Can Sberbank Open Branches in Crimea Now?

Sberbank in the Czech Republic has been all but destroyed in the Czech Republic in the wake of the Ukraine war. I used to joke that Sberbank has more branches in the Czech Republic than it does in the Republic of Crimea. There weren’t any Sberbanks in Crimea…

I really wonder what led Sberbank to open branches in the EU? Don’t they do risk assessment before investing? A large institution like Sberbank could afford a media analysis of the mainstream Czech papers and found out that those are thoroughly Russophobic. Obviously, they didn’t do any of that and now all their branches are closed. They may open some in Crimea, and in Ukraine now.

3 thoughts on “Can Sberbank Open Branches in Crimea Now?

  1. Moral of the story: sometimes it’s actually a lot more productive, if businesses make decisions based on who’s friendly to them instead of who got more money. If they don’t like you and you insist on doing business with them, there will usually be two outcomes: you proceed to do business with them but with face smells like an ass, or you get booted the fuck out.

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    1. 60% of Czechs hold Russophobic views, and will never open an account in a Russian bank. I really do not understand the rationale of opening them here. I guess some in the Russian elite are either delusional or subversive.

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      1. This type of thing is what gets me into Mbti. I don’t know Herman Gref enough to know his type, but Russia overall got an ISTP vibe to it. ISTP = Ti (introverted thinking) + Se (extroverted sensing) + Ni (introverted intuition) + Fe (extroverted feeling). Actually I got typed as ISTP on some of the tests before, but most of the times it’s INTP (the two are pretty compatible and are considered to be some of the easiest ones to work out). I guess what’s happening is that those Russian elites who make boneheaded mistakes like this are using their Ti and Se to make their decisions. Se allows them to focus on established economic facts, Ti allows them to be analytical. They make decisions based on those facts and their own analysis. At the end, they just do business with whoever got the money without even considering if their supposed partner like them or not (inferior Fe = unable to sense others’ feeling). Now, if they can improve their Ne, which is more focused on possibilities and theories rather than facts, or Fe, which allows them to sense what others want and how others feel about them with decent accuracy, then they will stop making such mistake.


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