Imran Ahmed is Who Censors Your Favourite Content Online

Censorship online has a face…

So I saw this commentary on Dr. Phil’s show which featured the American manosphere author, Rollo Tomasi and Imran Ahmed. The Dr. Phil’s show was ominously subtitled “The Demise of Guys.” The segment of the shown presented Ahmed as a man instrumental in getting Andrew Tate purged from online platforms.

Imran Ahmed is a literal grifter, the founder and CEO of Centre for Countering Digital Hate. Basically, a centre for monitoring online discourse and seeking punishment for those that deviate from the official line. Hate is actually anything they say hate is. These organisations have clients in the media they police because the latter outsource monitoring to organisations such as this. Imran is not censoring anything, he just keeps in touch with people that do.

Everything about Imran bespeaks lack of exercise, low testosterone, and untrustworthiness. I was of the opinion that Andrew Tate was cancelled because Karens complained the kiddies are getting an unhealthy dose of the truth. But this was my inner misogynist assessing the situation. More often than not it is some soy phytoestrogen addled bloke with a high pitched voice.

Now, I am not a Tate fan. I prefer content for people with three digit IQs. The guy also has weird fetishes like BDSM cosplay. He also wrote the chats for his camgirls pretending to be a female. He is a typical Pick Up freak. “For 50 bucks I will teach you how to fuck the hoes.” His content is superficial and only scratches the surface. “Derp, derp, don’t date single mothers.” I am a veteran that lives by the commandments of poon, and I don’t listen to advice like this. But all I can say is this “fuck you” attitude displayed by Tate is what got me laid, and I am not surprised the kids liked him. The manosphere content is so suppressed online, Tate must have seemed like a breath of fresh air.

Do I want Tate to be banned? Obviously not. Tate never said anything illegal and Imran can wipe his ass personal opinion. I definitely don’t want soyboys like Imran to arbitrate what I can watch online. Especially when they are talking out of their arse when defending their arguments like saying that the “manosphere ideology is toxic and unhealthy for relationships”. First off, the manosphere has no ideology, it is a collection of ideas that might be contradictory. And likewise, many of these young men will never have relationships with modern women. So why is it wrong when people like Tate or Tomasi tell them how to get laid?

A lot of manosphere content is actually very helpful to guys. For instance, the idea there is life without women. Many men put pussy first, and they make stupid decisions when they are manipulated by the pussy, real or imagined. When you stop defining your masculinity and worth according to the pussy, magical things in your life happen. You might actually stop being a pathetic simp. You might save your money, and not spend it on some e-THOT on OnlyFans. You might choose your path in life, one best suited to your talents, and not be a slave to pussy and have your life directed.

Searching the internets, I have found that Ahmed was instrumental in deplatforming Tommy Robinson, David Icke, Katie Hopkins. Basically, if you talk about the joys of mass immigration, of C19 vaccination, or say my favourite topic of war in Ukraine, you risk demonetisation and deplatforming. So basically, because of Imran Ahmed and his ilk, you cannot freely talk about things anymore. Ahmed believes deplatforming works because fewer people now watch David Icke on BitChute than they did on YouTube.

Again, I was never a fan of David Icke, I always thought he is quack. I will not visit BitChute to see his diatribes but I know that blocking people is no win. Ahmed was born in Birmingham and never lived in a Communist country where censorship was ubiquitous. In Commie Czechoslovakia there was a black market with media and information, this was before the internet. And anyone looking for David Icke can probably find him if he looks hard enough. Ultimately, influence is not about reaching a wide range of people but about reaching the committed few.

And the bottom line is, I don’t want soyboys to tell me what I should or shouldn’t watch.

The Safari

Things are going badly for Ukraine in the East. This can be seen by an increased activity of trolls here on this blog…

Ukraine is desperate for fresh troops to be sent to the meat grinder of Eastern Ukraine, and so the unfortunate working class of Ukraine is a target of unscrupulous recruiting campaign to defend Zelensky’s shitshow from the inevitable destruction.

In the city of Odessa, they are grabbing men off the street…

On Sunday, between 9 and 10 o’clock AM, near the shop “Ideal”, which is on Bugaevskaya street, unknown people in uniform, have taken hostage my son by force, without showing any documents authorizing such behaviour. This is against the law and is liable for prosecution. We have reported the kidnapping to the police. The man is still held on Zenkovetskaya street in former recruiting office. He is being held already a third day, he was kidnapped while he was out to shop for medicine as he was feeling sick. He is being held with an elevated temperature. He is being held by force and intimidated into signing a contract.

Isn’t this cute? Asking police for help in Ukraine…

You don’t want your boy to be taken from you. He has only seen a rifle in Counter Strike. Give donation to soldiers or to volunteers. Support their lifestyle so that they don’t take away your boy.


Trans Women vs. Radical Feminists

I believe this fight we are witnessing is a form of poetic justice…

Back in my university days, some 10-15 years ago, whenever an exclusively male group was established on the campus, the radical feminists would be in high gear fighting against it. This is where I first heard the term: “invading male spaces”. But what we have seen recently is men pretending to be women invading female spaces and literally killing there. We have trans women in female bathrooms and women’s sports. And nobody is willing to stand up against it because trans women are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Except radical feminists that is.

The radical feminists of old have been up in arms against this, yet they were instrumental in creating the anti-male discourse about toxic masculinity not so long ago, and have created a climate which might be driving the rise of male to female transitions in some circles. The radical feminists are known as TERFs, that is Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists.

On one hand I understand the feelings of many women out there when they see a biological male winning over weaker women in sports competitions. I pity the female contestants that have to compete against dudes and even suffer injury because of their superior strength. This intrusion into the athletics is the result of spineless was on the part of sports officials that are unable to say no to dudes competing out of fear of activists. I have heard about radical feminist demonstrations being violently disrupted by Trans activists. Imagine that dudes dressed as women are beating up anti-male radical feminists. I cannot hide the schadenfreude.

Being on the left and promoting leftist ideologies such as minority and women’s rights inevitably runs into a problem of many social groups all competing against each other for acceptance and dominance. Women have been in the vogue 10 years ago but now various other groups are trying to take their place in the pantheon of victims needing justice. You cannot go against the LGBTQ+ community.

Also, radical feminists have created an environment that is often hostile to men. There are instances of men on flights or on children playgrounds with their daughters experiencing hostility from women. In London, men can be prosecuted for staring at women on public transport. Environment such as this is where transitioning from male to female can be promoted among young and vulnerable men.

Apparently, a group of groomers online entice young men that have no success with the opposite sex to transition into women. If you are considering anything like this, wait few years, pursue your career and you will see how many women will jump on your dick. I personally lost my virginity at 16 with a high school sweetheart but did not have any success with women since until I was 25. What the groomers are suggesting is that the society will treat you better if you are female.

Society, that is random females and simps will definitely treat you better as a female. You might be forgiven if you sit around with your daughter at children’s playground or in an airplane but grass isn’t greener on the other side. One of my exes after chasing Chad, and riding the cock carousel decided to try it with women. And I have to laugh because I was a riding pony on her cock carousel.

The clown world is not something we mere mortals can do anything about. We need enjoy the decline and laugh at what is happening…

45% of Women Will be Single by 2030

And all I wanna say is don’t worry be happy…

So a number of Internet personalities from the manosphere have mentioned over the last year a shocking statistic coming from Morgan Stanley, which predicts almost half of working age women by 2030. This estimate of 45% of working age women being single comes from an article the Rise of Sheconomy. Specifically this point:

In the coming years, another demographic trend could help further close the pay gap in the U.S.: the rising ranks of single working women. Based on Census Bureau historical data and Morgan Stanley forecasts, 45% of prime working age women (ages 25-44) will be single by 2030—the largest share in history—up from 41% in 2018.

And this is how they rationalize this:

What’s driving this trend? For starters, more women are delaying marriage, choosing to stay single or divorcing in their 50s and 60s. Women are also delaying childbirth or having fewer children than in the past.

Some people on YouTube seem to have added into the title of their videos the word childless, I guess for a greater clickbait effect.

I guess childlessness will be common but the question of how is not explained in the article. It is not clear if the women will not eventually become mothers to at least one child. Also what is meant is women will remain unmarried because women don’t tend to be truly single as men are. I know absolutely infernal women that still have a simp around that puts up with their shit.

It is a shocking statistic because it evokes images of cat ladies and violent Incels. But all I can say is, enjoy the decline. There will be cat ladies and there will occasionally be a violent outburst of men that takeout their frustration with the opposite sex in this unfortunate way. But really, vast swaths of people will be the victims of their inability to exist in the modern world. The last point goes way beyond relationships between the sexes.

I believe that if you are concerned about vast swaths of both men and women being single, that is unmarried, and not in serious relationships, this is your inner simp calling, your inner white knight, your inner captain save-a-hoe, Aye aye captain, let me teach you the art of not giving a fuck about things you have no control over. I am not one bit concerned about cat ladies or incels.

The soyciety that people instinctively want to save is not one bit concerned about women and men not getting along. As you can see Morgan Stanley attribute their statistic to female choices, and no politician or official is ever going to tell the ladies anything about their choices after the Slut Walk. Men are not going to chase after women after Me Too, and hence the statistics given by Morgan Stanley may be rather conservative.

The right wingers in the Western World would lament the fact that 50% of marriages end in divorce and would talk about a crisis of masculinity. Their talking points are, men should man up and find themselves a wife among modern women, and this has been their talking point for the last 15 years, ever since I became interested in this topic. No evolution, and no change. In the current climate, man’s choices are a fair game for criticism but criticizing female choices will get you canceled and demonetized.

I personally think that things will eventually reach an equilibrium. Depopulation will probably happen, economic decline will probably happen, the capitalists will likely replace the native population with immigrants from elsewhere. All this may happen but also a backlash against certain modern patterns of behavior. Any scenario leaves me totally content. In any case, any scenario would lead to the rectification of today’s toxic situation.

The Grift: Power Tripping

It is my contention that the upcoming 2000 years will be the Aeon of the wounded ego. But here I will not bore you with my astrological theories and I will address the symptom of this directly.

A friend sent me the above and one of the expressions of the wounded ego is this post-colonial grudge against a former suzerain. But furthermore, if you ban a significant part of the population from speaking a language they normally use, you are engaged in a power trip. And notice that this power trip is always justified by some greater good or historical grievance such as in the above case. Somehow the people are unable to say that a history of foreign rule does not justify tempering with the language people speak.

On a similar note, I had this video on my YouTube channel for a while. It features a Georgian guest of a Ukrainian TV channel being addressed in Ukrainian by the TV host. When the Georgian guy says he does not understand, the moderators tell him they cannot address him in Russian. Such is the law. Same story here, some people on a power trip decided to make a stink of people speaking Russian.

But why stop in Eastern Europe, recently we had Ngozi Fulani trying to power trip on an old lady in the Buckingham palace. Instead of answering the old lady’s question about her origins, that is Ngozi (which is not her real name) is of Caribbean descent, she tried to make a stink of the old lady asking her. Coincidentally, Ngozi studied in my alma mater SOAS, and I recently read that she complained the professors in that school, with few exceptions, are white.

Nothing really stops black people from becoming a professor as shown by the presence of black professors but they would have to contribute to academia. It seems that half-wits like Ngozi are unable to contribute anything beyond their power tripping discourse about racial inequality and historical racism. This is actually the marker of a grifter, where these people aren’t able to contribute anything but they can win points by power tripping over others.

Similarly, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex and his trailer park, yacht slag wife decided to win sympathy points by complaining how oppressive, repressive, racist etc. the Royal family is. For fuck sakes, you are a multimillionaire and a duke, and can’t tell your wife to shut the fuck up? Nobody cares about your suffering, we are all born to a certain class and family and have obligations that don’t depend on us.

People seem to have unlearned humility. You have 50% of the population getting college degrees which degrades their value, and causes university to be attended by less intelligent individuals that have inflated egos and think the World owes them something. This overproduction of elites with useless qualifications will eventually result in a frustrated mass of burger flipping losers with entitlement. Naturally, the latter will be drawn to whatever repackaged communism they are served.

Hungary No Longer Needs the EU

Last year I have saved the above graphic information posted by the MEP for Czech Pirate Party, Mikuláš Peksa. It says:

The European Commission has day before Christmas decided to block Hungary’s 22 billion Euros from cohesion funds. It is the entire money which Hungary was supposed to receive from European funs between 2021-2027.

Honestly, the reason why most of the East European countries entered the EU were these funds of which the Eastern countries were the biggest beneficiaries, particularly the elite in the countries. I am very much against taking money from the haves in Europe and giving it to the have nots. These funds are often appropriated by corrupt entities and go to support businesses that should learn to function in market economy instead.

Hungary should just exist the EU, help Russia take over Ukraine and become a part of the greater Eurasia that is emerging. Make alliance with Serbia and create a corridor from the Balkans to Ukraine which will look like a penis in the arse of Europe. The EU is an artificial structure based on faith in the religion of European integration and increasingly on bullying. The sooner countries get rid of the dictate of Brussels, the better for them…

Why You Lying, Why You Always Lying?

If there isn’t any peremoha to report, we will manufacture a peremoha. The cannon fodder… I mean the Ukrainian people will believe anything…

So it says: The armed forces of Ukraine have 26 time destroyed here sic enemy gear. The Russians have returned after every “babovnya” (god knows what this means, probably bombing) and they have gotten it again.

I think they wanted to make the impression that they shot down a Russian helicopter but they forgot that on the tail it say Nebezpechno which means Danger but in Ukrainian. So drawing a Z on a piece of gear is not enough…


How Many Women do You Have to Date Before You Meet the Right One?

The answer to the above does not exist but watch the video below…

The star of the above video went on a date with 100 women. Whenever I hear such a staggering number from a guy, my initial thought is. “He isn’t very choosy about the women he dates.” There are probably plenty of single mothers and other train-wrecks in the bunch. Yours truly has no time for this shit.

And to achieve that number, you probably need to live in a metropolitan area, and dedicate your entire life to dating women. And if after dozens of dates you do not find anything serious and worth while, what’s the point of doing this?