Murican Wunderwaffe Javelin Being Seized by the People’s Militia of the Donbas

I can barely tell the American Javelin system from the British N-LAW, so excuse me if some pictures get mixed in. Also, I don’t think most of the soldiers are People’s Militia of the Donbas but regular Russian force.

These are Chechen forces in an abandoned ammunition depo near Zaparozhye, the source say the Ukrainian force fled without engaging them.

More seized guns coming:

Anti-tank guns are not the only gear being seized…

Does anyone have reliable statistic on how many Russian tanks were destroyed by Javelins in the Ukraine conflict?

Anti tank missile launcher shown on Russian TV.

British Sanctions Response Shows UK is Governed by Complete Morons

So, the British political class decided to sanction Russian oligarchs, and instead they went after essentially British businessmen of Russian origin.

I don’t know much about Fridman but the guy is a relic of the nineties, and from what I have heard, he transferred most of his assets from Russia to the UK. He lives in London for fuck sakes! I have to ask, is Boris working for Putin? Because for a while, people in Russia held a grudge against what they call a “compradore elite” that makes money in Russia and spends them in locations such as London. Fridman said he has no sway over Putin, and the people making decisions in Britain haven’t got a slightest idea about how Russia works.

By sanctioning “Russian oligarchs” Boris’ government has threatened iconic British businesses, like the football club Chelsea. The football club has been the property of Roman Abramovich, another relic of the nineties that lives in the UK. Roman Abramovich has been very good to Chelsea, he has invested heavily into the club and made it win big. Now Chelsea is facing insolvency…

Chelsea fans know this…

The Chelsea fans were also allegedly booing when there was a minute of silence for Ukraine. You can’t make this up, they must be laughing all the way to the bank in the Kremlin.

The whole sanctions response has made our utilities bills higher, commodities prices are through the roof, businesses are suffering. We have to suffer because the brave Ukrainians are suffering. We have to do it for battalion Azov, Vita Zaverukha, Igor Kolomoysky, Rinat Akhmetov, Arsen Avakov, and Dmytro Yarosh. Pay up bitches, FUCK! Maybe Zelensky will play a tune with his penis at our funeral. Meanwhile enjoy the media feeding you Ukraine 24/7.

Also, in the light of absolute shambolic reporting that we have witnessed in recent days about the Ukraine crisis, we have to question the wisdom of calling every wealthy Russian guy an oligarch. Do you call Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos an oligarch? Do you journalists even know what the word means?

Airways Insurers Say They will not Cover Flights Over Ukraine

According to sources of, flights over Ukraine will be terminated starting Monday. Major British insurers, who represent the Airways, say they will not cover flights over Ukraine. The Lloyds of London will tank Ukraine even before Putin invades…

The Dutch airways KLM have halted their flights to Ukraine


Speaking of KLM, here is my small collection of Amsterdam houses. Two of them contain alcohol, the other two are empty because they come from my dad’s business flights to Iran.

Ever Noticed How You Are Being Lied to About Everything at Every Corner? Vol. I

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. – John 8:32 NKJV

Plato brings forth a so called Chariot Allegory that says human souls are riding a chariot through life. But the majority of the riders have their heads in the clouds, and only few can see the light above. Or at least this is my simplified understanding of the matter.

Chariot Allegory depicted in the Tarot

Russians and Ukraine: One reason I started blogging back in early 2010 (maybe 2009, I can’t remember) was to address Western lies about Russia. It was around that year I began being interested in Ukraine, it was a call of my roots. I even attended a session with Serhii Plochy at Cambridge University that discussed issues of identity in Ukraine. I made and effort to learn the Ukrainian language by watching Ukrainian TV. The Ukrainian language is a patois composed of Old Russian and Polish, and I already recognised antiquated Russian word forms, and knew Czech, which together with Polish is a Western Slavic language, and shares many words with the Polish segment of Ukrainian. What I needed to learn were words that are not found in Czech.

In Summer 2013, I was lying in Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, incapacitated after a horrific accident. I had a laptop, and was deleting one Ukrainian channel after another because I could not bear the anti-Russian venom they were spewing there in the run up to the Maidan.

Guess what I am doing now? Working in academia? Some analytical center? Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

I am a part-time tour guide doing tours in Czech, Russian, and English. And then I watch mainstream TV (I think it was France 24) and I see this lady from some analytical center saying something like this:

Russia believes that there was a Western sponsored unconstitutional coup in Ukraine done by neonazis, and felt like the ethnic Russians in Ukraine were threatened. I do not think this was the case but that is what they believe.

Why doesn’t she think this is the case? Why does she need to insert a disclaimer? Is she afraid that presenting this as a fact would endanger her position, her career? But has she seen the massacre in Odessa? The city was flooded with neonazis from all over to violently crush the anti-Maidan protest. The anti-Maidanists were the true democrats here because they wanted a referendum. I watched many videos from that event, in one of them featuring girls preparing Molotow cocktails, one of the girls said in Czech: “To je málo” – that’s too little. It was said with Ukrainian accent, suggesting the other girls weren’t even Ukrainians.

More recently, I heard the former leader of the neonazi outfit called Národní Odpor (National Resistance), Filip Vávra say that many Czech neonazis went to fight on Ukraine’s side. Given that his own group was infiltrated and destroyed by the secret services, I would not be surprised if the latter directed the flow of willing knuckleheads.

But I am rambling. Know this, most things you read in Western publications about Ukraine and Russia is dumb propaganda

Fat acceptance: What the fucks even is this? I realised I gained a dad bod over Winter and the quarantine, not moving much, and I immediately began exercising. I wanna be lean and sweet, so that girls would just salivate with the desire to eat me. I’ll put on some Italian cloths on and will look super slick…

Female biology: Women have been told they can have careers instead of motherhood and achieve happiness, women have been told they can have dozens of sexual partners and still be desirable. If men can do it, why can’t the women? 80% of women have sex with 20% of men. Very few men are actually slaying the pussy on industrial scale, which cannot be said of many women. In their case they let their pussy be slayed on industrial scale.

Women are best between 18-27, and you can’t change that, make the best of those years, become a mother to a beautiful child. Don’t try having a baby at 35. Telling women otherwise is setting them on a path towards lonely and unhappy lives.

PS: These are the areas I am familiar with but there may be others and so this is Vol I. If you know anything similar, feel free to add it in the comments.

Britain and America Don’t Want Peace in Eastern Europe

CNN: Sources in the US and British secret services has confirmed that the United States possess the same evidence concerning the Russian plot to install a Russia friendly government in Ukraine. Yes we have seen intelligence that Russia seeks ways to prevent a prolonged war. This includes the instalment of a Russia friendly government and the usage of spy agencies to spread opposing ideas. -said the source. That is in other words, ending the war in Donbas and establishing good relations between Russia and Ukraine is not in the plans of US and Britain. It is not like we did not know that. But such an open admission, that’s a first.

Here you have it, Ukraine cannot have good relations with Russia, Washington and London say NO! But ask yourselves, would Ukraine benefit from having good relations with Russia? And the answer is a resounding YES! Also, we are being told that Ukraine is making sovereign decisions but strangely enough, they are to the detriment to the country. And if these decisions do not seem rational, they could be inspired from elsewhere. All I can do here is wish Russia and Ukraine good luck in normalising relations.

Ukrainians can Blame High Gas Prices on Russophobia

A story about a people fleeced by elites…

Without doing any extensive research into the prices of gas in Ukraine, I can say that there are reports of many Ukrainians, who can’t pay their gas bills, and cases of public buildings being shut off from heating are also frequent.

People and institutions that have been deprived of gas have only the Russophobia of the Ukrainian state to blame. Those are the harsh facts, the script you were running with has totally worked against you. Russophobia served to set up schemes like the virtual reverse gas. That is when the Ukrainians siphon gas intended for Europeans, and then pay Europeans for the gas. And just by magic, the Russian gas turns into globohomo rainbow gas.

Putin recently said Germans are selling their cheap gas, which they get under longterm contract with Russian Gazprom, to clients in Eastern Europe including Ukraine. Guess who is making money here? Gazprom, the Germans, and the mafia in Ukraine which is fleecing the population. The sucker here is the Ukrainian consumer. The Ukrainian consumer is not allowed to benefit from having a long term contract with Gazprom, that would undercut the Krauts. No cash for ballers in Ukraine either, you must cut them some slack, peasant!

I think we have a case where Russophobia was monetised, we had some monetised Antisemitism on this blog not so long ago. Some people can make hate work in their interests but Gazprom is still getting money. It is a case where peremoha reverse flows into zrada. I shall help you here Ukrainians, who started the reverse? Poroshenko. And who brought sanctions against Medvedchuk, who propagated signing a deal with Russia? Zelensky. Don’t vote for these people, don’t vote for anyone who has oligarch money behind him. Everybody knew Zelensky is Kolomoysky’s puppet before the election, and yet you still voted for him? Can you guys be helped? Vote Shariy if you are to the right, vote Derzhava if you are to the left of the political spectrum. It is that simple.

Bandera Gone With the Wind

I still remember what a certain Svidomite troll on my old blog, Austere Insomniac, said of the church of Dmitry Sydor. Dmitry Sydor was an Orthodox priest, and a Carpatho-Rusyn activist, and his church was struck by lightning which toppled the cross upon the dome of the church. He interpreted it as a sign of God’s displeasure…

Dmitry Sydor was then persecuted for separatism, that was still under the presumably pro-Russian Yanukovych, and allegations were made against him that he received money from the Russian World Fund. Meanwhile though, Western funds, Soros and others were operating freely and several years later, the people on Western payroll ousted Yanukovych. This is to remind anyone who thinks that Russia should have engaged in buying influence in Ukraine the way West did. Russia did not have an even playing field in Ukraine. Besides, going against the collective West in the game of buying influence was a losing proposition from the beginning.

But weather signs have been rich this winter, strong winds have destroyed a supersized portrait of Stepan Bandera in Ternopol, Halychyna, Ukraine.

The gods hate Bandera too, not just Poles, Russians, and Belarusians, and just about anyone in Ukraine and around it. Even more ominous image has been generated on the other side of the country, in Kharkov.

The wind has split in two the national flag of Ukraine. Funny that the Ukrainian flag is associated with the homeland of Bandera and contains in it the colours from the coat of arms of Lvov, that is a golden lion on an azure field. A variant of this flag was given to the people of Halychyna by Empress Sophie as a thank you for help in suppressing the Hungarian revolt. Emperor Franz Joseph called them Tyrolleans of the East.

The Tyrolleans were the epitome of loyalty in Austria because they stood loyal to the Habsburgs when Napoleon invaded. The Ukrainian flag was introduced to Russian Ukraine by Sichovi Striltsy, a group formed of Ukrainian nationalists that was originally part of the Austrian army.

SBU Visited Kazakh Activists in Kiev

Zrada came from where they least expected it. The other day, the Ukrainian secret service, the SBU visited young Kazakh anti-government activists based in Kiev. They may now be deported.

See the video here

I really wonder what is Zelensky’s game here. Is he just supporting the winning side, does he not want to sour relations with Kazakhstan because despite his pro-Western stance, Ukraine is still rather dependent on the resources of Eurasia and trade with China?