8 thoughts on “Ukraine is Getting Fucked Hard

  1. The missile attack has sent a clear message to Ukraine, that Russia is fully capable of doing it like how Bush did Saddam if Putin wants to.

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    1. The people that run Ukraine do not care about making peace with Russia. However, of late I have noticed some critique of Zelensky from the ranks of Ukrainians on YouTube and Telegram, and it was rather vicious, completely undermining his legitimacy.

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      1. I’d love to see what they say about Zelensky. Can you show me the link? I wanna make a point to the Russian bashers who believe all Ukrainians are behind their backs.

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      2. Because Ukraine has taken a pro-Western orientation and is torn internally because of it. Ukraine needs to be in Russian orbit if it wants to survive and thrive.


  2. I think I kinda know what’s going on here; the video where Zelensky speaks an almost perfect English are most likely hologram, while videos like this:


    It’s from a Chinese source, where they’re discussing Zelensky being an addict. You see how Zelensky sounds almost like that dopey ass nigga on your block? That’s what Zelensky actually sounds like. The hologram makers actually made him to be presentable so that way it’ll increase his approval rates, but at the same time, one can’t help but wonder; based on how the young folks across US and EU act and think, the fact that Zelensky is an addict may actually attract higher support from them. To them, addicts are viewed as some kind of rock star. Girls find them sexy, and guys aspire to be like that for the sake of their street creds or whatever.


  3. Hello incel 🙂

    Even if Russia does eventually win by sheer weight of numbers the humiliation has already been dealt.

    Similarily, on a personal level your humiliation was sealed long ago. You are half Russian, half Czech yet you had a Taiwanese gf. I wonder why…

    You believe in astrology, Putin, and you are the crippled son of a Russian whore.

    End it, there are ways :-[


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