Report him!!!

I tend to make searches of my website from time to time, and today I found these tweets from 2019. They urge users of Twitter to report my page, my blog and my YouTube channel, The Insomniac Resurrected Twitter page has long been suspended.

They are fucking with his, another professional Kremlin troll active in debates on Twitter. He speaks English, French, Ukrainian and Czech. Has a website and a YouTube channel. Report him!!!

My website was reported to the Kremlin Watch, a project of the NGO, European Values, led by Jakub Janda.

In the Free West, You can Lose Your Job if You Have the Wrong Social Media Accounts

So guys, I allowed myself little trolling at Carl Bildt’s Twitter today, and almost immediately Twitter suspended my account without even explaining the reasons. In the free West, you simply do not troll certain politicians, even if they happen to be lying snakes. The account is now inactive but not deactivated because it seems the suspension prevents me from taking that action. But logging out and deleting the App is the best I did…

So, Gab is the only platform I am left with and I could not even remember what their website is named now. That’s how obscure it is. So I put “GAB” into DuckDuckGo and low and behold, this story pops up.

Agent Fired from Literary Agency for Using Parler and Gab

And yeah, I am already hearing that private companies can hire and fire whoever they want and for whatever reason. But in the West, try not baking that wedding cake for a same sex couple, try not allowing black people to enter your establishment. This is the statement from the agent about their termination:

“The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency was distressed to discover this morning, January 25th, that one of our agents has been using the social media platforms Gab and Parler. We do not condone this activity, and we apologize to anyone who has been affected or offended by this,”

People now are offended by people that have accounts on Gab. Is there any defense against that?

Savushkina Troll Factory is Fake News

A troll factory in St. Petersburg on the Savushkina street, run by Putin’s cook is a lie, and a bad one at that. But US state funded media keep rehashing that story…

Illustration from RFE/RL

If you have ever attended a troll raid, you would understand how different the world of trolls is to that presented in the story of Savushkina troll factory. My is Leos, and I am a pro-Russian troll with many years of experience.

If there was an organized effort to troll in favour of a government, then what we would see is a decentralized operation. People would do it from anywhere in the World. Why would you need an office in St. Petersburg? And also, another element of trolling is the fact that most people writing troll posts believe what they are saying. If the discourse comes out of your heart, it is far easier to construct witty arguments, and win the shitstorm completely disarming your opponent.

But stories about Savushkina troll factory exist to delegitimize support for the Russian government on the internet by saying that you honestly can’t believe what you are writing, you must be paid in grams of vodka and salmon roe cans. If you know where I can get paid for trolling, I will gladly subscribe. But I don’t take vodka and salmon roe cans, I’d prefer bars of gold.

Of Wretched Little Puppets of America Between Mittleuropa and Greater Russia

Who will see nothing but poverty and war because Russophobia is a disease that needs healing through repentance…

As you probably know, I tend to record my trolling adventures with shitbags on the internet. And one such mendacious shitbag is Paul Niland, who ekes out an NGO scrounger existence in Kiev, Ukraine. I assume he is British but he be whatever variety of Anglo interloper and I really care not where he is from…

I went to his profile to get some trolling kick, and wrote this in response to his article from last September about Naftogaz, the Ukrainian state gas company.

My last post gave me the verbal ammunition to unload on propagandist pieces of shit like Paul Niland. The man is a lying snake and deserves a harsh treatment. This is what he replied:

Well, Ukraine has shrunk economically and demographically since the Maidan. Nobody know the size of the second variable because the government refuses to conduct a proper census. The real purpose of infrastructure such as the Nord Stream is simply to bypass the highly unreliable countries that lie between the Mittleuropa and Greater Russia. Were they less mired in Russophobia, Russia would not have the need to construct all this infrastructure.

To Niland history apparently started in 2014.

This is honestly it. Russophobic politics of these countries will bring them nothing but poverty and war, and I only hope they will not drag us into war.

Any conflict could have been prevented if the putschistes in Kiev did not decide to violently suppress any resistance. And I meant what I said. In 2013 I have had to delete all manner of Ukrainian channels from my viewing list because I was a witness to a torrent of Russophobic discourse in the run up to the Maidan.

In the minds of the Western propagandists, Russophobia does not exist, the discrimination of Russians does not exist, the violence against Russians does not exist. Oh well, they are even more stubborn and stupid than the people that run Ukraine.

Feral Hogs

I used to troll Ukrainian nationalists by saying that Ukraine’s economic and demographic decline will lead to a country of wild boars and feral hogs. And while, I may have been exaggerating, something that brings us closer to the ideal has happened in the Poltava Region…

In the village of Kizlovka, almost hundred of hogs have escaped from a local farm where they were allegedly held in unsatisfactory conditions. They are feeding on the produce of local fields, which is driving many locals to despair, since many rural Ukrainians depend on what they themselves grow. They can’t eat the pigs since they are the property of the farmer from whom they escaped. It is said they are hard to catch as they act aggressive towards humans, they became feral, and would defend their freedom…




TSN report (in Ukrainian)