Syrian Refugees Claim They are the Ukrainian Volleyball Team

From RT…


Greek police have caught a group of migrants from Syria attempting to fool migration control by posing as a volleyball team from Ukraine.

Ten Syrian refugees were arrested at Athens International Airport over the weekend, police said. In an attempt to fool migration control, they all dressed in identical uniforms, brought a number of similar sports bags, and two volleyball balls.

They also had Ukrainian passports, which were listed as stolen or lost.

Os’ Bachite Yakiy Shedevr Mistec’tva ya Nashov

“Look what artistic masterpiece I found…”

EECpz51WsAEGrxt (1).jpg
Aeneas was an agile lad… thanks to the gandfather for Aeneid

Turns out, this is the 250 of Kotliarevsky. If you don’t know, who that was, he was a Ukrainian noble of Cossack elder origins, who in late eighteenth century was the first to attempt writing plays in the vernacular of the Poltava region, which would later be developed into the Ukrainian language.

Hardly anything was written in the vernacular before Kotliarevsky and the vernacular was always considered low status. This is a perennial source of much of low self esteem among Ukrainians.

And this is why the first work in the vernacular was a piece of burlesque poetry named Aeneid: Rewritten in the Little Russian Language. Kotliarevsky actually first wrote a similar piece in Russian but thought it would be funny to render it in the language of the common folk.

Feral Hogs

I used to troll Ukrainian nationalists by saying that Ukraine’s economic and demographic decline will lead to a country of wild boars and feral hogs. And while, I may have been exaggerating, something that brings us closer to the ideal has happened in the Poltava Region…

In the village of Kizlovka, almost hundred of hogs have escaped from a local farm where they were allegedly held in unsatisfactory conditions. They are feeding on the produce of local fields, which is driving many locals to despair, since many rural Ukrainians depend on what they themselves grow. They can’t eat the pigs since they are the property of the farmer from whom they escaped. It is said they are hard to catch as they act aggressive towards humans, they became feral, and would defend their freedom…




TSN report (in Ukrainian)