“I’m a Bandera!” Flashmob of the Police

A story of cucks and nazis…

The other day, neo-nazis from the gang C14 (already featured on this blog here) stormed a police station in Kiev, and were beaten out by riot police that came to help. The video below shows how it looked.

In the process of liberating the station from the nazis, one of the cops committed sacrilege. He shouted: “Lie down, Bandera!” Bandera was a fascist leader in Western Ukraine of the interbellum period, a terrorist and Nazi collaborateur. He is venerated by many in contemporary Ukraine.

Had this happened in America, which so supports this mayhem in Ukraine, bullets would fly, and little would remain of the C14 gang. But we are in Ukraine, where these neo-nazis have plenty of friends. In the Ministry of Interior in particular.

Hromads’ke reports…

“I am Bandera!”: The policemen have launched a flashmob over a shout of a riot-policeman: “Lie down, Bandera!”

Police staff have launched a flashmob with the aim to apologise for the words of one of the defenders of the law, who shouted: “Lie down, Bandera!” when he arrested right wing radicals at the Podilskyi district police station. 

Among the participants was the first depute head of the Department of Patrol Police, Oleksiy Biloshits’kiy, the head of Patrol police command in Kropyvnyts’kiy (former Kirovograd), and also a director of the Department of Patrol Police Evhen Zhukov.

“I am Bandera! I am an officer of the police! I serve the Ukrainian people! I do not support the slogan: “Lie down, Bandera!” I don’t support occupation of buildings! I defend and will continue to defend my country and her people!” -the policemen wrote at their Facebook pages.Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 16.01.55.png

The head of the National Police of Ukraine, Serhiy Knyazev also joined the flashmob: “I ask for forgiveness, I am also a Banderovite, Glory to Ukraine!” -he wrote.

“I am also a Banderovite, and proud of it! Bandera is my hero! I am staunchly against slogans: “Lie down, Bandera!” -it is shameful and it is unacceptable!” -wrote the advisor to the Minister of Interior, Zoryan Shkiryak. Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 16.14.31.png

Earlier, the director of Kiev Police, Andriy Kryshchenko apologised for the policeman who shouted: “Lie down, Bandera!” during the arrest of right wing radicals in Kiev. “This member of staff will be punished, we have a lot to work on.” -said Kryshchenko.


There you have it folks, everyone is a Banederovite, and they got triggered when the Russian Foreign Minister called them Nazis.

Counterpunch Reveals Serious Free-Speech Violations in Ukraine

Michael Averko, who might be known to some of the readers, sent me a link to an article on Counterpunch by Halyna Mokrushyna, which reveals the situation with freedom in contemporary Ukraine.

Allow me to quote bits from it:

Ukrainians should now breathe more freely, live better and enjoy the rule of law and freedom of speech. And yet today, under the supposedly democratic, post-Euromaidan government, there is much less freedom in Ukraine and much more political violence.

Examples abound. They include the official banning of Russian social networks, movies, books and other cultural products; persecutions and imprisonment of citizens holding dissenting opinion; searches of the offices of media outlets that dare to criticize the new Ukrainian power holders; attacks by ultra-right nationalists against journalists and media offices with the connivance of the state; cyber-bullying of journalists and bloggers who hold alternative opinions, carried out by so-called porokhoboty – bloggers and opinion leaders who propagate the ‘official’ truth with the informal support by the administration of President Petro Poroshenko; increasing state control of television channels through the oligarchic owners of these channels. And the list goes on and on. (For a detailed and well-researched analysis on freedom of speech and opinion in Ukraine, I refer the reader to the recent report presented to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe by the Ukrainian human rights platform Uspishna Varta in September 2018.)

One of the new forms of intimidation of journalists and citizens who do not agree with the ‘official’ version of what is happening is Ukraine is the public exposure of their personal data by anonymous denunciators using the snitch Ukrainian website with the telling name ‘Myrotvorets‘, which translates as ‘Peacekeeper’ from Ukrainian. The website lists the names of journalists, Ukrainian citizens and foreign citizens accused of holding anti-Ukrainian and ‘pro-Russian’ views, foreigners who joined the military forces of the non-recognized ‘peoples republics’ of Donetsk and Lugansk, names of Russian volunteers assisting the republics or fighting on their side, and people who have entered Crimea through the territory of Russia instead of Ukraine.

Anyway, happy reading…

The Never Ending War may Postpone EU Membership

The simmering war will never end because it is not in the interest of the Kiev regime…

Recently, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted changes to the constitution, which enshrine Ukraine’s geopolitical orientation towards integration into the EU and NATO. This is an obvious pre-election ploy by Poroshenko to gather votes of the gullible. I have explained before why Ukraine becoming a member of the EU and NATO appears unrealistic. But while I used the fact that the EU currently is not in the best shape to include Ukraine, I have used the ongoing conflict in the East to argue that NATO membership is further away than one may think.

Interestingly enough, the war factor could also seriously postpone Ukraine’s EU aspirations, as a recent blog by Olesya Medvedeva reminded me. She says that Croatia was tasked with solving her disputes with Serbia before joining. War between the two countries ended back in the nineties, Ukraine has yet to end the war in the Donbass. But is there even willingness in Kiev to end the war?

What Intimidation of the Orthodox looks like in Ukraine?

Two curious videos have gone viral in Ukraine, showing nationalists protesting the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the omophorion of the Moscow Patriarchate…

It needs to be understood that the main aspect of the Ukrainian nationalist ideology is the severance of any link with Russia. Ukrainians are a rather new nation, created out of a regional branch of the Russian people, and this fact compels the Ukrainian nationalists to embark on a programme of forced derussification in order to assert their place under the Sun. One such area concerns the independence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church is perhaps the least Russian of what could be termed “the Russian element”, that is the target of Ukrainian nationalism. In practice, the Church only has a spiritual link to Russia, and it services many rural communities which tend to be culturally and linguistically Ukrainian rather than Russian. What irks the nationalists is the link to Russia because it causes the Church to be above the nation. They want a nationalist Church, which would serve to promote Ukrainian nationalism.

Since the nineties, several organisations without international recognition have formed out of this nationalist urge, and they were recently been unified into with the help of the Ukrainian state, the Ecumenical Patriarch, and likely the United States in the background, into a new structure called “the Orthodox Church in Ukraine“. This gave a new impetus to Ukrainian nationalist orcs to protest and intimidate the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The first video I was able to give English subtitles. It features father Vyacheslav Yakovenko being protested by what looks like the Civic Corpus of the neo-nazi Azov battalion. This wasn’t father Vyacheslav’s first brush with the nationalists. The Svoboda party protested the building of his church.

The second video is slightly older but features a group of nationalist orcs trying to enter a church in Vinnytsia. The nationalists from the Right Sector are blocked by parishioners which urge the former to recite the Symbol of the Faith, and the Lord’s Prayer, which the nationalists appear unable to do.

I wasn’t able to give the above video subtitles because it is the property of News Front, and youtube wouldn’t allow me to do a repost. It nevertheless shows clearly that the nationalist orcs are more interested in control than faith.

The EU Flag APC is real but it is Russian Disinformation

This is what your tax money goes to dear EU citizens…

You may have seen the photo of the armoured personal carrier (APC), which was deployed in France to quell the Yellow Vests protests. I personally thought this viral photo was a Photoshop job when I saw it but apparently not, the APC is real! EU vs. Disinfo confirms this:

French gendarmerie deployed several armoured vehicles. One of them was marked with the EU flag, as it had previously been used in a European training exercise.

Ahh OK, so it isn’t a disinformation, so what is? Looks like a Russian TV station, Tsargrad, aired a segment where they claimed the following:

It is not only the local police that are trying to stop the yellow vests protests in France, but also the military equipment of the EU. Armoured military vehicles with the EU flag are used against unarmed European protesters, who demonstrate against the EU-supported authoritarian regime. The EU is not a project of peace.

I don’t blame you for not knowing what Tsargrad is, I would wager that 99% of EU citizens have never heard of this TV station. EU vs. Disinfo does not provide a link to the Tsargrad broadcast for me to verify if they actually said it. But that I guess is not important because in my opinion the inclusion of Tsargrad as the source of disinformation was simply technical, to justify the work.

The “disinformation report” includes a link to Le Monde, which only confirms that the French police are lazy to bother with a 5 minute paint job. It doesn’t say anything about Tsargrad because the general French population doesn’t know what that is, and I doubt Tsargrad did any amplifying of the EU APC photo in France.

However, note another thing that irks the EU fighters against disinformation. “The EU is not a project for peace.” The EU has long usurped for her propaganda purposes the period of peace which ensued in Europe after the most destructive war in human history. Hence, “the EU is a force for peace, and without it there would be war” goes the propaganda. But I have to ask, what did the EU do to prevent war in Yugoslavia, or in Ukraine?

The EU lies, the EU sucks, please fuck it this May!

How did Russia Invite such Behaviour?

The EU is angry with Russia…

Screenshot 2019-02-07 at 10.15.33.png

Russia imprisoned Mr. Christensen for being a missionary of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, an organisation deemed extremist, and banned under Russian law.  The reasons are this. Jehovah’s Witnesses are a totalitarian sect, which is antisocial, and what likely bothers the Russian authorities, anti-state.

The European Parliament and Mdm. Kocijančič style themselves into arbiters of Russian law, and authorities on the Russian Constitution. Russia should release, immediately and unconditionally because the EU wants it!

But let’s ask how Russia invited such behaviour?

Let me give you a counter example. A Czech truck driver was caught in France with 15 Iraqi illegals in his freezer trailer, he was convicted of human trafficking despite the the Iraqis having testified they crawled into the trailer without the driver knowing. The reaction of Czech Minister of Justice, Jan Kněžínek:

As a member of the Czech government, I cannot influence affairs conducted by an independent French court, much like foreign politicians cannot influence cases processed by Czech courts…

Do you feel the difference? Do you feel the respect? And my question stands, how did Russia invite such nasty behaviour from the EU parliament? Maybe there are too many pushovers in Russia, the Europeans got the wrong idea?

Motyl’s Russian Invasion of Ukraine will not be what he Thinks

The other day, Alexander Motyl published an article on the Atlantic Council about the potential of a Russian invasion of Ukraine…

But before I get to trashing the message of the article, let me quote these bits:

Vladimir Putin must be kicking himself. Four years ago, he could have invaded and seized most of Ukraine in a few weeks. Believing that Ukrainians were an “artificial” nation led by “fascists,” however, he figured an invasion was unnecessary and the state would collapse on its own. Now, Ukrainians are daily demonstrating their desire to leave the Russian zone of influence forever.

So, what’s Putin to do? He’s caught between a rock and a hard place. Although war—whether big or small—would serve no Russian interests, it is all the more likely as Putin grasps at straws to sustain his declining legitimacy. Like all increasingly impotent and unpopular dictators, Putin probably senses that a war with Ukraine might just succeed in distracting Russians and saving his regime.

Putin surely believes that Russia is strong and stable. He also surely believes that whatever setbacks he may have incurred in the last decade must be due to bad luck or some combination of dastardly Western interference in the natural order of things. The prospect of a good war going bad is almost certainly beyond his comprehension. Quite the contrary, voices of doom could just as easily persuade him that the forces of evil are amassing and that a quick strike is imperative. We don’t know how Russia’s aging dictator will react.

“We don’t know how Russia’s aging (sic) dictator will react.” Did you ever notice how these Russophobic pundits all style themselves as Putin mind readers? In fact, Motyl does not have any idea about Putin’s motivations and his account lacks any grounding in anything tangible. Take for instance the claim that Putin’s legitimacy is based on foreign military campaigns, and as his ratings fall he might be tempted to invade a neighbouring country. What is this based on? Putin’s rating rising when he took Crimea in the wake of the Maidan after months of mayhem in Kiev? Putin back then saved several million Russian people from the fate of demonstrators in Odessa, or the fate of Donbass civilians, or the fate of several thousand political prisoners in Ukraine.

Even Motyl doesn’t believe Putin is that stupid to engage in a reckless invasion of Ukraine. Much of Motyl’s article boils down to: Russia can’t invade and occupy Ukraine because the former is not economically fit to do that. That is likely true. But here is something that Motyl did not take fully into account, although he shows signs of thinking about it. If Russia cannot occupy Ukraine, why would Russia occupy Ukraine? Limited capabilities of the Russian state are therefore relegated to the defence of the Donbass (not its entire territory) and Crimea.

Should Ukraine threaten any of these territories, Limited intervention of Russia to destroy the threat, like we have seen in 2008 in Georgia, is all Russia needs. Did Russia occupy Georgia in 2008? Did they roll into Tbilisi and hang Saakashvili on his tie? Russia went in, destroyed Georgian forces, took the Hummers, and got out. And while Ukraine may be a tougher nut to crack, contemporary Russian military is much more modernised than the force we have seen in 2008.