The Russian Federation is a Much More Resilient State Than the Late USSR Was

Perceptions of countries change over time. In the nineties, Russia was referred to as Nigeria with nukes, or Upper Volta with nukes, or choose whatever unfortunate West African country to compare Russia to. These days however, Russia has an economy the size of Italy. Note that Russia managed to get to the level of Italy, and it makes you wonder why Italy doesn’t have the best economy in the World?

Italy is a member of the EU, of G7, and has doors open all across the collective West. Yet guys, I often spend time in Southern Italy, and that place is grim when it comes to economic life. On the other hand, the West treats Russia like Zimbabwe, and it managed to build an economy the size of Italy? Wait several years, and Russia will be compared to Germany, as Germany declines and Russia strides on. Another cliché description of Russia is the saying that it no longer is the Soviet Union. I have been hearing that since the nineties.

I am glad that it isn’t the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation is actually better, and I will demonstrate this on few examples. The late USSR was a net importer of grain and other food products, people still jokingly remember Bush’s chicken legs imported into Russia in the early nineties. Well, guess what, in 2016, Russia became a net exporter of food. The USSR had a really bad agricultural sector, that was not able to provide the large country with the food it needed.

My mother told me a story how they would spend summer in Ukraine, at my great-grandmothers. My great-grandmother hated the Soviet government, she said the Bolsheviks never did anything good beyond installing electricity in her village. She would encourage the kids to pick cherries in the kolkhoz orchard. She said that the cherries would rot, and nobody would pick them, and if the children bring her some, she would at least make jam. I would not be surprised if the orchard wasn’t planted by my kin, and wasn’t part of their farm before collectivisation.

Time for another story. Southern Sakhalin was a Japanese territory until the Second World War. My grandfather, the son of the aforementioned great-grandmother was a military man, he was posted to the Far East in the 1950s and 1960s. His task was rebuilding airstrips abandoned by the Japanese. Recently, I read in the news, Russian news, that a new railway was built in Southern Sakhalin. The Japanese rails are of a different standard to the Russian one, and requires different trains. When the Soviets seized Southern Sakhalin, they did not bother with laying a new railway according to a Russian standard. The Sovoks bought trains in Japan for rails in Southern Sakhalin. For like 6 decades…

Russia pursues two policies, one involves the build up of infrastructure, especially ports, and the other is about import substitution. Putin has managed to resurrect the nuclear industry, among others. Aviation industry is one of the others. A new plane Russia designed, the MS-21 was sanctioned by the jealous Washington. More specifically, the composite materials out of which the wings are made that were imported from Japan. Russia used its restored nuclear giant Rosatom to create these composite materials. So not only did the Japanese lose business as a result of American sanctions, the Russians also acquired a production capability. Recently, Washington threatened to ban the import of iPhones to Russia. LMAO, they are welcome to try…

Russia also builds infrastructure to bypass Russophobic countries in Eastern Europe, the infamous Baltic and Black Sea pipelines, which Washington also tried to stop. Also a Baltic port in Ust’ Luga, which is cutting out other Baltic ports, such as Riga. The Baltic states are losing fuck you money. The Baltic states would rather start a trade war with China to please their master in Washington, it is all very comical. Recently, the European Commission complained to the WTO that it is losing billions over Russian import substitution. It must only mean, Russia is doing something all…

PS: I find the story of Russia very motivational…

Discovered a Modern Possessed Woman

Bolding SIMPs enable a THOT
Note the lips here, I am not certain whether this is the same broad.
What’s wrong with her lips? It must be some kind of a operation. Why do women do this to themselves?
Polina Murugina got busted for busting her ass in front of a church…

I tell you this gentlemen, I could pull this because the only type of women I pull is a hot crazy bitch, that’s why I am not married. Her tattoos are inspired by the Western esotericism but they are lame. Vapid whores like this are often manipulated by nasty men. Is that Borat on the right shoulder, or is it Stalin, WTF? She received community service for her indecency. The Russian system is lenient, I’d suggest flogging.

New Israel in Ukraine

The idea of a new Jewish state in Ukraine has been around for a while now. I have heard it for the first time like 5 years ago from Igor Berkut. I can’t find his video about a New Jerusalem on YouTube. I guess this is because we have freedom of speech in the West. But I stumbled across a commenter regurgitating the lines of this idea, in Czech!!!

The conspiracy theory argues that the Jews are planning Israel 2.0 in the lands of the former Khazar Kaganate. The new state should center on the lands of southern Ukraine that should have become Novorossiya. And maybe, just maybe, this is why Novorossiya was never created. My opinion is that this is actually a compelling idea. The gentleman or lady, person never knows these days, I am going to present maybe just trolling but each mention adds to the suspicion.

It looks like that almighty Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will cleanse that filth named Russia, aka Magog, as it written in the Tanakh. Especially the Cossack Orthodox muck. Ukraine is a center of Judaism (Just like Israel) to the World Jewry. Do not tease the cobra with bare legs.
Ukraine does not provoke anyone. Ukraine is defending its territory, property, people, its way of life, against a mad and insane barbarian from the East. And should the drunk Russian Ivan will be sorry if he crosses the Ukrainian border, it will be an end to Russian muzhikistan. My nickname is a Hebrew name. Ukraine is a state run by the Jews, just like Poland (Poland stronk) and the Baltic states. They are allies of Israel, USA and Britain, you don’t play with this.
Really? Why then did we build in Dnipro, the largest Jewish center Menora? According to a circus? Why in Ukraine there are the best Jewish communities and school? Is there just for fun? Ukraine is under the rule of the Jews just few years. Lot has changed in the meantime. Ukraine is an ally of Israel, Britain, USA, not of Iran, Palestinians, Russians… the main thing is that the Russians have nothing to do on the territory of Khazar judenat, it could be dangerous for them.

Guys, Kolomoysky land. Whatever. Does anyone know any other location in Ukraine where the Jews are migrating, other than Uman that is. They settle in Uman because it is close to the grave of Rabbi Nakhman. They turn the city into a massive rave on Rosh Hashanah.

The Time is a Cesspit of Bad Propaganda

I could be wrong about this but the American establishment, particularly the media and politicians, try to create these heroes of democracy from other countries, and then sell to them to the American public. One time, Americans I met on my travels, upon hearing I am from the Czech Republic, would always start talking about Václav Havel. It happened to me multiple times. The Americans could not pronounce Havel’s name properly, and called him Vaklav.

This country has a large population of people, who don’t have a good opinion of Havel, and the people are often former dissidents. I personally believe Havel was a puppet of the secret services. Controlled opposition. One of the brothers Mašín said Havel was a “cretin pimped by the STB.” So these American’s were surprised I don’t fawn over Havel. Maybe these Muricans read a report in time like the one below.

Putin does not fear Navalny. Navalny has limited legitimacy even among the pro-Western crowd, many of whom are glad he is in jail. But Navalny is a petty criminal, who became a millionaire by creaming the system. It is said he grafted money from SPS, that was a party back then, not very successful. I guess you can’t do a campaign when you steal all the money and spend it on designer shit for your daughter and holidays in the Maldives.

Navalny got burned by fucking with YvesRocher. His faked poisoning was created to give him a chance to escape justice. Navalny is a crook, that’s all he is. Russians may be glad they are at loggerheads with America, so they wouldn’t be meeting many American telling them about Alexey Navalny. The Time is trash, close it.

Why I Think the Scare of Russian Invasion of Ukraine is Bogus

Hysteria is going around the Western media about an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine. I personally think that this is more the wish of Washington that Russia invades Ukraine rather than Russia. Russia actually does not want war with Ukraine and would much rather solve the Ukrainian question peacefully. I think that should there be war, it will be confined to Donbas, and the war will only start when the Ukrainian army steps up its military campaign against the Donbas.

Ukraine is in the midst of a serious economic, and political crisis, and it would be counterintuitive for Russia to invade and become the centrepiece of the Ukrainian drama. In fact, I would say the Russians never wanna involve themselves in a war against Ukrainians. Because Ukrainians are their kin. Just look how many people are around Putin with Ukrainian surnames. Kirienko, Kozak… Russians view the Ukrainians as crazy relatives that need to be slapped if they get militant.

Putin Voices a Claim I was Promoting for Last Decade Through my Blogging

In his recent press conference, Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin repeated a central thesis of my old blog Austere Insomniac, and that is Ukraine was created by the Bolsheviks. He said that Ukraine was territorially created out of Russian lands by comrade Lenin. Svidomites in Ukraine went into hysteria, and have displayed their historical illiteracy, and inability to listen. I get it, the modern age is too fast and neurotic. Some, like Sternenko, of Right Sector fame, said Kievan Rus existed before Moscow was even founded. That is true, but first of all, it was Rus, and also St. Vladimir came to Kiev from Novgorod, now in the Russian Federation. Rus Began around Lake Ladoga, also in the Russian Federation. Moscow was founded by the Kievan Prince Yuri Dolgoruki. If anything, Kievan Rus only reinforces Putin’s arguments.

A more smarter answer came from Mikhalchishyn, of VO Svoboda and Azov battalion fame, he said that the founders of Ukraine were Hrushevsky, Vynichenko, Petlyura and Mikhnovsky. Very different personages to be honest, however. Let’s analyze the names. Mikhailo Hrushevsky was the president of UNR (Ukrainian People’s Republic). It should be noted here that Putin did not speak about UNR, UNR was a state in Central and Western Ukraine. Petlyura’s Directoria was also active only in Central Ukraine. The Bolsheviks in Moscow territorially formed Ukraine independent of UNR, or whatever other abortive attempts at Ukrainian statehood.

The Bolsheviks added the Black Sea Coast, Crimea, Donbas, and Halychyna, Transcarpathia, and Volhynia in the West. So it is no understatement that the Bolsheviks created Ukraine territorially. Also, the Ukrainian identity was created through the policy of Korenizatsiya. It was a nation building policy imposed by Stalin on a population that didn’t really need it in my opinion. In Austrian Halychyna, during WWI, people defining as Russians were put in concentration in camps in Thalerhof and Theresin in Bohemia and Austria. Ukraine was created through a lot of suffering and unfreedom for people that do not subscribe to the Ukrainian script. I should add that the aforementioned Hrushevsky first served the Austrian government in implementing a state policy of conversion of West Russians to Ukrainians, and the latter moved back to Ukraine, and later served Stalin. Ukraine was created through the state policy of the Bolsheviks and the Habsburgs, and in both cases this was a crime against the Russian people.

Unless Ukrainians acknowledge their own origins, they will suffer neurosis indefinitely, and will be forever trolled by the Russians. It will be an endless show of Ukrainians trying to trip over themselves in an attempt to explain their existence. This khokhlosrach will never end! Although if Ukraines was ever to calm down, the Russians are perfectly willing to accept their Ukrainian identity because at the end of the day, it is of no consequence.

Update: I should add Stalin made Ukraine a founding member of the UN, this is how much the Bolsheviks created and legitimized Ukraine. How much has any other regime done for Ukraine in comparison?

Can Astrology Predict Future?

I do not have a good answer to this? But I believe that it can. Let’s see how a couple of predictions I made in 2019 stack up today. Back then I have systematised the setup according to which consists of:

  1. Sidereal Zodiac – I have been researching the Astrological Great Ages which are based up the Precession of the Equinoxes, and I cannot reconcile this doctrine with the continued use of the Tropical Zodiac. It was Cyril Fagan’s writings that made me aware of this discrepancy and I am employing the Fagan and Bradley Zodiac for all the charts that I cast.
  2. The Whole Sign house system. It makes things a bit easier than the other systems, and I haven’t been convinced that the other systems make analysis better.

At the moment I mostly study the transits of slow planets, and their aspects. Transits include aspects to planets in the natal chart, which I believe are times of crucial events at which pivotal events happen. In the case of the Russian Federation, a modern state, I have a good knowledge of the exact times, which I have gleaned from reading related astrological articles in Russian, and that means I am confident with the houses. I therefore look for aspects occurring in houses and I try to glean future events.

Natal Chart of the Russian Federation

I must admit that I have never done this exercise to the fullest and always explored just one or two phenomena. I still need to work out the pipeline of interpretation. But nevertheless, let us see what I produced in December 2019:

Based on this chart, I see two major events, I see first of all a Saturn return in the Fourth House. And I see the slow transit of Pluto across the Fourth House. This combo should have a transformative effect on the opposition in Russia. It remains to be seen how it will play out. There is also Jupiter passing through the Fourth House.

Saturn is a harsh teacher, and the Russian opposition will likely suffer a harsh lesson. Nevertheless, Pluto will likely cleanse the opposition of unneeded elements. Pluto and Saturn together always signify a reaction. Whether that means a reaction of the Russian public to the powers that be, or the reaction of the powers that be to the people demanding reform, remains to be seen.

Pluto is on the cusp of Capricorn, and about to ingress into the Fifth House, where it shall remain for over a decade. The Fifth House governs entertainment, it is where Russia’s Luna is. Likely, Russia’s infotainment is up for a slow burning transformation. There may even be a bit of a crisis at first, in the coming year as Saturn makes way into Capricorn. The ruler of the Fifth House here is Saturn, hence the planet will feel at home. The ingress of Jupiter should however kickstart the transition in the fullest within few months.

The Fifth House also governs children, hence natality could transform, with the help of the state perhaps. Taxes may increase, or suffer restructuring. The Fifth House also governs general wellbeing, the transit of mostly Malefic planets warns that the next few years, public’s discontent may be an issue.

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle has long played a major role in Russian and Soviet History. The Soviet Union has the Hammer and Sickle as its symbol. Its esoteric meaning is the hammer of Thor, who was associated with Jupiter by the Romans, and the sickle of Saturn. It was coincidentally crafted during the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which marked the assumption of power by the Soviets.

In December 2019, I was not aware of the decision of Putin to replace Dmitry Medvedev with Mikhail Mishustin. That happened literally a month after my analysis. And what was the main thing Mishustin did in office? He reformed the taxes. So the ingress of Saturn and Pluto into Capricorn that represents the 5th House was so far about the taxes.

In personal astrology, the Saturn return is when transiting Saturn returns to the same position it was at birth. The period around the age of 30 is when your life choices are evaluated. Your education and experience either pay off or they lead to a midlife crisis, and you are forced to reevaluate your life. I thought that organisations, and regimes will have the same karmic process going on for themselves.

We have had seen such a reevaluation of interests in the Constitution Referendum. Russia was living with a naive constitution since the 1993, some say dictated to the Russians by the Westerners, and it came time to update it to contemporary challenges. In his recent post, one of the last on his UNZ review blog, Anatoly Karlin described the spiritual maturation of the Russian Federation as follows.

So broad and all-encompassing is the shift that, just as academics came to classify what happened between Putin’s rejection of Western moral supremacism in the Munich speech of 2007 to the gay propaganda law in 2013 as a “Conservative Turn” (Nicolai Petro), so I believe future historians will classify the 2018-21 period as a “Nationalist Turn.”

Since the planet Saturn is in the 4th house, that means the house of opposition parties, Russia has a serious issue with opposition, the opposition is there and yet they are either soviet, imperial nostalgists, or Western funded occidental supremacists. The politics of Russia are torn between roughly patriots and westernisers, and it may have something to do with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune being all located in Sagittarius, a sign of the universal and home of the galactic centre. Jupiter in the tenth house of ruling elite is in opposition to this triple conjunction. The karmic lesson for Russia in the next Saturn cycle is to build a political culture within the Russian context.

The years 2007 and 2013 do not relate to the Saturn transit cycle but between those years was 2011, when the transiting Saturn came to waning square to the natal Saturn in the chart of Russian Federation. This has seen Russia erupt in large protests, the largest the pro-Western crowd ever staged. Ever since, Russia restricted the financing coming from the West for these groups, and the NED inspired protest dissipated. At the time of the return, the Navalny outfit was completely destroyed by authorities.

The transit of Pluto through the 5th house in Capricorn will have a bearing on Russia’s overall wellbeing in the next 10 years, it will be painstakingly transformed. I still cannot say if for the better, probably not.

Western Analysts Confuse Childish Propaganda for Analysis

At Chatham House, certain Keir Giles thinks Ukraine’s integration with the West would be catastrophic for Russia.

Ukraine’s existential challenge is that if it becomes a fully independent, fully functional democracy enjoying political, economic, cultural, and social integration with the West, this would be catastrophic for Russia.

It really bespeaks a supremacist delusion on the part of Western analysts when they think the Russians would want anything approaching Western values that are being imposed on Ukraine. Today’s West offers liberal democracy with gay pride parades, radical feminism, black lives matter, critical race theory, and other nice things. It is no longer the West that offers freedom of speech and free market capitalism, as it was during the Cold War.

Unfortunately, Ukraine is destined to be a peripheral nation far from Western markets if it integrates economically with the already developed West. Unfortunately, in the current game of Chicken, the winner will gain Ukraine, a prize that sucks. The West knows this deep down, and Russia knew this all along. Russia is only interested in not seeing Ukraine integrate with the West militarily because that poses a direct threat to Moscow. But invade Ukraine Moscow will not at the moment.

But otherwise, Moscow is not bothered by Ukraine’s overtures to the West. The West, thankfully has standards, and Ukraine does not meet them. Ukraine is fit to join NATO, or the EU. Being at loggerheads with its large neighbor, Russia, is actually very damaging to the Ukrainian economy. And in order to get things back on track in Ukraine, these things should happen.

  1. Ukraine must find an accommodation with Russia. Give Donbass autonomy, perhaps even recognize Crimea and settle borders with Russia. Nobody wants to invest in a country, which is at war and has internal and external border disputes.
  2. Ukraine must clean the house of destructive elements like radical nationalism, corruption, banditism. discrimination of Russian speakers. No economy can function properly in the environment that is today’s Ukraine.
  3. Have a trade deal with Russia and the EU, and declare neutrality as its national policy. Ukraine has the chance to become a prosperous hub at the crossroads of East and West, and North and South.

Here in the West, we need to understand that we have little to offer Ukraine but perhaps some old grenades with which to kill themselves. The West does not need Ukraine’s industry, or markets.

Rumours of Maidan and War

So, you might have heard about Russian forces amassing on the Ukrainian border but events in Ukraine proper are even more tumultuous. Zelensky’s situation is very weak. He is hated by oligarchs and the plebs alike. The oligarchs, it is said, are preparing a new Maidan against Zelensky. It would seem they have received a green light from the West. Certainly forces in the West are interested in rocking Zelensky’s throne. The Guardian even dedicated an entire article to the Ukrainian leader in summer, in the connection with the Panama Papers, and this was carried over in Ukraine by a variety of Western funded talking heads.

Alongside all this, the Western governments are screeching about Russian forces amassing on Ukrainian border, preparing for an attack. I do not think Russia needs a war at present but equally, Russia will not stay idly by if Ukraine steps up her effort in the Donbas. Now, would Ukraine do the latter? Again, I am skeptical. The commander in chief, Zelensky, is so ubiquitously hate now that I do not think he commands any authority to muster a force that could take on Donbas. Nevertheless, he may try to save his rating by going full retard.

Mad times we live in, I bet the next year will be explosive, to say the least…