Long Hand of Putler Killed Pavlo Sheremet?

Pavlo Sheremet was a Belorussian-born Russian journalist, who was a critic Putler and Batka Lukashenko. And then he got killed in an explosion in Kiev, Ukraine, where he resided in the last years of his life…

Recently his killers were apprehended. They turned out to be veterans of the War in Eastern Ukraine. But Ukrainian media speculates…

The killing of Pavlo Sheremet: were the soldier and the medic hired agents of Russia?

Anton Shekhovtsov Says the Danger Comes not From Russia but From China

A number of talking heads have expressed this opinion recently. Shekhovtsov mentions Emmanuel Macron, and Edward Lucas in this Swedish article…

Below is an electronic translation of the subheading:

As the increasingly authoritarian Moscow blindly strikes and strikes for a place in the emerging multipolar world, the country seems to be on the verge of being transformed into a pacifier for Beijing .Only a madman thinks it would be good for Europe with a huge, nuclear-armed proxy superpower acting in the interests of China and the Chinese industry. It is therefore important that European leaders, instead of pushing Russia into the arms of Beijing, consider how they can integrate Russia into a major Europe. But the current corrupt and aggressive leadership in Moscow is pointless to speak with. Therefore, the hope lies in cultivating a European identity – especially with the Russian youth. Europe should regard today’s Russia as a misguided lamb that will eventually return to its European flock, under the conditions of the Western countries, says Shekhovtsov.

In translation, Europe (whatever is meant by that, probably the EU) should continue treating Russia like shit, while we continue to poison the minds of the Russian youth.

I don’t think the Westerners don’t fully realise what they are up against, and Eastern sycophants like Shekhovtsov are too cowardly to treat this matter rationally.

The Maidan was Instigated by Putler so That he can Take Crimea

A number of Ukrainians express doubts about the so called Revolution of Dignity. After 5 years, the event of 2013-2014 have matured in people’s head and some are expressing the most wild of opinions…

This guy I encountered on Twitter claims Putler instructed Yanukovych to reject the EU Association deal in order to spark protests and riots, so that in the wake of this chaos, Putler would be able to seize Crimea.

One only wonders where they come up with this shit?

The Maidan became the last component of Putin’s plan to occupy Crimea.
I think the Putin gave instructions to Yanukovych not to sing the EU Association Agreement because Putin foresaw what would happen.

Egor Zhukov’s Attorney says he Will Donate Money Collected for Egor’s Defense to The Ukrainian Armed Forces

For those who don’t know, Egor Zhukov is Moscow antigovernment activist of some internet fame. He was recently given a suspended three year sentence for inciting extremism…

Egor Zhukov

Egor’s attorney, Ilya Novikov says he will donate the money collected for Egor’s defense to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As always it isn’t worth my time to translate the entire drivel, so here comes the important stuff:

Everything that [Egor] says about he effectiveness of nonviolence is generally alright and there isn’t of course any extremism in that. And his words about love and responsibility are very sincere, and I like them very much. However, unlike Egor I believe in the effectiveness of violence. And I know, that for some to peacefully protest in 198 ways of Gene Sharp, and not end up in the van with broken ribs after each protest, it is good for some who are ready to shoot and be shot to be near by. And if they are not near, one pays with further broken ribs and heads of peaceful protesters, and even complete passerbys.

Therefore, the money I received for the defense of Egor I will transfer to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And a further 99,999₽ from me personally because on the 6 December, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have a holiday. And you too can join, the line of defense is not just in court.


Anatoly Karlin: “Defending a liberal, you are killing a Russian.”