Will NATO Exist Beyond 2020s?

I sense it in the air, the North Atlantic alliance may soon unravel…

What leads me to believe this?

1) Former US president, Donald Trump was very critical about European countries not spending 2% of their GDP on defense as is their obligation under NATO treaty. Trump was reviled for almost everything under the sun, including his criticism of NATO allies but he was not lying. The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs even admits this in their foreign policy strategy. I would bet there are forces within the US establishment that are very unhappy about this.

2) The new US president, Joe Biden, who was supposed to repair transatlantic relations, recently announced the creation of AUKUS, an alliance of the three Anglo-Saxon countries, US, UK, and Australia. This apparently deprived the French of a contract to build submarines for Australia.

3) Macron has once said that NATO is brainless, and there is a talk on the European continent of the formation of an EU army.

4) Turkey has broken a tradition of buying American weapons and purchased Russian anti-aircraft S400 missiles. The US threatened to withdraw delivery of F-35 and Turkey said it may buy Russian made warplanes.

Could all these controversies compound eventually to cause a break in alliance?

The EU now Accepts Covid Vaccination Certificats From San Marino

The Italian peninsula micro state, San Marino applied to have the Covid vaccination certificate it issues in the EU. However, the San Marino government bought Sputnik V, the Russian vaccine which is not registered in the EU.

The EU purposefully refuses to register Sputnik V because of lobbying from Western big pharmaceutical companies that want the European market for themselves. San Marino is not in the EU and can do whatever it wishes, and I bet they can even make the EU acknowledge its certificate because many important people have money stashed there.

Meanwhile those that are enslaved by EU will pay more money for Pfizer and Moderna, and will be deprived of the Sputnik V option. Any exclusion of Russian and Chinese business from the European market will only lead to the Western companies making the best of their exclusivity.

On the example of San Marino we see the benefits of being out the EU. Sovereign thinking and acting in your national interests. As for Russia, Russians need to learn that they cannot expect fairness from the West…

Based on this video.

Bulbaführer’s Orient Express

Interesting outcome of Western policy towards Eastern Europe and the Middle East is playing out before our eyes.

Almost 20 years, the Americans have invaded Iraq and made that already miserable place even worse. Then American proxies in Lithuania and Poland have attempted a failed Maidan in Belarus.

Now we see Iraqi migrants making their way to Lithuania through Belarus. Having been banned from making flights into the EU following the detention of Roman Protasevych, flights have been set up between Iraqi cities and Minsk.

AP reports:

VILNIUS, Lithuania (AP) — European Union officials on Monday pledged millions of euros to help Lithuania tackle a migrant crisis that it blames on the government of neighboring Belarus and its authoritarian president, Alexander Lukashenko.

Ylva Johansson, the EU commissioner of Home Affairs, arrived in Lithuania on Sunday, a day on which a record 287 people walked into the EU territory from Belarus — more than three times as many as in all of last year.

“This is a provocation of the Lukashenko regime. We must show that there is no free access to EU territory,” Johansson said.

“Lithuania, the EU, the Schengen states must prevent illegal access to this area. That is why we, the whole EU, support Lithuania to defend our common external border with Belarus,” Johansson told reporters.

So far this year, 3,832 migrants have been detained in Lithuania. That compares with 81 in 2020. More than two-thirds are Iraqi citizens. Iraqi airlines have increased flights from Baghdad to Minsk from two to four a week and are also starting flights from Basra, Irbil and Sulaymaniyah.

What you see in Israel is the Future of Multicultural Societies

Israel may be the Jewish state…

But really, it is a patchwork of communities, and pardon me if I do not have a full knowledge of who they are. Liberal, secular Jews; conservative, ultraorthodox Jews; Muslim Arabs, Christian Arabs, nomadic Arabs, Palestinian Arabs, Israeli Arabs; the Druze… did I miss anyone? Native people, Zionist immigrants? Everybody thinks he is at home, or not…

Now, I think of a similar reality in the making in Western countries. Can No-go Zones in France become new Gaza strips? Will there be pogroms?

The Czechs are Getting Snubbed Left and Right Over the Vrbětice Affair

This is really amusing, however it is a consequence of low political culture in our country…

Our Prime Minister, Andrej Babiš demanded EU countries oust at least one diplomat in support of the Czech Republic in the Vrbětice explosions affair. What happened was a Zrada. Nobody expelled any diplomats! Well, previously some countries did expel some diplomats in solidarity, those countries were the Baltic three, Slovakia and, I reckon Poland. And that’s it, none of the Westerners give a fuck… we are in a club with Latvia, and Bulgaria, and Ukraine, where we send weapons. Those shitholes are our true friends, who not only believe our baseless stories but are ready to act to punish the Russians.

The Vice Premier, and Minister of Finance, Alena Schillerová embarrassed herself by demanding one billion CZK in compensation from Russia for the Vrbětice affair. To which the Duma representative for foreign affairs, Leonid Slutskiy said the Czechs should seek compensation from their puppeteers in Washington because the Vrbětice hoax was likely inspired from there. I will say I am loving this new rhetoric of the Russian officials and I am wondering why this change hasn’t come earlier. I guess the Kremlins had a misplaced hope for the Trump administration.

Russian Amateur Porn Creator Defiles Balinese Holy Mountain

From RT:

Balinese Police are searching for a Russian model who went viral after filming a racy video on Mount Batur, a volcano on Indonesia’s ‘Island of the Gods.’ The clip was watched by more than 1.2 million people before being deleted.

Named by various media outlets as Veronika Troshina, the actress, who goes by the name Mihanika69 online, happened to choose one of the country’s most holy places for her video, filmed with a male partner. It has caused outrage on the island of Bali, a popular location for Russian tourists.

The clip, posted last year on the pornographic website PornHub, was watched by more than 1.2 million people before it was removed. If she is still on the island, and gets found by law enforcement, Troshina and her partner could face up to two years and eight months in prison for indecent behavior in public.

Troshina, whose Instagram account is now locked, has 259,500 followers on TikTok and 552,000 subscribers on PornHub.

“Our officer found the location, specifically along the hiking trail of Mount Batur, a bit above Pasar Agung Temple,” Bangli precinct chief I Gusti Agung Dhana Aryawan said last week. “We are coordinating with immigration to find out whether or not the people concerned are still in Bali.”

Well, there are porn producers that tend to have sex in whatever location imaginable. It is like a thrill from job to them. Nothing is sacred… however yesterday I have made some screenshots from Veronika’s Facebook.

Her photo:

And these are the comments underneath:

Navalny’s YouTube Host did Porn

On this website, I like political activists that did porn, and there is a pattern that I observe. The characters here are usually young women and gay men and represent the woke leftist current in politics, and usually Russophobic forces. They all did porn while in college..

This website featured Jakub Janda, who exhibited his parts to gay audience. Jakub Janda is the head of the European Values think tank based in Prague, which monitors pro-Russian opinions in the Czech society and has a project called the Kremlin Watch.

Michaela Krausová is a member of the woke Czech Pirate Party. Your ass will be Zucced if you share the info on her youthful exploration of sexuality.

Also, the daughter of the socialist Czech president likes to party.

But this time I have a Russian liberal. Liza Lyubavina did porn!

Search her name, and all you find are her woke articles and porn (see here and here). As for the woke articles, here is a list. My translations of the titles, otherwise the links are in Russian.

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