The Leader of the Neonazi Azov Battalion in Mariupol is Denis Prokopenko

Coincidentally, my mother’s maiden name is Prokopenko. This distant relative of mine really let himself go…

Here his opinion is featured on CNN. CNN promotes Neonazis in 2022.

Black Sun Azov Magazine featuring Prokopenko, with what looks like an Israeli made rifle…

Azov goons cower behind civilians, and shoot at them should they try to leave.

Reports are coming in that Prokopenko has given up the defense of Azovstal and surrendered to the Russians.

Video is in Czech, meanwhile on Daily Mail.

Murican Wunderwaffe Javelin Being Seized by the People’s Militia of the Donbas

I can barely tell the American Javelin system from the British N-LAW, so excuse me if some pictures get mixed in. Also, I don’t think most of the soldiers are People’s Militia of the Donbas but regular Russian force.

These are Chechen forces in an abandoned ammunition depo near Zaparozhye, the source say the Ukrainian force fled without engaging them.

More seized guns coming:

Anti-tank guns are not the only gear being seized…

Does anyone have reliable statistic on how many Russian tanks were destroyed by Javelins in the Ukraine conflict?

Anti tank missile launcher shown on Russian TV.

Vita Zaverukha is the Icon That Defines the Kiev Regime

Just so that you remember, in the video where the Nazis, Korchinsky and Serdyuk promise not to take any prisoners of war, there was featured Vita Zaverukha of Right Sector, Aidar fame and known for saying “death to the Orthodox”… that’s all folks. And don’t tell me we aren’t fighting Nazis in Ukraine.

I remarked to my friend in Kiev at he start of the current war that the face of the Kiev regime is Vita Zaverukha shooting an RPG at a village.

Ukraine’s International Volunteers Obliterated

Yuri Podolyaka says around 30 “soldiers” of the International Brigade of Ukraine volunteers have been killed, and about 100 have been wounded in a missile strike of a base in Yavoriv in Lvov region. Seven Kalibr rockets have turned the base into this:

I don’t know if these reports are related to these missile strikes:

The above is in Chernigov:

Solovyev: Yesterday, a rocket attack was targeting not only Yavoriv military ground in the Lvov Region, having destroyed Washington’s plans to turn this site into a multifunctional transport hub with the purposes to send foreign mercenaries to take part in fighting in Ukraine. Also, according to citizens of Chernigov one of the city hotels was destroyed. In the ruins the headquarters of International Nazi Legion was discovered. Fighters of this group became infamous through posts on social media where they displayed humiliation of civilians and POWs.

I have been greeted by an army of soyboys yesterday while trolling on YouTube, who were telling me how the Russians are losing badly, how they lost 2 or 4 generals already, how Russia is paper tiger. All of these couch potatoes, who know jack shit about warfare like me, were regurgitating silly Ukrainian fakes, and I know this comes from Western media, who have completely failed when it comes to reporting this war. And I am wondering, whether some of these volunteers weren’t convinced by this abysmal reporting in “reputable” papers to go to Ukraine to meet their doom?

I understand people’s desire to help the Kiev regime given the hysteria in the mainstream media but you understand, the hysteria over Ukraine is because Putin is uncovering one stinky can of worms over there. I don’t think the funky Kiev regime can be saved, nor do I think it should be saved. STAY HOME!!!

The Mirror is reporting:


For French speakers, I get what it is about but will not translate it:

I received this commercial on YouTube today:

Paul Joseph Watson on the topic:

This space is rapidly becoming some clown world comedy:

Reports have it that two Czech nationals serving in the Karpathian Sich were arrested in Irpin, near Kiev, for stealing from their brothers in arms. Report in Czech:

I have featured the Karpathian Sich here. They are total Nazis.

Aiden Aslin

How it started:

Gonzalo Lira aka Coach Red Pill Has Gone Missing

Before the Russian invasion, I was writing a post on historians murdered by Ukrainian Neonazis but I did not finish it because there were more pressing topics to write about. I have mentioned Vitaly Maslovsky, (the link is in Russian) who wrote about the Ukrainian nationalists. He was ostracised, and later died under strange circumstances having received death threats. I also wrote about the more famous, Oles’ Buzyna, who was murdered outside the apartment building he lived in by Neonazis in 2015, and low and behold, none of these Neonazis have faced justice for the murder to this day.

Since the start of the invasion a number of people critical of the Zelensky regime were arrested by the SBU, Ukraine’s secret service. I can name Yuri Tkachev, a journalist from Odessa, Dmitry Skvortsov and Yan Taksyur from Kiev out of my head. Same fate has likely visited Gonzalo Lira, a Chilean, who lives in Kharkov, and whose videos about the Ukraine crisis have gone viral. Gonzalo Lira was previously known in the manosphere as Coach Red Pill, who was doing your regular dating advice videos. However, he has built quite a following there, and became even more famous by appearing on prominent podcasts, and online, and TV programmes to comment about what is happening in Ukraine.

Hopefully, he is alive, and did not meet the same fate as Oles’ Buzyna, and I also hope that his prominent media standing will help spread the word on the nature of the Ukrainian regime.

PS: The Daily Beast did a hit piece on Gonzalo Lira, where an author, clearly an ethnic Ukrainian or a Ukrainian Jew, Mark Hay writes that Lira was giving toxic dating advice. This is what he gives an example:

“Never date a woman in her thirties,” Lira, who’s in his fifties, said in one video created in 2020. He also argued that, “irrespective of what they claim they want,” all women only truly desire money, a house, and kids, as child-rearing is the one thing that will biologically validate them. That women who are still single and childless in their thirties have supposedly ignored that imperative in order to live the ‘hedonistic’ lifestyle that a “degenerate” Western culture pushes them towards, chasing the hottest 15 percent of guys for meaningless sex. And that when they hit their thirties, they all get “baby rabies,” but realize their looks are fading. (“It’s biology,” he said. “Women age badly. Men age like wine.”) So, they will all supposedly lie and connive to trick a man into marriage and a pregnancy, after which they’ll reveal their true faces.

Beta schmuck Mark Hay

You are perfectly welcome young man to seriously date a 30+ Western female, who was passed around by half of the hockey team in your town. You are the loser that gets the leftovers, a mother fucker in my book. Luckily some of these women have been so used to alpha cock, they can’t even properly relate to guys like you, and feel resentful that they have to settle for, well you… Their attitude may save you further troubles. The fact that many men don’t want women over thirty is evidenced by the sheer number of articles, in The Daily Beast among other publications I bet, about the amazing women in their 30s, who cannot find a man, or rather that cannot find a man that will take them seriously.

According to the mainstream media, you have to man up and take the leftovers mother fucker! And sure, tell me the West is not degenerate…

UPD: Gonzalo was found, he says he was detained by the SBU:

European Industries and Agriculture are Suffering Over Ukraine War, Sanctions and Stupid EU Policies

From Bloomberg:

Germany’s industrial base, just emerging from pandemic and unprecedented supply-chain challenges, is taking another beating with Russia’s war on Ukraine hitting its powerhouse car, chemical and precision-machinery manufacturers.

As the conflict pushes energy costs to new heights and a wave of inflation builds, scores of companies including BMW AGBASF SE and ThyssenKrupp AG have warned their earnings will slip while others declined even to offer a prediction. Economists have slashed growth forecasts.

“If the war drags on, it would seriously threaten a world order that has brought freedom and prosperity to many parts of the world over the past decades,” Herbert Diess, Volkswagen AG’s chief executive officer, said this month at the company’s annual earnings press conference. “Europe would suffer the most in such a scenario.”


High prices of gas are caused by Europe’s anti-Russian policy, the Third Energy Package. It is already taking a toll on agriculture. Fertiliser is expensive, agrarians can’t heat their greenhouses. The Czech mainstream media are completely silent about this.

We are quickly getting Ukrainised here, and it is not the Ukrainian refugees that are causing it…

Meanwhile in Murica

Price of bread in the Czech Republic:

Yesterday I bought a half for 38 CZK, that means the whole loaf coasts 76 CZK. In Russia, bread costs…

Yes roughly 44 rubles. Here is 76 CZK in rubles:

Yes dear readers, a loaf of bread cost 347 rubles in the Czech Republic…

Shares of Fosagro, a large fertilizer producer.

10 liters of rapeseed oil, that would be 55 euros:

Ruble price is back to pre-sanctions levels…

Headlines like these, import cucumbers from Russia dorks! Or vote in a better government.

More headlines:

Fighting Putin from the couch, the Czechs are heatig less, they see their future without gas…

I don’t know which Czechs, but I do not see our future without natural gas, not at present…

You ain’t heating your home mother fuckers? How do you even live? Have you seen what the weather is?

Rogozin: This is how Germans will live thanks to Scholz’s sanctions.
In Lithuania, a fertiliser factory terminated production. The factory exported 90% of its production to Germany, France, the Netherlands, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Guatemala and other countries. The reason for the halt in production are EU sanctions against Belarus and Russia. Friendly fire is a trend among EU politicians. How long will EU citizens tolerate the bastards that made it to power?
How can I harm Putin? By riding the car less, and heating your gas with gas less.

So imagine, you have a house in the suburbs that is heated by gas, and you are commuting to work in the city by a car. So, you will have to wake up earlier to catch the bus, you will wait for the bus in the cold. Your house will also be cold, and ultimately you are harming yourself. Cold, and stress will fucking kill you.

It is not certain that you are actually harming Putin this way. The aforementioned Third Energy Package of the EU stipulates that the importer of gas, that is Gazprom, cannot be the distributor of gas in the EU. My gas is supplied by eON that gets gas from Germany and maybe other sources. 60% of gas in the Czech Republic is coming from Russia, via Germany and perhaps also the Ukrainian pipeline. However, what about the other 40% of gas. I don’t know if currently Russian gas is heating my home, or if it is some politically gas from Qatar or Norway? All I know is prices are through the roof, and I will have to likely save because it is bloody expensive.

High gas prices are the result of EU policy that is killing the industry, and harming the people. Meanwhile, mainstream media fuckers like Martin Fendrych are trying to sell you the idea that if you start saving, you will harm Putin’s war machine and help Ukraine. While the mainstream media is feeding you illiterate shit like this, 8 alternative websites with .cz domains that could have told you the truth about high energy prices are blocked, and top politicians accuse these sites of being sponsored by the Kremlin. The owners of those websites want to file a lawsuit against these politicians to prove their claims of Russian financing.

If you cannot produce affordable energy without Russia, then you will suffer because of your Russophobia and support for the Ukrainian Nazis. It is your fight. I will survive this hopefully because I have reserves and property. As for motherfuckers in the government, they should hope that the people will vote for them again after shameful display.

The Mainstream Media is Feeding You Shit

Well, I am not sure why anyone still trusts the mainstream media after their abysmal performance on Covid and Ukrainian crisis. Hunter Biden’s laptop is a long established fact. We have all seen the photos and videos of Hunter having fun. I have posted those already in 2020, and they are still getting traffic to this. I bet there were many more interesting things but the media failed to report on them before the presidential election. Watch a recent video by Russell Brand:

The mainstream are ones that have created a stink about so called disinformation. They have mouth full of fake news and Russian bots, when they are one ones who peddle most of the disinformation and suppress relevant information. You can’t blame people for turning to blogs and alternative websites in search of the truth, when mainstream media and dominant social media platforms have become a gutter, and when censorship has reached levels last seen in the Czech lands in 1980s.