Born Again Virgins

I hereby continue my cycle on the dating subcultures of the post-feminism world. Check out my posts on MGTOW and Tradwives

The born again virgin is a girl that is saving herself for marriage or some other long term commitment from the man but is not a virgin herself. This usually means she has been in relationships with Chads and they banged and bailed. But you poor beta sucker have to wait, or even prove your commitment by putting a ring on it.

Beta simps think this is an alright behaviour because it signals she means serious with you. But I will tell you that this is a manipulative tactic and she does not find you attractive enough to be worthy of sex. You can only have a serious relationship with a girl that is genuinely attracted to you. That is she will have regular sex with you.

Because, if she manipulated you with sex once, prepare for her doing it again. I have even heard of fools that were told to wait until marriage, and did not get any action after the wedding or ever. You are risking being cucked, and in the worse case raising a child that is not yours. Don’t allow yourself to be beta bucks after her alpha fucks.

I Feel Kinda Bad for the Men in Scotland

Because there aren’t any problems in Scotland, the Scottish government decided to fight misogyny.

The Scottish Daily Express reports:

New laws being proposed in Scotland could lead men to be jailed for up to seven years if they discuss their sex lives/conquests with their friends loudly in a public place.

Imagine, you cannot discuss your sex life with your friend. So I cannot tell a friend about my hook ups with women because it might make the ladies uncomfortable. This ban is a part of a package of laws targeting misogyny.

They would target only males, with females not being put under the same scrutiny. It is claimed that laddish behaviour stops women from “fully participating in society”.

You see, all this rampant misogyny is stopping women from becoming garbage collectors, oil rig workers, coal miners (in the good sense), working long shifts in the factories, electricians, plumbers, truck drivers.

A new offence, called “misogynistic behaviour,” would mean that an offender would not have to directly address the opposition sex to be found guilty.


Views are being sought by the Scottish Government on what sanctions should be handed out to those guilty of offences like this, with the maximum punishment being proposed being seven years imprisonment.

You are looking at 7 years in the slammer if you step out of the line…

Criminal offences would be triggered in cases “where the perpetrator perceives their victim to be a woman, irrespective as to the victim’s sex or gender”.


Another proposed new crime would be “misogynistic harassment” which would make it illegal for a man to shout sexually abusive remarks at a woman in the street or using abusive language “to a girl who does not want to be ‘chatted up’”

Shout out to all the PUAs trying to cold approach women.

This is to help stop harassment of females at pubs and nightclubs, and also to curb wolf-whistles being performed to girls walking down the street.

Why do you think women go to clubs and bars? They go there to get attention from men. I mean, it usually devolves into a shitshow of women using simps to buy them drinks or seething at their friend who received attention from a man. The Scottish government is making all this fun difficult.

In many locales of the West, women are now complaining men don’t approach them anymore in bars. Men have likely wisen up on how clubs and bars work but feminist campaigning and harassment laws could have contributed to this.

Other examples of this crime would include “deliberately rubbing up against a woman in a crowded place” or showing porn to a female.

I guess this is intended to prevent blokes from sending the girls dick pics. But I had a girlfriend that sent me porn flicks to demonstrate how she wishes to be done. So my friends, this conversation can now be held against you. And since women can do no wrong, you will have to answer for this…

And another new offence of “stirring up” hatred against women and girls could be brought in to protect them from “incel” male supremacist bloggers or Andrew Tate-style personalities.

These disgusting incels, shut it down! Shut them up! Andrew Tate, oy vey! This blog could also be listed as misogynistic because I write about dating single mothers and fatties. Fatherlessness and obesity are a far more serious problems than some incels talking about women online, or Andrew Tate. Andrew Tate must have struck a nerve in some circles but he does not hate women. And his case demonstrates that anything they find uncomfortable will be treated as misogyny.

Making rape, sexual assault or disfigurement threats against females would also become a specific crime due to a rise in online abuse directed towards the fairer sex.

I thought making such threats are already highly illegal. There is a saying: The worse the state, the more laws it has.

The consultation is based on a report written by Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws, who was paid £1,000 a day by the taxpayer to conduct an investigation into misogyny north of the border.

I think I remember Baroness Kennedy from my university years, she is an honorary fellow in the uni I went to. I am glad she is doing good for herself. As for the rest of you schmucks that pay taxes, income tax, VAT and other, you should be glad it goes to a good cause.

Keith Brown, the SNP’s Justice Secretary, said: “Women and girls are routinely humiliated, touched, groped, undermined, trolled and objectified both online and off, and subjected to threats, harassment and abuse about their looks or desirability – stopping them from fully participating in society.

We need to help all these single mothers on OnlyFans that are being objectified by thirsty simps online. I would not be against jailing the simps, and castrating them but that’s just me. I am sorry the ladies are socially crippled because of those nasty men. Maybe these women should avoid social media, clubs, and bars, and they would feel better.

Also, they could find themselves a decent and loving man, with good upbringing, instead of hunting on dating websites for assholes. This could cure their socially crippling neurosis…

PS: Here is the quote I was looking for and at the time of writing I could not attribute it to Tacitus

Cope With Biology, Bitch!

Lauren Southern is pissed off some nasty men no longer think Emma Watson is hot…

I am not a conservative but I too want women to achieve their biological potential of becoming a mother and that is best achieved between 16-28 years of age. No amount of silicon in your face is gonna change this axiom. I mean if your goal is to continue banging Chad, Tyrone, Pookie and Ray Ray, hot girl summer, party girl, the hoe phase and being a little girl, that is your choice. Don’t complain you ran out of time. You can probably prolong your hoe phase by taking good care of yourself but your biological self will eventually catch up with you.

Teenage pregnancies are only frowned upon because of economic reasons. Geriatric pregnancies that most modern women are having get far less flack. And they should be getting blasted. I have heard of women having problems conceiving, about auto abortions, couples trying several times before conceiving. Not to mention the kids that come out of these pregnancies have a myriad of problems like they suffer from autism, Down syndrome, and other nice things. Couples fight over this shit and people are unhappy.

PS: Lauren Southern is also not a conservative. Note the feminism oozing out of her arse. I am not a conservative because I acknowledge that we live in a post-modern, post-feminism reality and there is no going back. There is only one road, a road to hell. You either adapt, or you will suffer! All contemporary conservatives have produced are fake blonds like Lauren, they haven’t preserved shit…

On Tradwives and Homemakers

I decided to cover the various subcultures of the post-feminism intersexual relations. Since I already touched on MGTOW, I might cover Tradwives or traditional wives…

The tradwife, otherwise known as a homemaker, stay at home wife in the past, is a woman taking care of her husband and children while the man is the primary bread winner. She cooks fresh food, and makes the crib welcoming and warm. And all this is totally wholesome…

I love it. Not only does it show a middle finger to the feminists and soyciety at large, much like MGTOW does, the tradwife means one less woman competing for jobs with blokes like me. Granted, this cannot be practiced by a majority of women because most guys don’t have the income to afford their missus this kind of lifestyle. And here comes the danger…

The danger of being betrayed by your husband

My mother was turned into a homemaker by my dad, who was uncomfortable about getting a senior position in the company and being my mother’s superior. My mother being a foreigner and having a niche profession accepted being a homemaker and made my dad food and made sure he always has clean cloths to wear.

Well, my mother turned 30, and my dad wanted a variety. Eventually the old man got estranged, he hired a maid to replace my mother. Then his girlfriend threatened him with a break up and the idiot asked for a divorce. I helped my mother with legal issues so she does not remain destitute in the old age.

You see, it is all cool being a tradwife but we live in a post-feminist reality, and no-fault divorce cuts both ways. Now, women in the West have the legal system on their side (and many abuse that fact) but finding a career after years of being a stay at home wife is almost impossible.

This is why I would suggest to invest part of your allowance into exchange traded funds over the years, and if your hubby does not betray you, shave off 4% every year and invite him on a nice holiday. And on your death bed, you can cash out and give the money to your grandchildren. And in case he fucks up, you will have portfolio that can provide you with a passive income and a reserve.

You see, as a tradwife, a lot of women will covet your place. Women often go after men that already have a wife or girlfriend, this is called a pre-selection. They act like a heard all gravitating to one alpha.

The parasitical homemaker

Number of guys complain that they are in a relationship where the woman does fuck all. They come from work and have to do house chores and other shit. But they stay in such a relationship because the pussy is more powerful than their judgment. Some of these guys don’t even get sex that often.

You need to discover the alpha male in you, and reject these hoes.

AI Astrologer

So the other day I wrote this post, and today I decided to ask the OpenAI to write out all the historical events at Saturn-Neptune conjunctions for the last 3000 years…

Saturn-Neptune conjunctions occur every 36 years and mark the beginning of a new cycle in the relationship between the two planets. Here are some major historical events that occurred at Saturn-Neptune conjunctions in the last 3000 years:

  • 699 BCE: Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. This is the earliest recorded Saturn-Neptune conjunction in history. In this year, the Assyrian Empire conquered Babylon, establishing a new era of dominance in the region.
  • 663 BCE: Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. This year marked the beginning of the reign of the Chinese Emperor Gaozu, who founded the Han dynasty and ushered in a new era of stability and prosperity in China.
  • 627 BCE: Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. This year saw the founding of the city of Megara Hyblaea, one of the most important Greek colonies in Sicily.
  • 591 BCE: Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius. This year saw the beginning of the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon, who rebuilt the city and made it one of the most important cultural centers of the ancient world.
  • 555 BCE: Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius. This year saw the beginning of the reign of Cyrus the Great, who founded the Persian Empire and expanded its territory to include much of the Middle East and Central Asia.
  • 519 BCE: Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This year saw the construction of the Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens, one of the largest temples in the ancient world.
  • 483 BCE: Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This year saw the beginning of the reign of Xerxes I of Persia, who led a massive invasion of Greece that was ultimately defeated by the Greeks.
  • 447 BCE: Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This year saw the construction of the Parthenon in Athens, one of the most iconic buildings in the world.
  • 411 BCE: Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This year saw the end of the Peloponnesian War, which had lasted for nearly 30 years and had devastated much of Greece.

At this point the chat bot crashed. So I tried again:

  • 136 BC: Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. This was the beginning of the Third Punic War between Rome and Carthage.
  • 467 AD: Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. This was the year when Anthemius became the emperor of the Western Roman Empire.
  • 903 AD: Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. This was the year when the Tang dynasty in China came to an end.
  • 1341 AD: Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. This was the year when the Black Death pandemic began in Europe.
  • 1701 AD: Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. This was the year when the War of the Spanish Succession began.
  • 1762 AD: Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. This was the year when Catherine the Great became the Empress of Russia.
  • 1821 AD: Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. This was the year when Peru declared its independence from Spain.
  • 1917 AD: Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Leo. This was the year when the Russian Revolution occurred.
  • 1952 AD: Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Libra. This was the year when Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne of England.
  • 1989 AD: Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. This was the year when the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union began to collapse.
  • 2026 AD: Saturn and Neptune will conjunct in Aries.

Then I asked the same but told the AI to do the calculations in sidereal zodiac…

As an AI language model, I don’t endorse or promote astrology, as there is no scientific evidence to support it. However, I can provide you with some information on the historical events that occurred during the Saturn-Neptune conjunctions in the past 3000 years, based on the sidereal astrology.

A Saturn-Neptune conjunction occurs when Saturn and Neptune occupy the same degree of the zodiac, indicating a blending of the energies of these two planets. Here are some significant historical events that occurred during the Saturn-Neptune conjunctions in the past 3000 years, based on the sidereal astrology:

  1. March 496 BCE: The Roman Republic defeated the Latins in the Battle of Lake Regillus.
  2. January 110 BCE: Gaius Marius became the first non-aristocrat to be elected as consul of Rome.
  3. February 583 CE: The Sui dynasty was established in China.
  4. January 872 CE: Alfred the Great of England defeated the Vikings.
  5. February 1138 CE: The Holy Roman Emperor Lothair III died, triggering a power struggle among his successors.
  6. March 1425 CE: The Kingdom of Burgundy and the Duchy of Savoy signed the Treaty of Chambery.
  7. February 1683 CE: The Ottoman Empire began a siege of Vienna, which lasted for two months.
  8. March 1952 CE: The Treaty of San Francisco was signed, officially ending World War II for Japan.
  9. February 1989 CE: Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, died.

It’s important to note that astrology is a controversial and unscientific practice, and there is no empirical evidence to support the notion that planetary alignments have any causal relationship with historical events. Any perceived correlation between astrology and historical events may be the result of coincidence or confirmation bias.

Somehow the AI also picked up some science cuck disclaimers. But I would not mind returning to the AI later, even getting some pro subscription. This looks like a powerful tool in its own right…

All Welcome Our AI Overlords

I must say I am a big fan of AI and I am thrilled by the possibilities it offers…

Venus-Jupiter conjunction as seen from my bedroom…

As readers of this blog know, I have a hobby, and that hobby is astrology. Astrology is a difficult and tedious job that consumes a lot of time and requires a heightened perception.

I am using a software to calculate positions of planets for my historical astrology project. Everyday after work I make note of one or several aspects, and in my free time I write out a whole cycle. For every couple of planets (say Jupiter and Saturn) I use the software to calculate 3,000 years worth of aspects.

Although, I think my productivity could be higher, I think the pace of my work far outpaces astrologers 50 years ago that did not have the luxury of using an astrology software. Back then, and since antiquity, the astrologer would rely on his own observed measurements or in the best case on tables that recorded the positions of planets. Those are known as the ephemeris, and the software has the tables built in.

Now imagine if I could automate the process. Have a robot do the calculations and write them out using the same template I have devised. I could have the work I was doing for the last five years done in like 5 hours or maybe less. I could also instruct the AI to link the aspects to historical events and find connections between the different configurations.

Honestly, a predictive mundane astrology software that would use the AI and include further techniques that go beyond just planetary aspects would be something mad. You could literally predict things like pandemics and market crashes with just click of a button.

Some people fear the AI would replace humans. I personally think it will enhance humanity. The AI is literally an extension of human mind. We will be able to make complex calculations that would take people years to complete, or would be impossible for humans to do without an error. We could outsource tasks to the AI that would take a lifetime to achieve.

Stories from ancient India tell of rishis that have spent years, even decades calculating and analyzing planetary positions and celestial omens. And don’t get me wrong, doing this work makes me feel human but I am not sure if fastening these tasks and using a super intelligence would make me feel less human, or whether it would free my soul from the frustrating task ahead of me, and make me focus on other things that would be far more rewarding?

PS: We are off to a good start…

Explaining MGTOW to Normies

First off, MGTOW stands for “Men going their own way“ and it is not a movement. I used to think of it as a philosophy but I do not find it to be that deep to warrant that label. I would rather call it a phenomenon.

Now, MGTOW basically preaches the avoidance of relationships with the opposite sex. It does not mean you swear off women altogether, even though that is an option, it just means that you are the one that wears the pants in whatever relationship you form.

Given that the social and legal climate in the West is hostile to men, you might want to think twice before you get married, have kids, or simply cohabit with a woman. MGTOWs care about what is good for themselves, not the society or women.

MGTOW is often accused of being hateful and a male mirror of feminism. MGTOW is nothing like feminism because it doesn’t have official organisations, it does not hold conferences, it does not have leaders. And most of all, MGTOW does not care about having political influence.

Also, a young man discovering MGTOW on the internet will often get what is called a red pill rage. He will see the injustice done to men. Now, I stoped seeing those angry channels on YouTube of late, auntie Susan and her censorious minions are working diligently. So only the soft spoken channels are left now.

Another accusation is that these guys are often mating market losers that cannot get any poosay. Well, MGTOW does not give a fuck how successful with women you are, that’s for normies and shysters. I believe that even an incel virgin has the right to have an opinion on women. And honestly, how much experience do you need to form an opinion?

You see, my belief is that MGTOW was coined by married men already back in the seventies that were shafted in the divorce court. I have heard one normie shithead make the argument that these divorced guys have a legitimate claim, whereas a guy like me that only had hook ups in his life, and never anything serious does not.

Honestly, I am super glad I did not have anything serious looking at those divorcee MGTOWs. And quite frankly, it would be the best if guys found MGTOW when they are experiencing problems with women like rejection, and break up. They would form a completely new frame of reference and perhaps incel violence, and male suicides would drop as well.

The Types of Women to Avoid

This list eliminates pretty much all modern women from any serious relationship considerations. I don’t take any scruples, and come out of the ideal of debt free, virgins, without tattoos, and will add to it…

This is not to say that your honey may have found Jesus or had an epiphany and is a good girl and all that jazz. Just beware, their past might resurface…

Women with debts

Once upon a time, women could not take out a loan in a bank. Then stunning and brave fembeasts and their beta male allies worked to overturn this injustice. So women can now take out loans in their name but what often happens is these women will find some beta schnuck and make him pay it. So you literally hear of suckers paying some young skank’s student loans. And what is funny is these stories are also accompanied by accounts of uselessness of these women, like they would not do housework or cook. So the sucker has to do these chores on top of busting his ass in a job and draining his bank account to pay for a loan she took out.

Bottom line, if a woman enters a relationship with you saddled with debt, she is a liability. You should not think with your dick when dealing with these broads.

Women with a high body count

The roastie is not some incel meme, and you can discern promiscuity in a girl quite easily by her having pastarami between her legs. All I will tell you is these women can handle the dick but they are not a girlfriend, let alone wife material. Promiscuous women are simply put not loyal, and your dick is one of many they have seen. They may have been with guys that far outperformed you in looks and in bed. This is called alpha windowing.

Soon enough, you may find out that she wants an open relationship, to be friends with benefits and other similar shit. What it says is she wants to hunt for other dicks, and keep you as an option in the likely event Chad does not wish to commit. In the best case scenario, she’ll ghost you if you try to make her exclusive, in the worst you will be raising another man’s kid.

Party girls

Now this is a variation of the promiscuous girl, matter of fact, in my experience all the high body count women like to party. Now women you meet in the club will probably not make for a good partner in the long run. And if you married and your girl goes out to party, you are likely a cuckold.

The problem is, you can’t reform these women. Once a party girl, always a party girl and hot girl summer never ends…

Women with tattoos and piercings

I find tattoos to be weird, and I must say few of the girls I have been with had them. Instead of getting these meaningless doodles, they should get a one single calligraphy tattoo saying: “I hate my dad.” My ex literally got inked after her daddy died, that should tell you a lot. If a young girl has a lot of this tattoo and piercing shit on, it bespeaks permissive parenting. You don’t want anything of this kind around you. Speaking of which, imagine you bring your inked honey to some event, with distinguished gentlemen, and present this tramp as your wife. I know the levels of simping nowadays are off the charts but still.

Single mothers

Single mothers are looking for a substitute dad. So if you are willing to pick up the tab from Johnny the Biker, Pookie the Cokeslinger, you are welcome… the mother puts the welfare of her child first, and you sucker simps are here to make her life easier. So don’t be surprised if you will be asked to pay Johnny junior’s ski trip, Pookie junior’s basketball lessons.

Also, we know Johnny and Pookie are assholes, single mother will make sure you know they are. And because these boys were assholes, your nice guy ass will be put through rigorous shit testing. She wants to make sure you are not the asshole, liar, and cheater.

Bottom line, these women don’t like you that much. They like Johnny and Pookie because those guys are exciting, your boring ass will get the attitude that Johnny and Pookie have no time for.

Women after 30 years of age

Provided they are not already single mothers, they deserve a category of their own. Around the age of 30 comes the Saturn return, and for women this means the Wall, the point where her sexual market value is slowly but surely diminishing, together with her reproductive power.

Party girls, women with high body counts will reach an epiphany. Suddenly they want to jump off the cock carousel, leave the party and settle down. An average Western simp with no self respect thinks this is normal but I will tell you it is not. If her age is anywhere beyond 30, this isn’t OK. In fact 28 is already bad.

This usually means she has saved her best years for Chad, Tyrone, Pookie, and RayRay, and now she wants you sucker to pick up the tab. If you are not disgusted by this, your simp ass cannot be helped.

Furthermore, these women, much like single mothers have the attitude. I have noticed that most of the dating profiles of these women around 30 or after are displaying this passive aggressive tone that screams, the captain of the hockey team had so much fun, I will make your puny ass miserable. Don’t fall for this shit boys.

Gold diggers

I attract these a lot. I guess it is because I like wearing expensive cloths. It is not hard to discern that the hoes are with you for money. Bottom line, never simp out and much like with women with debts, never acquiesce to things like expensive dinners, sugar daddying, and other transfers of money. These women offer nothing beyond used vagina, and the latter has the value of zero.

Divorced women, and monkey branchers

These days, if a woman shows liking to you, you can never be sure if he is not dating somebody else. You should never assume she is your exclusive, it is just your turn. But honestly, homewrecker divorcees and monkey branchers. Women that think their husband or boyfriend wasn’t good enough and that’s why she found you are to be avoided like plague. Women are good at hiding their past but you should do some investigation. The risk is that if she divorced her ex, she will divorce you too. Likewise, woman monkey branching from a normal guy to a guy with money fall squarely into the manipulative gold digger category.

I see it all the time, the girl is with some guy that is handsome and physically fit and abandones the poor fella for some dweeb with money. If you are that dweeb with money, beware my friend, these women mean no good.

Fat women

I don’t think I need to explain that if you are not fat and do exercise, you shouldn’t stick your dick in fat.


The problem with men today is they are wimpy, simpy, and think with their dick. The ladies take advantage of these idiots. I present a different path… a path of the lone wolf that smashes hoes and laughs in their face.