Confidence Boosting Procrastination?

So, I hear people of my generation (the Millennials) go to Tinder to boost their confidence. I quote from Bustle on why people go to Tinder:

To boost their self-esteem. LendEDU polled 9,761 current college students and found that 44 percent of them say they use Tinder for “confidence-boosting procrastination.” That actually tops the amount who say they’re just looking to hook up (22 percent) and those looking for a relationship (four percent).

Procrastination, swiping on Tinder definitely is, and if you are hoping to get a relationship out of it, think of the above percentages. In my region, the girls on Tinder are literally sluts, and most of the hot ones did porn, or are otherwise damaged. Only good for a quick bang. Actually any girl on Tinder is worth a quick one.

However, as for a confidence boost, this must be the ladies saying it. I personally had confidence damaged the last time I was on Tinder. The kind of chicks that were matching with me were rather busted. For some reason, I pull better outside Tinder. Women on the other hand will get validation from dozens of men, who like me swiped right on every “will do” broad they found.

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