Porn Hub Sanctions Russians


The PornHub’s Russian statement is more interesting than the English reverberation, here is a translation:

Hard Sanctions (Jakub Janda TM) Have Been Rolled Out: Pornhub has banned access to users from Russia, they now see a Ukrainian flag, and words of support for Ukraine.

Let them wank to the Russian military

Roskomnadzor has earlier banned access to PornHub and told the wankers to find themselves somebody in the real life. But if you watch too much porn, you will not enjoy sex with a normal girl. Also, porn features many perverted practices that you may not always enjoy in reality. You may just be better off not watching porn at all.

Confidence Boosting Procrastination?

So, I hear people of my generation (the Millennials) go to Tinder to boost their confidence. I quote from Bustle on why people go to Tinder:

To boost their self-esteem. LendEDU polled 9,761 current college students and found that 44 percent of them say they use Tinder for “confidence-boosting procrastination.” That actually tops the amount who say they’re just looking to hook up (22 percent) and those looking for a relationship (four percent).

Procrastination, swiping on Tinder definitely is, and if you are hoping to get a relationship out of it, think of the above percentages. In my region, the girls on Tinder are literally sluts, and most of the hot ones did porn, or are otherwise damaged. Only good for a quick bang. Actually any girl on Tinder is worth a quick one.

However, as for a confidence boost, this must be the ladies saying it. I personally had confidence damaged the last time I was on Tinder. The kind of chicks that were matching with me were rather busted. For some reason, I pull better outside Tinder. Women on the other hand will get validation from dozens of men, who like me swiped right on every “will do” broad they found.

Cannabis is Better Than Sleeping Pills

Covid caused me insomnia, my sleep at night is patchy. I wake up in the middle of the night with the full moon shining through my window. At first I was treating this with my mother’s anti-depressants but they were giving me terrible nightmares, and I could not handle that. I went to the doctor and told him I want a somatic medicine that is not a psychopharmaceutic. So the geezer gave me these pills, and they were terrible. Not only do they work like shit, and do not achieve the desired effect, they dry me up, and make me feel bad.

Yesterday I broke my cannabis on Fridays rule for medical reasons, and had a fat zoot in the evening. And I did have that craved eight hour sleep, at 6:30 I walked the dog, and have had ample energy the whole day, no signs of fatigue. Explain to me, why can’t my doctor just prescribe me an indica dominant strain for my sleep? Legalisation of cannabis would increase the range of its application, and the people could have edibles instead of joints.

I warn against the abuse of cannabis, and advocate for smarter application of drugs.

Greta Thunberg is What Happens When Women Have Kids After 30

This society lies to you about female biology…

The neurotic poster child for the climate change global agenda, Greta Thunberg, is a result of having kids after 30. Her mother is literally 13 years older than me, and had Greta at 33. Women are best between the ages of 16-27. Anything beyond the expiry date runs the risk of miscarriage, autism, down syndrome and other beautiful experiences.

Would probably smash after few beers…

Moving to Countryside Made me Stronger

In 2016, I moved from London to South Bohemia, from a city apartment into a large house with a garden. Since my accident in 2013, I have not had enough movement and was slowly turning into a bowling duckpin. In 2017, I was fat but still attractive to chicks on the beach. However, working in the garden and finding a physical job at a local heritage site helped me gain some muscle. In London, I would probably need to go to gym and get a personal trainer. That’s expensive, I’d rather buy books with that money. Of late I started to exercise at home since I need strength to work with soil, and don’t wanna squeal every time I do soil building, or soil moving.

I am not aiming to be particularly ripped. I want a lean physique, and wanna be smooth and sweet like marzipan. Sort of like Aion, the god of time below.

The Romans that made that mosaic have foreshadowed the Chart of the Aeons

The Chart of the Aeons can be seen at the header of my astrology blog.

Legalise Illicit Drugs, All of Them!!!

I want to continue from my Dangers of Cannabis post. I believe prohibition is a waste of resources, and does not address the problem. It literally destroys communities, entire countries are fucked over (Mexico?), it does ecological damage (Cannabis for instance requires a lot of water), it causes a greater health risk because sometimes the drugs are low quality. Maybe you can think of other ills associated with the prohibition of illicit substances, you are free to mention them in the comments.

Drugs are banned, right? How is that helping?

The actual problem is that people need and do drugs to cope with life. The problem is first and foremost in the consumers. The producers, smugglers, and dealers only satisfy demand created by a society hungry for escape, and soothing of the pain. I personally had problems with binge drinking that made me look like the people in the photo accompanying this post. I have smoked cigarettes until 2013, like a pack a day. I used to look like a skeleton, or lich from fairytales. I am surprised I was even getting laid.

My weed contact in London, after his dad died, smoked crack cocaine, and downed his ass with opium or heroin, depending on what he could get hold of. He was an investment banker, who also sold drugs, and stole from shops for the thrill. His mate did the same, only he injected the heroin. I don’t know what became of my weed contact but I heard the latter guy ended up in a rehab, and now he is married with kids. He reinvented himself.

This winter, I locked myself out of the world. I really let myself go. I smoked one joint after another. Like two months ago, I had a full beard from not shaving, and beards don’t look good on me from a recessive Asian gene. I grew a dad bod from the absence of movement. So I created a rule based on the mythological association of cannabis with the Norse goddess of love, Freya, which is equivalent to Venus. I only smoke on Fridays now. I tried to get some more movement before I start work in the castle and garden in April.

My point is that substance abuse can be stopped, or curtailed. It ultimately boils down to personal responsibility. Alcohol is a very dangerous drug but when consumed in moderation, can be enjoyable, or even helpful. And so it is with any other drug. Some substances maybe really bad but people do drugs for the experience, not for substance. Therefore, the availability of alternative will push the bad substances out of market. Drugs would be able to be consumed in a variety of ways, in controlled settings.

Imagine spending New Years Eve in a rave with administered doses of MDMA. It would literally be better than any antidepressant. It would be a night to remember and would set you up for the year ahead. We can take substances in far smarter ways than we do now.

Man’s Power!!!

Know this young man, all women need men, and want men. Whether they want their genitals raided by Chad and Tyrone, or lock a beta male in marriage, they need that Mr. Fixer, Mr. Screwer, Mr. Lifter, Mr. Builder…

Also, this sounds bad but any man can beat any woman in a fair fight. I recall one badly behaved bitch always attacking me, she tried to elicit sympathy of simps in case I eventually retaliate. I personally believe that such women need to be knocked out, to show them who the master of creation is here. But otherwise, fighting the weaker is not courageous.

Also, I believe that young men would find much more confidence around women, if they realised how tragic the lives most of these girls are, their lives smell of cat piss…

By the way, for a long time, this was my cover photo on Facebook. Before they deleted me…

PS: Women will also try to instigate conflicts between us men. I recall this story. Me, my bro, and momma were in Bali on holiday. My mom made for herself a space on the beach, and some young broad began berating my mother:

I don’t want to see you!

I was quietly reading Mircea Eliade’s Shamanism but when you berate my momma, my inner simp comes out, and I straight up told that broad to:

Fuck off!!!

Minutes later, her boyfriend arrives, and she tells him about my nastiness. He confronts me:

You insulted her?

To which I replied:

You wanna be insulted as well?

He was at a loss, he realised my mental power. And I added to the fun, realising they have a French accent, I went:

What are you, Belgian villagers?

No disrespect to Walloon people, it was the first thing that came into my head.

A group of Australian tourists were visibly entertained by this. Eventually, Belgian villagers left the beach.

The Debasement of the Institution of Marriage in the West

Marriage has all but collapsed in the States…

No Fault Divorce

Guess why? No fault divorce! These days, marriages can be ended over the simple desire of your honey boo to fuck some Chads and Tyrones. She gets a lawyer, takes the house, the dog, the kids, gets child support from you sucker + alimony allowance.

Gay Marriage?

Marriage in the West is further degraded by initiatives such as gay marriage. Gay marriage is more about traditional marriage than it is about homosexuals. My family (or rather what’s left of it) likes to spend holidays and fun time with this lesbian couple, they have been together for a long time, and have no use for this gay marriage thing. I believe that gay marriage is pushed to attack traditional religious institutions administering traditional marriage, the state will then pressure these groups to compromise their values.

You almost do not hear about gay marriages happening. I have heard about a private marriage party in one of the hotels in my town. A Dutch guy was “marrying” a Czech Gypsy guy. The cleaners were fishing joint roaches, and condoms out of the pool, and the tables were all white from cocaine. The boys had some proper orgy in the pool apparently. But I have to ask, why do you need the institution of marriage if you are going to continue your gay lifestyle anyway?

Marriage is an Institution

Marriage is an institution, it is not some kind of an upgrade from a long term relationship. It is an institution designed to preserve families and wealth. And that institution is being totally dilapidated by the kind of initiatives I mention above. In fact, I believe a righteous state would defend marriages as its own institution. You fuck with marriage, you fuck with the state should be the rule. And I believe that if you break up a marriage, you are due for a karmic comeuppance. Recently, a Chinese court ruled that infidelity isn’t valid grounds for divorce, which is pretty based, and shows that the governments are coming around, at least somewhere.

Arranged Marriages are not at All Bad

When people think of cases like this:

A Bangledeshi couple has been placed under investigation for trying to force their 14-year-old daughter into an arranged marriage last year, legal sources said Friday.
    The pair, aged 44 and 40, are under investigation on suspicion of causing undue psychological harm in the teenager, who rebelled against the strict Islamic code she was expected to adhere to, sources said.


An 18-year-old Pakistani-Italian woman, Saman Abbas, was murdered, allegedly by her uncle, after refusing an arranged marriage in Pakistan at Novellara near Reggio Emilia last year.

Source also read my astrological reading of a young woman’s rebellion…

But these are not the arranged marriages I have seen. My weed contact in London (he had access to other exciting mind altering substances, the best dealer I ever had) had the boogie South Asian girlfriend from a Muslim family that studied in the same university as me. She was a proper fuckgirl. Her parents arranged to have her married to a Kashmiri gentleman, who was way out of her league in looks, a handsome mountain man. His family owned an estate on the banks of a lake with a view of the Himalayas. I bumped into her in London, and she said she absolutely loves the place. I bet she is a mother to beautiful children now.

The second example I am going to tell you about is not exactly an arranged marriage, however parents (fathers) were very involved in hammering out the deal. A Somali coworker of mine was a beautiful young woman, very pleasing to behold. She took a liking in me, and suggested to marry me if I converted to Islam. She realised I already knew a lot about her religion. But my Mr. Johnson is incredibly racist, and absolutely doesn’t get excited by black women. He wants Slavic blonds and East Asians. It is like dating within your own races, and I believe we need more white children. Also, my personal views on Islam have caused a lot of bad blood between me and my Muslim acquaintances in London. Little do they know, I have very similar views on Christianity.

This Somali girl found a young man in Dubai on a Muslim dating site…

The Rule of Three

Guys, I have a reputation for binge drinking, and it is nothing to write home about. My friends have photos and videos of me completely destroyed by alcohol. Unconscious from alcohol poisoning, lying in vomit, and similar cursed images. My friends tease me with them all the time. I don’t want them to have anymore fun.

I have developed an allergy towards beer and wine but I can do cocktails, and mixed drinks. Yesterday, I had five gin-tonics, and now have a mild hangover. Three would be enough.

You get pissed, and will probably be OK in the morning.

Why Don’t “Unattractive” People Just Bloody Have Each Other?

Loneliness maybe a scarier epidemic than Covid..

The cruel statistic of 20% of guys being chased by 80% of women that I mentioned in my recent article maybe a little dated. My soldiers are reporting that 95% of the girls in the fields such as Toronto and New York City are chasing after the remaining 5% of men on apps like Tinder and Hinge. Shit is that bad!

Check out the case of West Elm Caleb, this dude was literally slaying half of NYC. He is 6 foot 4 (sorry I am a European I am not good with imperial measures), and has a job as a furniture designer. Being a 6 foot, and 6 figure likely (on contracts), makes you being chased by every average at best, and Caleb is slaying it. But don’t hate the player, hate the game. Does this mean that I, who am 5 foot 11 and tower over most women will get no ass on Tinder? One of the first reaction of my Chinese Taipei* ex was “You are tall, that’s good.” She was extremely petite, I had trouble penetrating her.

I am descended from hunters on my dad’s side, and gentry on my moms side. I am quarter Czech, German, Ukrainian, and Russian with a dash of Kalmyk, and probably Poles, Slovaks, Lithuanians and Varangians too. My relatives are trophy wives, hockey players, high class escorts for billionaire Russian beta males, actresses, and singers. You don’t get such genetic stock anywhere in my region, where everybody looks the same.

But enough about me!

Let’s talk about Megaloceros, an Ice Age species of deer. One theory has it that the females of that species were choosing only the males with the most developed antlers. The antlers of those males grew so large these poor fellas weren’t able to run from sabertooth tigers and cave lions.

Luckily, modern liberated women are not breeding because they would breed us out of existence. I personally dated a long legged Czech blond that passerby men envied, and she was taller than me, it is possible guys but I met her on the street, not on Tinder, and she was from a wealthier family than me, her parents were financiers. It was like… a true love.

I am being told that these highly sought after men in Western cities are forced to delete their social media, and lay low. I have already been booted off Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I have been put on shit lists of pro-Russian trolls by Ukrainian nazis, and Czech activists too. Guys like Caleb get their asses doxxed by the women they don’t commit to. Quite frankly, I do not want to be Caleb, I just want one young woman that will bear me an heir.

*I refer to Taiwan as Chinese Taipei on purpose. My ex introduced herself to me as Chinese. Her parents were descendants of Kuomintang immigrants from the mainland. Taiwan is China and should reunite with the motherland through one country two systems. Ukraine, Belarus, and the Russian Federation should also be one country.