I Like the Idea of Intermarium

Some think of the idea of Intermarium as a bulwark against Russia, and it maybe so but it also has its positives…

What is the Intermarium?

The Intermarium is an old Polish project for an alliance of East European countries that would link three seas surrounding Eastern Europe, that is the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, and the Adriatic Sea, and through the latter the rest of the Mediterranean. It was thought of as primarily a bulwark against the Soviet Union but in its more recent iterations it also presupposes a development of infrastructure between the member countries.

The Imperium concept

I have long supported the reunification of Eastern Slavs into a single powerful Russian state. But then, why should I oppose the Intermarium on the same basis? I support nations coming together rather than the opposite, our modern tech makes the World ever more interconnected, so why not take advantage of that? The imperium is a conglomerate of different nations and regions that pool their resources together. In that sense, the initial idea of the European Union was good but the latter lost its way with the green agenda and other poorly thought out and detrimental policies. The Intermarium would likely be this kind of basket case, which will spend immense money on defense in an unequal competition with the Eastern Slavs over domination of Eastern Europe, as it always was in history with extended Poland.

Pooling resources between countries can propel humanity forward. We can send missions to space, we can improve overall prosperity, and ease travel between our nations…

Should the Czech Republic be part of the Intermarium?

While the Czechs and the Polish share linguistic similarities, they are culturally closer to neighboring German states, I would say even closer to Protestant places like Saxony. I believe we here should play both sides. However what I want is a high speed train that would connect Berlin with Vienna through Prague. I want the highway to the Austrian border that should run through my region finally completed so that my journey to Prague would take a single hour.

Gershman of NED Spills the Beans to Vovan, who Poses as Tikhanovskaya

Carl Gershman has literally spilled the beans on NED operations in Eastern Europe…

The pranker Vovan, (or Lexus, I don’t know which one is which) crashes an online chat of the NED posing as Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the leader of the Belarusian opposition. Carl Gershman is there, and some people I do not know. The entire video is in English, and it is cringe.

Update: More biographical info on the participants from a friend: “I did some digging on that Barbara Haig cunt. She’s the child of Alexander Meigs Haig, a lunatic US Army general who later became US Secretary of State between in 1981-1982 and wanted the USA to side with Argentina over Britain in the Falklands War and later was involved in a deranged organization called the “American Committee For Peace in Chechnya”.

Update 2: Nina Ognianova @Kremlinologist1

Update 3: Emily Couch

UPD: A small alteration has been made to the post as I just realised that the Vovan and Lexus YouTube channel is no more.

Anti-War Protests in Support of Ukraine are Disgusting

Suddenly we see people being worried about the Russian operation in Ukraine. These people were completely indifferent to the shelling of East Ukrainian cities by the Ukrainian military and the nationalist volunteer battalions. For many years, we heard reports of people suffering in the Donbas, where were all these people then? This operation could have been prevented if there was anyone willing to listen to Russia in Kiev, or in Washington.

Where is you momma young man?

I for one am very happy that Russia decided to end the pro-Western and fascist Ukraine. There will be a new Ukraine now. Soyboys can’t stop this.

The EU is a Community of Losers

The European Union is governed by pathetic weasels that think the Russians only care about shopping for overpriced couture in Milan, partying in Saint Tropez (WTF?), and diamonds in Antwerp. No sane person cares about diamonds anywhere, except maybe industrial machines.

Honestly, Russia is trying to stop the fascists in Kiev from killing the people of Donbas, and some cretin like Borell threatens them with a ban on parties in Sant Tropez? How about you go fuck yourself Borell? Better yet, throw a #WeStandUnited rave in #SaintTropez, that will do the trick…

Times Like These Make Me Ashamed For Czech Republic

Munition rounds of 152 mm caliber for the Ukrainian military are ready to be shipped to Ukraine – said Czech defense minister, Černochová. Czechia already prepared for shipment, a military help, including 152 mm rounds.

Bloody hell woman, you are a minister, you make some fuck you money, where is your fashion sense? Don’t have any? Pay somebody to advise you! Have some class!

The Czech Lands are a beautiful place with a rich history, and culture of libertine tolerance, the main land is called Bohemia after all. But unfortunately we have a very low class political culture that reeks of provincialism.

When I heard we are sending the Ukrainians weapons to kill other Ukrainians, I remembered Sasha, my Ukrainian grandad. I heard his Ukrainian accented voice in my head, remembered how we caught perch in the Moldau, and at that moment I burst into tears. Good men like him will die…

Our neighbors, the Germans had enough wisdom to ban sales of weapons to Ukraine. This is because the German political culture has class…