A Change of Course

This used to be the best Ukraine blog you have ever read…

But not anymore, I realised that my most read posts do not involve Ukraine at all. The most read posts involve the Czech Republic and Facebook censorship. And therefore, I realised that I should dedicate my posts to curious information about a variety of things. Sometimes, the simplest post, involving a headline and a photo can go madly viral.

And another point I contemplated was how much personally do I want to spend on a post. And here is what I came up with, one minute! I have long limited my word count to somewhere around 300 words. And this is the format my blog shall from now take. Short, glossy, interesting and hard hitting information I find on the internet, with links, charts, photos, memes. Related to my home region of Eastern Europe but not necessarily. Comments can be made in the comments section…

Anders Åslund Discovers Sorosyata

Sorosyata porosyata is a Ukrainian term that labels people, who have entered politics through NGOs funded by the American philanthropist, George Soros…

And now it has been discovered by Anders Åslund. 😂

I first heard it at Tetyana Montyan’s YouTube channel but some people seem to trace it elsewhere…

Because you know, Ukrainians have no agency and apparently can’t think for themselves.

The Belorussian Opposition Feeds its Supporters With Promises of Prosperity

First they kidnapped our country, they are kidnapping the best of us. But in the place of the select few from our ranks, hundreds of others will come. We have two ways, to continue to live in poverty or to build a Belarus that we deserve.

This is a similar level of demagoguery that we have observed during the Euromaidan protests in Ukraine. Did Ukraine achieve prosperity in the six years after its coup d’état? Is Ukraine closer to its stated goals of joining the EU or NATO.

In fact, what happened to Ukraine is a serious drop in living standards, mass unemployment in some regions, and exodus of millions of souls. Ukraine is further away from joining the EU than it was in 2013. In 2013, Ukraine was territorially complete and there wasn’t any military conflict that makes it extremely unattractive for westward integration.

Much like in Ukraine, the opposition in Belarus does not have a plan to elevate Belarussians out of poverty. In fact, the place is gonna suffer like never before should the opposition seize power.

The Municipal Council of Sitka, Alaska Adopted a Resolution Calling for the Removal of the Statue of Alexander Baranov

This removal of statues commemorating history does not bode well for the future of America. Remember when Maidanus Ukrophithecus began toppling the statues of Lenin, one of the fathers of the Ukrainian state? Ukraine began to crumble. After all, European colonialism is what formed the countries of the Americas.

In 2019, Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov visited Sitka to meet Roger Hames, whose family gave the Baranov statue to the city. ©Russian Foreign Ministry

The city council in Sitka, Alaska has decided to remove a statue of Alexander Baranov, the explorer and first governor of Russian Alaska. The resolution lists a number of serious accusations against the man.

Baranov worked for the Russian American Company, which was the vehicle for the Russian government’s effort to expand into the Americas. For almost three decades he was the de facto governor of Russian colonies on the continent. Sitka – called Novoarkhangelsk by its Russian founders – served as his capital.

On Tuesday, Sitka’s city council decided it no longer wanted a statue of Baranov to greet visitors to the city. The bronze sitting effigy was given to the city in 1989 to commemorate the man’s impact on its history and the rapid commercial development it experienced under his governance. The council took a different view of Baranov’s role, however.