Shilling for Globalism and Ukraine Will Turn you Into a Freak

So, there was a protest in Moscow against mobilization…

I’m sorry grandpa, the mobilization is not about you…

What the fuck? Billie Ellish fans think they are soldier material.

This guy in fisherman’s hat shouted obscenities about having sex with soldiers’ daughters. He looks like he never had sex with anyone.

It almost seems like shilling for globalism attracts a certain type of people.

Lisbon City Hall Leaks Pavel Elizarov’s Personal Info to Russian MID

There is scandal in Lisbon. It became known that the city hall CML, where we are announcing our protests is forwarding all personal information about the organisers of the protests in support of Navalny to the Russian Embassy and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We discovered this by accident.

In January, while there was a lockdown, me and two other organisers have announced our protest for the 23, in front of the Russian Embassy via email. We have, as always included our personal information, number of the ID, address, telephone number.

We have first received the usual answer, and then in the spirit of the Covid era an answer from the Portuguese Ministry of Health, where, alongside their recommendations there was also a PDF attached with that personal information that we have provided! That is, they are sharing our personal information.

But that would be OK, nothing surprising, however, from the conversation it is apparent that the letter with the PDF was also forwarded to the Russian Embassy in Portugal and the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The city hall has issued an official apology, having pointed out that this is a common practice surrounding protests that take place near embassies. I hope they were doing this not being aware that they are putting people in danger, but I am not sure they have stopped this practice. We will have to solve it though courts.

LMAO! They are trying to be public figures and don’t think anyone will find their details? Here are some photos from from Pavel Elizarov’s profile, LMAO!


Into the Mind of an EU Parliamentarian who Wants to Free Navalny

Guys, I am amazed about the level of discourse concerning the jailing of Navalny…

Alexey Navalny has a reputation of a fraudster, who has a contempt of court. Remember Kirov les? Now the authorities stepped in, and finally jailed the guy. The reason he was getting away from jail for so long, despite the many cases of fraud against him, is partially due to foreign pressure. And you see European parliamentarians, foreign minsters, members of national assemblies, presidents and prime ministers do not care whether Navalny is guilty as charged, all they care about is that he is a pro-Western rabble rouser that is going to jail and will not be able to influence the kiddies…

Markéta Gregorová is a Czech MEP representing the leftist Pirate Party, who almost constantly makes statements critical of Russia. The main object of her critique is the Russian law on foreign agents that she calls an attack on civic society. Because it ain’t civic society unless it is financed from abroad by George Soros…

Markéta Gregorová and Alexey Navalny

She had this this to say about the jailing of Navalny:

It does not matter that he is guilty before the Russian courts. What matters is that it was without a doubt proven that there was an order to have him killed as was proven not only by the investigative group Bellingcat?

So, the Russian court does not matter. It does not matter that the Yves Rocher case was purely commercial, it was launched by the Russian branch of the Yves Rocher, and Navalny was given a suspended sentence, and he was now jailed for failing to fulfil the requirements of that suspended sentence.

Bellingcat? Are you kidding me? The same people that have uncritically peddled Ukrainian secret service fakes regarding the doomed MH17 flight? Here on this blog I let my dog tear apart Belligcat.

Semyon Slepakov Censored by Twitter

My non-Russian audience may not know who Semyon Slepakov is, he is a Russian songwriter of some notoriety…

In his songs he takes jabs at corrupt officials and the hardships of life in Russia. Some may have assumed he is anti-Putin but no he isn’t…

During the recent Navalny hype Slepakov dared to criticize the protests. He mocked them softly…

And that has caused rage on the part of the liberasts. Slepakov received death threats and similar and took to social media to publicize it…

This is what his Twitter page looks like now:

Meanwhile however, the mainstream media celebrate the success of the Navalny hype…

Opinion critical of Navalny is being mercilessly removed from social media.

The Independent’s Moscow Correspondent is a Stupid Rabble Rouser

Oliver Carroll has allowed himself one of the most idiotic and uninformed comparisons on Twitter…

The term “animal show” was likely inspired by “zveriachi bobyt’ia” (animalistic beatings), a term coined by the Ukrainian media, who were almost ubiquitously for the Maidan. It was almost like the owners of the media supported what was happening in central Kiev. Also, the revolution was not just televised but it was properly organized with media support, buses, food, blankets, tents, portable toilets etc. Furthermore, the state apparatus was paralyzed by sabotage an inaction.

The Russians in fact have more self worth because they would not wreck their country like the Ukrainians did. Imagine if anyone tried Maidan in Ollie’s native United Kingdom, how long would he last? Besides, this British interloper appears to support the opposition tactic of drawing out the kiddies, that is mobilizing teenagers for protest. I think the Russians are masochists allowing this creature to live and work in Russia.

And also, the claims that children were beaten are in themselves a propaganda tactic. In Kiev, it was later discovered that many of those beaten children were over 30.

Volkov and Ashurkov Hysterically Call for Sanctions in the Wake of Their Boss’ Incarceration

Reuters reports:

A close ally of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny on Monday urged the West to hit President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle with personal sanctions, predicting the move could trigger potentially destabilising infighting among Russia’s elite.

From here

Aha, this is what they want, they want to create a discord in the Russian elite by banning them from travel to the West and forbidding them from buying property and holding assets there. Isn’t that cute? How open they are about this.

FILE – In this file photo taken on Friday, March 31, 2017, leading associate of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, Leonid Volkov smiles in a court room during a hearing in Moscow, Russia. Volkov the chief of staff for Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been sentenced to 30 days in jail on charges of violating public order in connection with an unsanctioned protest rally. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko, File)

Well, if you think people with money stashed in the West can challenge Putin, fair enough. This ain’t Ukraine however, I bet any potential challengers were already neutered a long time ago. Russia doesn’t need disloyal individuals that cling to money stashed in the West…

Leonid Volkov, who is wanted by Russian authorities on accusations he illegally encouraged minors to attend anti-Kremlin protests, made the call on the eve of a court hearing that could see Navalny jailed for three-and-a-half years.

I am glad the Russian authorities began dealing out sentences for pimping out kids to protests. These literal motherfuckers try to entice impressionable young people, who do not have life experience to protest for their clown leader, and then get handled by the riot police. Then they scream bloody murder, “they are beating kids”, THE KIDS!

This is criminal behavior and ought to be punished severely. Lithuania and the EU are hiding a dangerous child molester and should extradite his ass immediately to the loving embrace of the Russian system of justice.

Vladimir Ashurkov, another Navalny ally, published a letter addressed to U.S. President Joe Biden on Saturday appealing for sanctions against businessmen and officials identified as being close Putin allies.

This Vladimir Ashurkov has been notorious in trying to damage the Russian business and interests through appeals to Western authorities. Recently, the Federal Security Service, FSB published a video featuring this little twerp discussing things with James William Thomas Ford from the British embassy. Among the issues discussed is how they could run an information campaign with the help of the British to damage the good name of Russian banks and businessmen.

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