Look at All the Russian Officials That Have Real Estate in the EU, and Elsewhere in the West

The EU needs to help the Russian people, who are being robbed by Putler’s cronies to pay for real estate in the EU! Help Russia, please! Sanction these people!EEUvGjYU8AEIbZ9.jpg

But in reality, the EU is absolutely cool with this Russian connection. Do you honestly think they would kick these fat cats out to develop real estate in Crimea or Abkhazia?

Dear Ukrainians, do you still ask why Russia was allowed back into the PACE?

Trump Will Cut Funding to the Defense of East Europe From Putler to Fund his Border Wall

Trump needs to deliver on his election promises…

I quote from Defense News:

Defense Secretary suggested European allies replenish the $771 million meant to shore up Europe’s defensive posture against Russia to President Donald Trump’s U.S.-Mexico border barrier.

The announcement is sure to jar European allies, where NATO members have nervously watched the president’s on-again, off-again commitment to the alliance. And it could deal a blow to the narrative among allies that Trump’s boisterous rhetoric should be taken with a grain of salt, given that money has kept flowing from Washington despite trans-Atlantic disagreements.

Half of the $3.6 billion for the border wall would come from dozens of U.S. military construction projects, and the other half would come from projects in Europe and the Pacific. In Europe, there were roughly 40 projects, including training facilities for special forces in Estonia and aviation infrastructure in Germany, Hungary and Slovakia.

Trump may Block Military Aid to Ukraine

Reuters reports:

The White House is reviewing whether $250 million in military assistance should be sent to Ukraine in keeping with President Donald Trump’s view that U.S. foreign aid must be justified, two senior administration officials said on Thursday.

The money is intended for use by Ukraine in its struggle with pro-Russian separatists backed by Moscow.

“The president has made no secret when it comes to foreign assistance that U.S. interests abroad should be prioritized and other foreign countries should also be paying their fair share,” said one of the officials, who shared details of the plan on condition of anonymity.

The officials said chances are the money will be allocated as usual but that the determination will not be made until a policy review is completed and Trump makes a final decision. The federal fiscal year ends on Sept. 30.

“Agencies are under no restrictions from preparing to obligate those funds, and agencies still have adequate time to obligate those funds prior to the end of the fiscal year,” the official said.

Moscow annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region in 2014.

An American Colonel is Dismayed by his Ukrainian Trainees

An interesting text is making rounds online, and it is not the first of its kind since 2014, painting Ukrainian soldiers in not so favourable light…

I quote:

My soldiers’ efforts are focused on boosting Yavoriv Combat Training Center and training instructors to see the defense capabilities of the Ukrainian Ground Forces getting stronger each day.

For reference, Yavoriv is in the extreme West of the country, very far from the Russians. The author quickly moves to the quality of his trainees:

Firstly, they don’t speak English. The truth is, they don’t truly care about actually learning it. Given the amount they seem to care about English, my instructors need an extra platoon of interpreters during training. But it doesn’t work in all cases. Thing is, they don’t have a complete understanding of each other! They are kind of a mishmash of different folks being trained here. Some of them speak only Ukrainian or only Russian, whereas others can only speak Romanian or Hungarian.

If they get people, who only speak Hungarian or Romanian, that means they are recruiting in the most remote villages of Western Ukraine. The other possibility is, this is a form of sabotage by some of the recruits. These dudes must be some complete unfortunates that were caught up in a mobilisation wave, and lacked the funds to buy the recruiter off. The latter is sort of confirmed further in the text…

Secondly, Ukrainian soldiers are lazy slackers who are reluctant to work, they tend to intentionally sabotage any move of their U.S. instructors. Taking into account their greed for money, one has to be aware that Ukrainian military tend to steal and sell anything once they think they have found a good deal.

I am guessing, these people are not entirely voluntarily in the training center.

Thirdly, heavy consumption of alcohol is a common event. All Ukrainian soldiers at Yavoriv Combat Training Center drink dangerously high levels of alcohol. With that in mind every time we had to start training with a BAC test. But that was of little help. Drunk Ukrainian soldiers who even couldn’t stand up straight because of the booze were banned from training. Some of the training activities were either canceled or rescheduled. What struck me most is their commanders’ omission with regard to that improper behavior. Their unwillingness to tackle alcohol abuse suggests that they could be immersed in a culture of booze together with their subordinates.

Sounds like they are really enjoying their time at the training center.

Fourthly, most of Ukrainians are poorly educated and of low intellect. The easiest tasks seemed challenging for them. It’s no wonder taking into account that the majority of soldiers come from disadvantaged backgrounds whereas the best part of the population left the country for a better life abroad.

The irony of the whole thing is that the labour migration has only been exacerbated by the US supported coup d’etat of 2014, and Ukraine’s subsequent economic decline. Unfortunately, the US military presence only perpetuates this toxic situation Ukraine has found itself in. Utterly meaningless endeavours like this one in Yavoriv, or the Sea Breeze Naval Exercise, perpetuate the myth, on a more or less symbolic level, that the civilised World supports Ukraine.

However ultimately, the country needs Russia…

Zrada From Voice of America, They Included a Map of Russia with Crimea

The historian Peter Eltsov thinks that establishing democracy is impossible, at least within the current boundaries of the country. The scholar gives the current Russian Federation maximum 20-30 years.

This Eltsov, or Yeltsov, or Eltsev, or Yeltsev guy thinks that within the next thirty years, the Russian Federation will implode under the weight of separatist movements and other internal problems. (read his thoughts in Politico). 30 years is a convenient time frame because after 30 years, most people reading this will be very old or with the Lord. And I personally have better things to do than argue with someone, who thinks “Putinism” is informed by Alexander Dugin.

The Hybrid War is an Article of Faith

The other day I watched the presentation before House Committee below delivered by the Atlantic Council, I decided to look into here…

The Atlantic Council was declared an “undesirable organisation” by the Russian authorities not so long after this show of force. In there, my compatriot, Jakub Kalensky laments that there are still elements in Europe that do not treat the position of the US State Department as the Gospel. Rembember, this comes from a country that claimed Saddam has weapons of mass destruction. Kalensky specifically mentions that there are still politicians in the Netherlands, who don’t accept the “official narrative” on the flight MH17. He also mentions that the Bulgarian public has not bought into the British narrative about the nerve agent attack in Salisbury on Sergey Skripal. Aron Kinzinger complained that he has been labeled as the “creator of ISIS”. Jessikka Aro peddles the story about Russian troll factories.

I shall try to test your faith on several of these issues.

1) MH17

My views on what happened with the airplane have changed over the years. My initial take was that the downing of the plane was severely disadvantageous to Russia and the Donbass Rebels. So if they really downed the plane, it must have been by an accident. However, I have recently come across information that challenged my views completely.

The very fact that the Malaysian side does not accept the Western attempts to frame Russia for the attack tells me that something is not right. As a recent film by Dutch and Russian journalists shows, the records of the Ukrainian secret service (SBU), on which most of the Western accusations are based, had been tempered with.

But there is something else I found recently. In the wake of the tragedy, Ukrainian journalist Anatoly Shariy has published an interview with a Ukrainian soldier, who claims he served on the Buk SAM installation that was shown in the SBU documents that were later republished by Bellingcat. (the video is in Russian)

It is not hard for me to believe that the Ukrainian side shot down the plane to frame Russia. And I would even lend credence to the Russian claim that it was done from a fighter jet. Шумеры сбили Боинг…

2) Skripal

I have never investigated this issue fully but I too don’t believe the official UK narrative about Novichok. If Novichok is so deadly, why didn’t Skripal and his daughter die? But much like with the Rebel Buk SAM, Novichok might also be fictional. Unless you are Eliot Higgins, Jakub Kalensky, or Jakub Janda, why do you have to trust the British?

3) Savushkina Troll Factory

I guess people who believe in this have never heard of 4Chan. Why would you concentrate your trolls in one place which could be vulnerable to the intrusion of malware that could take out the whole operation? Isn’t it much better to keep your troll army scattered around the World?

The Savushkina troll factory story comes from the account of an alleged former employee… Watch this shit…

4) Kinzinger created ISIS

I tried to find a connection to RT but I found the accusation on American Thinker, a website I don’t know for being Russia friendly.

But here we come to something that is dangerous to our democracy in the West. The accusation that somebody is communicating Kremlin messages…

5) The Russians are behind every election where globalist interests are threatened.

I think you heard this, the Russians are behind Brexit, Trump, the Czech Presidential Elections, the French Presidential Elections etc.

In this way, the message is spread that undesirable outcomes in elections are somehow the work of the Russians, who amplify certain issues through disinformation campaigns. It creates a climate in which it is difficult to discuss controversial topics such as immigration, or the membership in the European Union.

I have even heard that the Czech President was elected by the Russians in a discussion. Honestly, Putin must be laughing seeing this. The biggest controversy in Europe is a detached globalists elite, and the increasingly alienated native population. Accusing somebody of being a Russian stooge is not gonna help here.

6) Sanctions on Solovyev

Vladimir Solovyev is a Russian TV host that runs talk shows that will pop your head. I don’t watch him, my nervous system does not take it. But I guess his ratings aren’t that bad since he has come under the radar of Jakub Kalensky.

I’m in favour of this proposition, Russia should have an elite that invests in Russia, and not into real estate on Lago di Como. But do you believe Solovyev would quit if he lost his villas in Italy? I think he’d go militant.