Passport Bros

Let me continue the cycle on the various dating subcultures of the post-feminism World. Check out my posts on MGTOW, Tradwifes, and Born Again Virgins.

Passport Bros is a term for a black man of American extraction going to third world countries like in Latin America, or South East Asia to date local women. I mean, the term is rather new but this practice is not exclusive to black men but was practiced by men from developed countries for many years already. Internet personalities like Matt Forney did the Philippines before American blacks began to travel. Likewise, Andrew Anglin I recall had a Filipino jailbait. My Taiwanese ex worked in a school in Vietnam for Taiwanese kids but many of these kids were from Taiwanese fathers and Vietnamese mothers. I also tried dating Asians but I prefer Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans to South East Asians. The latter is the same as dating white women on the hypergamy difficulty scale, probably even worse.

One reason why I would not pursue any form of travel to find a woman is what I call “The Siren Call of the Pussy”, that is what you should beware of at all costs. I do not adjust my life for pussy, the pussy should adjust her life to me. I might put my self out there but to consciously travel for women I would not. And honestly, there are further downsides to this lifestyle.

Another reason I would not consider this kind of travel is because a single man with money is a target. And you see women will take advantage of you, which can lead to some unpleasant situations. Honestly, if you came here looking for pussy, I can’t guarantee your safety. I am well travelled and don’t believe the grass is greener on the other side. I believe women are everywhere the same, and what you are doing by travelling to less economically fortunate regions is cheating the hypergamy game on top of exploiting the natural female xenophilia and desire to cuck the men of her tribe.

I mean that is a strategy but I find that I can get the same level of action over here. Although, living on some Philippine island with my passive income from the West could be an option when I am older. You can save a lot of money this way, and get a better quality of life over there. Eat fish, bang some tight Asian pussy, and chill.

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