Female Dating Strategy LMAO

So, women now have their PUA like content, so let’s check out what the girls want from us men…

This shit was posted on reddit:

1. Be a high value woman.

A high value woman is a woman who doesn’t revolve her life around men. She has her own career, hobbies, and a great social life that fulfills her emotional needs, so if she does welcome a man in her life, he better be amazing. A high value woman also doesn’t romanticize men’s true nature, therefore she’s cautious around them and wants them to prove themselves to her before she gets emotionally attached.

How many times do men have to explain that we don’t give a shit about your career? All I care about it that the woman does not become a financial burden and does not plunder my bank accounts. My Taiwanese ex wanted me to pay her student loans that she incurred for an interpreter degree (Mandarin to English) that she could not use to build a career for some reason. I had a short fling with a girl here in the Czech Republic, who unashamedly told me that I should become her sugar daddy. I really wish I met a good girl that does not just want me for my money but this is really impossible it seems, I just attract these types. I guess I am not that amazing guy. What do I even make money for? Why do I even try? I know, I’ll put it on an investment fund, and when the investment matures, I will buy myself yet another property.

2. If a man isn’t chasing you, he’s not that into you.

A man’s role is to be the pursuer, the one to convince you that he’s the right man for you. As a woman, you don’t have to prove yourself to him. He either sees your value or he doesn’t. The only thing that’s within your control is working on becoming your best self.

I wanna see those wonderful women. Now, the best women from my perspective are young, fertile, don’t have any debts, and enjoy what I provide. And if they have careers, they can chip in, and we can go on a wonderful holidays in the Caribbean together. If you are older than 25, have nothing to your name, and are a manipulative little bitch, you are not a quality woman. And you are not worth chasing.

3. Most straight men aren’t relationship material for you.

The majority of the advances you receive from men are not of any value, because the majority of them are from men who only want to use you for sex. Many men are sex-driven, low effort, and entitled. However, there are also men out there who can be amazing boyfriends and husbands who know how to be a man and how to take care of you in all ways.

I don’t chase women, I let them chase me because I know my worth. I am a good looking guy, intelligent, I dress well, and I have money in the bank. If girls don’t see that, that’s their problem. Caring for women in all ways would just impoverish me, I ain’t that stupid. And I also don’t like prudes that don’t give me the box regularly.

4. As women, we have the responsibility to be ruthless in our evaluation of men.

We do ourselves and humanity no favors allowing men to exhibit subpar behavior and be rewarded with our attention. Thus, be ruthless in cutting off men who add no value to your life (happiness, emotional security, financial).

Honestly, most women cannot be choosers. If you want a rich man, you have to look the part. Some guys there maybe blue pill betas but rich but these guys need to watch out or they will be taken for half their stuff. With me, you will not suffer a financial worry, after all you have your careers and shit.

5. Don’t have sex before commitment has been established (if you’re looking for a relationship) or before he has demonstrated value and investment (if you’re looking for FWBs).

If a man is really into you and sees you as girlfriend material, he will commit to you in two months (or three months max). If you’re looking to have a dependable FWB, you must still require investment from him so he provides you the respect and fun times that you want.

I don’t wanna be a friend with benefits. And if I hear this term from a woman, I immediately think she is a low value. I don’t want a girl that does not service me sexually. Sex means she is physically attracted to me, and that is important for any relationship to work. Women that withhold sex because they wanna turn you into a boyfriend are manipulative and with such women, prepare to have no sex in the future.

6.Generous men are a non-negotiable.

While we believe in having your own career and making your own money, a man still has to add financial value to your life and make you feel like he can take care of you. This means not splitting the bill and not dating financially challenged men

I never split the bill when I take a girl out. I think it looks bad when a girl pays. But these days women will want Gucci bags and dresses. I bought my Taiwanese ex a dress and she posted a photo of herself in it on a dating website. I don’t mind buying women these things but as a present for birthdays, and anniversaries. You are a sucker if you shower a girl with gifts although she is not loyal and does not bring joy to your life.

To sum up, most women don’t deserve a boyfriend. What they deserve is boxed wine, cats, loneliness, and anti-depressants.

3 thoughts on “Female Dating Strategy LMAO

  1. Basically, what they want is a beta GigaChad or a feminine macho man, but such men simply don’t exist. This is why despite all the comfort and freedom they enjoy, they will never be happy, as their idealism is way too far off from reality of this world. I blame their parents for not letting them grow up. They were constantly encouraged to stay as a girl instead of being a grown woman, and to push men to their limits is completely acceptable and should be consequences free. Everyone seems to believe how this is completely harmless and even “cute”, but when enough women are doing this and let their uncontrolled and even inflamed idealism get the best of them, it’ll cause a butterfly effect onto the society, and make everyone’s life miserable as the result. Same thing folks do with cats. The uncontrolled feminine desire and the obsession with the cats are both symptoms of something that has seriously gone wrong with the world we’re living in.

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    1. I believe that cats release a pheromone that enslaves the human. The human then becomes a collector of cats and becomes effectively mad from inhaling the pheromones. That’s how cat ladies are born, the pheromone seems to work on women more than men.

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      1. Well, by bringing up the obsession with cats, I’m talking about the bat shit insane cat lovers who go on internet to talk about things like how cats are smarter than people or even the most perfect creature of this planet …etc, even if they’re commenting on those videos of cats doing retarded shit. You probably knows what I’m talking about. That, along with viewing the stupid shit women do as “cute” and that almost dictatorial attitude on how men should absolutely tolerate that shit, are all signs of mankind heading towards a really questionable path. The thing is, all of these happened after the real intellectuals disappeared and were replaced by the pseudo-intellectuals who do it for money or for some kind of brain stimulation.


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