Ukrainian (or pro-Ukrainian) Activists Block a Road in Prague Protesting Against the Use of Fossil Fuels

Driving a car fuels Putin’s war machine, don’t drive a car, don’t burn gas in your home, close coal powered power plants, make Greta happy…

UPD: The protest calls itself: minus 3 degrees celsius for Ukraine, organised by the Extinction Rebellion. I am pretty sure that if there are Ukrainians among them, they are a minority. A video of an altercation between the activists and the drivers has appeared. Watch it before YouTube takes it down over violence…

The drivers are very angry, in case this gets taken down I have made an upload to RuTube, where it undergoes moderation.

Vovan & Lexus have Been Mercilessly Deleted From YouTube

After their prank on UK officials, Ben Wallace and Priti Patel, the Russian prankers, Vovan and Lexus were mercilessly deleted from YouTube. Because we have freedom of speech in the West, my upload of their Ben Wallace prank lasted like two nights before it was removed. But this website likes banned and suppressed information, and therefore I decided to share with readers where you can find their pranks.

I must say I found their videos on RuTube through Yandex, Google produces nothing. It should be noted that big tech is not uniform in the ban on Vovan and Lexus. Here for instance is the Priti Patel video on Twitter. I have uploaded the Ben Wallace video onto RuTube before I realised they have a RuTube presence. Their prank with the NED can be watched here.

No Halychyna for the Hyenas

The map above suggests Western Ukrainian should go away to their former owners. This is why I’m against it, and why it wouldn’t likely happen.

  1. Denazification of Ukraine must include Halychyna. Halychyna should not be made a reservation of svidomism.
  2. The Ukrainian population of Halychyna often lives in properties of the Poles. They will not be keen towards restitutions. Lvov was a Polish city until WW2.
  3. Russia would not allow NATO to move eastwards.
  4. Halychyna must be brought back into the Russian field of influence.

Sieg Heiling Children

So this Polish women posted a photo of Ukrainian children that have gone full fash.

Edyta Zoska: How cute, Ukrainian children are saying Hello.

I can’t say whether this was taken in Poland or is an older photo from Ukraine. It is quite cold outside and they don’t seem to be dressed appropriately. Also, in the rear it looks like Cyrillic writing.

Nonetheless, there are many images of Ukrainian children sieg heiling because you know, Ukraine doesn’t have a Nazi problem, Putin is exaggerating.