Rifle, Grenades, and Tryzub



The tryzub (trident) is the national symbol of Ukraine. It was likely introduced by the first leader of the Ukrainian People’s Republic, Mykhailo Hrushevsky. The symbol was lifted from the symbols of princes of the Old Rus, that were familiar to the historian, Hrushevsky. Since Ukraine is an amalgam of historically unrelated territories, a neutral symbol of deep antiquity was chosen.

Today, aborigines create tryzubs from a variety of materials…

Ukrainian Cryptofags Plug Bitcoin Mining Equipment to Systems at a Nuclear Power Plant

At the Southern Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant, geeks have plugged in Bitcoin mining equipment to local systems…

According to Unian, because of this installation, reports of the physical safety of the station (which are a state secret) became public.

SBU discovered the installation during a sanctioned search on 10 July.

Mining bitcoin is more profitable than being a nuclear physicist, let that sink in.

Look at All the Russian Officials That Have Real Estate in the EU, and Elsewhere in the West

The EU needs to help the Russian people, who are being robbed by Putler’s cronies to pay for real estate in the EU! Help Russia, please! Sanction these people!EEUvGjYU8AEIbZ9.jpg

But in reality, the EU is absolutely cool with this Russian connection. Do you honestly think they would kick these fat cats out to develop real estate in Crimea or Abkhazia?

Dear Ukrainians, do you still ask why Russia was allowed back into the PACE?

Hromadske’s Bohdan Kutepov is an Assohole

Following the Sentsov press conference, Hromadske’s journalist wrote on Facebook that “good” Ukrainian journalists should beat up “bad” Ukrainian journalists…

I think this, so that we don’t see squeaking about suppression of the freedom of speech, journalists should fuck over other journalist personally. And female journalists should be fucked over by female journalists. Those that are asking stupid questions should be sat down, or simply dragged out of the hall. And those that come, pretending to be journalists, from Shariy, Medvedchuk or Kremlin dumps like Strana.ua must be mercilessly fucked over. S for Self-regulation. “WHAT WERE YOU ACCUSED OF?” “WHAT ARE YOUR CREATIVE PLANS?”

This self-regulation led to the murder of Oles’ Buzyna and started the war in the Donbass. If you don’t know what Hromadske TV is, it is grant eater institution par excellence. The Hromadske emerged in 2013 in the early days of the Euromaidan, and serviced the so called “Revolution of Dignity”. An article on Strana.ua from 2016, reveals who the sponsors are:

1) The European Commission

2) The Omidyar Network

3) USAID and its Swedish and Canadian counterparts

4) The German embassy

5) Ukrainian World Foundation – diaspora in Canada

6) The Dutch Embassy, Internews Network, Swiss Agency for Development, The Swedish International Liberal Center, The Thomson Foundation

^All of the named above support violence, repression, radical nationalism, intolerance, and ethnic cleansing…