So let me continue the cycle on the various dating subcultures of the post-feminism world. I already covered the MGTOW, Tradwives, and Born Again Virgins, and Passport bros.

So basically, SINKs are women my age that traded the chance of having a family for a career. Now their ass is 40, and they are strong and independent and probably drunk on cheap wine, mothers to multiple cats, and psychiatry patients. What can I say?

Feels bad man…

PS: The statistic of 50% of women being single by 2030 is lifted from a forecast by Morgan Stanley, which was also covered on this blog.

5 thoughts on “SINKS

  1. I have a bit more observation: many of these SINKs seem to have their mental age stuck at 12. Just pay close attention to today’s 12 year old girls’ behaviors and yes, their sense of fashions. Now, when they get old, they’ll continuing their narcissistic behavioral pattern, where they backstab dudes and even each other and refuse to do anything for themselves; expecting someone to carry their shopping habits and OnlyFan accounts (OnlyFan is probably the only thing that separates the 12 year old version and 20 year old version) and work on their career…ranged from Dunkin Donuts and God knows what other “artistic” jobs or for the ones with a bit IQ, they may get an office job where they act like a complete bitch but half of the ability of their colleagues, and refuse to get down despite whoring around so hard. All they do is daydream around their cats and shopping, taking care of their body…which involves orgasm at a local massage parlor or even pedicure spot.

    SINKs are basically woman-children. The biggest problem is that kids are not allowed to grow up. This brings to the question…how old is fifteen, really? I mean if they gonna act like that, then they’re old enough to work and take care of themselves. That way, they get to have a more realistic world view and may end up becoming less of a bitch when they get older.

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    1. This is a good observation, many of these women are seriously immature because modern feminism has not instilled in them a sense of responsibility. Remember slut walk? It was all about women throwing away responsibility for themselves. Derp derp, teach boys not to rape, derp derp orange man bad. The problem with women at work is they burn out very quickly. By the age of thirty, they are searching for a guy to pick up the tab and unless the work space is woman dominated, they make the blokes do all the hard work while they chat about meaningless shit with the other girls.

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      1. Not putting up with that annoying ass behaviors from females at work was what got me fired at my last Japanese restaurant cook job. I was telling this dumb bitch, who was the server, to stop sitting there and checking her Instagram all the time and stop expecting me to take care of the bus pen. One more observation: not just they do a really lousy job, but the college bitches love to make any young looking Asian dude to lick their feet (she was a white girl who really like Kpop and all that “Asian related cuteness”)…aka doing their homeworks, taking care of things they suppose to, with their demeanor screaming entitlement (I can almost read their face saying “hey rice boy, go clean up after my ass you little wimp) and the very same college bitches may act like “aww so cute” while shitting on the very same Asian dudes whenever things don’t go their ways or they’re in a bad mood. It’s always kinda like that from what I can see, but the rise of BTS seems to make the matter even worse… Asian Americans are talking about BTS “is a sign of Asian masculinity” (I kid you not, I’ve actually seen it once when I was still active on Reddit). Anyways, I’m not putting up with that bullshit like most Asians tend to. I just cussed her off, told her to get off her ass and do her job and how she picked the wrong Chinaman to fuck with. She looked at me with disbelief…probably because no dudes ever talked to her that way. The next day she was staring at me, I was like “what’s up? You got a problem bitch?” And acted like I was trynna suck her in the face, she spooked a bit and backed off, I was like “you one skanky ass punk ass bitch”. I spotted her crying later on when I was on break too. She quit a little bit after that, saying I was being extremely disrespectful and hostile to her. Well, the owner already got a bit opinions about me and I kinda figured I may get fired one day anyways, and that was why I was able to react so quickly and efficiently right after I got my Chinese ass caned. Now, if men stop allowing women to stay as girls and women understand the basic concept of “either you grow up or you’ll suffer”, there’ll be less girls who’re like that. Asian men (especially those pseudo-Westernized ones) are notoriously controlling yet preventing women and children from growing up, and look at what it got Asian men? I got fired for doing what every Asian man should be doing.

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      2. Men in general should stop simping for girls and do their homework. I mean, what are you getting from it? Unless she gave you her hoohaa before you get the calculus, or whatever, don’t bother. The guys she sleeps with don’t give her nothing but the dick. Too many guys are starved for female attention they let themselves be led by girls. A lot of these guys don’t have proper alpha dads that would explain to them these fundamental things.

        Women wanted independence but cannot handle the responsibility. It is incredible.

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