The Czech President, Miloš Zeman Acknowledges Russian Sovereignty Over Crimea

The Czech President is a master troll. From Ukrayins’ka Pravda

The President of Czech Republic, Miloš Zeman invited the representatives of a small Crimean Tatar organization, loyal to the Kremlin, which considers Crimea to be part of Russia. to an official audience in the Prague Castle.

This has been reported by Evropeys’ka Pravda with a reference to Deník N.

The representative of the marginal (subjective opinion of the Ukrayinska Pravda, the appeal of this organisation could not be independently verified) organisation “K’yrym birligi”, Tamila Nimetullaeva has attended the official audience in the Presidential Palace dedicated to 101 anniversary of the creation of Czechoslovakia, held on 28 October.

This organisation, as the publication admits, plays an important role for the propagandist media of the Russian Federation. They are declaring their support for Moscow as a counterweight to the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar Peoples. (perhaps it is the Mejlis that is the irrelevant party here)

At the same time, the organisation is not recognize by the EU.

“The EU and its leaders have never met with these pseudo-representatives of the Crimean Tatars, and never had relations with them. For the EU, the legal representatives [of the Crimean Tatars] is the Mejlis and other Crimean organisations that function or are represented in Ukraine.” -said the former speaker of the EU representation David Stulík.

(The Mejlis was arbitrarily appointed the representative of the Crimean Tatar peoples in 2014, following Russian takeover of Crimea. The wishes of Kiev or Brussels may not reflect the reality of things.)

The organisations immediately exploited its presence at the official audience of the Czech President.

“The President of Czech Republic, Miloš Zeman is s European politician, who recognized Crimea as a part of Russia. The Czech Republic is a friend to our country. K’yrym birligi is glad that our activity has been recognized internationally. We are thankful for this annual invitation to the Birthday of the Czech Republic.” -is being said in a post on the organization’s Facebook page. It is accompanied by photographs, including one featuring Nimetullaeva with the Czech Prime Minister, Andrej Babiš.

The President’s office was not able to explain, even after numerous demands, why this organisation was invited to the festivities.

Presidents press secretary, Jiří Ovčáček did not deny the president considers Crimea to be a part of Russia. “The people hold a variety of views. I have lived through the eighties when we were forced to assume only one view. I don’t want to repeat those times.”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tomáš Petříček has come out against the invitation of pro-Kremlin activists. “I personally would not have invited such persons to an event organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” He said that audiences with the president are not being consulted with the Foreign Ministry.

The publication also found out that the request for audience with the Czech President was facilitated for the pro-Kremlin organisations through Carpatho-Rusyn activists.

We remind the readers that the Czech President, Miloš Zeman, received an audience of 7 people at the Prague Castle, who represent the Carpatho-Rusyns that demand an autonomy within Ukraine.


It triggered many. Here is Ayder Muzhdabayev. Ayder is a Russian journalist that moved to Ukraine, and now he is more Ukrainian than many Ukrainians.

The President of Czech Republic, a country for whose freedom, Mustafa Jemilev went to a Russian jail, acknowledged “Russian sovereignty over Crimea”. May you die mother fucker. You monster. Although, I have no questions for the old prostitute bought by Putin. The Czechs should be ashamed. You have fucked the Prague Spring and your dignity having elected this piece of shit. May the Russians again occupy you, and may no one support you in that case. May Facebook block me again for this post. This is the lowest moral point and I don’t give a fuck.

The Number of Crimean Voters Increased by 200 Thousand

Thanks to Russian elections it became known how many Russians moved to Crimea since 2014. The population has increased by 200,000 people. They will then say that Crimea cannot be returned to Ukraine because these “native Russian Crimeans” are against it.

I am willing to bet most Crimeans that experienced independent Ukraine are also against returning back.

Denis Kazansky is a journalist and activist from Donetsk, who now resides in Kiev. He was featured on this blog before.

Crimean Officials Continue Travelling to Ukraine

ForPost reports:

About twenty official could be sacked from the Alushta administration for travels to Ukraine using Ukrainian passports. Officials in Crimea were required to hand in their Ukrainian passports. But could all the transgressors not afford to travel beyond the Perekop? (short for Isthmus of Perekop by which the Crimean border is commonly referred to)

To travel to Ukraine, under whose control Crimea was until 2014, through the Isthmus of Perekop, is impossible using Russian passports. –writes the publication Primechaniya. And to take a detour through Moscow and Belarus is too expensive. Therefore, the Crimeans, who have relatives left in Ukraine, use their old Ukrainian passports. The locals were allowed to keep them when Crimea joined the Russian Federation.

However, not all, that is the officials and siloviks who have received a Russian citizenship. They were required to hand in their Ukrainian documents (people holding government offices in Russia are forbidden from having a citizenship of another country). This has automatically barred the officials access to Ukraine, where the relatives of many remain.

To solve this issue, the officials in Alushta have claimed that they lost their Ukrainian passports. However, they continued travelling using these passports across Perekop.   As it became know, it was demanded they should be sacked.

The head of the Alushta administration, Galina Ogneva confirmed to Primechaniya that the municipal prosecutor has issued a recommendation to the administration to sack 20 employees of the municipal governance organ, who have visited Ukraine using passports of the neighboring country. The issue here is the article 330.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

“We have the recommendation to sack [the people] but these numbers are not from the current year, they were gathered since 2014,” said Ogneva. “There were different cases, somebody’s relatives have died, others had other rather sound reasons, some were faced with the choice of either operation or treatment.”

Why didn’t the latter didn’t use the Russian Health Insurance is now being investigated by the prosecutor’s office, says the head of the administration.

According to Ogneva, the decisions to expel the officials will be taken with punctuality. That is based on the circumstances that made them break the law. She added that it would not be possible to sack everyone because of absence of qualified staff.

“Primechaniya” contacted the head of cultural administration of Alushta, Olga Mikhailichenko, who in 2016 left Crimea for just few days, and having buried her mother returned to the peninsula. Now, just as her other colleagues, she might be sacked.

“I did not travel to Ukraine, knowing what the consequences might be. But I could not not bury my mother, how would I live with that?” -said the official.

The only way to say goodbye to her late mother was a Ukrainian passport. Primechaniya was not able to explain how the official was able to keep it.

According to Primechniya, human factor in these stories is impossible to exclude. There are dozens of people like Mikhailichenko in Crimea, and perhaps hundreds, warns former head of the judicial section of the Alushta government. who has gone to Ukraine last Autumn and gave an interview to local radio. He said many of his former colleagues did not know what do with Ukrainian documents. Back then, the Alushta government assured us that only employees with background checks work there.

“These aren’t cases like those with Bignyak, here the people have serious reasons.” -said Galina Ogneva.

While in Crimea, the officials would suffer a sack from job or a fine for such transgressions. In Ukraine, “traitors” face 15 years in jail.

In 2015, former member of the Supreme Assembly of Crimea, Vasily Ganysh, was given 12 years. The same fate awaited his colleague from the Sevastopol Municipal Assembly, Vladimir Galichiy. member of the Evpatoria Municipal Assembly, Sergei Osminin, and a former Depute Minister of Sport of the Republic of Crimea, Farukh Kamalov. The latter received less impressive verdicts. The criminal investigation was not only directed against officials, and members of assemblies, but also in relation to activists and members of the society, including those that took part in the referendum and presidential elections in Crimea. However, the Crimean officials and the common people, did not abandon their habit of going to Ukraine.

Why the Events of 2 May 2014 in Odessa Justify Putler’s actions in Crimea, Ilovaysk etc.

I will briefly cover what happened on 2 May 2014 in Odessa…

Right Sector goons, reinforced by hooligans from Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk burned alive some 50 (at least according to official statistics) anti-fascist protestors in the House of the Unions in Odessa.

This was a complete act of barbarism worthy of countries of Africa. And it justifies Putins’s actions in defending Crimea, and stopping the Ukrainian advance in the Donbass.

That’s all from me folks, if you don’t like my version of events, the comments are free: