Cope With Biology, Bitch!

Lauren Southern is pissed off some nasty men no longer think Emma Watson is hot…

I am not a conservative but I too want women to achieve their biological potential of becoming a mother and that is best achieved between 16-28 years of age. No amount of silicon in your face is gonna change this axiom. I mean if your goal is to continue banging Chad, Tyrone, Pookie and Ray Ray, hot girl summer, party girl, the hoe phase and being a little girl, that is your choice. Don’t complain you ran out of time. You can probably prolong your hoe phase by taking good care of yourself but your biological self will eventually catch up with you.

Teenage pregnancies are only frowned upon because of economic reasons. Geriatric pregnancies that most modern women are having get far less flack. And they should be getting blasted. I have heard of women having problems conceiving, about auto abortions, couples trying several times before conceiving. Not to mention the kids that come out of these pregnancies have a myriad of problems like they suffer from autism, Down syndrome, and other nice things. Couples fight over this shit and people are unhappy.

PS: Lauren Southern is also not a conservative. Note the feminism oozing out of her arse. I am not a conservative because I acknowledge that we live in a post-modern, post-feminism reality and there is no going back. There is only one road, a road to hell. You either adapt, or you will suffer! All contemporary conservatives have produced are fake blonds like Lauren, they haven’t preserved shit…

On Tradwives and Homemakers

I decided to cover the various subcultures of the post-feminism intersexual relations. Since I already touched on MGTOW, I might cover Tradwives or traditional wives…

The tradwife, otherwise known as a homemaker, stay at home wife in the past, is a woman taking care of her husband and children while the man is the primary bread winner. She cooks fresh food, and makes the crib welcoming and warm. And all this is totally wholesome…

I love it. Not only does it show a middle finger to the feminists and soyciety at large, much like MGTOW does, the tradwife means one less woman competing for jobs with blokes like me. Granted, this cannot be practiced by a majority of women because most guys don’t have the income to afford their missus this kind of lifestyle. And here comes the danger…

The danger of being betrayed by your husband

My mother was turned into a homemaker by my dad, who was uncomfortable about getting a senior position in the company and being my mother’s superior. My mother being a foreigner and having a niche profession accepted being a homemaker and made my dad food and made sure he always has clean cloths to wear.

Well, my mother turned 30, and my dad wanted a variety. Eventually the old man got estranged, he hired a maid to replace my mother. Then his girlfriend threatened him with a break up and the idiot asked for a divorce. I helped my mother with legal issues so she does not remain destitute in the old age.

You see, it is all cool being a tradwife but we live in a post-feminist reality, and no-fault divorce cuts both ways. Now, women in the West have the legal system on their side (and many abuse that fact) but finding a career after years of being a stay at home wife is almost impossible.

This is why I would suggest to invest part of your allowance into exchange traded funds over the years, and if your hubby does not betray you, shave off 4% every year and invite him on a nice holiday. And on your death bed, you can cash out and give the money to your grandchildren. And in case he fucks up, you will have portfolio that can provide you with a passive income and a reserve.

You see, as a tradwife, a lot of women will covet your place. Women often go after men that already have a wife or girlfriend, this is called a pre-selection. They act like a heard all gravitating to one alpha.

The parasitical homemaker

Number of guys complain that they are in a relationship where the woman does fuck all. They come from work and have to do house chores and other shit. But they stay in such a relationship because the pussy is more powerful than their judgment. Some of these guys don’t even get sex that often.

You need to discover the alpha male in you, and reject these hoes.

Manipulative Women

Guys, so all my relationships look like this. First they spread their legs, like on the first date, and then they try manipulating me for my money.

They can’t do the latter because I ain’t no simp. I ain’t spending my hard earned cash on some average broad with shit for brains. But I wonder where this behaviour comes from? Do women really consider guys to be fools? Are there too many simps that part with their money for the girls? Maybe…

But there are also women teaching these young chicks all types of garbage.

Imagine paying this post-wall slut money to learn anything? But from what I noticed, women are literally from Venus and the content they consume that fries their brain is vastly divergent from what you subject yourself to.

I Think People Have Gotten The Whole Relationship Game Wrong

Guys, I feel like I am at a peak of my earning potential, i’m 39. This year I received a 3 year contract for work in local castle as a guide and in the depository. I was just translating a text about historical floors yesterday, this is totally my forte, I speak three languages, and am a history buff. I was elected into the municipal council, and I will finally be opening my airBNB apartment. My bank accounts are literally filling up, because I have large savings in the UK, together with my property portfolio in London. I am truly a late bloomer.

All I do is win!

However, women are only after my money and looks, my expensive Italian cloths. I meet these party girls that only want the coitus, and the cash. And you can’t wife that up. I know of two girls interested in me, and one of them is cute in the face but obese as a pig, and the other one is this timid girl that is not very pretty. And so I decided to save up for a surrogate mother. My last fling that still actually chases me, did not want any children, and she recently got tattoos everywhere, her daddy died last year.

Tattoos are a sign of low character, and I can’t make this girl into arm piece. Something ells me to done my best outfit and raid the clubs more of these arm pieces. I love nothing more than walking on the street with a girl that turns head, and makes both the and women envy me, I can also try going to clubs down and pull some party chicks for a smash and dash, this will be fun. Last time I did this was at the age of 16. Maybe I’ll also get a Tinder just for the fun of.

Really guys, a wife material is a woman that can cook, who will clean your crib, is not a party girl, is smart, respectful, and loyal. Good luck finding something like that. I’d rather bang some long legged blond bimbo with big tits.


And here we come to the crucks of the problem. Monogamy, relationships, dating were made for a different time and are promoting the illusion of marriage and happily ever after. The World has changed, women eat hormones that prevent them getting pregnant. People no longer treat sex as something shameful, in fact the reverse.

Hook up culture is the natural state of the human species

The statistics (both from genetic research and from dating apps) show that women only pick a select few men, this leaves many blokes in the dust. Women would rather just fuck around, there are very few marriage oriented women, and marriage and cohabitation is risky. Women are very volatile. This has always been the case. I propose a getter system, where the women are simply ignored and they need to come into a man’s life with full package, is feminine, cooks, cleans, is family oriented.

But there are ways around it. Want an heir like me, contact s surrogate mother. The latter women have figured it out. Women of the past had like 16 or even more kids. So why not make money popping up kids? This will save me the trouble of dealing with women beyond smash and dash, and my wanting of heirs to my estate.

Modern confusions, and frustrations, need modern solutions.


So, apparently Velma is gay and now she is also black. Take this load of creative writing up your ass, our characters are now intersectional…

I personally never cared about Scooby Doo but this shit made me cancel my HBO Max subscription. I am now officially not subscribed to any streaming service. I do not have Amazon Prime, Netflix, or payed YouTube. Because fuck you, you ain’t gonna see my dollars.

On Slavery

So I watched this short documentary on Vice about British aristocratic residences being built on the backs of slave labour. It is a typical left wing agitprop that shits on the traditional order and European history in my opinion.

In my opinion, every phenomenon needs to be seen in its historical context, including slavery and bondage. You know what else was built using slave labour? The pyramids and just about any other ancient monument. Slavery existed since the time of the Bronze Age, when the world was divided into those that had bronze and those that served those that had bronze.

Matter of fact, the vast majority of people in the pre-modern times lived in some kind of bondage, and there was very little social mobility. Everyone knew his place in the society. In the Middle Ages, the vast majority of people were enserfed peasants. In the cities, the guilds were hereditary affairs, where sons would inherit the father’s trade. The nobles were the warrior and priestly class, and they did not always live the high life of hunting and banquets. This high life came with the obligation of military service to the suzerain. The suzerain had to be strong because he could easily be deposed by ambitious rivals.

The transatlantic slave trade could be viewed as an injustice done against the Africans but the European choice of African slaves was motivated by their availability. Wars between the African kingdoms generated a large number of captives that the economies of the African states could not accommodate. It was wiser to sell them to the Europeans for exotic products such as guns. Without this African assistance, the transatlantic slave trade would not have been possible.

It was however the Anglo-Saxons and other West Europeans, who were the first abolitionists in the World, and were responsible for eliminating the practice in their colonies. This is an unprecedented historical development because the practice of slavery was common since the pre-historic times. And it all happened in the Western countries. From the eighteenth century onwards, various forms of bondage in the West began to be abolished. Serfdom, the guilds, noble titles and privileges…

The rest of the World was gradually assimilated to this development.