Czech Parliamentarian who Supported Me Too gets Me Tooed

Wikipedia has a good summary of the case of Dominik Feri in English:

In May 2021, he was accused of a sexual assault and rape by eight anonymous female students. This story was published by the Czech media after a discussion started by an anonymous Twitter account, where many participants wrote about Feri being offensive and arrogant to women, in many cases directly and promptly offering a sexual intercourse. As the Czech media stated, these alleged assaults and sexual offense cases should have been happening throughout 2015-2020. Many anonymous sources state in the media’s article state that Feri’s behaviour has been a “public secret” for a longer period of time. After the publicity, Feri immediatelly announced his resignation and withdrawal from the 2021 Czech legislative election. The Police have already started an investigation regarding this case.

The funny thing is that Dominik Feri supported MeToo in 2017. Guilty or not, I will just say that many Czech politicians do not have a mind of their own and the Czech interests in mind, and copy any initiative from the United States. That is why we see parliamentarians supporting MeToo. We also have the Mayor of Prague renaming the street on which the Russian Embassy is located in the honour of Boris Nemtsov, an initiative that began in Washington D.C. with the Boris Nemtsov Plaza. We also see Czech senators debating a boycott of the olympics in Beijing next year after a suggestion was made by Nanci Pelosi.

I literally want politicians that have our beautiful country and its interests in mind, and do not copy everything they see in America. I would never cast a vote for these unoriginal lackeys.

Czech Senators Debate Whether to Boycott the Upcoming Olympics in China

Exotibetism is deeply embedded in Czech politics…

The Czech senate is literally a parasite institution that needs to be abolished. Such a small country does not need two chambers of parliament. Several notorious senators have launched a human rights concern competition in the senate over the ethics of attending the upcoming Winter Olympic Games held in Beijing in 2022.

A rabidly Rusophobic senator, Pavel Fischer said that: “The olympic ideals are unfortunately tarnished by some unpleasant historical experience. Olympics were held in Germany on the eve of the Second World War. Olympics were held in Sochi at a time when Moscow military operation in Crimea.”

Pavel Fischer

I actually recall that while the Olympics were held in Sochi, an anti-Russian festival was held in Kiev, which eventually led to violence and flight of the legitimate president. Neonazis with baseball bats occupied the Ukrainian parliament. That is when the people of Crimea said “enough!”, and received support from Moscow.

Fischer continued: “In 2008, China held Olympics and promised they will be opened and friendly. But we all know that at this time screws were tightened not only against the citizens but journalists too.” I do not understand what gives us the moral high ground to criticise anyone over the treatment of citizens or journalists?

Do you actually ever see China, Russia, Belarus or any other non-Western country calling for boycott of sporting events over human rights concerns, concerns for repressed protesters, journalists? Note that such information campaigns are only a staple of the West. It is a silly display of self harm over failed Maidans like the one in Belarus last Summer. Imagine Russia depriving its sports men and women of an event over Black Lives Matter or Julian Assange? I don’t think they would find any understanding.

Václav Láska, already a star of this blog, said: “I am irritated by sports organisations that tell us not to leave politics out of sports. There are also higher principles out there. The approach that some country will be awarded the Olympic Games and the human rights in that country will improve has failed. The awarding of the Olympics was a mistake.” Láska is angry at other sporting organisations like FIFA regularly award sporting events in countries with a dictatorial government, where human rights are being abused.

They need to consult Freedom House before making a decision but ultimately these are sporting events that are attended by athletes, who have the best years of their lives, the one window of opportunity to win gold. To be deprived of this because some democracy fetishist politicians are butthurt about failed Maidans is, well, despicable. It seems the Czech senators are reacting to Nancy Pelosi’s call for a political boycott of the olympics. That is, politicians should not attend to give the Chinese regime legitimacy.

The senators became interested in the Chinese Olympics next year because of the situation in Tibet and alleged human rights abuses against the Uighurs. Actually, I am wondering how many of the Czech Exotibetans can find Tibet on the map?

Russia Publishes a List of Unfriendly Countries

And there are only two…

The Czech Republic and the United States. For several weeks, Russian authorities have toyed with the idea of compiling a list of countries that engage in unfriendly activities. These countries will have limits on how many Russian citizens they can employ at their diplomatic missions.

The List

…of foreign countries that commit unfriendly acts towards the Russian Federation, Russian citizens, and Russian legal entities, against whom, measures and countermeasures are being adopted in accordance with the Order of the President of thee Russian Federation from 23 April 2021 #243. “

The list of countries committing unfriendly acts is below, with the number of Russian citizens they can employ at their missions indicated to the right. The Americans are allowed 0 Russian employees, the Czechs only 19.

It would be good to give an account of unfriendly actions the Czechs have committed against Russia in recent years…

  1. Russia sanctions in the wake of the MH17 disaster. The Czechs shot themselves in the foot in order to support Ukraine but here they went along with the EU but external control doesn’t excuse them.
  2. The Czech, government funded NGO, Člověk v tísni was caught coaching CIS activists on how to behave at demonstration at a seminar in Yerevan, Armenia. After that it was declared undesirable on the territory of Russia.
  3. The removal of the statue of the Soviet general, Ivan Konev, the true liberator of Prague, and the simultaneous erection of a disgusting monument to Vlasovites of Bunyachenko.
  4. Fake hysteria about a Russian spy/diplomat who has come to the Czech Republic to assassinate Prague’s mayors. It turned out to be a hoax…
  5. A rumour has been circulated for several years, claiming that the Russian embassy in Prague is being used as a central for GRU. Nobody was ever caught, and it was likely another of anti-Russian hoaxes.
  6. Vrbětice explosions BS. Unfortunately, the Vrbětice hoax led to attacks on Russian business, including Rosatom and Sputnik V.

Russia needs to react to such provocations in an effective way.

The Czechs are Getting Snubbed Left and Right Over the Vrbětice Affair

This is really amusing, however it is a consequence of low political culture in our country…

Our Prime Minister, Andrej Babiš demanded EU countries oust at least one diplomat in support of the Czech Republic in the Vrbětice explosions affair. What happened was a Zrada. Nobody expelled any diplomats! Well, previously some countries did expel some diplomats in solidarity, those countries were the Baltic three, Slovakia and, I reckon Poland. And that’s it, none of the Westerners give a fuck… we are in a club with Latvia, and Bulgaria, and Ukraine, where we send weapons. Those shitholes are our true friends, who not only believe our baseless stories but are ready to act to punish the Russians.

The Vice Premier, and Minister of Finance, Alena Schillerová embarrassed herself by demanding one billion CZK in compensation from Russia for the Vrbětice affair. To which the Duma representative for foreign affairs, Leonid Slutskiy said the Czechs should seek compensation from their puppeteers in Washington because the Vrbětice hoax was likely inspired from there. I will say I am loving this new rhetoric of the Russian officials and I am wondering why this change hasn’t come earlier. I guess the Kremlins had a misplaced hope for the Trump administration.

Czech Russophobes in Hysteria After the Czech Ambassador Attends 9 May Parade

Russophobic scum (even Russian Empire fanboys are committing Russophobia here) in Russia, and elsewhere hates the 9 May, I love it. I really consider the 9 May to be the best day of the year…

The Russophobe hates the Russian military because he understands that the existence of Russia depends on it, and they want a World without Russia.

The Czech ambassador Vitězslav Pivoňka attended the parade, and then a whole hell broke loose. Cretins have become livid:

Jan Lipavský – Member of the Czech Parliament, Pirate Party

I consider it scandalous that the Czech ambassador in Moscow, Vitězslav Pivoňka is planning to attend the Russian Military Forces parade on 9. May. He will honour the army that blew up to ammunition storages and killed two Czech citizens.


Comrade Lipavský does not care about things such as due process. The Czech police is unable to press charges based on the evidence but this young parliamentarian has already made his mind up. The Russians are always guilty until proven innocent.

Comrade Lipavský is actually more of a danger to our beautiful country than the Russian Federation will ever be. You see, the Russians will not come but the Pirate Party may as well win the elections, and will institute high taxes, socialism, woke ideology of social justice, and digital surveillance.

Miloš Gregor – Czech academic

Is it true Pivoňka will attend the propagandistic clownery? Don’t you think this is absolutely inappropriate Jakub Kulhánek (the Czech foreign minister)? Is it a substitute for Mr. Hamáček (the Minister of Interior) not coming to Moscow with a friendly greeting from Miloš Zeman?


Bla bla bla blather not worthy of an academic.

Rikard Jozwiak is an RFE/RL journalist

Note the list of concerns:

Muh Navalny

Muh Vrbětice

Muh Ukraine

Muh Věra Jourová

The European Commissioner, Věra Jourová is another person that is more of a danger to us than the Russians will ever be. Recently she called for greater censorship of the internet and Russia recently banned entry to her. I cheered this move by RF but I was wondering how our country can get rid of the likes of Jourová?

The Massacre of Odessa

I am glad there are people in my country, who know the truth. I have discovered a wonderful text on a Czech blog of which I provide a translation:

At a time when our country is in the grips of an affair that will write itself into the annals of Czech history as the provocation of Vrbětice, it is easy to overlook an anniversary of the massacre of Odessa, which shook the civilised World seven years ago. Amazingly, in the same year when the foundations of the current (Czech) theatre were laid.

Let us make a summary of the facts. It is May 2014, in Odessa on the Kulikovo pole, in front of the House of the Trade Unions, there is a tent city, where the people are protesting in favour of federalisation of Ukraine. They are unsure that Kiev’s policy accords with their idea of living with the Russians. Simultaneously, just by chance, there is a football match held in the city, which was attended by a horde of scum, just like everywhere in the World. (my note: in fact, the neonazi scum was drawn into the city over several weeks and this was just a reinforcement). To mix provocateurs into such a crowd was not hard. And at this moment there begins a False Flag Operation, which already went so well in Kiev (my note: the author means the still unexplained shootings at late Maidan). Some commando with St. George’s Ribbons begins to shoot at the crowd and the first people fall dead that evening. The mob is livid and a clash soon begins. Suddenly, St. George’s Ribbons disappear and a commando with Yellow & Blue Ribbons appears. Some mean people say that the attackers just changed the ribbons but that is just a speculations. The fact is that the St. George’s Ribbons suddenly disappeared.

After the sudden disappearance of the commando, the mob overwhelmed its opponents and drove them to Kulikovo Pole, where the supporters of federalisation had their camp. The enraged mob chased all the Moskals (the pejorative name used for Ukrainian Russians, my note: actually all Russians) and a massacre that we cannot well imagine in our civilised age began. I am not a sadist, however, anyone interested can find photos and testimonies that will make your stomach churn. Although this material is heavily censored. I will forever remember an image of a pregnant woman with a spread out legs on a table. I do not even want to imagine what she must have suffered before she died. In the building there were many people with a burned upper part of the body, it suggests they were set alight and suffocated from the fumes. Reports of rape and lynching have leaked out into the public soon after. Several tens of people have died.

Kiev brushed everything under a rug. Not paying attention to the fact of burned corpses, they said the victims died because of few molotov cocktails thrown into the windows. No mention of murders, rape, setting people alight and beating those that jumped out of the windows to death. Even Czech Television, the media that cares so much about Navalny does not want to investigate this. As if nothing happened. Therefore, we can just watch how the Kiev government does not want to prosecute the perpetrators of this mass murder, and simultaneously, the witnesses are mysteriously disappearing. At the same time, we are witnessing the worship of the war criminal Bandera, celebrations of the liberation of Ukraine by the Wehrmacht and other historical manipulations that would disgust any normal man. All this is accompanied by cheerful moaning of the media in presumably democratic countries that did not notice the massacre of Odessa but they are fervently feeding the plebs with a fairy tale about clumsy Russian agents.

Ukraine is the future battlefield between Russia and the West. Many young Ukrainians do not want to become cannon fodder and leave the country in droves in hope they will return one day when peace reigns. We can only hope that the plans of the jarheads only stay at yapping over the fence. I just do not believe that while we are yapping, we should so categorically adopt the viewpoint of this or that side. Because sometimes it so happens that the small dogs get sacrificed when two big dogs are fighting. As if we (Czechs) do not have experience of this. It is a shame that we are not behaving more like the Austrians. Ok, a bankrupt Westinghouse will build the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant, and we can close the factories that export to Russia if our big brother wills it. However, nobody can convince that the West is out in pursuit of truth and love. (my note: a slogan of Václav Havel used sarcastically for the woke segment of the Czech public, who are also the main critics of Russia). The business here is about resources and money.

If the West really wanted justice, this massacre would be investigated as an act of genocide.

PS: Tomorrow, the National Corps, the civilian wing of the neonazi Azov battalion will hold a march celebrating the massacre in Odessa.

Petrov’s Moldovan Passport is Fake AF

In connection with the accusations against Russian agents, Petrov and Boshirov, in the explosions in munition storages in Vrbětice, the Czech media presented fake Tajik and Moldovan passports of the perpetrators.

The problem is that any Moldovan passport can be verified on a government website. And guess what? The passport above does not pass verification…

But then the question remains, how did Petrov aka. Nikolai Popa get a visa to come to the Czech Republic? Why haven’t we seen the actual visa on which he entered the country? And where did the Czech authorities get the passport number presented?

PS: Czech media are full of articles about the danger of Russian disinformations. However, they do not feel the shame in lying to the public like this. Because, with Russia, anything goes…

How Will Russia Punish The Czechs?

And the possible punishment will likely be applied to other lackeys of Murica between Mittleuropa and Greater Russia…

The Czech president, who is privy to top secret documents of the Czech secret services, cast serious doubt on the involvement of Petrov and Boshirov in ammunition explosions in Vrbětice in 2014. The president said he has not seen concrete evidence of Russian involvement.

However, despite this lack of evidence, the Czech Republic expelled 18 Russian diplomats, barred Russia from participating in competition for construction of nuclear reactors, rejected the Sputnik V vaccine, and the Czech senate even accused Russia of state terrorism. Well, I think the government was under pressure from Murica not to allow the Russians to build nuclear reactors, and to reject the Russian vaccine, and they needed an excuse, hence the reaction.

The question is, how should Russia react to such fraudulent accusations and outburst of Russophobic hysteria? And in the past few days I have seen several ideas floating around…

  1. Stop Buying Czech. As far as I’m concerned, the Czechs, much like the rest of Eastern Europe, do not export indispensable products. Alcoholic drinks such as beer can easily be foregone. A number of Czech beer brands are already brewed in Russia, so the Russians will still have Czech beer. Now, the best Czech beer is always in restaurants on a tap, and I can basically count those restaurants on the palm of my hand. Same goes for cars, Skoda is assembled in Russia.
  2. Close the embassy. Given that the Czech embassy has already been paralysed by the expulsion of its staff in Russian retaliatory measures, an idea to close the embassies of East European countries has been floated. Schengen area does not need a Czech diplomatic mission. Currently, the duties of the Czech embassy has been taken over by the Germans, and it could remain this way until the Czechs come to their senses.
  3. Rename the Metro stations of Prazhskaya and Kiyevskaya. The Metro stations in Moscow that bear the names of East European capitals should instead bear the names of the WWII generals that liberated them from Nazi occupation given that the memory of these generals has been shat upon by provincial authorities in those countries. Hence the station bearing the name of Prague should bear the name of Ivan Konev and the one bearing the name of Kiev should be renamed in the honour of Nikolai Vatutin.