4 thoughts on “War Reporting

  1. Leos, have you heard about the Crimean bridge explosion? I really think that Putin should get real now. The problem with Putin is that he likes to keep some balance of power. You can see it clearly in his dealing with the West and his way of dealing with oligarchs, and now, with this war. Special military operation means that Russia frees Donbass, Ukraine won’t hurt anyone there = de-Nazified. Shits don’t work that way. In order to tackle a problem, the roots need to be removed. I don’t think Putin doesn’t know where the roots of this is. But perhaps out of his usual outlook on things and his firm belief of Ukrainians are brothers, he just lacks conviction to actually do it. He needs to do the right thing here, or he’ll put himself and even Russia as a nation in a very dangerous position.

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    1. Putin does not like rushing things, which often leads to frustration on the part of observers. Putin’s actions can only be appreciated in the hindsight. These provocations cannot phase him out. He will eventually come for the roots when the time matures.

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      1. But the problem is that now a lot of folks will think Russia is weak. The assholes in Syria may try to start shit again and Assad may be in trouble. Nagorno-Karabakh may become intensified. There will be many more who will try to take advantage of this situation. I’m not gonna pretend I know Putin as a person outside of what’s seen and known, but whatever he’s planning, it better works.


      2. Russia is literally surrounded with assholes and every single one of them has an opinion that amounts to “Russia ain’t shit.” Putin works slow, and with caution. I trust he will do what is needed in Ukraine.

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