What I am Writing, Reading, and Watching – A Permanent Sticky Post

This post has been updated on 22 May 2023, I have deleted some links that have since become defunct. A lot of it remains on Livejournal and on Telegram.

I will not lie if I say that I was inspired by Anatoly Karlin’s blogroll to write this post but I shall make this a sticky post that will hang here forever, and I will periodically update it as I see fit. It should help you navigate to popular content on this blog, and showcase some of my other work.

What I’m writing:

The best of IR

One of the most shared of my posts is the one that deals with Jakub Janda’s porn photo shoot. The Czechs especially love sharing the hell out of it. Other information on Jakub Janda and European Values in the dossier.

But the most viewed post is actually this case of Facebook censorship that was most shared on Facebook. LMAO!!!

I am creating a dossier of reports on Nazis in Ukraine. Some in the West say this is a Russian disinformation but we have photos, videos, and arguments and they don’t…

Hunter Biden leaks are bringing in considerable traffic this month, despite me being busy over the Summer season and not posting very often. See the posts here and here. This story was literally suppressed by Big Tech before the 2020 election.

Recently, in 2023, my presentation of the New Israel in Ukraine conspiracy theory has become really popular.


The Insomniac Resurrected is not the only blog I am writing. I have a long term interest in how astrology is linked to history, and I am currently writing a compendium of astrological phenomena. At the same time I make some of my ideas available online, on a free blog called Leo’s Mundane Astrology Notes. With the compendium comes a cartographic expression that is seen in the heading of the blog, the Chart of the Aeons. On the blog you see its crude second iteration, I am currently working on a much more organised, third version. There I try out various theories regarding the celestial formations and the life here on earth. To me this combines my passion for history with something mystical.

There are some posts that I am currently the most proud of but I will add other after review.

My astrological reading of the Ages of Man in Hesiod.

Technological revolutions in the modern era and the Uranus-Pluto cycle.

Imagining far future

America’s Uranus Return is coming in 2029

Video Channels

The Insomniac Resurrected has a linked YouTube channel. However, for the most part it is just video dump. I am planning to make a number of videos but editing takes time and I do not find any time to give the videos subtitles. If things go currently as they are, the channel will have videos in a variety of languages, that is English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Czech, and none will have any subtitles. Consequently, the viewership will vary. I also fear that my political content will be censored by YouTube, I already received several strikes on videos, especially videos disparaging Banderovites, and the Navalny protests. So far I do not care but was I ever to update my channel more regularly, I would mirror it on other streaming websites.

I have a channel on RuTube but I only include the 500 seconds of Truth About Ukraine by Mikhail Onufrienko. YouTube would not allow me to post it.

People are butthurt about my old Youtube video, Nuke Poland, where I do mock Russian accent. So in case it gets deleted, I have posted it to RuTube.

I am useless at embedding videos here on this blog, and have to figure that one out.

I also have a gaming channel, Monkey Realms but I realized I suck at commenting videos, and haven’t updated it in a while. Besides, my inactivity is compounded by being really frustrated with Hearthstone. A great and fun game which is totally not pay to win. I also play modded Skyrim but that has been bugging out on me of late.

I have recently reached Legend in Hearthstone for the first time, literally blasted my way in. Here are some screen shots to save as a memory. It is ironic that on my gaming channel I had a show called Pyroblasted. I might continue the tradition next month.

I upload my winning decks to Hearthpwn.

UPD: Nice story about Hearthstone above, it was a nice episode in my life, I reached the highest heights with a blast. But these days, I don’t play any Hearthstone. It was eating away too much money and I wasn’t getting anywhere. This is the problem with many games today.

What I’m reading and watching

I’m a Vatnik, and therefore I mostly read Vatnik resources, I also try to avoid pro-Western people, Russophobes, Ukrainian nationalists. I only check out those when researching for my blog…

Ukraine resources (in Russian and Ukrainian)

The Peremogi blog on livejournal is constantly updated by several people, and provides a good digest of Vatnik content and reports on Svidomism. One of the best Ukraine resources, I check it out every day…

Alternativa of Andrey Vajra. I knew about Andrey Vajra for roughly 10 years, ever since I became interested in ethnic issues in Ukraine. Back then he was an anonymous resident of Kiev but he has since moved to St. Petersburg, Russia and does videos disparaging the Ukrainian reality.

For other good content in Russian and Ukrainian: See Mikhail Onufrienko blog, Myroslava Berdnyk

Resources (in English)

A lot of good translations can be found at Stalker Zone.

Anatoly Karlin published a lot of good information on Ukraine.

Boycott the Woke

Years ago I started boycotting Gillette shaving products over a man hating feminist campaign they ran. I heard they actually lost money because I wasn’t the only one doing it.

I am actually surprised it took the public so long to address all these corporations that promote this woke shit to the masses with a boycott. I would say the majority of retailers, and everyday products have some alternative. They might have competitors or small business alternatives.

Tell me please, whose idea was it to have that idiot Dylan Mulvaney on the beer cans? Shitty beer and that fuckface will surely sell…

Boycotts are clearly working my friends, and if you want to effect change boycott woke products. We might not get them all but we can definitely hurt some, and hurt them badly. I have recently canceled my HBO subscription over Velma. As of now, I do not subscribe to any streaming service. A family member provides me with Netflix and I think that’s enough garbage.

Everything can be replaced with a non-woke alternative…

Denmark is Begging the Men to Procreate

What a title this is “Denmark Begs Men to Have Sex with its Feminists”, and the contents are equally good:

Denmark, however, has fallen ill to a festering infection known as “feminism.” It is the same illness that has taken hold of the rest of Scandanavia, Western Europe and the UK. Because of this gender infirmity, Denmark’s birth rate, and, its population growth, has been plummeting (as is true with most of Western Europe).

The Danish government basically wants to cure the symptoms without addressing the disease. In fact feminism is a terminal disease of the West, that cannot be cured and will lead to West’s downfall. Feminism will never be attacked because in liberal democracies the political parties compete for the female vote.

Feminism has given women in Denmark an immunity from civility, and, license to openly hate and ridicule men. For example, it is not uncommon for girls to be sitting on a bus, in a group, and have them openly point to a man and discuss how unattractive he is. 

Imagine men would have a public discussion of this kind about women. They would be shot down by women and simps as misogynists, and such a debate could be border line illegal in some places in the West. And what is the poor male victim of this going to think about the ladies? Is he gonna chase after the pussy? Or is he gonna be wary of women?

Denmark still imposes all of the obligations of men that have survived medieval chivalry, yet, virtually sees men as nothing but completely disposable sperm donors (who are occasionally allowed to work in the Danish socialist job market).

I have already mentioned on this blog this dichotomy of expecting men to be traditionally masculine while the state implements radical feminist agenda.

The result is that only about 20% of Danish men are actively in the dating pool. Danish women are constantly complaining about not having enough men to satisfy their desires for sexual and social intercourse. 

The 20% of guys are actually getting something out of the dating pool. In fact it is the top 5% of the guys that the women really want. These guys are drowning in pussy. The remaining 15% get either sporadic attention from women, or get the leftovers from the top 5%. The other 80% of men get little to no attention from women. It is the women that choose men, not the other way around!

Of course the women are complaining, they aren’t stupid, they all know they are all dating the same dudes and have to share them with other bitches.

The Danish government decided to address the issue of falling birth rates by an online information campaign composed of semi-retarded video segments:

Do it for Denmark… How about we men take it easy with life? I have full bank accounts, and dating women would be a financial loss. Women today are not marriage material, and we men don’t have to be their utility just because the state wants it.

Czech Howitzer With Wehrmacht Markings

Remember children, there aren’t any Nazis in Ukraine. That’s all Putin’s delusion and Russian disinformation…

This is not the first time Czech gear is sporting Wehrmacht insignia in Ukraine. In WWII, many of the German tanks were actually former Czechoslovak tanks…

The Czech TV has aired a footage of a Czech made self-propelled howitzer “DANA” in Ukraine with Wehrmacht markings:

“We want to thank our friends from Czechia for such a pretty vehicle as is DANA. It is very accurate.”