The Time of Uprising Has Arrived

Roughly 70k protesters gathered up in Prague several nights ago. Note the surreal picture of the Ukrainian flag hanging from the neo-classical museum at the top of the square. Underneath the entrance to the museum, on the stairs, there were counter-protesters, who held EU and NATO flags.

Give it few years, and the Ukrainian flag will cause most of the public to be enraged. Many already are questioning the public display of Ukrainian flags everywhere.

Gershman of NED Spills the Beans to Vovan, who Poses as Tikhanovskaya

Carl Gershman has literally spilled the beans on NED operations in Eastern Europe…

The pranker Vovan, (or Lexus, I don’t know which one is which) crashes an online chat of the NED posing as Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the leader of the Belarusian opposition. Carl Gershman is there, and some people I do not know. The entire video is in English, and it is cringe.

Update: More biographical info on the participants from a friend: “I did some digging on that Barbara Haig cunt. She’s the child of Alexander Meigs Haig, a lunatic US Army general who later became US Secretary of State between in 1981-1982 and wanted the USA to side with Argentina over Britain in the Falklands War and later was involved in a deranged organization called the “American Committee For Peace in Chechnya”.

Update 2: Nina Ognianova @Kremlinologist1

Update 3: Emily Couch

UPD: A small alteration has been made to the post as I just realised that the Vovan and Lexus YouTube channel is no more.

Odessa Disloyal?

Wow, I thought you assholes burned all the vatniks on May 2 2014…

Wasn’t Odessa liberated by a horde of neonazis on that day that were shipped from all corners of Ukraine? Actually Ukrbunholes only ignited a conflict that lasts to this day by this atrocity and karma will visit them. I personally think Russia should not stop at Odessa, the operation should end in Lvov or Uzhgorod…

vizavi05 – I was on a business trip in Odessa, you know I am still troubled, how many bastards are among us that are awaiting the Russian world, bastards that will sell anything for a hryvnia, I could not believe our soldiers have to hide their gear from the populace.

@fenomenBytta – Odessa is a sanctuary of vata, they are awaiting Putin. I know what I am talking about.

PolitArt – You have not been in the Poltava region yet.

PS: Guess in what language they are all writing this?

How the Czechs Discovered Africa

Sometimes, interesting stuff is being published in the mainstream Czech media, such as this article. It is rather short so I will translate it here.

Give them a lesson Russia, is being heard from Africa, anti-Western sentiment is being spread here.

There is an increasing anti-Western sentiment being spread in Subsaharan Africa. Local social media are being filled with messages supporting Russian actions in Ukraine. Russia is being defended by members of African governments, the opposition, and panafricanists. The television channels in Subsaharan Africa are airing the Russian version of events in their news programmes, and do not hide their support for the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

“Putin wants to elevate his country, he does not have the blood of slavers and colonisers on his hands. Even though he isn’t my messiah, I prefer him over those damned African presidents that are beholden to Western oligarchy,” -said supporter of panafricanism, Kemil Seba, reports AFP.

In a similar manner, the leader of the South African far left, Julius Malema: “We say to NATO and America that we are not supporting them. We are with Russia and want to thank them. May they give the West a lesson, we need a new world order, we are tired of taking orders from the Americans.”

On social media, an increasing number of people are critical of the “imperialists” and those that agree with Russia’s actions. “On YouTube, channels spreading destabilising discourse are bustling. They are distancing African regimes from the West, and serve Russian interests.” -Said Mahama Tawat from Malmö University in Sweden.

We can see Russian influence in practice on the streets of Bamako, Ndjamena, and Ouagadougou, where protesters with Russian flags express their displeasure with French military presence in the Sahel. And it is also visible in the media.

Panafrican television channel, Afrique Média, which broadcasts in Cameroon regularly features debates where support of the Kremlin and Kemil Seba is also frequently featured there. “Ukrainian-Russian war, how the Putin government has sown panic in the West?” and “The plan to murder Vladimir Putin, how far can West go?” are just two examples of debating topics on their Facebook page.

Some African governments also support this pro-Russian atmosphere, as was shown in the vote in the General Assembly of the UN that was held on 2 March on a resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Out of 35 countries that have abstained from the vote, 16 were African. Among them we need to count also Eritrea, which voted against the resolution, and 8 African countries that did not take part in the vote.

“The countries that have abstained are all, with the exception of Senegal, countries with authoritarian regimes, or those that have historical and often military ties [to Russia] since the days of the USSR.” -commented Tawat.

Some African nations have openly sided with Moscow. For instance, the Central African Republic has asked Moscow for help during an offensive of militant groups in 2020. Military units in these countries, according to the UN have been recruiting reinforcements in the form of many Russian mercenaries from the Wagner group.

Mali, that asked French troops to leave their territory receives weapons from Russia, including attack helicopters. Their military speaks of an “old and honest” partnership with Russia. There are many Russians heading to Bamako that are labeled as instructors, the French and their allies consider them to be close to the Kremlin affiliated Wagner group.

Russia adjusts its propaganda according to the receiving audience

English speaking Africa is in a similar situation. Tanzania has signed an agreement on military cooperation in 2016, which includes training of African soldiers on Russian bases.

The son of the president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, an important general named, Muhoozi Kainerugaba has recently expressed support for Vladimir Putin with a tweet saying: “The majority of the non-white people support Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Putin is absolutely justified here.”

As is featured in an analysis of the French institute for international relations, the Russians tailor their messages according to the public it is intended for. “Xenophobic appeals and statements against migrants and muslims are aimed at European society, while messages about decolonisation and the end of imperialism are aimed at Africa.”

A fertile soil for the spread of disinformation was created in Africa. The start of the war in Ukraine is congruent with the boom of panafrican social networks, where the Russian invasion is justified and Russian military might is demonstrated.


It is a form of lazy analysis when one tries to blame Russia for opposition to mass immigration. But little do the authors realize that mass immigration in the West and neocolonialism are two sides of the same coin. The underdevelopment of Africa and its status as resource appendage of Europe, is the cause of Africans migrating towards Europe.

In this way, the Africans have a lot of in common with the Russians, who are as well victims of neocolonial policies in the West, and a peripheral nation, and thus shares many interests with Africa. It is in the interest of Russia and China to make Africa more independent of the West, however, I do not know why Russia would oppose mass immigration into Western countries? After all, immigrants from former colonies tend to hold a grudge against the West for colonial times exploitation, hence such immigration is weakening, not strengthening the Western societies.

What does Russia win from supporting anti-immigrant parties in the West, who are not exactly pro-Russian?

Cope, Hope, and Dope

I really did not know what to call this collection but here it is…

Vlad is an acquaintance of my friend in Moscow, he wrote: Remember, the defenders of Mariupol have not surrendered and become POWs. They have executed the order of the commander in chief in context of a humanitarian mission, which is as agreed upon by the parties to the conflict under international mediation. And the Russian idiots can continue deluding themselves that they were taken captive.

The level of delusion is incredible here…

So what is it that Twitter does not want you to see?

Well, let me break the news to you, we live in a globalized world and your women are emancipated. So don’t be surprised that while you are defending the interests of your local and global oligarchs, your women will run off to safety of other men. There ain’t no peasant girl waiting for your return, your girls are like the second or third generation after the contraceptive pill, and the Sexual Revolution. The ease of travel is unprecedented and will only increase with the introduction of new tech.

Isn’t this the best argument against war? Well, you can actually be gay, and rejoice with the boys.

I actually believe that standing armies fighting to defend a nation will soon be a thing of the past, as there will not be many nations worth fighting for and we will go back to pros and soldiers for hire. Drones and robots will play a larger role too.

Zelensky is George Floyd
My understanding of Polish is limited but I assume it says: Do not feed Putin, use public transport…

Many people out there hope to defeat Putin but don’t want to do much for it. Any fight Ukraine has with Russia is a losing game for Ukraine. Not even weapons deliveries will help.

British Sanctions Response Shows UK is Governed by Complete Morons

So, the British political class decided to sanction Russian oligarchs, and instead they went after essentially British businessmen of Russian origin.

I don’t know much about Fridman but the guy is a relic of the nineties, and from what I have heard, he transferred most of his assets from Russia to the UK. He lives in London for fuck sakes! I have to ask, is Boris working for Putin? Because for a while, people in Russia held a grudge against what they call a “compradore elite” that makes money in Russia and spends them in locations such as London. Fridman said he has no sway over Putin, and the people making decisions in Britain haven’t got a slightest idea about how Russia works.

By sanctioning “Russian oligarchs” Boris’ government has threatened iconic British businesses, like the football club Chelsea. The football club has been the property of Roman Abramovich, another relic of the nineties that lives in the UK. Roman Abramovich has been very good to Chelsea, he has invested heavily into the club and made it win big. Now Chelsea is facing insolvency…

Chelsea fans know this…

The Chelsea fans were also allegedly booing when there was a minute of silence for Ukraine. You can’t make this up, they must be laughing all the way to the bank in the Kremlin.

The whole sanctions response has made our utilities bills higher, commodities prices are through the roof, businesses are suffering. We have to suffer because the brave Ukrainians are suffering. We have to do it for battalion Azov, Vita Zaverukha, Igor Kolomoysky, Rinat Akhmetov, Arsen Avakov, and Dmytro Yarosh. Pay up bitches, FUCK! Maybe Zelensky will play a tune with his penis at our funeral. Meanwhile enjoy the media feeding you Ukraine 24/7.

Also, in the light of absolute shambolic reporting that we have witnessed in recent days about the Ukraine crisis, we have to question the wisdom of calling every wealthy Russian guy an oligarch. Do you call Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos an oligarch? Do you journalists even know what the word means?

Airways Insurers Say They will not Cover Flights Over Ukraine

According to sources of, flights over Ukraine will be terminated starting Monday. Major British insurers, who represent the Airways, say they will not cover flights over Ukraine. The Lloyds of London will tank Ukraine even before Putin invades…

The Dutch airways KLM have halted their flights to Ukraine


Speaking of KLM, here is my small collection of Amsterdam houses. Two of them contain alcohol, the other two are empty because they come from my dad’s business flights to Iran.