Ukrainian Official Finds Ukrainian Roots of Biden

Timur Nagalevsky: Few people are aware that Biden is actually a distant descendant of the founder of the Zaporozhian Sich, Vishnevetsky-Baida and his grand grand great father, a London banker received for safekeeping the gold of (Hetman) Polobutok, the colonisation of Amerika was started for this gold and America developed because of it…

So I guess Biden will help recover Polobutok’s gold? My quick research shows this Timur is some political activist of lower rank.


Tom Woods: Covid Cult

Powerful statement on the bullshit happening around us. Mask mandate is an interesting one because it does not seem to translate into results, that is reduction of revealed cases. Masks I will add are dangerous. I did tours of local castle in that thing, and one time I breathed in a dust particle and started suffocating in front of the tourists. So God knows what you are breathing through that mask.

Antifa: Rise of the Black Flags

This video has been removed from all the platforms, YouTube, Vimeo and it was hard to find it even on Bitchute. I like ostracised content like this, and I really don’t get why it is banned from everywhere…

Update: Bitchute, the platform on which the documentary has been hosted on is down today 3 November 2020. I will keep this post online and will try to find other sources for this documentary.

Update2: Butchute seems back up…