I Feel Kinda Bad for the Men in Scotland

Because there aren’t any problems in Scotland, the Scottish government decided to fight misogyny.

The Scottish Daily Express reports:

New laws being proposed in Scotland could lead men to be jailed for up to seven years if they discuss their sex lives/conquests with their friends loudly in a public place.

Imagine, you cannot discuss your sex life with your friend. So I cannot tell a friend about my hook ups with women because it might make the ladies uncomfortable. This ban is a part of a package of laws targeting misogyny.

They would target only males, with females not being put under the same scrutiny. It is claimed that laddish behaviour stops women from “fully participating in society”.

You see, all this rampant misogyny is stopping women from becoming garbage collectors, oil rig workers, coal miners (in the good sense), working long shifts in the factories, electricians, plumbers, truck drivers.

A new offence, called “misogynistic behaviour,” would mean that an offender would not have to directly address the opposition sex to be found guilty.


Views are being sought by the Scottish Government on what sanctions should be handed out to those guilty of offences like this, with the maximum punishment being proposed being seven years imprisonment.

You are looking at 7 years in the slammer if you step out of the line…

Criminal offences would be triggered in cases “where the perpetrator perceives their victim to be a woman, irrespective as to the victim’s sex or gender”.


Another proposed new crime would be “misogynistic harassment” which would make it illegal for a man to shout sexually abusive remarks at a woman in the street or using abusive language “to a girl who does not want to be ‘chatted up’”

Shout out to all the PUAs trying to cold approach women.

This is to help stop harassment of females at pubs and nightclubs, and also to curb wolf-whistles being performed to girls walking down the street.

Why do you think women go to clubs and bars? They go there to get attention from men. I mean, it usually devolves into a shitshow of women using simps to buy them drinks or seething at their friend who received attention from a man. The Scottish government is making all this fun difficult.

In many locales of the West, women are now complaining men don’t approach them anymore in bars. Men have likely wisen up on how clubs and bars work but feminist campaigning and harassment laws could have contributed to this.

Other examples of this crime would include “deliberately rubbing up against a woman in a crowded place” or showing porn to a female.

I guess this is intended to prevent blokes from sending the girls dick pics. But I had a girlfriend that sent me porn flicks to demonstrate how she wishes to be done. So my friends, this conversation can now be held against you. And since women can do no wrong, you will have to answer for this…

And another new offence of “stirring up” hatred against women and girls could be brought in to protect them from “incel” male supremacist bloggers or Andrew Tate-style personalities.

These disgusting incels, shut it down! Shut them up! Andrew Tate, oy vey! This blog could also be listed as misogynistic because I write about dating single mothers and fatties. Fatherlessness and obesity are a far more serious problems than some incels talking about women online, or Andrew Tate. Andrew Tate must have struck a nerve in some circles but he does not hate women. And his case demonstrates that anything they find uncomfortable will be treated as misogyny.

Making rape, sexual assault or disfigurement threats against females would also become a specific crime due to a rise in online abuse directed towards the fairer sex.

I thought making such threats are already highly illegal. There is a saying: The worse the state, the more laws it has.

The consultation is based on a report written by Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws, who was paid £1,000 a day by the taxpayer to conduct an investigation into misogyny north of the border.

I think I remember Baroness Kennedy from my university years, she is an honorary fellow in the uni I went to. I am glad she is doing good for herself. As for the rest of you schmucks that pay taxes, income tax, VAT and other, you should be glad it goes to a good cause.

Keith Brown, the SNP’s Justice Secretary, said: “Women and girls are routinely humiliated, touched, groped, undermined, trolled and objectified both online and off, and subjected to threats, harassment and abuse about their looks or desirability – stopping them from fully participating in society.

We need to help all these single mothers on OnlyFans that are being objectified by thirsty simps online. I would not be against jailing the simps, and castrating them but that’s just me. I am sorry the ladies are socially crippled because of those nasty men. Maybe these women should avoid social media, clubs, and bars, and they would feel better.

Also, they could find themselves a decent and loving man, with good upbringing, instead of hunting on dating websites for assholes. This could cure their socially crippling neurosis…

PS: Here is the quote I was looking for and at the time of writing I could not attribute it to Tacitus

Cope With Biology, Bitch!

Lauren Southern is pissed off some nasty men no longer think Emma Watson is hot…

I am not a conservative but I too want women to achieve their biological potential of becoming a mother and that is best achieved between 16-28 years of age. No amount of silicon in your face is gonna change this axiom. I mean if your goal is to continue banging Chad, Tyrone, Pookie and Ray Ray, hot girl summer, party girl, the hoe phase and being a little girl, that is your choice. Don’t complain you ran out of time. You can probably prolong your hoe phase by taking good care of yourself but your biological self will eventually catch up with you.

Teenage pregnancies are only frowned upon because of economic reasons. Geriatric pregnancies that most modern women are having get far less flack. And they should be getting blasted. I have heard of women having problems conceiving, about auto abortions, couples trying several times before conceiving. Not to mention the kids that come out of these pregnancies have a myriad of problems like they suffer from autism, Down syndrome, and other nice things. Couples fight over this shit and people are unhappy.

PS: Lauren Southern is also not a conservative. Note the feminism oozing out of her arse. I am not a conservative because I acknowledge that we live in a post-modern, post-feminism reality and there is no going back. There is only one road, a road to hell. You either adapt, or you will suffer! All contemporary conservatives have produced are fake blonds like Lauren, they haven’t preserved shit…

Trans Women vs. Radical Feminists

I believe this fight we are witnessing is a form of poetic justice…

Back in my university days, some 10-15 years ago, whenever an exclusively male group was established on the campus, the radical feminists would be in high gear fighting against it. This is where I first heard the term: “invading male spaces”. But what we have seen recently is men pretending to be women invading female spaces and literally killing there. We have trans women in female bathrooms and women’s sports. And nobody is willing to stand up against it because trans women are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Except radical feminists that is.

The radical feminists of old have been up in arms against this, yet they were instrumental in creating the anti-male discourse about toxic masculinity not so long ago, and have created a climate which might be driving the rise of male to female transitions in some circles. The radical feminists are known as TERFs, that is Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists.

On one hand I understand the feelings of many women out there when they see a biological male winning over weaker women in sports competitions. I pity the female contestants that have to compete against dudes and even suffer injury because of their superior strength. This intrusion into the athletics is the result of spineless was on the part of sports officials that are unable to say no to dudes competing out of fear of activists. I have heard about radical feminist demonstrations being violently disrupted by Trans activists. Imagine that dudes dressed as women are beating up anti-male radical feminists. I cannot hide the schadenfreude.

Being on the left and promoting leftist ideologies such as minority and women’s rights inevitably runs into a problem of many social groups all competing against each other for acceptance and dominance. Women have been in the vogue 10 years ago but now various other groups are trying to take their place in the pantheon of victims needing justice. You cannot go against the LGBTQ+ community.

Also, radical feminists have created an environment that is often hostile to men. There are instances of men on flights or on children playgrounds with their daughters experiencing hostility from women. In London, men can be prosecuted for staring at women on public transport. Environment such as this is where transitioning from male to female can be promoted among young and vulnerable men.

Apparently, a group of groomers online entice young men that have no success with the opposite sex to transition into women. If you are considering anything like this, wait few years, pursue your career and you will see how many women will jump on your dick. I personally lost my virginity at 16 with a high school sweetheart but did not have any success with women since until I was 25. What the groomers are suggesting is that the society will treat you better if you are female.

Society, that is random females and simps will definitely treat you better as a female. You might be forgiven if you sit around with your daughter at children’s playground or in an airplane but grass isn’t greener on the other side. One of my exes after chasing Chad, and riding the cock carousel decided to try it with women. And I have to laugh because I was a riding pony on her cock carousel.

The clown world is not something we mere mortals can do anything about. We need enjoy the decline and laugh at what is happening…

Is the Ukrainian Kiddies Learning?

I remembered this old article of Anatoly Karlin, while preparing this post…

The article is now 10 years old but the question is rather pertinent today. Russian troops and their Donbas colleagues have visited schools in liberated territories and they found what kiddies were learning…

I am European, I am Ukrainian

Nobody loves the EU more than people outside the EU.

Feminism and the city…
Our world is fixated on the boobs.
Intimate survey…
Sexual enlightenment for the kiddies in the spirit of European values.

I didn’t need any of this to know how to fuck…

First person account of the Maidan

The kiddies are learning about feminism, and the Maidan. Hopefully, they will not be learning this shit when Russia is done with Ukraine…

Man’s Power!!!

Know this young man, all women need men, and want men. Whether they want their genitals raided by Chad and Tyrone, or lock a beta male in marriage, they need that Mr. Fixer, Mr. Screwer, Mr. Lifter, Mr. Builder…

Also, this sounds bad but any man can beat any woman in a fair fight. I recall one badly behaved bitch always attacking me, she tried to elicit sympathy of simps in case I eventually retaliate. I personally believe that such women need to be knocked out, to show them who the master of creation is here. But otherwise, fighting the weaker is not courageous.

Also, I believe that young men would find much more confidence around women, if they realised how tragic the lives most of these girls are, their lives smell of cat piss…

By the way, for a long time, this was my cover photo on Facebook. Before they deleted me…

PS: Women will also try to instigate conflicts between us men. I recall this story. Me, my bro, and momma were in Bali on holiday. My mom made for herself a space on the beach, and some young broad began berating my mother:

I don’t want to see you!

I was quietly reading Mircea Eliade’s Shamanism but when you berate my momma, my inner simp comes out, and I straight up told that broad to:

Fuck off!!!

Minutes later, her boyfriend arrives, and she tells him about my nastiness. He confronts me:

You insulted her?

To which I replied:

You wanna be insulted as well?

He was at a loss, he realised my mental power. And I added to the fun, realising they have a French accent, I went:

What are you, Belgian villagers?

No disrespect to Walloon people, it was the first thing that came into my head.

A group of Australian tourists were visibly entertained by this. Eventually, Belgian villagers left the beach.

Minsk is a City of a White Heterosexual Male

So says Dutch Feminist, Lidewij Tummers…

Minsk is a city of white heterosexual males. An urbanist explains why that is bad for everyone.

In short, manly cities are sexist spaces, created in the interests of the market economy. “Contemporary urbanists and feminists critique city planning, which pushes the women, the elderly, sexual and national minorities and other groups of people out.

Lidewij Tummers is a research assistant at the department of planning and architectural sociology at the Leibniz University Hanover. She visited Belarus in late 2019 for a conference: “Accessibility as an indicator of quality living space” of the Minsk Urbanistic Platform.