Women Dumb, Men Blamed

You can read the whole drivel here, I wish I did not.

The bottom line is, you can gather any panel of modern women to talk about relationships and they would inevitably embarrass themselves. There are dozens of channels on YouTube that aggregate TikTok videos of women telling on themselves. The cat is out of the bag.

No amount of cries about misogyny will help put it back.

Boycott the Woke

Years ago I started boycotting Gillette shaving products over a man hating feminist campaign they ran. I heard they actually lost money because I wasn’t the only one doing it.

I am actually surprised it took the public so long to address all these corporations that promote this woke shit to the masses with a boycott. I would say the majority of retailers, and everyday products have some alternative. They might have competitors or small business alternatives.

Tell me please, whose idea was it to have that idiot Dylan Mulvaney on the beer cans? Shitty beer and that fuckface will surely sell…

Boycotts are clearly working my friends, and if you want to effect change boycott woke products. We might not get them all but we can definitely hurt some, and hurt them badly. I have recently canceled my HBO subscription over Velma. As of now, I do not subscribe to any streaming service. A family member provides me with Netflix and I think that’s enough garbage.

Everything can be replaced with a non-woke alternative…