The Rule of Three

Guys, I have a reputation for binge drinking, and it is nothing to write home about. My friends have photos and videos of me completely destroyed by alcohol. Unconscious from alcohol poisoning, lying in vomit, and similar cursed images. My friends tease me with them all the time. I don’t want them to have anymore fun.

I have developed an allergy towards beer and wine but I can do cocktails, and mixed drinks. Yesterday, I had five gin-tonics, and now have a mild hangover. Three would be enough.

You get pissed, and will probably be OK in the morning.

Why Don’t “Unattractive” People Just Bloody Have Each Other?

Loneliness maybe a scarier epidemic than Covid..

The cruel statistic of 20% of guys being chased by 80% of women that I mentioned in my recent article maybe a little dated. My soldiers are reporting that 95% of the girls in the fields such as Toronto and New York City are chasing after the remaining 5% of men on apps like Tinder and Hinge. Shit is that bad!

Check out the case of West Elm Caleb, this dude was literally slaying half of NYC. He is 6 foot 4 (sorry I am a European I am not good with imperial measures), and has a job as a furniture designer. Being a 6 foot, and 6 figure likely (on contracts), makes you being chased by every average at best, and Caleb is slaying it. But don’t hate the player, hate the game. Does this mean that I, who am 5 foot 11 and tower over most women will get no ass on Tinder? One of the first reaction of my Chinese Taipei* ex was “You are tall, that’s good.” She was extremely petite, I had trouble penetrating her.

I am descended from hunters on my dad’s side, and gentry on my moms side. I am quarter Czech, German, Ukrainian, and Russian with a dash of Kalmyk, and probably Poles, Slovaks, Lithuanians and Varangians too. My relatives are trophy wives, hockey players, high class escorts for billionaire Russian beta males, actresses, and singers. You don’t get such genetic stock anywhere in my region, where everybody looks the same.

But enough about me!

Let’s talk about Megaloceros, an Ice Age species of deer. One theory has it that the females of that species were choosing only the males with the most developed antlers. The antlers of those males grew so large these poor fellas weren’t able to run from sabertooth tigers and cave lions.

Luckily, modern liberated women are not breeding because they would breed us out of existence. I personally dated a long legged Czech blond that passerby men envied, and she was taller than me, it is possible guys but I met her on the street, not on Tinder, and she was from a wealthier family than me, her parents were financiers. It was like… a true love.

I am being told that these highly sought after men in Western cities are forced to delete their social media, and lay low. I have already been booted off Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I have been put on shit lists of pro-Russian trolls by Ukrainian nazis, and Czech activists too. Guys like Caleb get their asses doxxed by the women they don’t commit to. Quite frankly, I do not want to be Caleb, I just want one young woman that will bear me an heir.

*I refer to Taiwan as Chinese Taipei on purpose. My ex introduced herself to me as Chinese. Her parents were descendants of Kuomintang immigrants from the mainland. Taiwan is China and should reunite with the motherland through one country two systems. Ukraine, Belarus, and the Russian Federation should also be one country.

Ever Noticed How You Are Being Lied to About Everything at Every Corner? Vol. I

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. – John 8:32 NKJV

Plato brings forth a so called Chariot Allegory that says human souls are riding a chariot through life. But the majority of the riders have their heads in the clouds, and only few can see the light above. Or at least this is my simplified understanding of the matter.

Chariot Allegory depicted in the Tarot

Russians and Ukraine: One reason I started blogging back in early 2010 (maybe 2009, I can’t remember) was to address Western lies about Russia. It was around that year I began being interested in Ukraine, it was a call of my roots. I even attended a session with Serhii Plochy at Cambridge University that discussed issues of identity in Ukraine. I made and effort to learn the Ukrainian language by watching Ukrainian TV. The Ukrainian language is a patois composed of Old Russian and Polish, and I already recognised antiquated Russian word forms, and knew Czech, which together with Polish is a Western Slavic language, and shares many words with the Polish segment of Ukrainian. What I needed to learn were words that are not found in Czech.

In Summer 2013, I was lying in Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, incapacitated after a horrific accident. I had a laptop, and was deleting one Ukrainian channel after another because I could not bear the anti-Russian venom they were spewing there in the run up to the Maidan.

Guess what I am doing now? Working in academia? Some analytical center? Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

I am a part-time tour guide doing tours in Czech, Russian, and English. And then I watch mainstream TV (I think it was France 24) and I see this lady from some analytical center saying something like this:

Russia believes that there was a Western sponsored unconstitutional coup in Ukraine done by neonazis, and felt like the ethnic Russians in Ukraine were threatened. I do not think this was the case but that is what they believe.

Why doesn’t she think this is the case? Why does she need to insert a disclaimer? Is she afraid that presenting this as a fact would endanger her position, her career? But has she seen the massacre in Odessa? The city was flooded with neonazis from all over to violently crush the anti-Maidan protest. The anti-Maidanists were the true democrats here because they wanted a referendum. I watched many videos from that event, in one of them featuring girls preparing Molotow cocktails, one of the girls said in Czech: “To je málo” – that’s too little. It was said with Ukrainian accent, suggesting the other girls weren’t even Ukrainians.

More recently, I heard the former leader of the neonazi outfit called Národní Odpor (National Resistance), Filip Vávra say that many Czech neonazis went to fight on Ukraine’s side. Given that his own group was infiltrated and destroyed by the secret services, I would not be surprised if the latter directed the flow of willing knuckleheads.

But I am rambling. Know this, most things you read in Western publications about Ukraine and Russia is dumb propaganda

Fat acceptance: What the fucks even is this? I realised I gained a dad bod over Winter and the quarantine, not moving much, and I immediately began exercising. I wanna be lean and sweet, so that girls would just salivate with the desire to eat me. I’ll put on some Italian cloths on and will look super slick…

Female biology: Women have been told they can have careers instead of motherhood and achieve happiness, women have been told they can have dozens of sexual partners and still be desirable. If men can do it, why can’t the women? 80% of women have sex with 20% of men. Very few men are actually slaying the pussy on industrial scale, which cannot be said of many women. In their case they let their pussy be slayed on industrial scale.

Women are best between 18-27, and you can’t change that, make the best of those years, become a mother to a beautiful child. Don’t try having a baby at 35. Telling women otherwise is setting them on a path towards lonely and unhappy lives.

PS: These are the areas I am familiar with but there may be others and so this is Vol I. If you know anything similar, feel free to add it in the comments.

Girl Likes Black Men

Girl at work expresses liking to black men whenever we watch music videos. She is an ugly fishface but slim, average at best but I bet plenty black men would do her. She does it to cuck us white dudes in the office. I hope she is not some child free take too much knob in kind a girl, and gets impregnated by a black man because mulattoes tend to come out rather nice. And I hope it is girl, for us men.

In the winter of 2017, I was in St. Lucia, and met this sweet couple. His mom was white, and dad was black, her mother was black, and daddy was white. I spent Christmas dinner with them.

I was in Guadeloupe a long time ago on a summer French course, and met this dude on the beach who invited me to Pointe-a-Pitre to meet his sensi contact, we got some fine golden buds, and went back to St. Anne, where we resided. On the bus there was a beautiful chocolate skinned girl, tall, with long legs, absolutely lovely. My friend was continuing to repeat “Isabelle, Isabelle” but fruitlessly.

Pushkin, what would Russian language be without this guy?:

His bae:

Boris Kodgjoe

Alicia Keys:

Check out also my friend Giordano Baravalle. I have a recessive Asian gene from a Kalmyk ancestor. I don’t have dense facial hair, and one of aunties is as tall as a Swedish woman, only with a face of a Japanese geisha. Luckily for me, the recessive gene did not show in the intimate areas. My Czech cousin says my mom has slint eyes. I have slint eyes every time I hit that dank.

The Dangers of Cannabis

Legalize it, regulate it, but beware of substance abuse…

So recently, I have found a documentary on RT called Marijuana Victims and it is really worth watching. I have recently limited my use of Cannabis, which was probably influenced by that film because I began feeling that the substance does not do me any good. I decided to limit my consumption to Fridays because Friday is the day of Freya, the Nordic goddess of love, and Cannabis is her plant.

I have realised that cannabis helps me think in ways different than when sober, however, putting those thoughts to paper is harder when stoned than when sober. I must say the best ideas I received were when I was stoned. My friend, who is an artist told me weed makes him draw more creatively. That said, recently I smoked more and more weed to cope, I have some super strong wappa. I have locked myself out of the World with the epidemic out there, and haven’t seen my friends for several months. The only person I saw was my dealer. I recently realised my father is a weak simp, and lost all respect for him. Winter weather in the Czech Republic is something incredibly grim, and post-Covid symptoms give me anxiety and depression. Naturally, having a joint in the garden was giving me pleasure, and kept my mind at peace.

This weekend though, I have smoked too much and it caused me some serious insomnia, and I felt like it is time to stop and have a break. I have been a consumer of weed since the age of 13, and stopped for 3 years in university. Something magical happened back then, once I stopped, my grades went up 2.5 points, and I was able to secure Masters in University College London. If you are student, in high school, or in college, I suggest you don’t touch this shit ever.

I have long advocated for the legalization of cannabis but I also believe the public needs to be clued up on the substance. First off, what you need to know is this is a psychoactive drug. The Marijuana Victims documentary begins with a grieving mother, who lost her son to wax consumption. Wax is a potent concentrate, I have tried it in London, and it was the strongest thing I have ever smoked. Young man in the documentary consumed copious amounts of that stuff and committed suicide from cannabis induced psychosis. Several of my friends went nuts with paranoid schizophrenia after smoking in their teens. The wax is like a hard liquor of weed.

Should we ban wax, absolutely not. But we need more awareness about these substances. We need legal weed, so that we have a variety of cannabis products of different potency and application. I would very much like to buy my mother edibles so she can cut down on opiates she takes against chronic pains. My mother also developed psychosomatic symptoms that manifest in blisters, and doctors say she needs to keep calm. Cannabis can help but I can only get high potency stuff on the black market, and would have to stink up the kitchen cooking coconut oil with it.

Girls (and Society) These Days Can’t Behave and Have Seriously Bad Values

The current reality is making me extremely unhappy…

So, sitting with friends, a female university professor friend of mine, and other attendants were wondering how a man like me does not have a family. I have an income surpassing the average Czech by sever times, and can afford nice things, holidays in the Caribbean, the Canaries, Jordan etc., exotic foods. Guess what the reason one guy came up with? I live with my elderly mother. Meanwhile, the best times for that dude are visitations with his daughter.

I analysed this issue in my head, and I came to the realisation that there is nothing wrong about living with mother. I am a simp for my mother because my mother actually deserves it. When I look outside my bedroom, I see a fairytale castle and royal hunting grounds. Illustrious kings, Přemysl Otakar II, and the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV hunted stags and boars there, these animals still live there. Looking at all this beauty makes me proud to be Czech. No way am I trading this for an apartment down town. I don’t want to smell sewage every morning when I get out to shop or work, I wanna smell the roses in the garden.

This is what I see from my bedroom window…

This house could accommodate two more families. In London, a house like this would cost 15 million quid (22239950 USD), and probably more with the amount of land that surrounds it. Besides, my mother has nobody else left in this world, my father abandoned the family, my Russian relatives sided completely with my father because he has a lot of money, and we don’t. My father’s family too, there the problems were long lasting, they were never happy with my father’s choice.

My father literally left mother, his wife of 40 years, for a younger woman who said she will not fuck him if he doesn’t get a divorce. My mother was a good housewife, who did borscht and milkshakes for my dad. My mother took care of the real estate, family home in the Czech Republic and a flat in London. My father came home from work to a hot meal and clean shirts. In the divorce proceedings, my father wrote that he needs money to spend on women and dates.

He spent 300,000 British pounds (404,800 USD) on lawyers to fight my mother, a genuinely good person, who has friends all over because she is kind. He hid assets that should have been my, and my brother’s inheritance. Particularly a patch of pastoral land and cottage in Northern Bohemia, where we used to spend winter as kids. My father was earmarked to inherit that property but it was sold, where did the money go? It could have been worth 8-9 million CZK (337,216 USD), probably more. In the financial statement he provided, he has also withdrawn like 20 million Russian roubles (253,362 USD) from a bank in the span of several month, and he claimed Russia is a cash society in his defence, which is absolutely not true.

My brother and I have not seen any financial, or career help from dad. It is painful to see other kids, whose dads are way poorer but they do whatever they can to help their kids. They give them patches of land to build a house on, help with their hands to build that house, they buy them flats, and if wealthier, those guys get money to invest in business. Instead my weak simp dad gives our inheritance, and family assets to sugar babies, I lost all respect I had for him. I respected my dad, he is a high achiever, a hockey player, a guy with a Red Diploma (equivalent to 1st class in British universities) in nuclear physics. Me, my brother, and mother have actually bumped into him in Prague airport on way to Nepal, the old man began crying!

Speaking of sugar babies, a girl at work realised I am cute and I have cash, and started giving me a lot of attention. So we started having sex, and few weeks into the relationship she starts to ask me to become her sugar daddy. She is a lame manipulator, and I am clued up on women, so I gave her a cold shoulder. She began to be visibly cold towards me, and told me we have a “friends with benefits” kind of relationship. That’s like a wet friendzone, where she keeps you on rotation while she bangs the entire hockey team, and then you sucker get some of that ass. When I asked her how many sexual partners she had, she reversed the question, and I said 5. Her answer was: “I had way more sexual partners than you.” It was showing on her vag. Sugar daddy my ass, she will be lucky to find a sucker to marry her.

These women absolutely lack any sense of prudence, a Chinese Taipei (from Nankan) girl I dated, recklessly spent my money on clothing. She would put a photo of herself in the dress I bought her that made her look slimmer on a dating website. Perfect marriage material there. My mother counts every penny, taught me to be careful with money, and a useful arithmetic that I employ in doing business. I am wondering what these girls could teach my children? I have recently found videos of ageing women teaching the art of being a gold digger on youtube. You see, when parents fail to educate their daughters, they get their education from some vapid garden tool on social media.

But I too am not innocent of hypergamy, which is what they call trading a lower value partner for a higher value one. At the age of 16, I dumped my high school crush over a completely trivial reason. She had a slightly bigger nose, she was of a Mediterranean ancestry. Otherwise she was perfect, good natured, smart, Libra, I’m Aries. It was nothing that could not be undone with a little plastic surgery, which she later underwent. I dumped her over something so superficial because I thought I could do better. I eventually did better, 9 year later. I suffered a total dry spell because I do not have any game. My entire game consisted of planting myself among women, and waiting for the fish to catch the bait.

Last I heard about my crush, she was teaching English in East Timor, probably childless. I could have had a long term relationship with that girl, instead I never experienced a long term relationship, only flings with superficial girls. It is almost as if the gods said: “You little twat, we will show you now the power of fate!” And I wonder how will they punish my dad? The moral of the story is, sometimes we don’t value what we have.

Gas Prices are Through the Roof! At Least We Have the EU

How does reading something like this make you feel?

More “renewables”, more green bullshit. Blessed be those that can afford to stay warm in Winter. We will all pay for the Russophobia of our governments.

There are some out there who seem to get it. However, why should Gazprom want long term contracts with European consumers now when prices are so favourable?

Once again, it seems the Russians are having the last laugh. Europe needs energy poverty to replace its political class…