Solid Logic

So, recently Prague was a scene of pro-globalist demonstrations, particularly in the connection with the anniversary of 17 November which has significance in Czech history. And these events produced some cursed imagery…

The above photo features two completely inane statements above an EU, Czech, and Ukrainian flag. The protesters have repeatedly expressed their solidarity with Ukraine. It says on the left:

“No to Russian gas, yes to Green Deal”

And to the right:

“No to rising prices, yes to the Euro“

I wonder which of the renewables are more effective, more energy packed, than Russian gas? If anybody thinks that our movement towards a future powered by renewables would not be costly, I wish him a good luck.

And the same goes for the introduction of the Euro. Any sane shopkeeper is going to drive the price of everything upward with the introduction of a new currency. It is naive to think that imports will somehow become cheaper if the importer pays in Euros.

And above is a phenotypically Czech looking family holding three flags but why is the Czech flag upside down? The Czech flag: 🇨🇿 Actually, in the upper photo it is also displayed in a wrong way, although that could be a camera effect.

Current Thing Olympics

Some people these days really want to use public events and spaces to promote their dorky political ideas. Apparently in Qatar homosexuality is banned. But Westerners think they hold the moral high ground and can virtue signal about it.

This dude packed up two other causes celebrated by the Church of the Current Thing, Ukraine and Iranian women. I am surprised he did not add the Chinese anti-covid protesters, the Tigre rebels, or some other Western media favourite. Well, China ain’t Russia or Iran, and actually has some influence. I guess a memo hasn’t been issued to show support to the protesting Chinese, and besides the point forces out here in the West wouldn’t mind instituting the same measures here. As for Tigre rebels, they lost…