have a vaccine, and it is the Czechs that have a low rate of vaccination so far. I have seen the Victory Parade in Moscow yesterday, and nobody was wearing a mask. While Czech pubs are closed, pubs in Russia are opened. Who really gives a damn if the Czechs do not want to be saved?

As for Dukovany, one Rosatom CEO, a Czech guy by the name Šíma, even said that Rosatom is building over 30 reactors worldwide, and one more reactor in the Czech Republic is not going to change much. Bankrupt Westinghouse that is being passed around like hot potato between investment funds is welcome to build nuclear power plants for twice the price but I have doubts anything will actually be built. I have yet to see any coherent energy strategy that does not include nuclear energy and natural gas, and a lot of this depends heavily on Russian supplies. We will have a low energy future if we listen to Semantic Visions. And low energy future will bring us closer to Ukraine.


So to sum up, Semantic Visions is selling a Russophobic snake oil, and I am already a bit tired of the Vrbětice affair. However, another related article is coming up…

Ukrainians are Moving to Russia in Droves

Despite incessant propaganda in Ukrainian media saying Russia is shit, many Ukrainians seem to feel differently…

A Ukrainian friend of mine that I used to drink with here in the Czech Republic, who worked in the logging industry, (I live in a village and I used to drink with lumberjacks) is now in Kamchatka doing the same. I remember the dude for refusing to speak to me in Ukrainian. I was about to practice my spoken Ukrainian with him and he told me he does not agree with the politics associated with the Ukrainian language.

640,000 Ukrainians received Russian citizenship last year according to the Ministry of Interior of Russia. 62% of all passports distributed.

They Have Seen Diablo and Mordor

Alyona Yakhno – Ukrainian journalist

This is exactly how the main church of Mordor (the Main Cathedral of the Armed Forces) looks like. An appropriate colour expression. And if you add the Ball of Woland as a soundtrack, the harmony would be perfect.

El Murid – Anatoly Nesmiyan, a Russian blogger, who writes about geopolitical issues but often writes complete nonsense

At first I thought those are screenshots of the interiors in the Diablo game. But no, it has proved to be completely normal. This is the celebration of Eastern in the main temple of Shoigu (Russia’s defence minister). This military cult gathering place should look precisely like this on this celebration of light.


I don’t know what beef El Murid has with the Russian military, and quite frankly do not want to know. However, I have been to many dark churches in my life, across the Orthodox World. In the Holy Land, in Georgia, in Constantinople, and in Russia as well, and I wonder how they celebrate the Easter there?

Ivan Yakovina – Ukrainian blogger, who is just as full of shit as Mr. El Murid Nesmiyan.

Vladimir Putin celebrates Eastern in the main church of the Russian military, where Hitler’s hat is being kept. (yes, the place also includes a museum) The second picture is the opening of the portal in the game Diablo. Find 10 differences. Everyone laughed at Shaman Gabyshev but he was proven right.


Yes, portal to hell and schizophrenic Gabyshev will lead to peremoha for Ukraine. However, the reality of the church is likely much less mordoresque than cheap Ukrainian propagandists and other assorted idiots would have you believe…

This dear readers is how many Russophobic memes are being created. Recently I came across many Ukrainian accounts trying to give off a Bulgarian Romani ghetto as a reality of life in Russia. Mind you, you are wasting your life if you are getting information from any such sources…

Sberbank and Blacklist South Front After US Sanctions

Not that I read the South Front often but given US sanctions against some Russian news outlets made me more interested in them. Banned information is welcome on this blog…

But what I read made me certain Sberbank is evil, and I actually now know the reason why I feel revulsion at seeing their commercial here in the Czech Republic. There are more Sberbanks in the Czech Republic than in Crimea.

I quote from South Front:

In early May, accounts of SouthFront Team registered on Russian state-funded donation platforms were blocked. This hostile act was undertaken by subsidiaries of Group. The major shareholder in Group is Russia’s state-owned bank Sberbank (Sberbank of Russia). This banking and financial services company is the largest one in Russia.

Russia is under attack, and the sooner Russia deals with the likes of Sberbank, the better for Russia. As for Sberbank in the Czech Republic, I really hope they are met with the basic Russophobia of the locals, and will close shop…

Ukraine Will Not Become a Member of the EU or NATO any Time Soon

Despite the wish of Ukraine to become a member of the EU and NATO being enshrined in the country’s constitution, the fulfillment of this wish may be further than some may hope…

It is unfortunate for the Svidomites, but 7 years after the signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, Ukraine is still not a candidate for membership. At the recent visit of US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken to Kiev it became apparent the US gave a cold shoulder to Ukraine’s NATO aspirations. Rumor has it, Victoria Nuland told Zelensky to cool it with his NATO aspirations. Ukraine gets the same reaction from the EU. The Ukrainian officials demand fruitlessly guarantees by the EU that Ukraine will one day become a member of the EU and the EU does not give any such guarantees.

I may have mentioned it before on this blog but Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia are not targets of the EU expansion. Ukraine’s, Moldova’s, and Georgia’s situation is however further compounded by territorial disputes. It is clear that these disputes prevent the assertion to NATO for these countries but little less obvious is that these disputes prevent Ukraine from joining the EU as well.

And while, Transnistria does not have an armed conflict, and Abkhazia, and South Ossetia are quiet too, we hear almost every month about casualties in the Donbas. Donbas has a small intensity war. And while the other frozen conflicts can be mediated through the UN before the country ascends to the EU, see the case of Cyprus, the conflict in the Donbas would first have to calm down if Ukraine is to ever seriously consider an EU ascension.

Ukraine has a wretched economy. It is literally the extreme East of Europe and it closed its door to Eurasia. This does not bode well for any economic development. It is said Ukraine will reach economic parity with Poland in 40 years. Ukraine even lags behind any of the current candidates for EU membership. Economically, the Russian Federation has more chance of becoming a member of the EU than Ukraine.

Also consider that the Kiev regime is unwilling to fulfill its obligations under the Minsk Agreements. The current strategy of Kiev is to get the US, UK and Canada on board of the Minsk group. The continental guarantors of the treaties, that is Russia, France, and Germany would hardly find a common ground on this, and quite frankly affairs here on the continent should be delegated to continental powers.

The internal conflict, the bad economic configuration, the unwillingness of Kiev to resolve the conflict in Donbas, and the expansion plans of the EU, all postpone the Ukrainian ascension to the EU by many decades. The EU may even disintegrate before Ukraine even manages to become a candidate for membership, Ukraine may disintegrate too. The Ukrainian politicians should stop using the EU and NATO as their ideological mantra because the goals are improbable.


After the victorious Maidan, then president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko introduced a new tradition in connection with the Victory Day, which is on the level of Prince Philip cargo cults somewhere in the Pacific. They started to wear poppies, and Zelensky seems to continue this “tradition”.

British readers may be familiar with poppy wearing because it is worn to commemorate the fallen in the First World War in UK. The Ukrainian poppy is worn on 8 May, the day victory in the Second World War is celebrated in the West. The Victory Day is celebrated on the 9 in Russia and was celebrated on the 9 in Ukraine too until recently.

Or rather it is worn by government flunkies because by far not everyone has accepted this new idiocy and some mean individuals have even called it “ochko bandery“ – Bandera’s anus…

The Two Challenges of Ukraine

Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken identified two challenges of Ukraine…

“Ukraine faces twin challenges — aggression from outside coming from Russia, and in effect, aggression from within coming from corruption, oligarchs and others who are putting their interests ahead of those of the Ukrainian people,”

The problem is, Ukraine was created as a country for the oligarchs and by the oligarchs. If Ukraine was a country by the people and for the people, it would be a federation and would be friendly to Russia.

Maniacs, the Cult of Killers

This is some hardcore!!!

In my post about the Facebook ban on a Russian news story that reported about the Ukrainian connections of the recent series of arrests of Neonazis across Russia, I have only remotely touched upon the identity of the group in question because back then my information on it was rather disorganized. Here is what I have gathered so far…

Basically, the group that is the target of the FSB arrests is called MANIACS, THE CULT OF KILLERS, and it was founded by certain Egor Krasnov, native of Dnipro, Ukraine. This young gentleman apparently attended several Azov battalion summer camps as a youth, and had violent proclivities. Eventually, he found joy in the killing of the homeless, alcoholics, junkies etc. However, he also shared his exploits with likeminded individuals online, on Telegram and on Dark Net, and enticed them to do the same and record their deeds on camera to be shared by the community. He was able to build a considerable following throughout the CIS.

Krasnov was an adherent of the white supremacists ideology, which he likely apprehended in the Azov camp but he himself said the Azov was too mainstream for his tastes. He harboured hatred towards those that were darker than is the usual Ukrainian phenotype. It is said he has assaulted an Iranian student with a knife, which alerted the authorities to his activities and he was taken under arrest.

EGOR KRASNOV “Our goal is a racially pure state”

After his arrest, the content of his social media properties change a bit. While under Krasnov’s management the main topic revolved around killings of lowlives and filming it, the content after his arrest contains instructions on how to make bombs, commit arson, and what is more interesting anti-government rhetoric, and the necessity to kill cops. Reports have it, the group arrested in Voronezh were also part of local pro-Navalny groups and gave instructions on how to behave during protests, especially how to fight the police.

Sieg Heiling Nazis at Navalny protest

It seems that the SBU (Ukrainian secret service) has captured Krasnov’s social media accounts and was managing them, or alternatively curated Krasnov’s activity.

Based mostly on this video