Melitopol: People Standing in Line for Russian Citizenship

You may have met Svidomite trolls before this current military escalation saying things like Ukrainian volunteers battalions all come from the East of the country and speak Russian. This is true, and what is also true is that a concerted effort was made in the East of the country to convert local radicals, that is football hooligans and Neonazis, to Ukrainian nationalism in the 2000’s. This is why the volunteer battalions were all mostly from the East.

But alongside these volunteers, radicals, and psychopaths, there is also a silent majority of the Easterners…

Fly a Flag Bitch

If there is something out there that makes me want to see this World burn, it is the cowardly virtue signalling all around me. Every dork is flying a flag, be that a rainbow flag or the Ukrainian flag. Institutions, companies, individuals on social media, you see that shit everywhere. Meanwhile, the homosexuals are catching monkey pox, and the Ukrainian army is getting its ass handed to it.

Was Ukraine Ever a Russian Colony?

In a reaction to my recent post, somebody posted this ignorant reply…

In reality, Ukraine is a part of Russia that was estranged by centuries of Western imperialism that took advantage of Russian weakness following the Mongol invasion. It was not a strange, distant land with an exotic culture, and unintelligible language like India was to Britain. It was a country with the same religion, where the people spoke a patois composed of Old Russian and Polish, the latter also being a language related to Russian. Finding differences between Greater Russia and Ukraine boils down to pointless and petty Borscht and Vodka wars.

As far as I am concerned, successive Russian rulers acknowledged this cultural difference of the Ukrainians and allowed them a share of autonomy. What however happens following such acts of kindness and understanding is the Ukrainians develop an enmity to the Greater Russians, and get consumed by betrayal and hatred for their kin to the East.

In fact, an opinion has it that if the Ukrainians ever abandoned their hatred for the Muscovites, they would seize to exist because Russophobia is their only raison d’être. Unfortunately, the Russians cannot tolerate a culture that acts like constant irritant to their state. According to many observers, Ukrainian nationalism would inevitably lead to a war with Russia. These observations have been made 100 years ago, and 30 years ago, and 15 years ago too. It is a perennial problem that stems out of the nature of the Ukrainian nationalism itself.

If Russia is waging a war to defend Russian speaking, pro-Russian Ukrainians from Ukrainian radical nationalists then how is this imperialism? Honestly, today’s Russia would much rather see Ukraine that accommodates all people and doesn’t engage in Russophobia but the fate ruled otherwise.

Cope, Hope, and Dope

I really did not know what to call this collection but here it is…

Vlad is an acquaintance of my friend in Moscow, he wrote: Remember, the defenders of Mariupol have not surrendered and become POWs. They have executed the order of the commander in chief in context of a humanitarian mission, which is as agreed upon by the parties to the conflict under international mediation. And the Russian idiots can continue deluding themselves that they were taken captive.

The level of delusion is incredible here…

So what is it that Twitter does not want you to see?

Well, let me break the news to you, we live in a globalized world and your women are emancipated. So don’t be surprised that while you are defending the interests of your local and global oligarchs, your women will run off to safety of other men. There ain’t no peasant girl waiting for your return, your girls are like the second or third generation after the contraceptive pill, and the Sexual Revolution. The ease of travel is unprecedented and will only increase with the introduction of new tech.

Isn’t this the best argument against war? Well, you can actually be gay, and rejoice with the boys.

I actually believe that standing armies fighting to defend a nation will soon be a thing of the past, as there will not be many nations worth fighting for and we will go back to pros and soldiers for hire. Drones and robots will play a larger role too.

Zelensky is George Floyd
My understanding of Polish is limited but I assume it says: Do not feed Putin, use public transport…

Many people out there hope to defeat Putin but don’t want to do much for it. Any fight Ukraine has with Russia is a losing game for Ukraine. Not even weapons deliveries will help.

The Leader of the Neonazi Azov Battalion in Mariupol is Denis Prokopenko

Coincidentally, my mother’s maiden name is Prokopenko. This distant relative of mine really let himself go…

Here his opinion is featured on CNN. CNN promotes Neonazis in 2022.

Black Sun Azov Magazine featuring Prokopenko, with what looks like an Israeli made rifle…

Azov goons cower behind civilians, and shoot at them should they try to leave.

Reports are coming in that Prokopenko has given up the defense of Azovstal and surrendered to the Russians.

Video is in Czech, meanwhile on Daily Mail.

Propagandistic posters have appeared in Ukraine accusing Zelensky of betraying the Azov.

Denis Prokopenko said Zelensky betrayed him and he will betray you too…

Murican Wunderwaffe Javelin Being Seized by the People’s Militia of the Donbas

I can barely tell the American Javelin system from the British N-LAW, so excuse me if some pictures get mixed in. Also, I don’t think most of the soldiers are People’s Militia of the Donbas but regular Russian force.

These are Chechen forces in an abandoned ammunition depo near Zaparozhye, the source say the Ukrainian force fled without engaging them.

More seized guns coming:

Anti-tank guns are not the only gear being seized…

Does anyone have reliable statistic on how many Russian tanks were destroyed by Javelins in the Ukraine conflict?

Anti tank missile launcher shown on Russian TV.