Logic is Lost on These People

Are Putin’s partners calling for sanctions on Russia to be scrapped because they are working, that is they are hurting Russia? Do you think the Russian economy, and the well-being of the Russian people are the first things on Orban’s mind? Meanwhile, in the Czech Republic, glassworks, ceramics factories are closing because sanctions against Russia. No gas motherfucka, no gas.

Nothing runs without cheap gas. If sanctions are working, they are working against European industries. This I believe is the real aim of the sanctions, to destroy the European economy, so that we are dependent on the United States. Meanwhile Russia will redirect its exports towards China.

7 Euro Bread

This is true doom porn my friends…

Bakery: We are closed but not bankrupt yet. Energy got so expensive. We can’t offer bread for 7 euros. We will open again in spring but we are not sure.

Plus bonus, energy saving blackouts. Fuck you, I need to calculate my astrology project. If I am met with a blackout in our electrical energy exporting country, I will join the protesters in Prague.


No More Beer

First Breweries stop production because they have no CO2 for their bottles.

Do you get the significance of this? Breweries in the German states were established by local rulers and nobility to keep the population content. What do you think will happen to people that have lost their jobs, received exuberant bills for their gas, and can’t even have a cold beer to flush their sorrows? They will turn into beasts!!!