Putin Manipulated the FBI to Raid Trump’s Estate to Stir up Trouble in the USA

I also blame Putin’s electromagnetic warfare for my bad sleep, depression, and lack of motivation…

Speaking of which, my astrological research suggest Murica will experience a Pluto return in 2024, right at a time of the next presidential election. I don’t know what Pluto return means in the history of regimes and states because few regimes even survive that long to record any events. Hence I am twice excited for it.

The next thing on the menu is America’s Uranus return in 2029, and it always meant war in the past. America started with a war, around the first Uranus return experienced the Civil War, and around the second one there was WWII. Some out there already speak of civil conflict in the US.

We will see…

Trump Supporters Think Putin Would not Invade Ukraine if Trump was President

So, apparently what kept Putin from invading Ukraine was the graceful presence of the Donald. I understand that after Russiagate, there is a desire to present Trump as tough on Russia. But to think Putin grew the cojones to attack Ukraine after after witnessing Brandon’s pathetic pullout of Afghanistan, is actually a very superficial analysis.

It presupposes that Putin is some kind of a madman, who woke up one morning and said. “Listen up boys, Murica is ruled by a weak senile idiot, ready the forces…” In fact, Ukraine has amassed forces in the east of the country, and readied them to strike at Donetsk. Putin tried for many months to talk to Americans hoping American will talk sense into the Kiev regime. The Americans weren’t interested in talking sense into the Kiev regime and instead threatened hard sanctions. Do you believe the Donald would have behaved differently? Do you think Trump would strike a satisfactory deal with Putin?

Kamala Harris: Ukraine is a Country…

It is fucking real

Since we are at it, let me put into layman terms, our (Czech) relations with the United States. So, across the border there is a big ass American base called Ramstein. This American presence allows us to neglect defence spending and have big balls in front Russia. But should America go bankrupt like USSR once did, we will be left one on one with Russia. And in that case, I hope we are not as stubborn as the Kiev regime, and actually find a compromise with Moscow.