IT Winter, Big Tech Meltdown Worst Than Dotcom Bubble

Amazon announced the redundancy of 10,000 employees. Other companies data:

Meta – 11,000 (13%)

Twitter – 4,500 (50%)

Salesforce – 2,000

Netflix – 450

Intel – 20%

Snap – 20%

Robinhood – 30%

Stripe, Lyft – 13%

The loss of these jobs means these jobs did not amount to much in the first place. Find yourself a real job, like flipping burgers at McDonalds, you will feed the multitudes and feel useful.

Hopium Very Strong After Russia Abandoned Kherson

Ukraine put all it chips on the Kherson offensive and got the Russian defenders into a trap. The Russians have withdrawn to safer positions on the left bank of the Dniepr. People cheering this do not understand that this will end very badly for Ukraine…

These are YouTube screenshots from the Ukrainian TV channel Priyamy (Direct). I am not sure whom this belongs but YouTube aggressively offers me these videos.

Here we have some scrawny little mother fuckers trying to make fun of Russian officials, and media personalities…
The disgraced lawyer Mark Feigin says Putin is in hysteria…
According to Stanislav Belkovsky, there is a panic in the Kremlin, and Putin received peace ☮️ conditions. 🤣
G20 will apparently resolve the Russian question.
Taras Berezovets says the Ukrainian armed forces are ready to take Crimea. So far, the only places taken over by Ukrainian forces were those abandoned by the Russians.

I don’t understand what all these military virgins are celebrating. Russia abandoned Kherson for better positions beyond the river. Ukraine will suffer the more this continues.

I Like the Idea of Intermarium

Some think of the idea of Intermarium as a bulwark against Russia, and it maybe so but it also has its positives…

What is the Intermarium?

The Intermarium is an old Polish project for an alliance of East European countries that would link three seas surrounding Eastern Europe, that is the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, and the Adriatic Sea, and through the latter the rest of the Mediterranean. It was thought of as primarily a bulwark against the Soviet Union but in its more recent iterations it also presupposes a development of infrastructure between the member countries.

The Imperium concept

I have long supported the reunification of Eastern Slavs into a single powerful Russian state. But then, why should I oppose the Intermarium on the same basis? I support nations coming together rather than the opposite, our modern tech makes the World ever more interconnected, so why not take advantage of that? The imperium is a conglomerate of different nations and regions that pool their resources together. In that sense, the initial idea of the European Union was good but the latter lost its way with the green agenda and other poorly thought out and detrimental policies. The Intermarium would likely be this kind of basket case, which will spend immense money on defense in an unequal competition with the Eastern Slavs over domination of Eastern Europe, as it always was in history with extended Poland.

Pooling resources between countries can propel humanity forward. We can send missions to space, we can improve overall prosperity, and ease travel between our nations…

Should the Czech Republic be part of the Intermarium?

While the Czechs and the Polish share linguistic similarities, they are culturally closer to neighboring German states, I would say even closer to Protestant places like Saxony. I believe we here should play both sides. However what I want is a high speed train that would connect Berlin with Vienna through Prague. I want the highway to the Austrian border that should run through my region finally completed so that my journey to Prague would take a single hour.

The Polish to Make Ukrainian Refugees to Pay for Their Accommodation

Refugees from Ukraine in Poland will be made to pay for their accommodation.

According to government plans, in the first three months the payments will be 50%, later it will be 100% for accommodation provided by the state.


No freebies for Ukrainians, please! The Ukrainians ought to learn Polish and find themselves a job. If they cannot do the latter, they can move westwards.

Facebook and Other Social Media Are Not For Me

So, I have had Facebook for several weeks and I already received two strikes for alleged bullying. I just can’t help myself but fat people, and slags with heavy make up just make me angry…

Well, I hurt their feefees, that does not change their ugly hypostasis. And these people deserve to have their confidence shattered. Why do we tolerate obesity, and sluts? This culture where everyone needs to feel good only leads to degeneracy. I can’t watch that. This is why you don’t see me on Instagram or TikTok.