Your Ass on Tinder

So, you are considering joining Tinder to find love?

If you are a girl reading this, take your shot. There are plenty of good, lonely men out there naive enough to think they have a chance. And they might have a chance to meet you, you will be spoiled for choice, don’t get lost in the selection process.

75% of Tinder users are men, although I read even more damning statistics. Women are very discriminatory on the site, they have to be.


But if you are a man, unless you are a Top G, don’t bother with Tinder, you will hardly get any matches and you really are better off just finding yourself some social life, where you can meet and talk to women.

The 25% of female users are usually not the best selection from the female population. There is a small chance you can bump into a decent girl but usually the girls on Tinder are somehow damaged or low grade, and trust me, single mothers and leftover women after 30 are the least of your worry. A friend of mine is a good looking guy and he pulled a pornstar from there. Normal girls don’t need Tinder to find a mate.

There is also a category of women that go there only to catch compliments from simps. So don’t be surprised when they flake on you.

A lot of them have relationships outside Tinder and are either just getting a boost from matches or in the worse case they are looking to cheat. In the latter case, they are not the kind of girl you are looking for anyway unless you are looking for a hook up.

In my opinion, no good girl should have a Tinder or Instagram on her phone, and her use of other social platforms should be minimal. What do you think they have these apps for, young man?

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