Why Novorossiya Wasn’t Created

This a build upon the ideas in this post. I would like to explore this idea…

There are several reasons:

1) There has likely never been a plan to create Novorossiya in the first place.

Despite the claim that Russia planned to seize all eight South-Eastern regions of Ukraine, that is: Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, Dneproperovsk, Zaporozhye, Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov, nothing indicates the Kremlin ever had such a plan. What is indicative is that the Russian media have, from the very start of the pro-Russian protests in the South-East, referred to the protesters as “supporters of federalisation”. Hence, if the Kremlin ever had any plans to create Novorossiya, it would have been a federal region within Ukraine. Later in this post, I will explain the logic behind such thinking.

2) The demographics don’t make most of it a Russian land.

As I have pointed out before, the Russian ethnic identification predominates only in the major cities of the Donbass. It is therefore no surprise that outside the Donbass, the intensity of protests was far lower, and as my observation has it, these protests did not bear a separatist character. As far as I can judge, outside Donbass, only the regional administration building in Kharkov was seized by the pro-Russian protesters.

In Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, the local pro-Russian protesters were mostly Sovoks opposed to the Banderisation of Ukraine, and the illegal usurpation of power by the pro-Western Euromaidan. This crowd was brutalised by local Right Sector street thugs recruited from the ranks of football ultras. Below is a map of the birthplaces of soldiers who died in the military operation against the Donbass. As you can see, Dnepropetrovsk provided most meat for the grinder.


The people that claim that the Kremlin betrayed Novorossiya want to make us believe that the Kremlin ought to have occupied vast territories for a handful of commies that could not even hold against a bunch of fashy ultras.

3) Novorossiya would be economically unviable being a vast unrecognised territory, and her defence would be difficult. 

Novorossiya would certainly be an internationally unrecognised territory, with all the economic joys that come out of it. For instance, Odessa would die as a port. Every single port of Novorossiya would die, and that’s why I guess no serious effort was ever made to seize Mariupol in Donbass during the war. The occupation of the territory would inevitably create millions of refugees. If you think the war in Donbass created a crisis, imagine that several times over! There are serious issues with economically integrating the rump Donbass territory with Russia, now imagine the same issues but several times larger.

Novorossiya does not have natural borders with Ukraine, which would allow for constant incursions of subversive elements from Ukraine, and artillery shelling the like we see in the Donbass today. I believe that to make Novorossiya secure, invasion, occupation and pacification of the rest of Ukraine would be needed. That is an enormous undertaking for Russia, something that could be hardly justified in 2014.

Rus’ ain’t Rome: “The Eastern Slavic Umma is Way more Integrated”

In discussions on Anatoly Karlin’s blog, the commenter AP tries to argue that the modern states of Russian Federation and Ukraine have just as much relation to pre-modern entities like Rus’ as Romania has to Rome. I shall argue that Ukraine and Russia are far more interconnected than the Romance nations. 

For starters, we need to understand what Ukraine is, and where it comes from. Ukraine is a state based upon the vernacular linguistic culture of Slobozhanshyna, Little Russia, Volhynia and Halychyna, going from East to West. This linguistic culture developed sometime after the destruction of the Kievan Rus’ by the Mongols, out of the communication between Eastern Slavic peasants and their Polish, and the increasingly polonised local rulers. To prove my point, consider the lexical closeness of Ukrainian to other languages. Ukrainian is closest to Belorussian, which developed through the same process as Ukrainian, then comes Polish, and after it comes Russian.

While being ruled by a Western power, and undergoing creolisation, the Ukrainian intellectual culture was expressed in Slavonic and Russian. Hardly anything was written in Ukrainian before the late 18th century (the language itself wasn’t referred to as Ukrainian until late 19th century). This Slavonic/Russian intellectual culture was the culture of cities, and the entire history of Ukrainainhood is the history of emancipation of local creolic peasants with the culture of the cities.

The Russian linguistic culture dominated the Ukrainian high culture landscape since literally the time of the Cossacks to our day. I have easily read the Cossack chronicles in their original back in university, and my Ukrainian skills weren’t that great back then. Luckily the language was not Ukrainian. This Russian culture gave the World “Mykola Hohol”, and would you look at this?! Vice published a map of the most favourite book by country. Ukraine is coloured by Death and the Pinguin, it is quite telling Vice didn’t mention a book originally written in the Ukrainian language.

Hence, saying that Rus’ has just as much relation to the Russian culture as Romania does to Rome does not fit the reality on the ground, where modern nations are still bound by the common legacy of Rus’ that is also the national culture of the Russian Federation, LNR and DNR. The effort of the vernacular culture to assert itself against the Common Russian culture are very cute, but they are wrong!

I am uncertain whether Ukraine will ever get rid of her attachment to the Eastern Slavic umma, as Mykola Riabchuk calls it. And I doubt the Russian culture will ever be completely purged from Ukraine. This process is unnatural and rather unachievable in the present conditions of globalisation and modern communications.

Let us hear what language the children of Ukraine speak?

Ladies and Gentlemen, new video on my channel: Mikhail Poroshenko, son of the president, drunk as a motherfucker. Listen to the language the kids speak, provided you know Russian and Ukrainian:

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And Ukraine will never fall very far from Russia.

Hypocrisy Heights

As you probably know, the US recognised Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heights, which are a territory of Syria occupied by Israel…

The Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who earlier called on Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine, does not see any hypocrisy in Washington’s actions:

“You imposed sanctions on Russia for annexing Crimea,” Hiba Nasr of Sky News said to Pompeo Saturday at the U.S. embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, according to the State Department. “Now you are going to recognize the sovereign — the Israeli sovereignty over these territories. Isn’t this a double-standard policy?”

“No, not at all,” Pompeo said, CBS News wrote.

“What the president did with the Golan Heights is recognize the reality on the ground and the security situation necessary for the protection of the Israeli state. It’s that – it’s that simple.”

What is the reality on the ground in Crimea? Crimea has a very high Russian military presence, and the overwhelming majority of locals support it. Likewise, all national minorities in Crimea have their rights respected, Crimea has three official languages, Russian, Ukrainian, and Crimean Tatar. That’s is in stark contrast to the Golan Heights, from whence the autochthonous population was expelled. But I guess the Russian goyim don’t have the right to defend their interests.

Realising that Pompeo is full of shit, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers the Golan Heights, “a territory occupied by Israel.”

Why Poroshenko is Great for Russian Irredentism

First off…

I realise that what I’m about to write may apply to other leading presidential candidates, and they may in the end do an even better job than Petro Poroshenko. However, Poroshenko is the devil we know, and the others have yet to prove themselves. For the purposes of this post I will treat current Russian irredentist interest as: keeping Crimea within Russia, and the survival of the DNR and LNR. Although, in the long run, Poroshenko may also be good for the reintegration of the rest of Ukraine into the Russian sphere of influence. Let me explain how:

  1. Banderisation and Nazification: The post-Maidan regime made a pact with the Neonazis when it consolidated power. Today, Naziism is very popular in the Ukrainian armed forces, and Bandera has become a hero after whom streets are named, and slogans created in the 1930’s become the official greeting in the military. Such a Ukraine is hardly an attractive place for the people of Donbass and Crimea to return to. The Kremlins ought to realise that any federalisation is impossible with such a government in Kiev, any Kremlin resident that gives up the Donbass would be known as the one who gave Russian people to fascists.
  2. Language and Church: Poroshenko has been on a roll with Ukrainisation. This means the creation of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine out of local schismatics, and a planned draconian language law. These two things could have the potential to eventually stoke the fires of regional separatism. I have already heard some anti-Russian Russian speakers moan about the planned language regulations. These people deserve everything.
    But the more immediate effect is reinforcing the image of Russophobia in the minds of the people in Donbass, Crimea, and RF.
    Should the Hungarians be effected by the new language law, it would discredit Ukraine west of her borders, and thus prevent any integration into EU and NATO.
  3. Looting of the Military: It has been revealed to that Poroshenko’s friends have made some good money on Poroshenko’s fake war. According to the Global Firepower Index, Ukraine has fallen from 20th place in 2014 to 29th place in 2019. So Ukraine under Poroshenko is becoming weaker, and thus unable to return the lost territories by military means. It should be added that continuing the conflict would only postpone any EU integration.
  4. Corruption and Russophobic Economic Foolery: Ukraine literally buys Russian gas from the EU countries with an added price. Meanwhile, the price of gas for the Ukrainian population increases to pay debts to IMF. This kind of economic cretinism will keep Ukraine poor and totally ineligible for EU membership.

So basically, the Neonazis and Poroshenko rather knowingly aid the dismemberment of Ukraine, and the cause of Russian irredentism. Neither Poroshenko, nor the Nazis truly want the disloyal territories back, and this means their future integration with the Russian Federation.

Boris Akunin’s Book was Banned in Ukraine

Plenty of contemporary Russian writers are pro-Western liberals and Ukraine solidarists. The Calvert Journal called Boris Akunin, a “dissident detective novelist”, who turned “into master historian.”

Well, Akunin’s historical “masterpiece”, “The History of the Russian State; The Time of the Horde, Part Of Asia” was banned in Ukraine, and it is forbidden to import this book into the country. The author called the action: “obscurantism”.

Screenshot 2019-03-25 at 13.24.01.png
Some Ukrainian Government Council banned several Russian books, including my “History of the Russian State” (there are also, for some reason, the memoirs of Princess Maria Pavlovna and the notes of Princess Dashkova, on the list). In connection with this, different kinds of people send me questions, mostly snide: “What will you say about your Ukraine? Or are you chastising your own country only? I will say the following. The banning of books, whatever books -is of course obscurantism, but Ukraine is not my country, and when government offices over there behave like idiots, that is an issue for Ukrainians. May they deal with their obscurantists themselves. I am far more bothered by our, homegrown [obscurantists]. Meanwhile, the fifth volume of my “History” is going into print. It will be all about Peter the Great.
Akunin is basically a cuck, who suddenly does not care about Ukraine. But in 2014 he was ready to criticise Crimeans, and said they will regret their choice, and he also praised Ukraine for bravely “asserting her statehood.” Isn’t he interested in what made the Ukrainians angry about his book? I certainly am, and it was because they deemed Akunin’s work as “insinuating imperialist ideological doctrines which aim to create ideological framework for the return of Ukraine, and other independent countries, into the sphere of influence of the empire.”

I am once again reminded that most of the Russian creative class are spineless worms, who need to be ignored. I still don’t get why Akunin sells.

Boyko’s Meeting With Medvedev

Russian deliveries of gas to Ukraine need to be reestablished…

It was a rather classy move from Yuri Boyko. There is nothing wrong in getting cheaper gas for the people. Perhaps the most powerful PR move of this election campaign.

Boyko spoke with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Friday in the meeting that was televised live on Ukrainian television. Boyko said he would like Ukraine to resume gas purchases from Russia, which should lower the skyrocketing utility bills for Ukrainians.

The very visit is rare for Ukrainian politicians these days, since any connections to Russia are largely regarded as toxic because of Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula in 2014 and its ongoing support for separatists in the deadly conflict in Ukraine’s east.

I doubt the Ukrainian country bumpkins will get this, they wanna burn wood.