The Russophobia of Attempts to Remove the Statue of Ivan Konev

Something ridiculous is happening in Prague 6 (one of  the self-governing parts of Prague)…

In August, somebody painted over the monument to Ivan Konev, the Soviet general that led the liberation of Prague. The municipality of Prague 6 decided not to clean the statue because, as they say, the statue gets vandalised every year. The anonymous vandals blame Konev for suppressing pro-democracy revolt in Hungary 1956, building the Berlin Wall, and lending support to Soviet intervention in Czechoslovakia in 1968. However, the monument itself commemorates liberation from the Nazis. The statue has been the target of vandalism for the last four years, it has survived for most of the post-Communist era without eliciting any passions. The municipality seeks ways to remove the statue built in 1980. They have asked the Russian Embassy to take it, which I understand the embassy refuses.

No to the bloody Marshal, we will not forget!

Activists, some say pro-Russian activists, have therefore decided to clean the statue themselves, which they did within three days. According to their words, the paint was easy to remove without application of chemicals.  The cleaning attracted a number of weirdos, a guy with a Soviet flag, a guy with a far right Czech party symbolica, and yet another guy with a ROA t-shits, and even mainstream politicians. Then the municipality put up scaffolding over the stature, and covered it with a screen. The screen was immediately torn down by activists. Mind you, this is a municipality that does not take care of other monuments very well.


A “smart bench” that cost a quarter million CZK, that is $10,000 USD, a bench with a garden. The garden dried up because there was nobody to water the plants.





A monument to a Czech war hero, a pilot in the RAF, Frantisek Fajtl, which featured a grass silhouette of an airplane, overgrew because nobody was mowing the lawn.




Somehow the municipality finds money to pay for scaffolding, and the works to cover the statue of Konev. The municipality also found money, some 50,000 CZK (more than $2000) to pay to the Playboy Magazine for a feature story about the mayor, Petr Kolář. This is him…

kolar.jpgThe issue of Konev’s statue has already reached Russia. The Russian Culture Minister, Medinsky rather disingenuously called Kolář a Nazi. However, the campaign against the statue has all the hallmarks of Russophobic campaigns elsewhere in Eastern Europe. Prague for instance features the statue of Winston Churchill, who has starved out the Indians, and sold Czechoslovakia off to Stalin. And nothing happens to it. There is an attempt on the part of the East European countries to diminish and tarnish the contribution of the Red Army to victory over Naziism. The motivations might vary; nation building, or building support for NATO. The bottom line is that support for anonymous vandalism by the Prague municipality is an unfriendly act… 

Jakub Janda has a Chinese Characters Tattoo

The other day, a troll posted a photo of Jakub Janda, the chief of the European Values think tank, from the latter’s porn video…

I realised he has a Chinese Character tattoo on his chest like a tramp he is. Let me ask my Chinese friends what it means, I’ll be right back.


Update: Translation has arrived: “individuality” or “character” or “personality”

What a character this Janda is…

European Values Chief Did Gay Porn

“European Values” is a Czech think tank, financed among others by George Soros, which aims to promote “European values”, which they allege are under attack by Russian propaganda. I wrote about it on this blog before…

Jakub Janda is the CEO of the “European Values” think tank, and he did gay porn. His Czech language Wikipedia entry literally says nothing else about him. The other information is, Jakub Janda comes from České Budějovice, which coincidently is where I live, and that he studied in Prague’s Charles University. He was forced to quit university due to accusations of plagiarism.

A compatriot classmate of mine in London told me a story about his cousin from South Bohemia, who did gay porn to pay rent in Prague. It specifically involved masturbating in front of a camera, which is what Janda has done. My classmate also allegedly has homosexual proclivities, and he owes my brother money. But that’s off topic…

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against provincial boys doing gay porn to make it in the city. But he is a public face of Russophobia now, at a think tank called “European Values”, and I cannot help but find this funny. Screenshot 2018-11-29 at 15.48.38.png

Screenshot 2018-11-29 at 11.29.18.png