2 thoughts on “Elon Musk Has Opened the Gates of Hell

  1. For Elon, I think it’s mostly business related. Same thing with his crypto comments last year, and same thing with how he spoke up for China. He wouldn’t say things like that unless there’s some profit in it or it goes according to his business strategy. He wants to do business in both Russia and Ukraine and he’s rational enough to know that Ukraine doesn’t stand a chance if Russia gets serious. A good, pragmatic businessman hates political enemies, sanction and trade war, as it’s not good for business. However, knowing Ukrainian nationalists, they’ll most likely go hysterical over the whole deal. I hate to say it, but your average Ukrainians don’t seem to think too well. They’ll take it as offense.

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    1. I understand that Elon has good intentions here but his rational business acumen conflict with emotional politics of Ukraine.

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