So, apparently Velma is gay and now she is also black. Take this load of creative writing up your ass, our characters are now intersectional…

I personally never cared about Scooby Doo but this shit made me cancel my HBO Max subscription. I am now officially not subscribed to any streaming service. I do not have Amazon Prime, Netflix, or payed YouTube. Because fuck you, you ain’t gonna see my dollars.

3 thoughts on “Velma

  1. Never had HBO myself and I’ve canceled my Netflix membership. The key is to torrent and most of all, be sharp about it when you visit sites like YTS – you never know if the indie film makers are into that gay shit or not. It’s a hit or miss when it comes to torrenting.

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    1. The garbage they put out is not even worth the trouble of torrenting. There were very few films in recent years that I enjoyed. Maybe Joker and Uncharted and I have seen both in cinema.

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      1. I stick to anime mostly lately, with a few chosen non-anime horror flicks. Believe it or not, the B-horror is where you won’t find this type of lame shit. So far, B-horror gets affected the least. There’s also this film series from Italy I believe, called Hotel Inferno. I like it. It’s really fucking gory though, so if gore ain’t your thing you may hate it. Oh and given our common dislike, I’d say to stay away from the new Hellraiser. They have to make pinhead female and shits lame AF I tell you.

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