I Feel Kinda Bad for the Men in Scotland

Because there aren’t any problems in Scotland, the Scottish government decided to fight misogyny.

The Scottish Daily Express reports:

New laws being proposed in Scotland could lead men to be jailed for up to seven years if they discuss their sex lives/conquests with their friends loudly in a public place.

Imagine, you cannot discuss your sex life with your friend. So I cannot tell a friend about my hook ups with women because it might make the ladies uncomfortable. This ban is a part of a package of laws targeting misogyny.

They would target only males, with females not being put under the same scrutiny. It is claimed that laddish behaviour stops women from “fully participating in society”.

You see, all this rampant misogyny is stopping women from becoming garbage collectors, oil rig workers, coal miners (in the good sense), working long shifts in the factories, electricians, plumbers, truck drivers.

A new offence, called “misogynistic behaviour,” would mean that an offender would not have to directly address the opposition sex to be found guilty.


Views are being sought by the Scottish Government on what sanctions should be handed out to those guilty of offences like this, with the maximum punishment being proposed being seven years imprisonment.

You are looking at 7 years in the slammer if you step out of the line…

Criminal offences would be triggered in cases “where the perpetrator perceives their victim to be a woman, irrespective as to the victim’s sex or gender”.


Another proposed new crime would be “misogynistic harassment” which would make it illegal for a man to shout sexually abusive remarks at a woman in the street or using abusive language “to a girl who does not want to be ‘chatted up’”

Shout out to all the PUAs trying to cold approach women.

This is to help stop harassment of females at pubs and nightclubs, and also to curb wolf-whistles being performed to girls walking down the street.

Why do you think women go to clubs and bars? They go there to get attention from men. I mean, it usually devolves into a shitshow of women using simps to buy them drinks or seething at their friend who received attention from a man. The Scottish government is making all this fun difficult.

In many locales of the West, women are now complaining men don’t approach them anymore in bars. Men have likely wisen up on how clubs and bars work but feminist campaigning and harassment laws could have contributed to this.

Other examples of this crime would include “deliberately rubbing up against a woman in a crowded place” or showing porn to a female.

I guess this is intended to prevent blokes from sending the girls dick pics. But I had a girlfriend that sent me porn flicks to demonstrate how she wishes to be done. So my friends, this conversation can now be held against you. And since women can do no wrong, you will have to answer for this…

And another new offence of “stirring up” hatred against women and girls could be brought in to protect them from “incel” male supremacist bloggers or Andrew Tate-style personalities.

These disgusting incels, shut it down! Shut them up! Andrew Tate, oy vey! This blog could also be listed as misogynistic because I write about dating single mothers and fatties. Fatherlessness and obesity are a far more serious problems than some incels talking about women online, or Andrew Tate. Andrew Tate must have struck a nerve in some circles but he does not hate women. And his case demonstrates that anything they find uncomfortable will be treated as misogyny.

Making rape, sexual assault or disfigurement threats against females would also become a specific crime due to a rise in online abuse directed towards the fairer sex.

I thought making such threats are already highly illegal. There is a saying: The worse the state, the more laws it has.

The consultation is based on a report written by Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws, who was paid £1,000 a day by the taxpayer to conduct an investigation into misogyny north of the border.

I think I remember Baroness Kennedy from my university years, she is an honorary fellow in the uni I went to. I am glad she is doing good for herself. As for the rest of you schmucks that pay taxes, income tax, VAT and other, you should be glad it goes to a good cause.

Keith Brown, the SNP’s Justice Secretary, said: “Women and girls are routinely humiliated, touched, groped, undermined, trolled and objectified both online and off, and subjected to threats, harassment and abuse about their looks or desirability – stopping them from fully participating in society.

We need to help all these single mothers on OnlyFans that are being objectified by thirsty simps online. I would not be against jailing the simps, and castrating them but that’s just me. I am sorry the ladies are socially crippled because of those nasty men. Maybe these women should avoid social media, clubs, and bars, and they would feel better.

Also, they could find themselves a decent and loving man, with good upbringing, instead of hunting on dating websites for assholes. This could cure their socially crippling neurosis…

PS: Here is the quote I was looking for and at the time of writing I could not attribute it to Tacitus

West’s Perennial Attitude Towards Russia

The relations never change…

So, several years ago, when YouTube was actually offering such content, I watched the Russian political commentator, Sergey Mikheyev making a statement that sounded a bit like this…

1) The West wants Russia to join Western ideological project, whatever it currently is, Catholicism, kissing the ass of the pope in Rome, or liberal democracy and flying the rainbow flag.

2) In this ideological project, the Russians will be the ones subordinate. They will do everything the Western owners of the right political thinking tell them to do, or else war…

These two postulates have not changed for hundreds of years, ever since two pivotal events in European history that have defined the conceptions of the West and Russia. The first was the East-West Church schism in the eleventh century, and the second was the Mongol invasion in the thirteenth. The first defined the Catholic West against the Orthodox East, and the second relegated the Russian state to Greater Russia.

Russia perennially suffered Western invasion with the aim to bring the Russians into the fold and dominate over them. We see a pattern here since at least the wars of Novgorod with the Teutonic knights, in Rzeczpospolita’s struggle against the Muscovy over domination of Rus, we also see it in Napoleon’s Continental System, and subsequent invasion, or in Habsburg designs on Russia, similar to that of Rzeczpospolita, or in Hitler’s ideology. All of them inspire and inform each other, and the current liberal Drang nach Osten is no different.

Russia must accept a Western puppet in power. They don’t care much about the guy being a liberal democrat in the West, more like is he willing to do our bidding? And if the answer is positive, the man in Russia will be called a bonafide democrat. Yeltsin sent tanks against the parliament but he was a democrat, Putin undid the oligarchs, sent the Western NGOs packing, and he is an authoritarian. Do you get the logic?

To understand what the West currently wants from Russia, one doesn’t have to look further that the Ukraine. Ukraine is essentially Russia, not the Russian Federation but the historical Russia. And Ukraine does the West’s every bidding. At the same time, Ukraine is the poorest and most corrupt country in Europe. That is Ukraine subscribes to the West’s hegemonic project, and exists within it as a colony. Ever wondered why Ukraine with its perfect location, natural resources and fertile soil is poor? It is poor because it is exploited by the West. And the West wants the same fate for Russia.

Because Ukraine works so well, many in the West harbor wet dreams about breaking Russia into a dozens of Ukraines that could be more easily manipulated into giving up their resources, and at the same time accepting the complete globohomo package up their arse. This is why Russia’s future depends on taking out the Kiev regime to demonstrate that no such sodomy and perversion will be tolerated.

Ukraine’s present would be Russia’s present if Putin was never in the picture, and Russia’s only destiny is a conflict with the West or submission…

Hungary No Longer Needs the EU

Last year I have saved the above graphic information posted by the MEP for Czech Pirate Party, Mikuláš Peksa. It says:

The European Commission has day before Christmas decided to block Hungary’s 22 billion Euros from cohesion funds. It is the entire money which Hungary was supposed to receive from European funs between 2021-2027.

Honestly, the reason why most of the East European countries entered the EU were these funds of which the Eastern countries were the biggest beneficiaries, particularly the elite in the countries. I am very much against taking money from the haves in Europe and giving it to the have nots. These funds are often appropriated by corrupt entities and go to support businesses that should learn to function in market economy instead.

Hungary should just exist the EU, help Russia take over Ukraine and become a part of the greater Eurasia that is emerging. Make alliance with Serbia and create a corridor from the Balkans to Ukraine which will look like a penis in the arse of Europe. The EU is an artificial structure based on faith in the religion of European integration and increasingly on bullying. The sooner countries get rid of the dictate of Brussels, the better for them…

Russian Oil Sells for $79 in Asia

So, my initial reaction in a conversation to EU’s newly rolled out policy of price caps on Russian oil was this:

The Russians will sell the oil to the Indians for $75 and then will ship the oil to Europe at market prices and will pocket the difference…

Sheeit, I am a prophet, look at what is happening:


Price controls are the stupidest policy in the history of economics…

Ursula’s 100,000 Dead Ukrainian Officers

I had to save this magic moment on my YouTube channel:

Ursula can be forgiven for thinking everyone in the Ukrainian military is an officer but is this a slip? Now, Ursula is being briefed by intelligence services on Ukrainian casualties, so the figure may be true. Nevertheless, the above quickly went viral and the European Commission, from what I have heard, deleted the above from any public press release.

But then, why is Ursula mentioning the same as Russian sources?