Russia Brings Warmth and Light

Those were the words uttered by the Czech parliamentarian, Lubomír Volný. And they are eerily similar to those that I uttered while I was still trolling Twitter.

The construction is not hard to make when you think that a large part of the electricity in this country is generated by Russian TVEL (nuclear fuel) and the water in homes, middle class and wealthier ones at least, are heated by gas from Russia.

The Czech Republic is in midsts of a hysteria regarding the possible Russian involvement in the construction of new blocks at the nuclear plant Dukovany. The issue is acute, since the nuclear power plants in the country are aging.

Several years ago, the government wanted to construct several new blocks in Temelín, the younger of the two power plants in the country. I do not know what happened to the plans because I was in the UK back then. My information is, there was a media hysteria which buried the initiative.

Currently, the Russian bid for Dukovany is further endangered by a fanciful conspiracy theory about Petrov and Boshirov blowing up a munition storage. Hence the Dukovany project may go the way of a Dodo, I mean Temelín.

The US administration has been already heard that they do not wish to see the Russians building nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic. Serval years ago, the Americans tried to push their version of TVEL on the Czechs but due to technical problems, the Czechs went back to using Russian nuclear fuel.

It seems we have another case of Murica trying to cuck the economies of Eastern Europe.

I really hope the government will find an alternative to Rosatom and the nuclear plants in this country will eventually be built but I am afraid they will not. The Russians have the appropriate technology suited for Dukovany and Temelín. It is not clear the Americans can come up with something similar and for the same price. The rest of the Western bidders are even less hopeful. The Koreans seem good but they are a half World away.

What I think will actually happen is that the current government will chicken out of any plans for nuclear plants and come autumn, they will lose the elections due to people being fed up with the COVID measures. The people that will replace them will not be keen on building anything.

It is funny that the liberal democratic system that replaced communism will prove incapable of building nuclear power plants. Mind you, both nuclear power plants in the country were initiated by the communists. Eventually, I believe, the Czechs will have to close their nuclear plants and their coal plants too. What will be left, will be energy imports from neighboring nations.

The Americans are working hard to expel Russia from this region but other countries may also have an interest in keeping the Czech Republic from generating energy because in the end, they will become the suppliers. It would be really funny if Germany became the supplier of electricity and gas in the Czech Republic. Gas from Russia, and electricity generated by German gas plants running on Russian gas.

It is very unfortunate but I fear Mr. Volný will probably not grace the next parliament. He was kicked out of his home party some months ago, and the Czechs vote for parties not personalities. I voted for Mr. Volný in the European national elections.

Neonazi Problem in Ukraine is Being Hushed by (some in) the West

From time to time you might see a Western commentator says that Ukraine does not have a Nazi problem because… fill in your lame reason… Usually they say that explicitly nationalist parties do not score significant electoral victories. That is partially true but when Svoboda was propped up financially under Yanukovych, they actually got seats in the Rada (the national parliament of Ukraine). The whole argument falls apart when you consider that the big oligarch supported parties in Ukraine that form the Rada now have pretty much adopted the nationalist program that consists of forcible Ukrainization, attack on canonical links between the Ukrainian and Russian Orthodox Churches, rehabilitation of Nazi collaborators and the demonisation of the Soviet past, and overall Russophobia.

Another argument that I have heard from Anton Shekhovtsov, an NGO worker that focuses on far right movements, is that the Nazis of the Azov battalion are not really a problem because they are under the control of the Ministry of Interior. Recently, I have watched Anatoly Shariy on the Vladimir Slovyov’s podcast, and he said: “Who cares if the Neonazis get low scores in elections, they have guns.” Well, they literally have tanks. My take on this has been that the West keeps a blind eye on Nazis in Ukraine because:

  1. Neonazis mean Western policies towards Ukraine may be discredited in the eyes of the Western public and therefore denial, half truths, and accusations of Russian disinformation.
  2. Ukraine has become something similar to Afghanistan in the eighties. There, Islamic fanatics were mobilised to fight the Soviets, and here Neonazis are mobilised to fight the Russian cultural element in Ukraine, the separatists in the East if not directly the Russian Federation.

Neonazis were instrumental in the victory of the Maidan and radical nationalism is used to repress pro-Russian people, and the Russian cultural element in Ukraine. I do not think the Azov Nazis would last against a Russian military but should the Russians intervene in Ukraine on behalf of the separatists, the West is going to enact sanctions and embargoes. Hence we have a situation where Nazis shell villages in Eastern Ukraine and it makes Russia look bad.

The other day, an interview with a former journalist of RFE/RL, Alexander Orlov for RT came to my attention, particularly because of this passage.

I translate: “There was a story from Ukraine. A story about a youth camp run by the battalion “Azov”, where children with the Wolfsangel rune on their jackets are playing war games. I have made a trailer with the title “From the heart to the Sun. A Neonazi camp youth camp was opened near Kiev.” Everyone was unhappy with it, and the Ukrainian section demanded I be sacked. (To their credit, a number of Western publications reported on the Azov Neonazi summer camp, although I believe the story of Neonazis in Ukraine deserves more attention than it gets)

“You are wrong, you are wrong” – Said [my] colleague Michael, the vice president actually, “Ukraine needs a little bit of this “national socialism” to win.”

One only wonders what they are winning by supporting a bunch of Hitler worshipers? We see a case of presenting American interests, which is to cause problems for Russia, as the interests of the Ukrainian people. But the opposite is the case, enmity with Russia is actually a detriment to the entire region, and it is in the interest of Eastern Europe to shed this enmity and mute the agents of American influence.

As for the brand of “national socialism”, this is basically the violent street culture of the Neonazis, which is not something you want to cultivate in your society. Ukraine has seen the murders of ordinary citizens by Neonazi thugs in recent years, in drunken street brawls, because since they have gained social acceptance, they have become much too bold and now prey on Ukrainian normies. There is some indication that the Ukrainian secret service is making attempts to spread this vile ideology among the youths of Russia but the FSB works rather well at countering it.

PS: Another interesting moment in the Alexander Orlov interview is where he tells that he was chastised for calling members of the Al Qaeda in Syria “terrorists”. Clearly, US is pimping and giving information cover to radical Muslims in Syria, and here you have an answer to why Russia is involved there. These terrorists employed against Assad’s regime will next be employed against Russia and their allies. A similar situation is with Ukraine and sooner or later Russia will be militarily involved there too.

Crack, Rotten Meth Teeth, and Orgies from Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Hunter Biden, the son of the incumbent US president is a one hell of an animal. I am glad the video of him getting a footjob and smoking on whatever is still on BitChute. But I have obtained these photos from a source:

Hunter’s crack cocaine stash…

Don’t worry kids, if you have sufficient resources, you can get your teeth fixed after heavy meth use. Although one wonders if you can ever get your brains in order after this load of chemical nastiness?

Vitaly Grechin is a One Large Perv

This Ukrainian American hipster:

(Photo curtesy of the Sun, they also have uncensored butts. I am not as big. By the way, the Sun article calls him Russian)

This Ukrainian-American hipster makes THOTs do this…

Flash their butts like this in Dubai. The participants in this were arrested and will be deported by Emirati authorities. This guy claims to be close to Obama.

From his FB. Obama look like he had some of that ass and couple of joints too.

According to reports, the women involved are a troupe from Ukraine that call themselves the “Butt Squad.”

Neonazis Vandalize The Office of the President of Ukraine

This is what the door to the office of the president on Bankovaya street in central Kiev looks like now…

The neonazis have protested the jailing of a neonazi thug, Sternenko. But I am rather worried about a regime that allows the mob to vandalize seats of authority like this. The response of Murica to a rampaging mob was to call in the military to Washington DC.

So what will be Zelensky’s reaction to this?

Biden Comes out as Putler Killer Cultist

So, as you may have probably heard, the senile president of the United States called Vladimir Putin a killer, after being asked in an interview if he thinks Putin is a killer…

Putler Killer has been a meme the Russophobic circles in the West have now peddled for some time. But what to make of it. I will tell you what to make of this. Biden is a senile old man, and a leader of a declining power. Russia is on the rise, and the more Russia strides forth, these old Russophobes will more hysterical. But otherwise, such comments are nothing to worry about. For instance, Boris Johnson likened Putin to Hitler in 2018, and predictably UK-Russian relations were getting progressively worse…

Yeah, Putin is Hitler and he is a killer, and he is the best leader Russia had in decades.

China Sent a Business Delegation to Crimea

Ukrainian Member of the Rada, Vadim Rabinovich wrote the following on his Facebook:

China’s reply to Ukraine’s stance on the “Motor Sich”.

The Chinese have long maintained their neutrality on the issue of Crimea. However, they have suddenly “changed their mind” and have dispatched there a representative committee headed by the members of the Beijing Export-Import Commission to “establish partnership”. The Chinese businessmen have, together with local authorities, agreed to establish contacts with local companies, they have presented an action plan in the area of tourism and health tours for Chinese citizens. They are also ready to invest in the hotel industry.


RIA Novosti reports the Crimean Minister of Economic Development confirmed a visit of Chinese businessmen took place.

Motor Sich is a Ukrainian factory that makes engines for airplanes. A large share in the company was recently sold by its private owners to Chinese investors. The Ukrainian government, likely under pressure from America, sanctioned the Chinese investors, and said this is a matter of national security.

It begs a question, whose national security? Ukraine’s or America’s? The governments of the East European countries seem to have made American economic and security issues their own. A perfect colonial relationship.