I am Vatik

So I searched the internet for my blog, to see who has posted what, and this is what I found…

This was posted about my blog on Reddit. In the comments they are discussing whether I am an anti-Western westerner, unrepentant Commie, or an incel that loves Dostoyevsky. I think I am only the first of the of those categories. In my life, I have talked to Africans, Chinese, Indians, and all kinda hate the the West. Got dammit, Westerners hate the West. Because current year West is literally Drag Queen Story Hour, and anal exploration for the children. (They always go for the kids for some reason.) Contemporary West is a culture of incels and cat ladies.

I am guessing these guys are so concerned with incels because they are themselves raging incels and probably overgrown virgins that no girl ever wanted.

Russia doesn’t want this shit, and hence war. And if there is anything more disgusting than Western degeneracy, it is Ukrainian nationalism. Few people outside of Ukraine understand the level of criminality perpetrated here. And you can read this blog to find out.

They promised to give me traffic but I only got 10 references from Reddit last year. I get 10 visitors here daily, actually 10 is a really bad day. It looks like their Reddit operation does not get terrific traffic either…

Putin will burn the soy fields.

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