Most Young Murican Men are Disgusting incels

Good afternoon, disgusting incels (that’s not meant as an insult, this is what I have been called on this blog by trolls, I guess because I address relations between the sexes in contemporary late capitalist West)…

It turns out we are literally the majority of guys in the West. These statistic come from Murica but I do not think they are vastly different from other countries under American influence. I quote from the Hill:

More than 60 percent of young men are single, nearly twice the rate of unattached young women, signaling a larger breakdown in the social, romantic and sexual life of the American male.

And it gets better further down:

As of 2022, Pew Research Center found, 30 percent of U.S. adults are neither married, living with a partner nor engaged in a committed relationship. Nearly half of all young adults are single: 34 percent of women, and a whopping 63 percent of men.

Only 34% of women report they are single compared to 63% of men. You know what that means? That means some men are plowing multiple fields. But also it means something else, women perceive loneliness differently from men. I have literally seen some women, usually average looking, claim they are in a relationship but when pressed about it, it turns out their “boyfriend” is literally Chad Prettyboy from the local gym that probably doesn’t even remember her name. I have seen this platonic love multiple times, in real life and online. Women, who have internalized this cope, might answer they are in a relationship. Also, there are now some women that are literally dating themselves or their golliwog doll.

I also wonder how many of those women that describe themselves as single are slags that are simply self aware and realize their gaggle of simps does not equal commitment. Conversely, how many of those single men are guys, who have ample experience with women but don’t like what they have to deal with?

Only half of single men are actively seeking relationships or even casual dates, according to Pew. That figure is declining.

Well, the juice ain’t worth the squeeze I guess. We have been telling you this for years. But let me quote something else from the article:

Women now collect nearly 60 percent of bachelor’s degrees.

Given how much college tuition is in Murica, these women would come out of school saddled with debt. That’s when they are trying to find a sucker that is going to get them out of it. I dated a woman like that and the minute she mentioned her debt, my left side of the brain said “pump”, and the right side said “dump”. Women might have the hypergamous instinct to date men with higher degrees than themselves but men really want debt free virgins without tattoos. With the emphasis on debt free.

5 thoughts on “Most Young Murican Men are Disgusting incels

  1. You know what, as a self-studied Mbti nerd, I gonna use the language of typology on this one: most modern day young Murican women are mostly xxFPs. The NFPs are known to daydream, as Ne allows them to see the world through rose lenses, and Fi will assume the person likes them or hates them without the person even saying a word. SFPs are mostly just hoes, who may have slept with multiple dudes – ESFPs are notorious for this.

    Also, there’s the function usage preference (which is where the concept of socionic is based on): the ones who have Fi as 5th or 6th function may end up using Fi more, as 6th function is the easiest shadow function to develop and one can also have a decent command of 5th function through some conditioning. Now, I believe this Fi usage among all the feeler types (xxFPs and xxFJs) may have something to do with that SJ (ISTJ, ESTJ, ISFJ, ESFJ) style parenting – parents with some money and some skills, who’re strict and think only inside the box, tend to lead to lazy daydreamers who either dream of rebellion against their parents or dream of their romantic interests while being the sucker who cry about shits on their pink beds. This leads to the Chad “boyfriends” from the gym phenomenon you’ve mentioned. The NFPs just daydream about the whole deal. The SFPs may approach the Chad and try to fuck, but it depends on the Chad…if he’s an xxTJ sucker then he may simp, but for the xxTP, it’s possible but hardly, depends on how they utilize their Fe.

    Now, for the men…the xxTJs tend to simp, because the way I see it, xxTJs love to be that fatherly figure. You can see it with that whole INTJ/ENFP bullshit. I swear, on Reddit’s r/intj, those mofos literally let ENFPs ruin their sub. Every time I see them like this, I be like “you seriously gonna let them diss you like that?” Of course, not all INTJs are like that…INTJs and their extrovert counterpart, the ENTJs, may be able to lay off simping a bit easier, thanks to Ni usage and for INTJs, the 6th Ti may be easier to develop, which may reduce the chance even further. STJs on the other hand, especially ESTJs, are completely hopeless. Si is a bitch. And once xxTJs got fucked over, they may become depressed and refuse serious relationship for at least a while. And for xxTPs, if it’s ExTPs, it’s a wild card, as they’ll either use their tertiary Fe to attract multiple SFP hoes and NFP thots at the same time and may even turn into a pimp daddy who get benefits from the dumb rich bitches; or they learn to control their Fe, which allows them to go on that thot patrol mode; or in a less fortunate scenario, they may become too confident of their Fe usage and still end up simping and face the same tragedy of those xxTJ simps. Now, for IxTPs such as myself, we tend to be the first one to tell hoes and thots to fuck off; either that, or we may settle for some one-night shit, with minimal social aspect of it other than maybe take their asses to dinner or movie and shits like that. Inferior Fe is a bless and curse at the same time. Strictly speaking though, there’s a way to get IxTPs to simp, if the thot claims to share a similar struggle and bad experience. But a matured IxTPs usually able to spot it.

    Now for me, my complete typology is here: INTP, 5w4 Enneagram, Sp/Sx, 584 Tritype, ILI CH, RLUEI, LFEV, Melancholic-Phlegmatic. Superb Ni and Ti + good Ne + decent Te, and a dose of mediocre level Fi and Se for self-defense purpose + a weak Si + a neglected, completely clusterfuck Fe = impossible to simp. There are many downsides to such type though, but simping is definitely out of question. Nowadays I just laugh at all the xxTJ tradcons and xxFP thots. This Fi – Te axis is gonna cause some tsunami level of shit storm I’ll tell you that. The xxFJs are not reliable when it comes to cleaning up the messes created by Fi – Te, so it’s down to us xxTPs.

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    1. Simping has become nuclear these days. A ran through pornstar Mia Malkova literally makes 300,000 bucks per month on Only Fans. Hearing that makes me want Vladimir Putin to launch the nukes pronto, and end this shitshow. Simping is literally a disease, and many dudes are susceptible to it one way or another. A co-worker told me that if my ex girlfriend was on OnlyFans he would sing up. My ex is a vacuous bimbo with a high body count. I find women like that absolutely undesirable. I never found her pussy to be anything attractive. She is definitely not worth any money.

      Like honestly, if they invested those simp dollars into some stocks, or precious metals, they would have achieved some financial gains that could attract vacuous bimbos that all the simps salivate over. Not that they would win anything.

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      1. Never been that into Only Fans. Basically, all you do is to pay money to thots you’d never fuck anyways, and some of them are probably dudes with that surgically implanted artificial pussies. Shit’s disgusting.

        Speaking of which, it’s really easy to make money off suckers nowadays, when you really look at it. You have the dudes who stick to old values and keep getting their asses kicked because of that, then you have the coomers who actually pay just to jack off to Only Fan models. And they wonder why so many weird shits are posted on sites like DeviantArt. Dudes with piss poor game but high imagination and creative with generating profits may just keep drawing hentai and write them erotic stories, then post it on DeviantArt just to make a huge buck from the suckers who pay for that shit, while the thots just strip their asses off on Only Fan.

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      2. The problem with sites like OnlyFans and Twitch is that many of these females are nothing special and they still get the simp dollars. The problem is the simps being turbovirgins don’t know any better. The problem is women see this and think manipulating a man for money is ok, which makes them undateable.

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