Born Again Virgins

I hereby continue my cycle on the dating subcultures of the post-feminism world. Check out my posts on MGTOW and Tradwives

The born again virgin is a girl that is saving herself for marriage or some other long term commitment from the man but is not a virgin herself. This usually means she has been in relationships with Chads and they banged and bailed. But you poor beta sucker have to wait, or even prove your commitment by putting a ring on it.

Beta simps think this is an alright behaviour because it signals she means serious with you. But I will tell you that this is a manipulative tactic and she does not find you attractive enough to be worthy of sex. You can only have a serious relationship with a girl that is genuinely attracted to you. That is she will have regular sex with you.

Because, if she manipulated you with sex once, prepare for her doing it again. I have even heard of fools that were told to wait until marriage, and did not get any action after the wedding or ever. You are risking being cucked, and in the worse case raising a child that is not yours. Don’t allow yourself to be beta bucks after her alpha fucks.

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