Is the Ukrainian Kiddies Learning?

I remembered this old article of Anatoly Karlin, while preparing this post…

The article is now 10 years old but the question is rather pertinent today. Russian troops and their Donbas colleagues have visited schools in liberated territories and they found what kiddies were learning…

I am European, I am Ukrainian

Nobody loves the EU more than people outside the EU.

Feminism and the city…
Our world is fixated on the boobs.
Intimate survey…
Sexual enlightenment for the kiddies in the spirit of European values.

I didn’t need any of this to know how to fuck…

First person account of the Maidan

The kiddies are learning about feminism, and the Maidan. Hopefully, they will not be learning this shit when Russia is done with Ukraine…

Man’s Power!!!

Know this young man, all women need men, and want men. Whether they want their genitals raided by Chad and Tyrone, or lock a beta male in marriage, they need that Mr. Fixer, Mr. Screwer, Mr. Lifter, Mr. Builder…

Also, this sounds bad but any man can beat any woman in a fair fight. I recall one badly behaved bitch always attacking me, she tried to elicit sympathy of simps in case I eventually retaliate. I personally believe that such women need to be knocked out, to show them who the master of creation is here. But otherwise, fighting the weaker is not courageous.

Also, I believe that young men would find much more confidence around women, if they realised how tragic the lives most of these girls are, their lives smell of cat piss…

By the way, for a long time, this was my cover photo on Facebook. Before they deleted me…

PS: Women will also try to instigate conflicts between us men. I recall this story. Me, my bro, and momma were in Bali on holiday. My mom made for herself a space on the beach, and some young broad began berating my mother:

I don’t want to see you!

I was quietly reading Mircea Eliade’s Shamanism but when you berate my momma, my inner simp comes out, and I straight up told that broad to:

Fuck off!!!

Minutes later, her boyfriend arrives, and she tells him about my nastiness. He confronts me:

You insulted her?

To which I replied:

You wanna be insulted as well?

He was at a loss, he realised my mental power. And I added to the fun, realising they have a French accent, I went:

What are you, Belgian villagers?

No disrespect to Walloon people, it was the first thing that came into my head.

A group of Australian tourists were visibly entertained by this. Eventually, Belgian villagers left the beach.

Minsk is a City of a White Heterosexual Male

So says Dutch Feminist, Lidewij Tummers…

Minsk is a city of white heterosexual males. An urbanist explains why that is bad for everyone.

In short, manly cities are sexist spaces, created in the interests of the market economy. “Contemporary urbanists and feminists critique city planning, which pushes the women, the elderly, sexual and national minorities and other groups of people out.

Lidewij Tummers is a research assistant at the department of planning and architectural sociology at the Leibniz University Hanover. She visited Belarus in late 2019 for a conference: “Accessibility as an indicator of quality living space” of the Minsk Urbanistic Platform.