Zrada From Voice of America, They Included a Map of Russia with Crimea

The historian Peter Eltsov thinks that establishing democracy is impossible, at least within the current boundaries of the country. The scholar gives the current Russian Federation maximum 20-30 years.

This Eltsov, or Yeltsov, or Eltsev, or Yeltsev guy thinks that within the next thirty years, the Russian Federation will implode under the weight of separatist movements and other internal problems. (read his thoughts in Politico). 30 years is a convenient time frame because after 30 years, most people reading this will be very old or with the Lord. And I personally have better things to do than argue with someone, who thinks “Putinism” is informed by Alexander Dugin.

The Hybrid War is an Article of Faith

The other day I watched the presentation before House Committee below delivered by the Atlantic Council, I decided to look into here…

The Atlantic Council was declared an “undesirable organisation” by the Russian authorities not so long after this show of force. In there, my compatriot, Jakub Kalensky laments that there are still elements in Europe that do not treat the position of the US State Department as the Gospel. Rembember, this comes from a country that claimed Saddam has weapons of mass destruction. Kalensky specifically mentions that there are still politicians in the Netherlands, who don’t accept the “official narrative” on the flight MH17. He also mentions that the Bulgarian public has not bought into the British narrative about the nerve agent attack in Salisbury on Sergey Skripal. Aron Kinzinger complained that he has been labeled as the “creator of ISIS”. Jessikka Aro peddles the story about Russian troll factories.

I shall try to test your faith on several of these issues.

1) MH17

My views on what happened with the airplane have changed over the years. My initial take was that the downing of the plane was severely disadvantageous to Russia and the Donbass Rebels. So if they really downed the plane, it must have been by an accident. However, I have recently come across information that challenged my views completely.

The very fact that the Malaysian side does not accept the Western attempts to frame Russia for the attack tells me that something is not right. As a recent film by Dutch and Russian journalists shows, the records of the Ukrainian secret service (SBU), on which most of the Western accusations are based, had been tempered with.

But there is something else I found recently. In the wake of the tragedy, Ukrainian journalist Anatoly Shariy has published an interview with a Ukrainian soldier, who claims he served on the Buk SAM installation that was shown in the SBU documents that were later republished by Bellingcat. (the video is in Russian)

It is not hard for me to believe that the Ukrainian side shot down the plane to frame Russia. And I would even lend credence to the Russian claim that it was done from a fighter jet. Шумеры сбили Боинг…

2) Skripal

I have never investigated this issue fully but I too don’t believe the official UK narrative about Novichok. If Novichok is so deadly, why didn’t Skripal and his daughter die? But much like with the Rebel Buk SAM, Novichok might also be fictional. Unless you are Eliot Higgins, Jakub Kalensky, or Jakub Janda, why do you have to trust the British?

3) Savushkina Troll Factory

I guess people who believe in this have never heard of 4Chan. Why would you concentrate your trolls in one place which could be vulnerable to the intrusion of malware that could take out the whole operation? Isn’t it much better to keep your troll army scattered around the World?

The Savushkina troll factory story comes from the account of an alleged former employee… Watch this shit…

4) Kinzinger created ISIS

I tried to find a connection to RT but I found the accusation on American Thinker, a website I don’t know for being Russia friendly.

But here we come to something that is dangerous to our democracy in the West. The accusation that somebody is communicating Kremlin messages…

5) The Russians are behind every election where globalist interests are threatened.

I think you heard this, the Russians are behind Brexit, Trump, the Czech Presidential Elections, the French Presidential Elections etc.

In this way, the message is spread that undesirable outcomes in elections are somehow the work of the Russians, who amplify certain issues through disinformation campaigns. It creates a climate in which it is difficult to discuss controversial topics such as immigration, or the membership in the European Union.

I have even heard that the Czech President was elected by the Russians in a discussion. Honestly, Putin must be laughing seeing this. The biggest controversy in Europe is a detached globalists elite, and the increasingly alienated native population. Accusing somebody of being a Russian stooge is not gonna help here.

6) Sanctions on Solovyev

Vladimir Solovyev is a Russian TV host that runs talk shows that will pop your head. I don’t watch him, my nervous system does not take it. But I guess his ratings aren’t that bad since he has come under the radar of Jakub Kalensky.

I’m in favour of this proposition, Russia should have an elite that invests in Russia, and not into real estate on Lago di Como. But do you believe Solovyev would quit if he lost his villas in Italy? I think he’d go militant.

The most Quaint Thing the Ukrainian Parliamentary Election Shows?

The most important showing was the Donbass voting overwhelmingly for pro-Russian parties in contrast with the rest of Ukraine…

In Slavyansks, which saw the Russian World, has seen the gang of Strelkov-Girkin, and has seen the latter use civilians as a cover, when he fought with Ukrainian military… They have voted for Medvedchuk-Putin (Putin is the godfather of Medvedchuk’s daughter) and the Kremlin propagandist pedophile Shariy. 47th electoral district, Slavyansk.

The Donbass people don’t believe the Ukrainian propaganda about Russian aggression despite being the direct witnesses of it… This country never ceases to amaze me…