Shilling for Globalism and Ukraine Will Turn you Into a Freak

So, there was a protest in Moscow against mobilization…

I’m sorry grandpa, the mobilization is not about you…

What the fuck? Billie Ellish fans think they are soldier material.

This guy in fisherman’s hat shouted obscenities about having sex with soldiers’ daughters. He looks like he never had sex with anyone.

It almost seems like shilling for globalism attracts a certain type of people.

The Drone War

Some years ago I watched videos of how Russians fight in Syria. The Syrian conflict never interested me deeply but those videos taught how modern Russian military works. It’s drones they are using extensively.

The Russian Federation is sending fucking Gerani (note: the Russian name for Iranian shaheed drones) as if they are some paper planes. We are fervently trying to shoot the birds, but some are reaching their destination and are blowing up into tatters fortifications and machinery. Where this the Russians get so many of them from? They are making them in the garages or what? Where is our answer? Where are the Bayraktars (Turkish made drones previously supplied to Ukraine).

I am speaking to the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Something needs to be done pronto. We are being fucked by drones from the air.

Everything was cool, there was quiet for more than a week, and today everything started. We have a period of escalation or what? Why are they fucking us this hard? Do you wanna unleash all the drones in one day?

Logic is Lost on These People

Are Putin’s partners calling for sanctions on Russia to be scrapped because they are working, that is they are hurting Russia? Do you think the Russian economy, and the well-being of the Russian people are the first things on Orban’s mind? Meanwhile, in the Czech Republic, glassworks, ceramics factories are closing because sanctions against Russia. No gas motherfucka, no gas.

Nothing runs without cheap gas. If sanctions are working, they are working against European industries. This I believe is the real aim of the sanctions, to destroy the European economy, so that we are dependent on the United States. Meanwhile Russia will redirect its exports towards China.

Zelensky and Totenkopf

A wonderful photo I have found…

Somebody tried to blur the Totenkopf above Zelensky’s head but we can still clearly see what that is. Now, the Totenkopf is not exactly a bad symbol, it was used by Prussian Hussars but later it was adopted by the SS. The same symbol was warn by concentration camp guards that have gassed the Jews. And it begs the question why this symbol is suddenly popular among Ukrainian soldiers, I thought there are no Nazis in Ukraine.

UPD: RT has further information.