Zelensky Turned on a Full Nazi Mode

Ukraine is like a late Weimar Republic crossed with Haiti under Papa Doc, where local SA looks more like Tonton Macoutes…

As you probably may have heard, Ukraine’s president has banned 3 TV channels that were critical of the way things are going, that is doing the job journalists should be doing. But little attention was given to the fact that Neonazis were unleashed on the journalists. And I mean this literally and unironically, the Neonazis were seen picketing and provoking confrontation at TV Nash. One of these Neonazis was Vita Zaverukha.

Vita Zaverukha served in the battalion “Aidar”, a Neonazi paramilitary group that the post-Maidan government unleashed to suppress rebellion in the East of the country. She was accused of murdering of two policemen in a botched robbery in Kiev. Groups like “Aidar”, were mostly engaged in banditry, when they weren’t terrorizing the opponents of the Maidan. They preyed on the people of Donbas, and when that resource was harder to come by they turned their activities inland. Somehow she managed to escape justice, which is typical for members of these groups because they are all maintained by the Ministry of Interior.

Vita Zaverukha says Heil!:

Elle Magazine did a report featuring Vita about women fighters in Ukraine.

Most of the photos were found at Strana UA but some I took from Daily Mail. It seems like the only mainstream media in the West to report on this girl was Daily Mail, they love hardcore over there just like me.

A more sinister development in Ukraine is happening concurrently. The pro-Russian Zelensky decided to trump his predecessor Poroshenko and mandated the use of the Ukrainian language in all spheres of business. The issue here is that the Ukrainian language is not the vernacular in large swaths of Ukraine, and many people in Ukraine do not speak or use proper Ukrainian. The dominant language is Russian. Legislations on the linguistic issue is bound to create conflict and give various nationalist activists a carte blanche to harass people.

And what do you think happened? Conflict and harassment of people by the Nazis. A Jewish food store in Odessa, “U Moshkovychei” became a center of attacks by local Nazis after it posted a commercial in the Ukrainian language using Russian Cyrillic instead of Ukrainian.

Shalom dear friends

Next week, we will prepare real khinkali with lamb and the correct pastry. Stars have aligned, and a family friend visited us, a proper Georgian cook, Guladi. Do not miss this opportunity to do order, it will be on only for a month in Odessa.

Forever yours, your Deli u Moshkovychei

As you can see, the deli did nothing wrong, just followed the law that now all advertisement must be in Ukrainian. The owners understand Ukraine but can’t write it. Activists have been quick:

16 January 2021, the linguistic patrol.

They assumed the deli was denigrating the Ukrainian language and began writing nasty comments to the owners and the business. And eventually the deli had to close…


A deli that denigrated the Ukrainian language – WAS CLOSED!

I would like to first off thank everyone, who participated in the information pressure. You are wonderful.

This story became an example, nobody shall disrespect Ukrainian or Ukrainian laws.

Who is next?

What a peremoha (victory in Ukrainian), they shut down a small business over their linguistic anal pains, well done!

Another registered attack happened in Kiev. Young owner of a cafe decided to comply with the new regulations

Why are All West’s Heroes in Russia Shady Crooks?

Every single leader of the anti-Putin struggle has a terribly shady history…

Take for instance Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the man had a reputation of a crook, he did not pay taxes and was brought to trial. But in the West, the man was suddenly turned into a hero unjustly persecuted by evil Putin. He was presented by some pundits as a real threat to Putin and a suitable candidate to replace him. Strangely enough though, he has never shown any interest in holding a political office prior to being incarcerated. Khodorkovsky’s only interest in politics was to manipulate local politicians to do his bidding.

Then there is Bill Browder, with his fraudulent sob story about “lawyer” Magnitsky, which has become part of anti-Russian legislature in many countries in the West. Bill Browder was involved in some super profitable machinations with shares that attracted the attention of the prosecutors. Suddenly he magically transformed into Putin’s enemy.

Alexey Navalny is notoriously known for being a fraudster, even among the Russian liberals. Rumors have it that he stole 100 million rubles from Soyuz Pravych Sil (Union of Right-Wing Forces). Kirov Les affair is well know, and there is no reason not to believe that he swindled Yves Rocher, although now he tries to vehemently politicize his case. Newest accusation is that he used donations given to his organization for personal matters together with his comrades.

Simply put, all of West’s heroes are fraudsters and shady characters. How do they wish to win anything in Russia?