Ukrainian Bandera Disco

My friends, it happened. I was imagining the Ukrainian-Russian war long before it happened. I think I have alluded to it in my writings but personally imagining it, I envisioned a wave of refugees going both ways, to the West and to Russia, and I imagined the Ukrainian refugees would bring their radical nationalist brainwashing with them.

The Czech news site iDnes reported that young Ukrainians in the West Bohemian city Plzeň, organise a club night called the Bandera Party.

Bandera is disliked more in Poland and in Slovakia than in the Czech Republic, so this could go through but the Czechs also experienced a rude awakening. The mayor of the town voiced his discontent, and somebody reported the event to the cops.

Solid Logic

So, recently Prague was a scene of pro-globalist demonstrations, particularly in the connection with the anniversary of 17 November which has significance in Czech history. And these events produced some cursed imagery…

The above photo features two completely inane statements above an EU, Czech, and Ukrainian flag. The protesters have repeatedly expressed their solidarity with Ukraine. It says on the left:

“No to Russian gas, yes to Green Deal”

And to the right:

“No to rising prices, yes to the Euro“

I wonder which of the renewables are more effective, more energy packed, than Russian gas? If anybody thinks that our movement towards a future powered by renewables would not be costly, I wish him a good luck.

And the same goes for the introduction of the Euro. Any sane shopkeeper is going to drive the price of everything upward with the introduction of a new currency. It is naive to think that imports will somehow become cheaper if the importer pays in Euros.

And above is a phenotypically Czech looking family holding three flags but why is the Czech flag upside down? The Czech flag: 🇨🇿 Actually, in the upper photo it is also displayed in a wrong way, although that could be a camera effect.

I Like the Idea of Intermarium

Some think of the idea of Intermarium as a bulwark against Russia, and it maybe so but it also has its positives…

What is the Intermarium?

The Intermarium is an old Polish project for an alliance of East European countries that would link three seas surrounding Eastern Europe, that is the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, and the Adriatic Sea, and through the latter the rest of the Mediterranean. It was thought of as primarily a bulwark against the Soviet Union but in its more recent iterations it also presupposes a development of infrastructure between the member countries.

The Imperium concept

I have long supported the reunification of Eastern Slavs into a single powerful Russian state. But then, why should I oppose the Intermarium on the same basis? I support nations coming together rather than the opposite, our modern tech makes the World ever more interconnected, so why not take advantage of that? The imperium is a conglomerate of different nations and regions that pool their resources together. In that sense, the initial idea of the European Union was good but the latter lost its way with the green agenda and other poorly thought out and detrimental policies. The Intermarium would likely be this kind of basket case, which will spend immense money on defense in an unequal competition with the Eastern Slavs over domination of Eastern Europe, as it always was in history with extended Poland.

Pooling resources between countries can propel humanity forward. We can send missions to space, we can improve overall prosperity, and ease travel between our nations…

Should the Czech Republic be part of the Intermarium?

While the Czechs and the Polish share linguistic similarities, they are culturally closer to neighboring German states, I would say even closer to Protestant places like Saxony. I believe we here should play both sides. However what I want is a high speed train that would connect Berlin with Vienna through Prague. I want the highway to the Austrian border that should run through my region finally completed so that my journey to Prague would take a single hour.

The Time of Uprising Has Arrived

Roughly 70k protesters gathered up in Prague several nights ago. Note the surreal picture of the Ukrainian flag hanging from the neo-classical museum at the top of the square. Underneath the entrance to the museum, on the stairs, there were counter-protesters, who held EU and NATO flags.

Give it few years, and the Ukrainian flag will cause most of the public to be enraged. Many already are questioning the public display of Ukrainian flags everywhere.

What not Buying Russian Commodities Will Mean for Europe?

I just love how our beloved European Union tries to prevent local consumers from buying oil, gas, wood, you name it from Russia. If the gods want punish anyone, he takes away his sanity. I am pro-Russian troll, so all I can do about this is try to survive in Europe and laugh as things around me go to shit…

You see, Europe produces junk with an added value. This is not to say the products are bad but these products depend on primary commodities more often than not coming from Russia, they depend on deliveries made by trucks, which all run on oil. Their makers eat bread which requires Russian gas.

Banning these commodities may cause Russia some problems but in the end, the Russians will find new customers. Their gas and oil prices will not rise, and Russian producers will not suffer from their break with the West. Same cannot be said of us Europeans.

The result of this is nothing but impoverishment of the local population, and the closure of local industries. Out of desperation, they will probably return to burning coal, we have plenty of that still.


But in the meantime, Brudermuller described that “It’s not enough that we all turn down the heating by 2 degrees now” given that “Russia covers 55 percent of German natural gas consumption.” He emphasized that if Russian gas disappeared overnight, “many things would collapse here” – given that “we would have high levels of unemployment, and many companies would go bankrupt. This would lead to irreversible damage.” He continued:

“To put it bluntly: This could bring the German economy into its worst crisis since the end of the Second World War and destroy our prosperity. For many small and medium-sized companies in particular, it could mean the end. We can’t risk that!”


As for my home country, the Czech Republic, the Czech economy acts as a subcontractor of the German economy. So, if Germany goes to shit, they will drag us fully into it.

Ukrainian (or pro-Ukrainian) Activists Block a Road in Prague Protesting Against the Use of Fossil Fuels

Driving a car fuels Putin’s war machine, don’t drive a car, don’t burn gas in your home, close coal powered power plants, make Greta happy…

UPD: The protest calls itself: minus 3 degrees celsius for Ukraine, organised by the Extinction Rebellion. I am pretty sure that if there are Ukrainians among them, they are a minority. A video of an altercation between the activists and the drivers has appeared. Watch it before YouTube takes it down over violence…

The drivers are very angry, in case this gets taken down I have made an upload to RuTube, where it undergoes moderation.

New Israel in Ukraine

The idea of a new Jewish state in Ukraine has been around for a while now. I have heard it for the first time like 5 years ago from Igor Berkut. I can’t find his video about a New Jerusalem on YouTube. I guess this is because we have freedom of speech in the West. But I stumbled across a commenter regurgitating the lines of this idea, in Czech!!!

The conspiracy theory argues that the Jews are planning Israel 2.0 in the lands of the former Khazar Kaganate. The new state should center on the lands of southern Ukraine that should have become Novorossiya. And maybe, just maybe, this is why Novorossiya was never created. My opinion is that this is actually a compelling idea. The gentleman or lady, person never knows these days, I am going to present maybe just trolling but each mention adds to the suspicion.

It looks like that almighty Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will cleanse that filth named Russia, aka Magog, as it written in the Tanakh. Especially the Cossack Orthodox muck. Ukraine is a center of Judaism (Just like Israel) to the World Jewry. Do not tease the cobra with bare legs.
Ukraine does not provoke anyone. Ukraine is defending its territory, property, people, its way of life, against a mad and insane barbarian from the East. And should the drunk Russian Ivan will be sorry if he crosses the Ukrainian border, it will be an end to Russian muzhikistan. My nickname is a Hebrew name. Ukraine is a state run by the Jews, just like Poland (Poland stronk) and the Baltic states. They are allies of Israel, USA and Britain, you don’t play with this.
Really? Why then did we build in Dnipro, the largest Jewish center Menora? For fun? Why in Ukraine there are the best Jewish communities and school? Is it there just for fun? Ukraine is under the rule of the Jews just few years. Lot has changed in the meantime. Ukraine is an ally of Israel, Britain, USA, not of Iran, Palestinians, Russians… the main thing is that the Russians have nothing to do on the territory of Khazar judenat, it could be dangerous for them.

Guys, Kolomoysky land. Whatever. Does anyone know any other location in Ukraine where the Jews are migrating, other than Uman that is. They settle in Uman because it is close to the grave of Rabbi Nakhman. They turn the city into a massive rave on Rosh Hashanah.

UPD: I have discovered another adherent of this conspiracy theory:

Czech Special Forces are in Ukraine

They are heading north. A group of volunteers, former elite soldiers of the Czech Army, who have gone to Ukraine. Their exact location is secret after the Russians levelled the legionnaire base near the border. “It is clear that the bombing was not accidental, it was intended to dissuade volunteers like us” -one of the members of the Czech group told MF DNES. They have initially arrived at the Polish-Ukrainian border, where they were to meet a middleman that would take them to Yavoriv near Lvov. However, about a week ago that base was completely obliterate by the Russians. The Czechs were stuck at the border for several days.

The above article is behind a paywall, and no way I am paying idnes for subscription.

Hundreds of Czech would like to go fight in Ukraine alongside Ukrainians. General Petr Pavel says that perhaps hundreds of people in the Czech Republic would be willing to go. War gripped Ukraine is calling on volunteers to join its foreign legion. The Czechs are still not allowed by law to join.

I think the government will make sure those going to Ukraine will not be prosecuted upon their return. I am getting Ukrainian foreign legion or whatever they call it commercial on YouTube. They are encouraging this fuckery.