LMAO, Georgian Granteaters Riot, the Party is Over

So, it seems the Georgian parliament wanted to enact a law about foreign agents…

Now, foreign agents are a parasitical class that lives off Western grants and is periodically deployed by pro-Western political forces to put pressure on the local government. This network of grant-eaters also acts as a vehicle of elite capture. So don’t be surprised that in your country, the elites act like lackies of the globopedo instead of serving the people…

The Georgian parasitical class came out in force and rioted. This goes to show you how deep these losers are entrenched in the Georgian soyciety. If your nation doesn’t have a law that limits outside interference, your nation is cucked and your politicians are nothing but colonial administrators.

More on RT and Bloomberg

3 thoughts on “LMAO, Georgian Granteaters Riot, the Party is Over

  1. The NGOs are panicked, and that’s why they’re organizing protests. Rule number in the geopolitics of 2023; NGOs are the ones who really run the show. You can’t really be your own country if you just focus on governmental shits while ignoring the threats of NGOs. The concept of pure “nation vs nation” is obsolete and remains in RTS games only. This ain’t no 1800s. Shit, this ain’t no 1900s.

    That said, Tblisi’s relationship with Moscow has never been that great. Perhaps the new law that targets foreign agents also includes possible “Russian agents”. I don’t think Tblisi as well as many Georgians (Georgia is said to be one major source of mercenaries who fights for Ukraine) are comfortable with waves of Russians migrating to Georgia. However, it’s not in Tblisi’s interests to target Russia specifically like US and EU would. They don’t want to go all out with Moscow on this one, so that’s why they said the law is meant to target “foreign agents” rather than Russians. But your everyday NGOs don’t care. NGOs as well as the dumb fucks who actually support them are going to show their asses. Perhaps this may present a chance for Putin to talk some sense into Tblisi and ease up any existing tensions and who knows? It may become harder for Georgian volunteer fighters to go to Ukraine.

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      1. Looks like the NGOs are way too deep within Georgia. They just can’t help it. Now we know it’s wise not to expect anything of values from Tbilisi.

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