Explaining MGTOW to Normies

First off, MGTOW stands for “Men going their own way“ and it is not a movement. I used to think of it as a philosophy but I do not find it to be that deep to warrant that label. I would rather call it a phenomenon.

Now, MGTOW basically preaches the avoidance of relationships with the opposite sex. It does not mean you swear off women altogether, even though that is an option, it just means that you are the one that wears the pants in whatever relationship you form.

Given that the social and legal climate in the West is hostile to men, you might want to think twice before you get married, have kids, or simply cohabit with a woman. MGTOWs care about what is good for themselves, not the society or women.

MGTOW is often accused of being hateful and a male mirror of feminism. MGTOW is nothing like feminism because it doesn’t have official organisations, it does not hold conferences, it does not have leaders. And most of all, MGTOW does not care about having political influence.

Also, a young man discovering MGTOW on the internet will often get what is called a red pill rage. He will see the injustice done to men. Now, I stoped seeing those angry channels on YouTube of late, auntie Susan and her censorious minions are working diligently. So only the soft spoken channels are left now.

Another accusation is that these guys are often mating market losers that cannot get any poosay. Well, MGTOW does not give a fuck how successful with women you are, that’s for normies and shysters. I believe that even an incel virgin has the right to have an opinion on women. And honestly, how much experience do you need to form an opinion?

You see, my belief is that MGTOW was coined by married men already back in the seventies that were shafted in the divorce court. I have heard one normie shithead make the argument that these divorced guys have a legitimate claim, whereas a guy like me that only had hook ups in his life, and never anything serious does not.

Honestly, I am super glad I did not have anything serious looking at those divorcee MGTOWs. And quite frankly, it would be the best if guys found MGTOW when they are experiencing problems with women like rejection, and break up. They would form a completely new frame of reference and perhaps incel violence, and male suicides would drop as well.

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