New Israel in Ukraine

The idea of a new Jewish state in Ukraine has been around for a while now. I have heard it for the first time like 5 years ago from Igor Berkut. I can’t find his video about a New Jerusalem on YouTube. I guess this is because we have freedom of speech in the West. But I stumbled across a commenter regurgitating the lines of this idea, in Czech!!!

The conspiracy theory argues that the Jews are planning Israel 2.0 in the lands of the former Khazar Kaganate. The new state should center on the lands of southern Ukraine that should have become Novorossiya. And maybe, just maybe, this is why Novorossiya was never created. My opinion is that this is actually a compelling idea. The gentleman or lady, person never knows these days, I am going to present maybe just trolling but each mention adds to the suspicion.

It looks like that almighty Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will cleanse that filth named Russia, aka Magog, as it written in the Tanakh. Especially the Cossack Orthodox muck. Ukraine is a center of Judaism (Just like Israel) to the World Jewry. Do not tease the cobra with bare legs.
Ukraine does not provoke anyone. Ukraine is defending its territory, property, people, its way of life, against a mad and insane barbarian from the East. And should the drunk Russian Ivan will be sorry if he crosses the Ukrainian border, it will be an end to Russian muzhikistan. My nickname is a Hebrew name. Ukraine is a state run by the Jews, just like Poland (Poland stronk) and the Baltic states. They are allies of Israel, USA and Britain, you don’t play with this.
Really? Why then did we build in Dnipro, the largest Jewish center Menora? According to a circus? Why in Ukraine there are the best Jewish communities and school? Is there just for fun? Ukraine is under the rule of the Jews just few years. Lot has changed in the meantime. Ukraine is an ally of Israel, Britain, USA, not of Iran, Palestinians, Russians… the main thing is that the Russians have nothing to do on the territory of Khazar judenat, it could be dangerous for them.

Guys, Kolomoysky land. Whatever. Does anyone know any other location in Ukraine where the Jews are migrating, other than Uman that is. They settle in Uman because it is close to the grave of Rabbi Nakhman. They turn the city into a massive rave on Rosh Hashanah.

UPD: I have discovered another adherent of this conspiracy theory:

Porn Hub Sanctions Russians


The PornHub’s Russian statement is more interesting than the English reverberation, here is a translation:

Hard Sanctions (Jakub Janda TM) Have Been Rolled Out: Pornhub has banned access to users from Russia, they now see a Ukrainian flag, and words of support for Ukraine.

Let them wank to the Russian military

Roskomnadzor has earlier banned access to PornHub and told the wankers to find themselves somebody in the real life. But if you watch too much porn, you will not enjoy sex with a normal girl. Also, porn features many perverted practices that you may not always enjoy in reality. You may just be better off not watching porn at all.

Shnur: Sobchak is an Old Horse With a Lot of Mileage

LMAO, Shnur is a savage but he too sucks…

Ksenia Sobchak has reacted in Instagram to the new song of Sergey Shnur “Shmarofon”, in which he called her an “old horse” with a “decent mileage” and is turning from a “mare” into a “nag”. Sobchak called Shnur a “debased alcoholic”, and likened his face to a “wrinkled arse”.

Ksenia Sobchak

Sergey Shnur:

So, I do not know what is actually worse, the purported alcoholism of Shnurov (aka Shnur) or the mileage of Sobchak?