45% of Women Will be Single by 2030

And all I wanna say is don’t worry be happy…

So a number of Internet personalities from the manosphere have mentioned over the last year a shocking statistic coming from Morgan Stanley, which predicts almost half of working age women will be single by 2030. This estimate of 45% of working age women being single comes from an article, the Rise of Sheconomy. Specifically this point:

In the coming years, another demographic trend could help further close the pay gap in the U.S.: the rising ranks of single working women. Based on Census Bureau historical data and Morgan Stanley forecasts, 45% of prime working age women (ages 25-44) will be single by 2030—the largest share in history—up from 41% in 2018.

And this is how they rationalize this:

What’s driving this trend? For starters, more women are delaying marriage, choosing to stay single or divorcing in their 50s and 60s. Women are also delaying childbirth or having fewer children than in the past.

Some people on YouTube seem to have added into the title of their videos the word childless, I guess for a greater clickbait effect.

I guess childlessness will be common but the question of how is not explained in the article. It is not clear if the women will not eventually become mothers to at least one child. Also what is meant is women will remain unmarried because women don’t tend to be truly single as men are. I know absolutely infernal women that still have a simp around that puts up with their shit.

It is a shocking statistic because it evokes images of cat ladies and violent Incels. But all I can say is, enjoy the decline. There will be cat ladies and there will occasionally be a violent outburst of men that takeout their frustration with the opposite sex in this unfortunate way. But really, vast swaths of people will be the victims of their inability to exist in the modern world. The last point goes way beyond relationships between the sexes.

I believe that if you are concerned about vast swaths of both men and women being single, that is unmarried, and not in serious relationships, this is your inner simp calling, your inner white knight, your inner captain save-a-hoe, Aye aye captain, let me teach you the art of not giving a fuck about things you have no control over. I am not one bit concerned about cat ladies or incels.

The soyciety that people instinctively want to save is not one bit concerned about women and men not getting along. As you can see Morgan Stanley attribute their statistic to female choices, and no politician or official is ever going to tell the ladies anything about their choices after the Slut Walk. Men are not going to chase after women after Me Too, and hence the statistics given by Morgan Stanley may be rather conservative.

The right wingers in the Western World would lament the fact that 50% of marriages end in divorce and would talk about a crisis of masculinity. Their talking points are, men should man up and find themselves a wife among modern women, and this has been their talking point for the last 15 years, ever since I became interested in this topic. No evolution, and no change. In the current climate, man’s choices are a fair game for criticism but criticizing female choices will get you canceled and demonetized.

I personally think that things will eventually reach an equilibrium. Depopulation will probably happen, economic decline will probably happen, the capitalists will likely replace the native population with immigrants from elsewhere. All this may happen but also a backlash against certain modern patterns of behavior. Any scenario leaves me totally content. In any case, any scenario would lead to the rectification of today’s toxic situation.

3 thoughts on “45% of Women Will be Single by 2030

    1. Do you think I care about having kids? Unlike you I can have sex with women that are considerably younger than me and probably hotter than your wife. You are calling me a faggot and yet you support globohomo against Putin. Get a grip!


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