After the victorious Maidan, then president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko introduced a new tradition in connection with the Victory Day, which is on the level of Prince Philip cargo cults somewhere in the Pacific. They started to wear poppies, and Zelensky seems to continue this “tradition”.

British readers may be familiar with poppy wearing because it is worn to commemorate the fallen in the First World War in UK. The Ukrainian poppy is worn on 8 May, the day victory in the Second World War is celebrated in the West. The Victory Day is celebrated on the 9 in Russia and was celebrated on the 9 in Ukraine too until recently.

Or rather it is worn by government flunkies because by far not everyone has accepted this new idiocy and some mean individuals have even called it “ochko bandery“ – Bandera’s anus…

The Two Challenges of Ukraine

Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken identified two challenges of Ukraine…

“Ukraine faces twin challenges — aggression from outside coming from Russia, and in effect, aggression from within coming from corruption, oligarchs and others who are putting their interests ahead of those of the Ukrainian people,”

The problem is, Ukraine was created as a country for the oligarchs and by the oligarchs. If Ukraine was a country by the people and for the people, it would be a federation and would be friendly to Russia.

Maniacs, the Cult of Killers

This is some hardcore!!!

In my post about the Facebook ban on a Russian news story that reported about the Ukrainian connections of the recent series of arrests of Neonazis across Russia, I have only remotely touched upon the identity of the group in question because back then my information on it was rather disorganized. Here is what I have gathered so far…

Basically, the group that is the target of the FSB arrests is called MANIACS, THE CULT OF KILLERS, and it was founded by certain Egor Krasnov, native of Dnipro, Ukraine. This young gentleman apparently attended several Azov battalion summer camps as a youth, and had violent proclivities. Eventually, he found joy in the killing of the homeless, alcoholics, junkies etc. However, he also shared his exploits with likeminded individuals online, on Telegram and on Dark Net, and enticed them to do the same and record their deeds on camera to be shared by the community. He was able to build a considerable following throughout the CIS.

Krasnov was an adherent of the white supremacists ideology, which he likely apprehended in the Azov camp but he himself said the Azov was too mainstream for his tastes. He harboured hatred towards those that were darker than is the usual Ukrainian phenotype. It is said he has assaulted an Iranian student with a knife, which alerted the authorities to his activities and he was taken under arrest.

EGOR KRASNOV “Our goal is a racially pure state”

After his arrest, the content of his social media properties change a bit. While under Krasnov’s management the main topic revolved around killings of lowlives and filming it, the content after his arrest contains instructions on how to make bombs, commit arson, and what is more interesting anti-government rhetoric, and the necessity to kill cops. Reports have it, the group arrested in Voronezh were also part of local pro-Navalny groups and gave instructions on how to behave during protests, especially how to fight the police.

Sieg Heiling Nazis at Navalny protest

It seems that the SBU (Ukrainian secret service) has captured Krasnov’s social media accounts and was managing them, or alternatively curated Krasnov’s activity.

Based mostly on this video

Why the Chinese Social Credit is Actually Better Than American Society 282

Not that we haven’t seen this before…

The American right-wing commentator and activist, Nick Fuentes was deplatformed from a variety of services and put on a no-fly list. Fuentes still has Twitter to tell us about it…

Therefore, you can basically be treated like a criminal for supporting Donald Trump in contemporary America. Say hello to one party state in all but name.

Well, I think the Chinese system is actually better than these waves of woke hysteria in the Society 282 as Egor Kholmogorov called it after the article 282 of the Russian penal codex that related to hate speech and extremism. The Chinese social credit actually gives you clear blueprint on how to become a good citizen. I do not want to defend that system, I personally think totalitarian states are prone to abuse, and I am fine with the weak state of the Czechs but if given the choice now, I would choose China to live instead of US. The American and by extension Western system of values is still indefinite, you never know which protected group your speech crosses, you also do not expect that in a democratic society supporting a legitimate political force will lead to persecution.

We live in liminal times and the West is unfortunately moving in a really unhealthy direction.

Apple Music 100 Ukraine

Made me feel old…

I went through the whole playlist and haven’t heard the Ukrainian language once. And this sort of proves one of the central thesis of this blog, and that is Russian is the dominant language in Ukraine. It dominates the charts on Spotify too.

Meanwhile though, the Ukrainian language is propped up by the government through quotas on radio and the television. Maybe they should send a delegation to California, or wherever these companies are based, and tell them to practice some affirmative action. We need to speak the language Americans will understand. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian authorities have also banned the rapper Morgenshtern from coming to Ukraine.

Now Morgenshtern is a controversial figure. The Russian conservatives would like to see him removed from public space. I understand that his music is degenerate but look around, the world around you is degenerate. Meanwhile in Ukraine, this article even calls Morgenshtern an element of Russian soft power. I think Morgenshtern must be laughing his socks off at what is happening. Evil Russians have found some Bashkir degenerate to plant seeds of doom in Ukraine. LMAO

And Morgenshtern truly is an influential cultural product. I personally found out about Morgenshtern through a Czech girl I dated, who was 15 years my junior. Now you may say, but Leoš, isn’t Apple Music and Spotify for wealthy urbanite hipsters, and the usual Ukrainian does not have access to it because he has no money? Yes but the cool kids have it, and poor kids want to be cool too. So I think the charts are a good reflection of what the people want to listen to.

The Massacre of Odessa

I am glad there are people in my country, who know the truth. I have discovered a wonderful text on a Czech blog of which I provide a translation:

At a time when our country is in the grips of an affair that will write itself into the annals of Czech history as the provocation of Vrbětice, it is easy to overlook an anniversary of the massacre of Odessa, which shook the civilised World seven years ago. Amazingly, in the same year when the foundations of the current (Czech) theatre were laid.

Let us make a summary of the facts. It is May 2014, in Odessa on the Kulikovo pole, in front of the House of the Trade Unions, there is a tent city, where the people are protesting in favour of federalisation of Ukraine. They are unsure that Kiev’s policy accords with their idea of living with the Russians. Simultaneously, just by chance, there is a football match held in the city, which was attended by a horde of scum, just like everywhere in the World. (my note: in fact, the neonazi scum was drawn into the city over several weeks and this was just a reinforcement). To mix provocateurs into such a crowd was not hard. And at this moment there begins a False Flag Operation, which already went so well in Kiev (my note: the author means the still unexplained shootings at late Maidan). Some commando with St. George’s Ribbons begins to shoot at the crowd and the first people fall dead that evening. The mob is livid and a clash soon begins. Suddenly, St. George’s Ribbons disappear and a commando with Yellow & Blue Ribbons appears. Some mean people say that the attackers just changed the ribbons but that is just a speculations. The fact is that the St. George’s Ribbons suddenly disappeared.

After the sudden disappearance of the commando, the mob overwhelmed its opponents and drove them to Kulikovo Pole, where the supporters of federalisation had their camp. The enraged mob chased all the Moskals (the pejorative name used for Ukrainian Russians, my note: actually all Russians) and a massacre that we cannot well imagine in our civilised age began. I am not a sadist, however, anyone interested can find photos and testimonies that will make your stomach churn. Although this material is heavily censored. I will forever remember an image of a pregnant woman with a spread out legs on a table. I do not even want to imagine what she must have suffered before she died. In the building there were many people with a burned upper part of the body, it suggests they were set alight and suffocated from the fumes. Reports of rape and lynching have leaked out into the public soon after. Several tens of people have died.

Kiev brushed everything under a rug. Not paying attention to the fact of burned corpses, they said the victims died because of few molotov cocktails thrown into the windows. No mention of murders, rape, setting people alight and beating those that jumped out of the windows to death. Even Czech Television, the media that cares so much about Navalny does not want to investigate this. As if nothing happened. Therefore, we can just watch how the Kiev government does not want to prosecute the perpetrators of this mass murder, and simultaneously, the witnesses are mysteriously disappearing. At the same time, we are witnessing the worship of the war criminal Bandera, celebrations of the liberation of Ukraine by the Wehrmacht and other historical manipulations that would disgust any normal man. All this is accompanied by cheerful moaning of the media in presumably democratic countries that did not notice the massacre of Odessa but they are fervently feeding the plebs with a fairy tale about clumsy Russian agents.

Ukraine is the future battlefield between Russia and the West. Many young Ukrainians do not want to become cannon fodder and leave the country in droves in hope they will return one day when peace reigns. We can only hope that the plans of the jarheads only stay at yapping over the fence. I just do not believe that while we are yapping, we should so categorically adopt the viewpoint of this or that side. Because sometimes it so happens that the small dogs get sacrificed when two big dogs are fighting. As if we (Czechs) do not have experience of this. It is a shame that we are not behaving more like the Austrians. Ok, a bankrupt Westinghouse will build the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant, and we can close the factories that export to Russia if our big brother wills it. However, nobody can convince that the West is out in pursuit of truth and love. (my note: a slogan of Václav Havel used sarcastically for the woke segment of the Czech public, who are also the main critics of Russia). The business here is about resources and money.

If the West really wanted justice, this massacre would be investigated as an act of genocide.

PS: Tomorrow, the National Corps, the civilian wing of the neonazi Azov battalion will hold a march celebrating the massacre in Odessa.

I am so Glad I am not on Facebook Anymore, Facebook Censorship is Disgusting

Guess what dear viewers, Facebook censored people who shared a photo of a man throwing a sieg heil at a neonazi demonstration held several days ago in Kiev, featured in this post, so says Anatoly Shariy…

I don’t have any reason to disbelieve Anatoly because, as was mentioned on this blog, neonazis moderate Facebook in Ukraine. Imagine I would still have a profile on Facebook and I would share my posts from this blog? It wouldn’t be safe, and I could be blocked. The people that shared this photo thought the public deserves to know but that I guess that goes against community standards. And I will add that this multi billion company is morally bankrupt, and you are better off not using it.

These People Would Simply Drive Us Back to Caves

So, some members of the European Parliament came up with the brilliant idea on how to punish Russia should it intervene in Ukraine…

Check out point 8 of this wonderful document:

Underscores that if such a military build-up were in the future to be transformed into an invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, the EU must make clear that the price for such a violation of international law and norms would be severe; insists, therefore, that in such circumstances imports of oil and gas from Russia to the EU be immediately stopped, while Russia should be excluded from the SWIFT payment system, and all assets in the EU of oligarchs close to the Russian authorities and their families in the EU need to be frozen and their visas cancelled; 

The entire document reflects the kind of warped thinking about Russia of those that compiled it. But I did not think our representatives, and unfortunately I see many Czechs singed underneath the resolution, are this dumb. If the above was realised, what will be frozen will not be the assets of the Russian oligarchs (who really cares about some condo in Knightsbridge and kids in Hogwarts?) but our asses in winter.

Besides, the document compilers are completely inane and Josep Borrell soon set the record straight by saying that the EU cannot take Russia out of SWIFT. Instead of compiling inane resolutions like this, the European parasites should instead call Kiev and tell it to get on the peace train. Because if they ever try to fuck with Russia, they will pay the ultimate price. I think the Kiev regime got the message during the Russian build up of forces.

Little wretches of Europe think that the only way to speak to Russia is through threats, that is a mistake. This year it was Kiev that tuck the tail as a cowardly dog after a real display of might.

Petrov’s Moldovan Passport is Fake AF

In connection with the accusations against Russian agents, Petrov and Boshirov, in the explosions in munition storages in Vrbětice, the Czech media presented fake Tajik and Moldovan passports of the perpetrators.

The problem is that any Moldovan passport can be verified on a government website. And guess what? The passport above does not pass verification…

But then the question remains, how did Petrov aka. Nikolai Popa get a visa to come to the Czech Republic? Why haven’t we seen the actual visa on which he entered the country? And where did the Czech authorities get the passport number presented?

PS: Czech media are full of articles about the danger of Russian disinformations. However, they do not feel the shame in lying to the public like this. Because, with Russia, anything goes…

There Was a March in Honour of the Foundation of the SS Halychyna in Kiev

Nazis in Kiev have staged a commemoration of the founding of the SS Halychyna, a volunteer force of the Waffen SS, the 14th Brigadier Division recruited from the inhabitants of the Distrikt Galizien, that is Western Ukraine, in 1943. It was a collaborationist force used mostly to fight anti-Nazi partisans across East-Central Europe. Kiev has not seen any marches commemorating this unit of Waffen SS but it has been the scene of commemoration of another West Ukrainian nationalist icon, Stepan Bandera for many years.

The march has created a lot of controversy, and was condemned not only by the usual adherents of the Soviet Ukrainian narrative but also by people that generally make apologetics for Ukrainian nationalists, such as the historian, Volodymyr Vyatrovych. The attendance was rather low:

But knowing how this works, this is but testing the waters. Prepare for a show of force next time…

Number of dodgy characters have joined the march…

This one is sieg heiling…

Cossack larpers remind me of the Italian fashioner designer, Franco Moschino for some reason…

The neonazi leader Evhen Karas’ made these curios invitations…