Victoria Falls is Not Dry

This is a classic case of how the mainstream media lie to you to demoralize you and make you think a certain way.

So YouTube reminded me of an old video from Zimbabwe of locals disproving the reports that the Victoria Falls have dried out.

The drying of the Victoria Falls was literally reported on Czech TV, I mean the state owned television that we all pay with our TV licenses carried it.

How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success?

Long term failure to find a job made me save money and invest once I secured a steady income. The success should come by 2033. By that time I shall draw 4% from my portfolio annually and have a stream of passive income for better or worse.

Solid Logic

So, recently Prague was a scene of pro-globalist demonstrations, particularly in the connection with the anniversary of 17 November which has significance in Czech history. And these events produced some cursed imagery…

The above photo features two completely inane statements above an EU, Czech, and Ukrainian flag. The protesters have repeatedly expressed their solidarity with Ukraine. It says on the left:

“No to Russian gas, yes to Green Deal”

And to the right:

“No to rising prices, yes to the Euro“

I wonder which of the renewables are more effective, more energy packed, than Russian gas? If anybody thinks that our movement towards a future powered by renewables would not be costly, I wish him a good luck.

And the same goes for the introduction of the Euro. Any sane shopkeeper is going to drive the price of everything upward with the introduction of a new currency. It is naive to think that imports will somehow become cheaper if the importer pays in Euros.

And above is a phenotypically Czech looking family holding three flags but why is the Czech flag upside down? The Czech flag: 🇨🇿 Actually, in the upper photo it is also displayed in a wrong way, although that could be a camera effect.

Manipulative Women

Guys, so all my relationships look like this. First they spread their legs, like on the first date, and then they try manipulating me for my money.

They can’t do the latter because I ain’t no simp. I ain’t spending my hard earned cash on some average broad with shit for brains. But I wonder where this behaviour comes from? Do women really consider guys to be fools? Are there too many simps that part with their money for the girls? Maybe…

But there are also women teaching these young chicks all types of garbage.

Imagine paying this post-wall slut money to learn anything? But from what I noticed, women are literally from Venus and the content they consume that fries their brain is vastly divergent from what you subject yourself to.