Trans Women vs. Radical Feminists

I believe this fight we are witnessing is a form of poetic justice…

Back in my university days, some 10-15 years ago, whenever an exclusively male group was established on the campus, the radical feminists would be in high gear fighting against it. This is where I first heard the term: “invading male spaces”. But what we have seen recently is men pretending to be women invading female spaces and literally killing there. We have trans women in female bathrooms and women’s sports. And nobody is willing to stand up against it because trans women are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Except radical feminists that is.

The radical feminists of old have been up in arms against this, yet they were instrumental in creating the anti-male discourse about toxic masculinity not so long ago, and have created a climate which might be driving the rise of male to female transitions in some circles. The radical feminists are known as TERFs, that is Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists.

On one hand I understand the feelings of many women out there when they see a biological male winning over weaker women in sports competitions. I pity the female contestants that have to compete against dudes and even suffer injury because of their superior strength. This intrusion into the athletics is the result of spineless was on the part of sports officials that are unable to say no to dudes competing out of fear of activists. I have heard about radical feminist demonstrations being violently disrupted by Trans activists. Imagine that dudes dressed as women are beating up anti-male radical feminists. I cannot hide the schadenfreude.

Being on the left and promoting leftist ideologies such as minority and women’s rights inevitably runs into a problem of many social groups all competing against each other for acceptance and dominance. Women have been in the vogue 10 years ago but now various other groups are trying to take their place in the pantheon of victims needing justice. You cannot go against the LGBTQ+ community.

Also, radical feminists have created an environment that is often hostile to men. There are instances of men on flights or on children playgrounds with their daughters experiencing hostility from women. In London, men can be prosecuted for staring at women on public transport. Environment such as this is where transitioning from male to female can be promoted among young and vulnerable men.

Apparently, a group of groomers online entice young men that have no success with the opposite sex to transition into women. If you are considering anything like this, wait few years, pursue your career and you will see how many women will jump on your dick. I personally lost my virginity at 16 with a high school sweetheart but did not have any success with women since until I was 25. What the groomers are suggesting is that the society will treat you better if you are female.

Society, that is random females and simps will definitely treat you better as a female. You might be forgiven if you sit around with your daughter at children’s playground or in an airplane but grass isn’t greener on the other side. One of my exes after chasing Chad, and riding the cock carousel decided to try it with women. And I have to laugh because I was a riding pony on her cock carousel.

The clown world is not something we mere mortals can do anything about. We need enjoy the decline and laugh at what is happening…

3 thoughts on “Trans Women vs. Radical Feminists

  1. Oh, I’ve been hinting at it the whole time, that the physical and emotional comfort that modern women enjoy is the main force behind the feminization of modern men. Then again, women are never satisfied. It’s funny, because it’s almost like the more luxury they got, the more pissed they become.

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    1. Modern women have completely lost it at times. Especially the women of my generation, they are trainwrecks, many are fat, anti-motherhood, anti-male, angry, feral.

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  2. Also, I have more observations about what you’ve described “many social groups all competing against each other for acceptance and dominance. “…actually, I’ve made a whole post on Reddit’s r/mbti where I link the Fi-usage (which is how such self-righteous yet hypercompetitive mentality was generated) with socioeconomic.

    Yes, since I know how much pro-West bias that average Redditors have, so I pretend not to be from US…take it as a form of devil’s advocate. Also, I’m not sure if I’m truly INTP, INTJ or ISTP. Anyways, in order to cease this, we need to bring back the logic-based compassion (Ti-Fe axis) instead of the hypercompetitive, narcissistic, tribal, me-against-the-world bullshit where bullies and bully-worshippers run the show (Fi-Te axis). I say eventually, the humanity will regain its sense once the whole middle-class bullshit is cleared off and folks become more disillusioned, but as I said in the Reddit post, it’s gonna get way worse before it gets better. Also, I’m not sure if we’ll even be alive by the time it gets better.

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