Navalny’s 2008 Program for Georgia

Found this on the internets, it is an old post Navalny made on Livejournal…

I translate:

Russia ought to undertake these measure in the least:

  1. We should provide a serious military and financial support for South Ossetia and Abkhazia (that is in the range in which Abkhazia is ready to really fight in South Ossetia)
  2. Declare a no-flight zone over South Ossetia and shoot down any flying objects that appear in this zone.
  3. Declare a complete blockade of Georgia and end any connections.
  4. Expel from Russia any citizens of Georgia.

Further on act according to situation, however at the same time being aware that we really want to blast away the Georgian central command with a cruise missile. But the Georgians only expect that.

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