US Biolabs Around the World

I kept hearing stories about American bio labs in post-Soviet countries for many years now. The issue has surfaced yet again in connection with Russia’s Ukraine operation, and the seizure of some documents by the Russian military.

It would seem that the Americans due to the US legislature, and the legislature in other Western countries, set up these bio labs in shitty Third World countries with weak and corrupt governments. Now the Chinese are interested in them too…

US Diplomats Should be Wiser Before They Shitpost


These are the problems:

  1. Moscow was saved from Mongol destruction, unlike Kiev, because of those deep woods. Moscow became the preserve of Russian culture, while Kiev embarked on a long journey of estrangement from Rus’.
  2. All of the buildings shown are built in the style known as Ecclesiastical Baroque, they all come from the seventeenth and eighteenth century when Kiev was under Russian rule.
  3. It is a common trope of the Svidomites to point out the antiquity of Kiev over Moscow but the old Kiev has little in common with the modern Ukrainian state.

Donald Trump Weighs in on Joe Rogan’s Plight

As somebody who has been ostracised from Facebook and Twitter for my political views, and free expression, I sympathise with Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan found himself a target of a concerted campaign by leftists, who hate the fact that he enjoys freedom of speech. Recently, I hear they made a video in which they feature Rogan saying the N-word on his show. Saying the N-word is a capital offence to the stinky leftists that are after Rogan. However, who has the time to find all the instances where Rogan uttered the N-word? I am personally part-time employed, and enjoy passive income, and I would dedicate my free time to much better pursuits than finding wherever somebody committed wrong-speech. This is a dedicated activist job, probably paid…

The Donald never apologizes…


Joe Rogan has been initially a target of the leftists over his Covid comments. I personally believe everyone is entitled to an opinion on Covid. My opinion is that it is not a big deal and we should get the society back to normal ASAP.

Britain and America Don’t Want Peace in Eastern Europe

CNN: Sources in the US and British secret services has confirmed that the United States possess the same evidence concerning the Russian plot to install a Russia friendly government in Ukraine. Yes we have seen intelligence that Russia seeks ways to prevent a prolonged war. This includes the instalment of a Russia friendly government and the usage of spy agencies to spread opposing ideas. -said the source. That is in other words, ending the war in Donbas and establishing good relations between Russia and Ukraine is not in the plans of US and Britain. It is not like we did not know that. But such an open admission, that’s a first.

Here you have it, Ukraine cannot have good relations with Russia, Washington and London say NO! But ask yourselves, would Ukraine benefit from having good relations with Russia? And the answer is a resounding YES! Also, we are being told that Ukraine is making sovereign decisions but strangely enough, they are to the detriment to the country. And if these decisions do not seem rational, they could be inspired from elsewhere. All I can do here is wish Russia and Ukraine good luck in normalising relations.

The Time is a Cesspit of Bad Propaganda

I could be wrong about this but the American establishment, particularly the media and politicians, try to create these heroes of democracy from other countries, and then sell to them to the American public. One time, Americans I met on my travels, upon hearing I am from the Czech Republic, would always start talking about Václav Havel. It happened to me multiple times. The Americans could not pronounce Havel’s name properly, and called him Vaklav.

This country has a large population of people, who don’t have a good opinion of Havel, and the people are often former dissidents. I personally believe Havel was a puppet of the secret services. Controlled opposition. One of the brothers Mašín said Havel was a “cretin pimped by the STB.” So these American’s were surprised I don’t fawn over Havel. Maybe these Muricans read a report in time like the one below.

Putin does not fear Navalny. Navalny has limited legitimacy even among the pro-Western crowd, many of whom are glad he is in jail. But Navalny is a petty criminal, who became a millionaire by creaming the system. It is said he grafted money from SPS, that was a party back then, not very successful. I guess you can’t do a campaign when you steal all the money and spend it on designer shit for your daughter and holidays in the Maldives.

Navalny got burned by fucking with YvesRocher. His faked poisoning was created to give him a chance to escape justice. Navalny is a crook, that’s all he is. Russians may be glad they are at loggerheads with America, so they wouldn’t be meeting many American telling them about Alexey Navalny. The Time is trash, close it.